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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fourth Generation.
and, after all debts and charges were paid, there remained for distribution £838 17s. 2d. Sabra St. John, perhaps his widow, married, 4 Dec. [or 24, as the Ch. rec. says], 1787, at Sharon, Richard Jacobs, of Sheffield, Mass.
57 VIII. Hannah St. John, b. at Wilton, Conn., 7 Jan. 1729-30; moved with her father, in June 1745, to Sharon, Conn., where she married, 20 Feb. 1745-6, as his second wife, Ebenezer Sprague, son of Capt. John and Mary Sprague, of Sharon, formerly from Lebanon, Conn., where he was born, 12 Dec. 1711. They settled in Sharon, where Osman Heath dwelt in 1842. His first wife, Elizabeth, died in Sharon, 28 Feb. 1744-5; their dau. Elizabeth was born 15 Sept. 1741, and died 27 Ap. 1746. 360

Chil. of Jonathan and Eleanor (Whitney) Fairchild. 10

58 I. Thomas Fairchild, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 3 June, 1718; had a part of his father's estate in 1772, including 4 acres of land at New Dam Bogs, and a third of 15 acres at Toilsome, all in Norwalk; was of Bedford, N.Y., 18 Feb. 1779, at which time he sold land in Norwalk; married, as early as 1742, Ann -----, of whom nothing is known. 372
59 II. Abraham Fairchild, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 10 Jan. 1720. He had a part of his father's land in Norwalk, Conn., in 1772, including one third of 15 acres at Toilsome. He sold land in Norwalk, 1 Ap. 1784, which was distributed to him from his father's estate.
60 III. Sarah Fairchild, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 4 Oct. 1722; was mentioned in her father's will, 2 June 1769.
61 IV. Ezekiel Fairchild, b. in Norwalk, Conn., 7 March 1725.
62 V. Daniel Fairchild, b. at Norwalk, Conn., 21 Aug. 1727; married Phebe -----, and settled in Woodbury, Conn., where they joined the Congregational Church; he, 25 Ap. 1756; she, 29 May 1763. He died at Woodbury, 27 July 1765. She was living there as late as 23 Dec. 1792, when she sold land to her son. 376
63 VI. Eleanor Fairchild, b. at Norwalk, Conn., 18 May 1730; married, about 1754, Seth Benedict, son of Capt Thomas and Melicent (Hyatt) Benedict, of Norwalk, where he was born in June 1725. He was tithing-man, lister, and fence-viewer, between 1752 and 1758, and died in Norwalk, 13 Oct 1764, giving her his whole estate by his will, which was proved 7 Nov. 1764.1 She married (2d), in 1768, as his third wife, Daniel
1 See Benedict Genealogy, p. 56.
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