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The Whitney Family of Connecticut

by S. Whitney Phoenix
(New York: 1878)

Transcribed by Robert L. Ward.

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Eighth Generation.

Chil. of John William and Elvira (Whitney) Wallace. 1658

5473 I. Ella Udell Wallace, b. at Ludlow, Vt., 16 Jan. 1849; married at Amboy, Ill., 5 July 1868, by Rev. G. J. Bliss, Methodist Episcopal, to Andrew Jackson Scott, who was born at Dresden, Tenn., 10 May 1846, son of Robert and Elizabeth Ann (Vowell) Scott. They were living in Plant Street, Amboy, in 1873. 13453

Chil. of Daniel Bentley and Polly (Whitney) Mitchell. 1659

5474 I. Rensselaer Soule Mitchell, b. at Fairfield, Vt., 2 Ap. 1833; died at Fairfield, 26 Sept. 1834, and was buried there.
5475 II. Esther Mitchell, b. at Fairfield, Vt., 27 May 1835; married at Dixon, Ill., 3 Nov. 1862, by Elder Their, Methodist, to Thomas Lumby, a machinist, whose parents lived at London, Canada West, where he was born 10 Sept. 1835, son of Ben and Mary Ann (Mathews) Lumby. They went to Aurora, Ill., 8 Nov. 1862; to Chicago, Ill, 1 Ap. 1864; to London, C.W., 8 Ap. 1864; to Detroit, Mich., 25 July 1864; to Michigan City, Ind.iana, in 1865; to New York City; to Washington, D.C.; and from there, 28 Nov. 1865, to Norwalk, Ohio, where they were living in March 1874. 13455
5476 III. Julia Melissa Mitchell, b. at Fairfield, Vt., 14 Aug. 1837; married at Middlebury, Vt., 28 July 1857, by Rev. J. F. Yates, Methodist, to Chauncey Potter, a farmer, who was born at Bakersfield, Vt., 8 Ap. 1830, son of Silas and Dolly (Hunter) Potter.1 They lived at Fletcher, Vt., for one year; at Bakersfield, two years; and then moved to Fairfield, and were living at East Fairfield, Vt., in 1873. 13460
5477 IV. Eliza Maria Mitchell, b. at Fairfield, Vt., 10 Jan. 1840; married at East Fairfield, 8 Aug. 1868, by Munson Hull, to Amasa Gilbert, a blacksmith, son of Lewis and Polly (Fairbanks) Gilbert, of Fairfield. He enlisted, 3 July 1861, in Co. B, 3d Reg., Vt. Volunteers; and was discharged 17 Dec. 1862. She died at St. Alban's, Vt., 13 July 1870, without children; and was buried at Fairfield. He has married a second wife; was living at East Fairfield in 1874; and had a son, Amasa Grant Gilbert, born at East Fairfield, 1 Sept. 1873.
  1 Silas Potter was born at North Brookfield, Mass., in 1788; settled at Bakersfield, Vt., with his father, in 1796; and died there, 19 Feb. 1873, aged 85 years, having done much to build up the town.
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