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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fifth Generation.
execution, at the suit of William Forrester, and set off to the creditor, 25 Feb. 1785. He was then living in the State of New York. He seems to have died before 29 March, 1787.
148 VIII. Sarah Sherwood, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., 4 Aug. 1751. Her portion of her father's estate was sold by John Lobdell, of North Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y., 2 Jan 1787.
149 IX. Richard Sherwood, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., 21 March 1754. It was charged that he had "absconded and taken part with the British troops against the United States of America," and by order of the Court, his property, six acres of land in Ridgefield, was sold, 9 Aug. 1787, to pay his debts and for the benefit of the State of Connecticut. A portion of his confiscated estate was sold, 19 March 1787, by the Judge of Probate.
150 X. Jerusha Sherwood, b. in Ridgefield, Conn.; married Nehemiah Barlow, of Brookfield, Conn. They were living there 5 June 1788, when they sold her share of her father's estate in Ridgefield.

Chil. of Henry and Elizabeth (Lobdell) Whitney. 24

151 I. Betty Whitney, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., 30 Ap. 1756; married, 6 Oct. 1784, in Ridgefield, as his third wife, Jeremiah Mead, a shoemaker, son of Jeremiah and Joanna (Scribner) Mead, of Ridgefield, where he was born 2 Nov. 1754. They settled in West Lane, Ridgefield, and died there; she, 11 May 1832; he, 24 Nov. 1840. They were buried in Titicus Cemetery, where her gravestone calls her age 77 years and 11 days. His first wife was ----- St. John; his second marriage was with Rachel Smith, of whom we shall give an account at number 421. 1559
152 II. Sarah Whitney, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., 23 July 1759; married, 22 (town-record says 21) Dec. 1783, in Ridgefield, her second cousin, Matthew Olmstead, born in Ridgefield 7 March 1760, a farmer and wall-builder, son of Stephen1 and Hannah (Northrop) Olmstead, of Ridgefield, and grandson of one of the original proprietors of the town, Richard Olmstead,2 whose sister Elizabeth married Henry Whitney, grandfather of 627

  1 Stephen Olmstead married, at Ridgefield, 23 Aug. 1747, Hannah Northrop, who died, 20 March 1778, aged 49. He died, 9 March 1814, in his 95th year.
  2 Richard Olmstead was a son of Lieut. John Olmstead, of Norwalk, Conn., who was baptized at Hartford 30 Dec. 1649, and who married at Norwalk, 17 July 1673, Mary, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Bridgum) Benedict. John Olmstead was a son of Richard Olmstead, who was one of the original proprietors of Hartford, Conn., in 1639, one of the first purchasers of Norwalk in 1650, sergeant in 1653, representative in 1653 at the May session of the General Assembly and a dozen other sessions to 1679, and died about 1686. --See Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, and Thomas' Olmstead Genealogy, pp. 3 to 5.
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