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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
They settled in Westmoreland, N. Y.; moved thence to Newburgh, N. Y.; from there, in Ap. 1815, to Dover, N. J.; and, in 1824, to Busti, N. Y., where he died, 10 July 1865. She died at Ellicott, N. Y., 9 May 1874, and was buried near her husband, at Busti.
1499 II. Van Andrus Van Ness, b. 21 Jan. 1787; died unmarried, 12 Jan. 1833, at Bluff Point, N. Y., and was buried there.
1500 III. Mary Van Ness, b. 17 May 1788; married Jeremiah Clark; and settled in Providence, N. Y., where she died, 28 March 1872. 4898
1501 IV. Susanna Van Ness, b. 6 Dec. 1789; married Benedict Clark, brother of Jeremiah Clark, her sister Mary's husband; and settled at Providence, N. Y., where she died, 4 July 1858, without children.
1502 V. Phebe Van Ness, b. 5 July 1791; married Abram Freeland; and lived near Syracuse, N. Y., and afterward at, or near, Utica, Mich. She died in 1867. 4899
1503 VI. Hannah Van Ness, b. at Milton, N. Y., 31 May 1794; married at Providence, N. Y., James Shields, a farmer, son of James Shields, of Providence. He was born in the north of Ireland, and came to America, with his father, when eight years old. They settled at Providence, where she died, 20 Nov. 1824. He died at Galway, N. Y., 20 March 1849. They were buried in Clark's Cemetery, at Providence. He had a second wife, by whom he had a daughter, who married Jonathan Van Trump, of Gloversville, N. Y. 4900
1504 VII. Catharine Van Ness, b. 12 Oct 1795; married in 1829, at Penn Yan, N. Y., Henry G. Allen,1 a tanner, currier, and shoemaker, born in 1790, at Clinton, N. Y., son of Gideon and Elizabeth (Perry) Allen, of Providence, N. Y. After dwelling in Providence and Northampton, N. Y., they moved to Maine, where they lived for fifteen years, and then removed to Indiana, and thence to Canada. She died at Chautauqua, N. Y., 12 Oct. 1866, aged 71 years, and was buried in the cemetery at Sherman, N. Y. He died, 16 May 1871, at Wellington Square, Ontario, Canada, and was buried there. 4903
1505 VIII. Pamela Van Ness, b. in Greenfield, N. Y., 6 Aug. 1797; married, 25 Jan. 1818, at Providence, N. Y., Lodewick Putman Shew, a tanner and, afterward, a farmer, born at Johnstown, N. Y., 15 Feb. 1792, 4905
  1 He had a former wife, Sabrina Hicks, by whom he had three children: Mrs. Laura (Allen) Dunning, of Wellington Square, Ont., Can.; Mrs. Susan (Allen) Mosher, of Wayne, Mich.; and Bradley Allen, who died when a youth. His parents died in Providence, N. Y., and were buried in the Clark Cemetery.
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