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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Seventh Generation.
4901 II. Martha Shields, b. at Providence, N. Y., 14 Nov. 1816; married there 13 Oct. 1841, by Rev. Maxon Mosher, Christian, to William Rilander Chase, a farmer, son of Joseph and Catharine (Phillips) Chase, of Providence, where he was born 29 May 1820. They dwelt in Providence till 14 Feb. 1851; at Glenville, N. Y., till 1 Sept 1869; and then moved to Janesville, Iowa, where they were living in July 1875. 12576
4902 III. Jeremiah Clark Shields, b. at Providence, N. Y., 22 March 1819; married Lucy Allen. They were living at Inkster, Mich., in Sept. 1875.

Chil. of Henry G. and Catharine (Van Ness) Allen. 1504

4903 I. Sabrina Allen, b. at Northampton, N. Y., 24 Oct. 1830; married at Jamestown, N. Y., 8 Oct 1854, Benjamin Sherman Stanton, a farmer, son of William and Sophia (Palmer) Stanton, from Bennington, Vt. He was born at Spafford, N. Y., 30 May 1822. They settled in Chautauqua, N.Y.; and were living two and a half miles from Mayville, N. Y., in May 1875. 12580
4904 II. Mason Hicks Allen, b. at Providence, N. Y., 14 Dec. 1833; a farmer and harness-maker; married at Ellicottville, N. Y., 11 Feb. 1857, Arvilla Isabel Harrison, dau. of William Erastus and Lydia (Fish) Harrison, of Ellicottville after 1843, formerly of Mansfield, N. Y., where she was born 9 June 1842. He lived with his sister at Pavilion, N. Y., from 1843 to 1851; at Ellicottville, till 1 Dec. 1869; at Janesville, Iowa, till 1 May 1872; at Alden, Minn., till 11 May 1875; and then returned to Mansfield, where he was living in July 1875. 12581

Chil. of Lodowick Putman and Pamela (Van Ness) Shew. 1505

4905 I. Pamelia Shew, twin, b. at Providence, N. Y., 11 May 1821; married there, 15 Feb. 1842, Samuel Rogers Finch, a farmer, son of Joshua and Betsey (Clement) Finch, both deceased, of Providence, where he was born 18 Aug. 1815. They dwelt at Saratoga, N. Y., for six years; at Perth, N. Y., six years; at Providence, thirteen years; and then settled at Broadalbin, N. Y., where they were living in June 1875. 12584
4906 II. Putman Shew, twin, b. at Providence, N. Y., 11 May 1821; a farmer and fruit-grower; married at Northampton, N. Y., 30 March 1842, Cornelia Elflida Wescot, dau. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (St. John) Wescot, of Northampton, where she was born 20 Nov. 1821. She died at Northampton, 2 Feb. 1863, and was buried there. He married (2d), 12590
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