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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
died at Great Barrington, 16 (gravestone says, 18) Oct. 1813, and was buried in Mahaiwee Cemetery.
1450 XII. Richard Lewis Whitney, b. at Great Barrington, Mass., 4 Sept. 1813; changed his name to its present form, from Richard Leach Whitney; married in Rochester, N. Y., by Rev. Mr. Mack, Presbyterian, 7 Sept. 1837, to Jane Ann Moore, born in New York City, 3 Jan. 1821, dau. of James and Ann Major (Burton) Moore, of Rochester. He settled in Rochester, where he was a dealer in boots and shoes, and, later in life, in coal, wood, groceries, and confectionery; and died there, of typhoid fever, 2 Nov. 1867, and was buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery. His widow resided at Penfield, N. Y., in Dec. 1873. 4707

Chil. of Nathaniel and Mary (Whitney) Gorum. 395

1451 I. Ann Gorum, b. about 1780; married, 23 Jan. 1800, at Kingston, N. B., by Rev. Elias Scovil, rector of Kingston, to Daniel Peatman, a farmer, born on Staten Island, N. Y., about 1767, son of Daniel and Hester (Slack) Peatman,1 of Greenwich, N. B. They settled at Greenwich, and there died (he, 19 May 1849; she, 19 Dec. 1864, aged 84 years), and were buried in Oak Point Cemetery, on the River St. John, twenty miles from St. John, N. B. He went to New Brunswick, when about sixteen years old, with his father, landing at St. John, 18 May 1783. He was an honest man, highly esteemed by all who knew him. His last illness was caused by a fall from his carriage. 4720
1452 II. Mary Gorum, went, when a young woman, from New Brunswick to the United States, where she married ----- Proctor, and, after his death, Sidney Mead, by whom she had children. It is said that they lived in Vermont, but no one has been found who can give their history. 4728
1453 III. Charlotte Gorum, b. at Kingston, N. B., 14 July 1785; married, 13 Feb. 1806, at Kingston, Richard Whelpley, a farmer, and by trade, a tanner, currier, and shoemaker. He was born in the United States, 6 Sept. 1776, it is thought, on Long Island, or Connecticut, of loyalist parents, who, in 1783, removed to New Brunswick. They settled at Long Reach, in Kingston, and there died (he, 23 Oct. 1857; she, 13 March 1864), and were buried in a cemetery on his farm, at Long Reach, opposite Rocky Island, on the River St. John. He went to New Brunswick in 1783, with his brother-in-law, Major Titus Brown. He was a captain of militia. 4729
  1 They dwelt on Staten Island till the close of the Revolutionary War; when, having remained loyal, they settled at Greenwich, N. B., where they died, and were buried in Oak Point Cemetery.
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