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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.

Child of William and Elizabeth (James) Clark. 1417

4628 XI. James Henry Clark, b. at Maquapit Lake, Canning, N. B.. 30 Jan. 1818; a farmer and lumberman; married in St. Paul's Church, Portland, St. John, N. B., 2 July 1845, his cousin, Hannah Finch, dau. of Henry and Esther (James) Finch, of St. John, N. B., where she was born 12 March 1812. They dwelt at Maquapit Lake for eight years; at French Lake, Sheffield, N. B., twelve years; and then returned to Maquapit Lake, where they were living in Ap. 1874. 11979

Chil. of Daniel and Phebe (James) Cable. 1418

4629 I. Jane Cable, married Elias Prince, and was living at Hampton, N. B., in May 1874. She returned the questions sent to her by the writer, without a single answer.
4630 II. Sarah Cable, married John Ritchie, of St. John, N. B.; and both died before 1874.
4631 III. Matilda Cable, married Robert Smith, of New York; and is now dead.
4632 IV. Emily Cable, married ----- Grant; and is now dead.

Chil. of ----- and Phebe (James) McCready. 1418

4633 I. Caleb McCready, was living "in some part of the United States" in 1874.

Chil. of Francis and Mary (Gordon) Slason. 1424

4634 I. James Lawrence Slason, b. at West Rutland, Vt., 9 Oct. 1814; minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church; married at Pittsford, Vt., 23 March 1838, Charlotte Hitchcock, dau. of Chapman and Crissey Hitchcock, of Pittsford, where she was born 31 May 1813. She died at Rutland, Vt., 24 Oct. 1851, and was buried there. He married (2d), 21 Jan. 1852, at Troy, N. Y., Abigail Whitcomb, widow of Rev. Gilbert Young Palmer (a member of the Troy Annual Conference, who died at Pittsford), and dau. of Samuel and Mary Ann Whitcomb, of Ontario, N. Y. She was born at Granville, N. Y., 21 Nov. 1818; died at Ticonderoga, N. Y., 6 Ap. 1874, and was buried at Rutland. He married (3d), 5 July 1874, at Greenbush, N. Y., Sarah Emeline Smead, widow 11982
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