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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
1800; married at Fairfield, 1 March 1818, Anson Buck, a farmer, born at Fairfield, 7 July 1791. She died 3 Jan. 1840, and was buried in Fairfield South Cemetery. He married (2d), at Fairfield, 28 May 1842, Sarah J. Barlow, of Fairfield, widow of ----- Dorwin, who died 5 Sept. 1868, aged 63 years, and was buried in St. Alban's, Vt He died at the same place, 15 Feb. 1864, and was buried at Fairfield. He passed his life in Fairfield, Cambridge, and St. Alban's, Vt.

Chil. of Abel and Elizabeth (Whitney) Beers. 1121

3694 I. Peter Whitney Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 21 Ap. 1810; bap. by Rev. Philo Shelton, Episcopal, 21 Oct. 1810; a master-mariner; was attacked by fever, while in command of the brig Courier, on a voyage from Charleston, S. C., to New York; and died at the Quarantine, Staten Island, N. Y., 7 Aug. 1834, unmarried.
3695 II. Elizabeth Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 14 Sept. 1812; bap. by Rev. Philo Shelton, Episcopal, 25 Ap. 1813; married in 1831, at Fairfield, Charles Bulkley, a shipper, son of Eleazer and Mary (Ogden) Bulkley, of Southport, Conn., where he was born 5 Jan. 1804. They were living at Southport in 1874. 10036
3696 III. Jonathan Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 16 Jan. 1815; bap. by Rev. Philo Shelton, Episcopal, 26 March 1815; a lumber-dealer; married at her father's house, 13 Sept. 1847, by Rev. Lyman H. Atwater, D. D., pastor of the First Congregational Church of Fairfield, to Mary Frances Nichols, dau. of William Hanford and Mary Burr (Bartram) Nichols, of Black Rock, in Fairfield, where she was born 12 June 1824. They dwelt in Bridgeport, Conn., till 1859; and then settled in Brooklyn, N. Y., where they were living in 1874, at 16 Gallatin Place. 10042
3697 IV. Andrew Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 1 Feb. 1819; died 5 Aug. 1839, and was buried in Fairfield, near the Catholic Church.
3698 V. Abel Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 22 Nov. 1821; a farmer; married Catharine Banks, dau. of Joseph and Sally (Sherwood) Banks. They dwelt at Bennington, Mich., in 1874.
3699 VI. William Beers, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 15 May 1824; a mariner till 1873, afterward a ship-broker; married at Fairfield, 21 Nov. 1847, Jane Eliza Booth, dau. of Charles and Eliza (Humphreys) Booth, of Bridgeport, Conn. She was born at Fairfield, 17 Oct. 1825; died at Boston, Mass., 2 Nov. 1862; and was buried in Fairfield. He married 10044
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