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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
2747 VIII. Miranda Selinda Gates, b. in Castile, N. Y., 23 Sept. 1827; married, 30 Ap. 1846, in Columbus, Wis., by Mr. Allen, justice of the peace, to Solomon Salisbury, a farmer, son of Benjamin and Cynthia (Filler) Salisbury, of North Cohocton, N. Y., where he was born 26 May 1819. They settled at Wyocena, Wis., where she died of consumption, is Feb. 1852, and was buried. He lived at Wyocena in Aug. 1874. 7953
2748 IX. Seth Croaker Gates, b. in Castile, N. Y., 25 Ap. 1829; a carpenter and joiner; married, 22 June 1850, at Cherry Creek, N. Y., Harriet Eliza Howard, dau. of Henry and Marilla (Barnes) Howard, of Springfield, Penn., formerly of Sinclearville, N. Y., where she was born 4 Aug. 1828. They dwelt at Beaver Dam, Wis., from 5 Sept 1850 to 15 Sept 1854; at Ellington, N. Y., till 20 Oct 1854; at Amity, Penn., till 15 Sept 1857; at Mankato, Minn., from 20 Oct 1857 to 6 March 1858; at Jamestown, Minn., till 15 May 1860; at Mapleton, Minn., till 15 July 1864; and then moved to Beauford, Minn. He died at Mankato, 31 Oct. 1870, and was buried there. She moved, in 1874. to Delta, Kansas. 7955
2749 X. James Richardson Gates, b. in Castile, N. Y., 5 Feb. 1831; died at Ellington, N. Y., 25 March 1835, and was buried there.
2750 XI. Edmund Gates, b. in Ellington, N. Y., 13 March 1834; died unmarried, at Beaver Dam, Wis., 5 Aug. 1854.
2751 XII. Albert Gates, b. in Ellington, N. Y., 10 June 1836; a farmer; married at Columbus, Penn., 4 Ap. 1864, Adeline Bebee Fairchild, dau. of George Washington and Ruth (Bebee) Fairchild, of Union City, Penn., formerly of "Talcott Corners," N. Y., where she was born, 7 Ap. 1845. They lived in Beauford, Minn., from 13 Ap. 1864 till 26 May 1871; and settled, 28 June 1871, in Grant Kansas, where they were living in Aug. 1874. 7962

Chil. of Anson and Eliza (Purdy) Lobdell. 783

2752 I. Anson Lobdell, b. in North Salem, N. Y., 30 Aug. 1808; died at North Salem, 17 Ap. 1809, and was buried there.
2753 II. Clark Lobdell, b. in North Salem, N. Y., 28 Dec. 1809; a farmer and mason; married in North Salem, 29 Dec 1836, Susan Ann Brown, dau. of Thomas and Sarah (Williams) Brown, of North Salem, where she was born, 9 Dec. 1817. They settled in North Salem, and were living there in March 1875. 7966
2754 III. Maria Lobdell, b. in North Salem, N. Y., 25 Ap. 1812; died in North Salem, 12 March 1823, and was buried there.
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