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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.
5304 V. Prudence Merritt, b. at "the Clove," in Rochester, Ulster Co., N.Y., 17 Oct. 1813; married lsaac S. Sutton, a farmer, who was born at Newburgh, N.Y., son of Isaac and Dorcas (Palmer) Sutton. They were members of the Monthly Meeting of Friends at Rosendale, N.Y.; and settled at New Paltz, N.Y., where they died (she, 24 Oct. 1860; he, 27 Jan. 1868), and were buried at Butterville Cemetery. 13173
5305 VI. Sarah Merritt, b. at Plattekill, N.Y., 7 Aug. 1815; died at Rosendale Plains, N.Y., 26 Oct. 1826, and was buried there, in the Friends' Cemetery.
5306 VII. James Whitney Merritt, b. at Rosendale Plains, N.Y., 20 June 1828; married, in Dec. 1854, Agnes McCullough; and lived at 147 North Third Street, Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1873, his business being at 256 Washington Street, New York. 13183
5307 VIII. Anna Margaret Merritt, b. at Rosendale Plains, N.Y., 27 Nov. 1829; married at New York City, 9 Jan. 1855, Sylvanus Terwilliger Ronk, a farmer, who was born at Shawangunk, N.Y., 18 Feb. 1827, son of Lawrence and Mehetabel (Terwilliger) Ronk. They dwelt for three or four years in New York City; and then settled on a farm at the hamlet of Rutsonville, in Gardiner, N.Y., where they were living in 1873. 13191

Child of Harman and Sarah (Whitney) Terwilliger. 1611

5308 I. Daniel James Terwilliger, b. at Pleasant Valley, in Plattekill, N.Y., 9 Jan. 1822; a farmer; married at Pleasant Valley, 23 Nov. 1843, Charity Jane Garrison, who was born at Pleasant Valley, 5 Aug. 1818, dau. of Isaac D. and Anna (Snyder) Garrison. They settled at Pleasant Valley, and were living there in 1873. 13199

Chil. of Jesse and Eveline (Simkins) Whitney. 1612

5309 I. William Whitney, b. at Plattekill, N.Y., 15 Oct. 1820; a farmer; married at Perinton, N.Y., 24 Jan. 1844, by Rev. Franklin Woodward, Baptist, to Jane Nichols, dau. of Elijah and Mary (Filkins) Nichols, of Perinton. She was born at Nassau, N.Y., 6 Oct. 1822. They settled at Perinton, 3 Ap. 1844; moved, 5 Ap. 1869, to Arcadia, N.Y., about three and a half miles south from the railway-station at Newark; and were living there in Jan. 1875. 13202
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