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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
half a mile cast of Big Flats. She then lived on her father's farm, till her second marriage, 24 Feb. 1833, with Richard Pier, a farmer, born at Pardon, in Otsego, N. Y., 24 May 1799, son of Silas and Annie (Meacham) Pier, who were living in Bath, N. Y., at the time of his marriage. They lived on a farm at Kennedyville, four miles north of Bath, till 1836; and, 23 May of that year, started for Michigan, where they dwelt, in Fairfield, till 1 Dec. 1838. They then resided in Chesterfield, Ohio, till Sept. 1841; in Fairfield again, till June 1847; and finally in Le Roy, Mich., eleven miles south of Battle Creek, where he died, 24 Feb. 1875, and was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery in Le Roy. She has been, for many years, a member of the Presbyterian Church, and, "remarkable for her kindness to sick and distressed neighbors, wherever she has lived."
2469 IX. Esther Whitney, b. in Newtown, three miles north of the present city of Elmira, N. Y., 3 March 1865; married in Ap. 1824, at her father's house on the same farm, by John McConnell, Esq., to Lyman Hinman. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and later joined the United Brethren. She died at Chesterfield, Ohio, 7 Oct 1844, and was buried there. 7346

Chil. of Stephen and Huldah (Whitney) Bailey. 719

2470 I. Stephen Bailey, b. at Vernon, N. J., 19 Jan. 1791; a farmer; married at Vernon, Salome Bloss Townsend, of New Jersey. He settled at Big Flats, N. Y., and there died and was buried. 7348
2471 II. Daniel Bailey, b. at Vernon, now Glenwood, N. J., 16 Dec. 1792; a farmer; married, 12 Jan. 1816, at Vernon, Jane Van Norstrand, second dau. of Matthew and Mary (Phillips) Van Norstrand, of Vernon, where she was born, 15 May 1795. He was a zealous member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and his house was much frequented by its ministers. He died 16 May 1839, and was buried in a piece of ground, which he set apart for a public cemetery, and which, after many years of neglect, is now devoted to that purpose. She died 15 Nov. 1874, and was buried by the side of her husband. 7350
2472 III. Esther Bailey, b. at Vernon, N. J., 7 Oct 1794; married at Pochuck, in Vernon, now Glenwood, N. J., Charles Mott, a blacksmith, who was born .in Sussex Co., N. J., in 1790. He lived in that county till shortly before his death, when he moved to Paterson, N. J., and there died in the Autumn of 1836, and was buried in the cemetery of the Methodist Episcopal Church. She died at Paterson, N. J., and was buried there. 7357
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