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WHITNEY - D.W. thru Dorothy

Source: Handwritten index cards supplied by Vermont Town Clerks in the early 1920s from their town records and cemeteries. Cards arranged alphabetically by surname and then given name. LDS Film # 0027729 (White to Whitney, Je)

Definite probability for error due to misinterpretation of handwriting of Town Clerks and transcribers. All towns have the original books which should be consulted for verification.

Record Type: B = Birth ; M = Marriage ; D = Death

Town Type Given Name Date Parents Notes
St.Albans M D.W. 5-26-1857   age 50, 2nd marr. to Joseph H. Brainerd
Craftsbury M Darlinda 5-15-1836   to Erastus Chamberlain
Marlboro B Dan 11-2-1814 Simci & Salome  
Marlboro D Dan 1-30-1829 Simci & Salome age 14
Woodstock D Dana H. 7-23-1861   Sarg 1st VT age 33 soldier, killed near Newport News
Readsboro B Daniel 3-6-1799 Caleb & Lucy  
Halifax M Daniel 1-2-1864 Jabez age 38 b.Orange MA, to Mary A. Dunbar
Tunbridge M Daniel 2-24-1834   to Julia Hall
Middlebury M Daniel 9-1-1826   res. Green Bay in Northwest Territory, to Emeline S. Henshaw
Ludlow M Daniel 2-25-1796   to Content Stiles
Plymouth D Daniel 3-20-1857   age 85 shoemaker
Salisbury D Daniel 8-9-1832   husb. Sarah age 75 bur. W.Salisbury
Newfane B Daniel Brigham 3-31-1802 John & Hannah  
Ludlow B Daniel Calvin 7-1-1833 Calvin & Roxanna  
Ludlow D Daniel Calvin 4-20-1837 Calvin & Roxanna  
Craftsbury D Daniel D. 3-21-1863 G.T. & Fanny Preston in Washington DC, Co F, 11th VT Vol
  M Daniel E. 6-1-1869 Isaac & Abigail 2nd mar. age 55 b. Springfield to Lois A. Wheeler
Athens M Daniel E. 5-25-1839   res. Brookline VT, to Acha Ranney
Salisbury D Daniel E. 9-9-1837 Levi & Polly age 17 bur W.Salisbury
Springfield B Daniel S. 5-21-1803 Abner  
Springfield B David 11-9-1812 Isaac  
Addison M General David 3-30-1818   to Eliza Wilson
Granville D David 10-14-1867   82-11-1 b.Pittsfield apoplexy
Bridgeport? D General David 5-10-1850   age 93 bur Village Cem
Springfield D David 2-16-1848   age 47 bur Summer Hill
Tunbridge D David 8-13-1850   age 84 bur Whitney Hill Cem
Tunbridge B David 12-18-1795 David & Susanna  
Hartford B David 12-12-1794 Jonathan & Lucy Woodard  
Tunbridge M David 8-16-1840   res. Boston, MA, to Maria Smith
Springfield M David 12-31-1827   to Lydia Stocker
Pittsfield M David 2-21-1819   to Martha Safford
Bridgeport M David 6-15-1799   to Phebe Bennett
Northfield D David 1867   b.1794
Clarendon D David 7-25-1866   age 46 bur Marsh Cem
Clarendon D David 11-22-1847   age 63 bur Marsh Cem
Northfield M David H. 12-25-1851   to Fidelia A. ?isher
Hyde Park M David M. 1-16-1840   res. St.Armand, Lower CAN, to Loana Brigham
Chelsea M Dearia 12-11-1842   to Guilford D. George
Brookline D Deborah 9-20-1850   age 72, b.1778, wf. Ebenezer, bur Riverside
Athens D Delilah 12-1-1852   age 33, b.1819, wf. Ralph, bur Valley
Hartford B Deluda 3-6-1806 Jonathan & Lucy Woodard  
Dummerston M Deliverance 5-22-1781   to Jabez Butler
Marlboro B Dewey 10-3-1796 s. Jonas & ? (Turner?)  
Marlboro B Diana 2-20-1808 Solomon & Lucy  
Ludlow M Diana 12-25-1850   age 23 to George Howard
Marlboro D Diana 12-20-1812 Solomon & Lucy  
Weston M Diantha 1-18-1866   age 35, 2nd marr., b.Granville NY, to Seth Cook
Andover M Dewey 6-8-1829   res. Ashburnham, MA, to Emily Derby
Marlboro B Dorcey? 2-29-(noyear) d. Nathaniel & Molly  
Hartford B Dolly 6-16-1800 Jonathan & Lucy Woodard 8th ch.
Hartford B Dolly 7-23-1796 Jonathan & Lucy 6th ch.
Hartford B Dolly 8-6-1785 Jonathan & Lucy 1st ch.
Rutland M Dolly 10-21-1799   res. Clarendon, to Israel Webster
Marlboro M Dolly 1-1791   to Levi Sawtell?
Norwich D Dolly 5-1-1832   age 17
Hartford D Dolly 11-4-1798 Jonathan 3-2-29
Lyndon D Dolly G. 5-5-1833 William & Delilah 0-3-28 bur Lyndon Cem
Tunbridge D Dora 9-25-1806   wf. Jonathan
Norwich D Dorotha 5-1-1832 Wm. & Prudence age 18
Burlington D Dorcas 7-11-1844   age 77, bur Elmwood, wf. Dr. Isaiah
Craftsbury M Dorothy 8-9-1820   to Samuel Merrifield

Copyright © 1999, 2006, 2011, Robert L. Ward, and the Whitney Research Group.

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