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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
286 VII. Sarah Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 16 May 1751; bap. at Fairfield, 19 May 1751; married at Fairfield, 10 Jan. 1769, John Barlow. They settled at Ridgefield, Conn.; but moved to Ballston, N. Y., about 1802, and died there. All of their children, except the eldest, went with them to Ballston; but most of them finally settled near Springfield, Ohio. 1128
287 VIII. Ransford Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 10 March 1753; married, at Derby, Conn., 26 Sept. 1773, Ruth Canfield, dau. of Joseph and Sarah Canfield, of Derby. The following is a copy of the original record in the docket of the officiating Justice: "Be it Remembered that, on the 26th day of September, A. E. 1773, mr. Ransum Whitne and mrs. Ruth Canfield was married together by me, Joseph Hull, Jr., Justice of Peace." They settled in Derby, where he was chosen surveyor of highways, 10 Dec. 1781 and 9 Dec. 1782. He was living at Watertown, Conn., 11 Feb. 1793, when he bought land there; and also 25 Dec. 1797, when he sold three acres of it. He sold his interest in a saw-mill in Watertown, 20 Feb. 1794, to Noah and Elezer Judd, for £13; and his farm of forty acres, 2 Jan. 1800, to Truman Smith, of Woodbury, for $500. He was probably identical with the "Captain Whitney," of Watertown, whose wife joined the Cong. Church there in February, 1800, and was dismissed by letter, date not recorded; and who is said to have had a daughter of remarkable beauty. 1135
288 IX. Lyman Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 22 Oct. 1755; died 25 Jan. 1756.
289 X. Levi Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 11 July 1752; died 24 Jan. 1777. Tradition makes him a soldier in the Revolution, and a prisoner in the New York Sugar House; and it is stated that he so suffered from hunger as to gnaw the flesh from his own arms, and died after the first meal that he ate after his release.
290 XI. Ebenezer Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 10 Nov. 1758. Possibly he went to Dutchess Co., and married Martha Sherwood.
291 XII. Walter Whitney, b. at Fairfield, Conn., 23 Jan. 1760, according to family-record, while the town-record says, 3 Feb. 1760; served from 1 Ap. 1777 to 15 Dec. 1779, in a company of artillery, and was, in later life, a school-teacher and farmer; married, 21 Ap. 1784, at Fairfield, Anah Wells, who was born in Connecticut, 23 Aug. 1759. They dwelt at Fairfield, till 1788; at New Milford, Conn., till Oct. 1789; then settled on the Helderberg Mountains, in the present town of Bern, N. Y., after which they dwelt in Bethlehem, N. Y., New Scotland, N. Y., and, in June 1796, at Watervliet, N. Y.; then, for several years, in Meredith, N. Y., till about 1825 or 1828, when they settled in Albany, N. Y. There they died; she, 1137
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