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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Fifth Generation.

Chil. of Daniel and Sarah (Whitney) Foote. 46

307 I. Abigail Foote, b. at Stratford, Conn., 4 Nov. 1747; married, it is thought, Josiah Sanford; and died 30 Oct 1796.
308 II. Anna Foote, b. at Stratford, Conn., 14 June 1749; married Stephen Shepard, a cooper, of Newtown, Conn., son of John Shepard. They dwelt in Newtown, and there died (she, 17 Nov. 1827, in her 78th year; he, 24 July 1830, aged 78 years), and were buried in Newtown Cemetery. They were Sandemanians. 1212
309 III. Charity Foote, b. in Stratford, Conn., 21 June 1752; married Elias Bristol, of Newtown, who was a soldier in the Revolution, and probably fell in the early part of that struggle. She married (2d), after 1785, Samuel Sanford, a mechanic, of Newtown, formerly of Milford, Conn. They settled at Newtown, and there died; he, 26 Nov. 1817, aged 74 years; she, 13 Nov. 1826, in her 75th year. They were buried at Newtown.

He first married, at Newtown, 19 Aug. 1765, Abiah Dunning, of Newtown, by whom he had eleven children. She was living in 1785.

310 IV. Susanna Foote, b. at Newtown, Conn.; married Amos Griffin, of Newtown, perhaps son of Lieut. John and Beulah (Hubbell) Griffin,1 of Newtown. They settled at Newtown, where he died, 12 July 1791, in his 36th year, and was buried in Newtown Cemetery. She married (2d) Enoch Lacey, of New York; and they were both dead before 1849. 1223
311 V. Peter Foote, b. in Newtown, Conn., 10 Aug. 1759; a weaver; married in Newtown, Conn., Naomi Gillett, dau. of Samuel Gillett, of Newtown, where she was born about 1764. They dwelt in Newtown till 1806, when they moved to Stamford, N.Y., and settled on a farm, at the present village of Hobart. There they died; she, 1 June 1843, aged 79 years; he, 21 Ap. 1846, in his 87th year. They were buried in Stamford.2 1227
312 VI. Daniel Foote, b. at Newtown, Conn., in 1762; a farmer; married Betty Northrop, in Newtown, where she was born in 1764, dau. of John and ----- (Baldwin) Northrop. They settled, about 1790, at Stamford, N.Y., and there died; he, 27 July 1840, aged 78 years; she, 9 Aug. 1852, aged 88 years. They were buried in Hobart Cemetery. The Delaware 1234
  1 John Griffin married, 18 Dec. 1754, at Newtown, Beulah Hubbell. He died, 5 May 1777, in his 51st year. Their son Samuel died, 11 Feb. 1791, in his 26th year, and was buried between his father and Amos Griffin.
  2 The Foote Genealogy, p.148, says that he "died April 9, 1811, aged about 55," and that she "died November 4, 1815;" but its author evidently mistook him for the Peter Foote who is mentioned on page 73 of the same book, and has given that Peter's son, Truman Foote, a place among our Peter Foote's children.
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