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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
3662 V. Elizabeth Keeler, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., 3 Oct. 1833; married there, 4 Nov. 1851, by Rev. Ira Abbott, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, to George Stephen Trowbridge, of Bethel, Conn., a hatter, who was born at Bethel, 15 Jan. 1822, son of Eliakim Davis and Phebe (Wildman) Trowbridge.1 They were living at Bethel in July 1873; and at Sycamore, Ill., in Dec. 1875. 9954
3663 VI. Emily Keeler, b. in Ridgefield, Conn., 19 March 1844; married there, 23 Dec. 1866, by Rev. James D. Bouton, Methodist Episcopal, to William Wesley Peck, a stone-cutter, son of Vespasian and Mary (Dunscomb) Peck, of Danbury, Conn. He was born in Bridgeport, Conn., 7 Jan. 1845. They dwelt in Bethel, Conn., for one year; in Danbury, till Feb. 1869; in Cortland, Ill., one and a half years; and then settled in Sycamore, Ill., where they were living in Jan. 1876. He enlisted, 3 Feb. 1862, at Bridgeport, in Co. M, 1st Reg., Conn. Heavy Artillery; reenlisted at New Haven, Conn., 5 Feb. 1864; and was finally discharged, as corporal, 25 Sept. 1865. 9957

Chil. of Jeremiah and Hannah (Whitney) Bass. 1108

3664 I. Jeremiah Bass, b. 6 July 1768; a farmer; married Elizabeth Bentley, who was born 13 July 1772. They settled at Northville, in Northampton, N. Y., and there died (he, 13 June 1832; she, 17 Aug. 1838), and were buried. 9959
3665 II. Zadok Bass, dwelt at Northampton, N. Y., till 1805; and then settled in the east part of the adjoining town of Hope, N. Y., where he died in 1843. 9971
3666 III. Zebulon Bass, , dwelt in Northampton, N. Y.; and finally settled in, or near, Watertown, N. Y., where he died in 1832. 9971a
3667 IV. Hannah Bass, married ----- Olmstead.

Chil. of Elijah and Hannah (Whitney) Whitney. 1108

3668 V. Elizabeth Whitney, b. at Danbury, Conn., 20 Ap. 1780; married in 1799, as a second wife, Seth Downs,2 a blacksmith, who was born at Fairfield, Conn., 21 May 1771. They dwelt at Gananoqui, on the River St. Lawrence, from 1810 to 1820; and spent the greater part of their lives in Upper Canada, where he became a country merchant and lumberman. 9972
  1 See the Trowbridge Genealogy, page 188, and our note to No. 4030.
  2 He married at Butternuts, N. Y., his first wife, Olivia Gregory, dau. of Noah Gregory; and had by her a daughter, Olive Downs.
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