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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
He was commissioned by Gov. Wm. L. Marcy, as Brigade-surgeon of N. Y. State Light Horse, under Col. Bernard Bloom; and has served the public for several years, as superintendent of common-schools in Huntington; as coroner of Suffolk County, nine years, during which he held inquests upon the bodies of the drowned passengers of the steamboat Lexington, which was burned on Long Island Sound, 13 Jan. 1840, when only four persons escaped alive, out of one hundred and forty-five who were on board; was a member .of the Legislature of New York in 1845, and chairman of the medical committee thereof; and had three sons who enlisted for three years in the war of 1861, and all escaped without a wound.
4007 II. Sarah Esther Whitney, married in St. George's Church, Hempstead,.L. I., 7 July, 1836, Jacob Carman Valentine, a dealer in brick, lime, and lath, son of Hewlett and Hannah (Hendrickson) Valentine, of Woodbury; L. I. They dwelt at Dix Hills, L. I., two years; at Roslyn, L. I., one year; then settled at Green Point, L. I., where he died. about 1848. She married (2d), about 1852, John McDiarmid, a dealer in ship-building lumber, who was born at Calais, Me. He died at Green Point, in the last of Dec. 1874. He was appointed an assessor, for four years, in the City of Brooklyn, and died while in office. She was living at Green Point in Aug. 1877. 10655
4008 III. Martha Antoinette Whitney, b. at Huntington, L. I., 16 Oct. 1820; married at Woodbury, L. I., 19 Feb. 1843, by Rev. Mr. Flandreau, Baptist, to Zebulon Doty Whitman, a merchant, of Woodbury. They were living at Comac, Huntington, in 1868. 10656
4009 IV. Clarissa Harriet Whitney, b. at Woodbury, L. I., 6 Sept. 1824; married at Huntington, L. I., 3 July 1843, by Rev. Mr. Flandreau, Baptist, to Richard Udall Carll, a farmer, son of John Carll, of Comac, in Huntington, where he was born 5 March 1823. They were living at Claypits, Suffolk Co., N. Y., in 1867. 10665
4010 V. John Jay Whitney, b. at Woodbury, L. I., 23 March 1829; a trader and farmer; married at Huntington, L. I., 28 Nov. 1852, by Rev. James M'Dougal, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, to Sarah Louisa Nicoll Floyd, dau. of Hon. Charles Alfred and Sophia Floyd, of Comac, Huntington. She was born at Smithtown Branch, L. I., 4 July, 1830; and died, 24 Feb. 1867, at Woodbury, L. I. They dwelt at Melville, L. I., for two years; and then settled at Woodbury where he was living in 1868. 10669
4011 VI. Margaret Elizabeth Whitney, b. at Woodbury, L. I., 9 Aug. 1831; married there, 6 Sept. 1853, by Rev. Mr. Harris, Methodist, to Albertus N. Beach, of New York City. She died at Green Point, L. I., 20 Aug. 1854, and was buried at Fountain Hill Cemetery, Woodbury. 10671
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