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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
Jan. 1813; and died 5 Jan. 1839. He died in New York City, 29 Aug. 1839. They were buried in Shrub Oak Cemetery, Yorktown, N. Y.
2437 III. Semantha Smith, b. at Ridgefield, Conn., 15 Aug. 1816; died there, 2 Ap. 1817, though the town-record makes the date one day earlier.

Chil. of Platt Perlee arid Keziah (Knox) Smith. 703

2438 I. Arabella Smith, b. at Carmel, N. Y., 16 July 1817; married, 16 Nov. 1838, at Wheeler, N. Y., Benjamin Myrtle, a farmer, son of Philip and Rebecca (Walters) Myrtle, of wheeler, where he was born 29 Dec. 1814. They dwelt in Wheeler till 1857; and then moved to Hammondsport, N. Y., where they were living in Aug. 1875. 7253
2439 II. Edmund Perlee Smith, b. at Carmel, N. Y., 14 Dec. 1819; a farmer; married, 2 Oct. 1842, at Havana, N. Y., Melinda Kellogg, dau. of Russell and ----- (Hamitton) Kellogg, of Kanona, N. Y. She was born at Howard, N. Y., 20 Sept 1821; and died, 2 Dec 1871, at Orange, N. Y., and was buried there, in Valley Home Cemetery. He married (2d) 21 Oct. 1874, at Orange, Mary Anna Laman, who was born at Benton Centre, N. Y., 21 March 1826, dau. of Mason and Hannah (Wolcott) Laman.1 They were living at Orange, in Aug. 1875. 7257
2440 III. Margaret Smith, b. at Carmel, N. Y., 24 Sept. 1821; married, 19 March 1846, at Wheeler, N. Y., by Rev. Joseph K. Tuttle, Methodist to Isaac Vermilyea, a farmer, son of Benjamin and Chloe (Sackett) Vermilyea, of Rensselaerville, N. Y., where he was born, 7 May 1816. They dwelt in Prattsburgh, N. Y., till 1865; and then moved to Torrey, N. Y., where they were living in Aug. 1875. 7261
2441 IV. Mary Ann Smith, b. at Carmel, N. Y., 10 July 1825; married in Oct 1842, at Wheeler, N. Y., Erastus Rose, a farmer, son of Nathan Rose, of Cortland Co., N. Y., where he was born in 1820. They settled at Wheeler, where she died, 28 Oct 1858, and was buried. He married (2d) 10 Nov. 1862, at Prattsburgh, N. Y., Nancy Maria Vermilyea, of Prattsburgh. He died, 29 Sept. 1872, at Wheeler; and was buried in Wheeler Centre Cemetery. 7262
2442 V. Andrew Knox Smith, b. at Pultney, N. Y., 5 July 1831; a lawyer and banker; married, 2 Sept 1861, at Prattsburgh, N. Y., Hannah Marilla Phelps, dau. or Chauncey and Eunice (Durkee) Phelps, of Prattsburgh, where she was born 6 Ap. 1830. He settled at Prattsburgh in 7266
1 Dr. Mason Laman died 7 Aug. 1827; his wife, 9 Jan. 1871.
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