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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.

Child of Joshua and Olive (Chaffee) Studley. 1267

4183 I. Maria Studley.

Chil. of Amos and Olive (Chaffee) Seymour. 1267

4184 II. Henry Seymour.
4185 III. Sarah Seymour.
4186 IV. Name not reported.
4187 V. Name not reported.

Chil. of Nathan and Lettice (Chaffee) Norton. 1268

4188 I. Ansel Norton, was reported as living at Leoni, or Jackson, Mich., in Nov. 1876.
4189Y II. Mary Norton, married ----- Herinton. 11001
4190 III. Rebecca Norton, married ----- Burr. 11002
4191 IV. Nathan Monroe Norton, b. at Perinton, N.Y., 17 Oct. 1817; was living at Grass Lake, Mich., in March 1877, unmarried.

Chil. of Joshua Bignall and Anna (Seymour) Chaffee. 1269

4194 I. Elmore Chaffee, b. at Ellsworth, Conn., 26 Ap. 1810; a lawyer; married there, 20 Feb. 1834, Esther Dunbar, dau. of Aaron and Polly Dunbar. He died without children, 10 Aug. 1834, at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; and was buried at Ellsworth. She died at Preble, N.Y., 25 Aug. 1839.
4195 II. Jerome Seymour Chaffee, b. at Ellsworth, Conn., 14 Dec. 1814; a farmer, and dealer in grain; married a at Kent, Conn., 24 Oct. 1839, Aritta Stuart, dau. of James and Melinda (Berry) Stuart, of Kent, where she was born 15 Dec. 1812. They dwelt in Sharon, Conn., till 1855; and then settled at Amenia, N.Y., where she died 26 Nov. 1872. He married (2d), 8 June 1876, at Sharon, Adelia Emma Fuller, who was born there, 13 March 1841, dau. of Cyrus Sackett and Harriet (Skiff) Fuller. They were living at Amenia Union, N.Y., in Nov. 1876. 11003
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