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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Whitney Family.
living in Jan. 1876. He was then engaged in manufacturing handles for shovels, hoes and brooms, as well as stales for forks and rakes. He has been selectman and assessor of his town, and a deacon in the church.

Chil. of John and Lois (Whitney) Steer. 1531

5029 I. John Wesley Steer, b. at Southwick, Mass., 10 Ap. 1825; a manufacturer of church-organs, in Westfield, Mass.; married in the Methodist Episcopal Church at Westfield, 18 Jan. 1846, Ruth Bangs Johnson, whose parents then lived at Williamsburg, Mass. She was born at Westfield, 9 July 1826, dau..of William and Eliza (Allen) Johnson. They have dwelt at Springfield, Mass.,. and at Tariffville, Conn.; and lived at Westfield in 1874. 12724
5030 II. Smith Dayton Steer, b. at Southwick, Mass., 6 Jan. 1827; grad. at Cleveland Medical College; served for three years, as surgeon, in the war of 1861; and resided at Burton, Ohio, a successful physician and surgeon, in 1874.
5031 III. Sherman Steer, b. at Southwick, Mass., 10 Jan. 1830; a farmer; lived at Southwick in 1873.

Child of Curtis and Lois (Whitney) Gillett. 1531

5032 IV. Rhoda Ann Gillett, b. at Southwick, Mass., 17 Ap. 1836; married, and lived at Windsor Locks, Conn., in 1873.

Chil. of Jonathan Rasselas and Maria Louisa (Moore) Whitney. 1532

5033 I. Samuel Elihu Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 2 Oct. 1828; a manufacturer of boots and shoes; married at Chardon, Ohio, 22 Jan. 1851, Amanda Elizabeth Allen, dau. of John and Fanny Lucretia (Bartlett) Allen, of Chardon, formerly of Madison, Ohio, where she was born 6 Aug. 1828. They dwelt at Windsor, Ohio; till Aug. 1852; at Garrettsville, Ohio, till 1 Jan. 1866; at New Lisbon, Ohio, till Sept. 1869; and then settled at Portland, Mich., where they were living in 1874. 12728
5034 II. William Lewis Whitney, b. at Montville, Ohio, 22 Nov. 1830; a shoemaker; married at Parkman, Ohio, 7 Sept. 1853, by Rev. Mr. Carleton, Universalist, to Sarah Stoughton, dau. of Henry and Almira (Clapp) Stoughton, of Windsor, Ohio, where she was born 30 Ap. 1833. They settled at Montville; where he died 10 Feb. 1854, and was buried in 12730
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