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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.

Chil. of Stephen and Lucy (Chaffee) Eaton. 1264

4171 I. Ransom Eaton, b. at Sharon, Conn., 21 Oct. 1789; married Mercy Ann Swift, of Duanesburgh, N.Y. He was a soldier in the war of 1812, and died on his return from the army, 21 Dec. (var. 23 Nov., 1 Dec.) 1812, at Perinton, N.Y., and was buried there. He had no children.
4172 II. Olive Eaton, b. at Duanesburgh, N.Y., 13 June 1792; married in March 1811, at Perinton, N.Y., Col. Levi Treadwell, a farmer, son of David and Phebe (Lyon) Treadwell. He was born at Weston, Conn., about 1783; and was one of the early settlers of Perinton. They afterward moved to Rush, N.Y.; and, in 1840, to Wheatland, Mich., where they died-he, 4 May 1859, in his 76th year; she, from disease of the heart, 22 Feb. 1866, aged 73 years. They were buried at Church's Corners, Mich. He was an officer in the war of 1812, and held various civil offices. He was one of the founders, and, during the last two years of his life, president of the Hillsdale County Agricultural Society. He was a successful farmer, and enjoyed, to a marked degree, the confidence and esteem of his fellow-citizens. 10964
4173 III. Joshua Chaffee Eaton, b. at Duanesburgh, N.Y., 22 March 1795; a farmer; married in 1821, at Perinton, N.Y., Amy Slocum, of Perinton, dau. of Amasa and Lucy (Barker) Slocum; married (2d), 27 Nov. 1825, at Perinton, Mary Newell,1 dau. of Amos and Lucy (Root) Newell, of Southington, Conn., where she was born 7 March 1801. She died at Perinton, 17 Oct. 1836, and was buried there. He married (3d), 3 July 1837, at Lockport, N.Y., Priscilla Ruff, of Lockport, widow of ----- Frisbie. She was born at Duanesburgh; and died at Plymouth, Mich., 14 Feb. 1875. He died at Hudson, Mich., 28 Aug. 1873, and was buried there, in Maple Grove Cemetery. 10973
4174 IV. Silas Eaton, b. at Duanesburgh, N.Y., 22 Feb. 1798, a carpenter; married at Victor, N. Y., 18 Nov. 1819, Eliza Reed, of Victor, born on the bank of the Hudson, 3 Feb. 1803, dau. of Charles and Martha (Osborn) Reed, and adopted dau. of Isaac Simmons. They dwelt in the counties of Orleans and Monroe, N.Y., till 1834; and then moved to Lenawee County, Mich. He died at Hudson, Mich., 21 Aug. 1876, and was buried there. He was postmaster, under Van Buren, Pierce and Buchanan, at Keene, Mich., and at Hudson. His widow lived at the latter place in Ap. 1877. 10977
4175 V. Mary Eaton, b. at Duanesburgh, N.Y., 29 Ap. 1801; married at Perinton, N.Y., 27 Dec. 1822, Samuel Murdock Hanford, of Perinton, a farmer, son of Jesse and Eunice (Murdock) Hanford, of Vermont, where 10983
  1 For her ancestry, see opposite.
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