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WHITNEY - E. M. thru Emily

Source: Handwritten index cards supplied by Vermont Town Clerks in the early 1920s from their town records and cemeteries. Cards arranged alphabetically by surname and then given name. LDS Film # 0027729 (White to Whitney, Je)

Definite probability for error due to misinterpretation of handwriting of Town Clerks and transcribers. All towns have the original books which should be consulted for verification.

Record Type: B = Birth ; M = Marriage ; D = Death

Town Type Given Name Date Parents Notes
Williamstown M E. M. 12-27-1865   to Levi B. Richardson
Worcester M E. M. 4-8-1855   to Stephen W. Bascom
Lyndon D E. M. 6-7-1833 William & Delilah 11-7-6 bur Lyndon Cem
Mt.Holly D Earle, Patty 3-28-1864   86-6 wf. Jacob Earl Parker
Windsor M Ebenezer 1-10-1800   to Debba Fay
Brookline D Ebenezer 4-12-1869 Richard & Hannah Holt 90-8-8 b.1779 Wilton/Milton NH, husb. of Deborah, bur Riverside
Plymouth B Ebenezer E. 7-27-1838 Hiram  
Hartford M Ebenezer 11-23-1831   to Sarah H. Boardman
Tunbridge B Edgar E. 8-26-1848 Benjamin & Eliza  
Tunbridge D Edgar E. 4-22-1850 Benjamin & Eliza 0-19-26 bur Whitney Hill Cem
Westminster B Edith Mary 11-23-1868 Roswell (b.Westminster) & Submit (b.Stratton)  
Charlotte M Edmund 5-29-1866   age 48 2nd marr. b.Williston, to Lizzie Straton
Montpelier M Edmund 5-1-1839   res.Williston, to Esther Flagg
Warren M Edmund M. 11-19-1854   to Catherine E. Royce
Bennington B Edward 2-27-1862 Patrick & Mary (both b.Ireland)  
Bennington B Edward 8-20-1870 Patrick & Mary (both b.Ireland)  
Hartland M Edward 1-24-1845   to Adaline Balch
Halifax M Edward 12-29-1861 Thadeus age 25 b. Guilford, to Mary Laddy
Franklin M Edward 11-12-1839   to Elvira Yaw
Dummerston M Edward 1-24-1821   to Lavinia Bemis
Bennington D Edward 12-30-1870 Patrick & Mary 0-4-10
Bennington D Edward 12-12-1860 Patrick & Mary A. Gregory 6-6-15
Cavendish D Edward Alonzo 2-25-1870 Alonzo A. (b.Cavendish) & Emily Fitten (b.England)  
Bennington M Edward B. 12-14-1870 Edward & Maria age 22 b.Albany NY, to Belle Viall
Barnet M Edward C. 9-5-1855   to Mary L. Winn
Burlington D Edward R. 12-27-1865 Henry & Mary ? age 28 bur Elmwood
Randolph B Edward Tyler 11-10-1864 W. F. (b.Tunbridge) & Jane Sprague (b.Randolph)  
Brattleboro B Edward Winslow 11-4-1800 Samuel Winslow & Pamela  
Woodstock M Edwin 11-4-1868 Levi & Polly age 37 2nd marr., to Maria A. Taylor
Bridgewater M Edwin 4-4-1854   to Nancy S. Keyes
Williamstown B Edwin J. 3-24-182? John (b.Tunbridge) & Eunice Martin (b.Williamstown) twin
Halifax M Eleazer 8-3-1788 (or1784)   to Martha Crozier
Halifax D Eleazer 6-10-1840   age 85, b.1755, bur Whitneyville
Marlboro B Electa 5-31-1812? Solomon & Lucy  
Whitingham M Electa 6-24-1831   to Enoch Jacobs
Norwich M Electa 7-13-1809   to Alfred Brown
Marlboro B Electa Barincey 6-26-1835 Bernard & Lydia  
Newfane M Electa B. 11-13-1861   age 27 to Wallace W. Cook
Brattleboro M Electa B. 11-13-1861 Barnard b. Marlboro
Springfield D Eleutheria 3-25-1855 Joseph & Clarissa 32-8 bur Summer Hill
Hartford? D Eli 1826   age 24 bur Delano?-Savage Cem
Stockbridge M Eli B. 1-1-1862 Henry & Fanny age 24 b.Tunbridge, to Elmira A. Tenney
Putney B Elias 4-26-1774 Elijah & Lydia  
Springfield B Elijah 7-3-1788 Lemuel  
Putney B Elijah 6-26-1776 Elijah & Lydia  
Worcester M Elijah 4-14-1870 Abiel & Mary age 40, b. Brookline,1st marr. to Agnes G. Vail
Springfield M Elijah 1-17-1855   to Susan James
Springfield M Elijah 9-27-1812   to Susannah Oakes
Springfield D Elijah, Dea. 4-24-1855   age 67, husb. Sussannah, bur Summer Hill
Worcester D Elijah 7-5-1860   age 84, husb. of Hannah, bur Worcester Cem
Williamstown D Elijah 8-10-1842   age 87 bur West Hill Cem
Springfield B Elijah Oakes 4-2-1819 Joseph ?  
Putney B Eliphalet 8-2-1798 Eliphalet & Sarah  
Putney M Eliphalet Jr. 8-28-1814   to Sally Ryan
Putney D Capt. Eliphalet 4-23-1850   age 61, husb. of Sally
Morristown D Eliphalet 9-10-1832   age 75, husb. of Lois, bur Morristown Plains Cem
Brookfield B Elisa 6-13-1825 Joseph D. 3rd ch.
Tunbridge B Eliza 7-19-1830 William & Eliza  
Bridport M Eliza 3-8-1855   to Calvin Sollace?
Chelsea M Eliza 3-23-1854   to Asa A. Annis?
Tunbridge M Eliza 10-13-1837   to Benjamin Whitney
Westminster M Eliza 12-17-1833   to George Chaffee
Stamford M Eliza 1-1-1833   res. Adams, MA, to Reuben Flood
Craftsbury D Eliza 2-21-1858 Gamaliel & Fanny Preston 23-6-23 b.Wolcott, bur N.Craftsbury, cause abortion, 4 weeks
Tunbridge D Eliza 4-26-1852 Wm. & Eliza age 21-9-7, bur Whitney Hill Cem
Northfield M Eliza M. 6-9-1850   to John Parker
Colchester M Elizabeth 9-5-1855   to George Wilmot
Sheldon M Elizabeth 10-12-1845   to L. Newton Leach
Craftsbury M Elizabeth 3-20-1839   to Ziba Harriman
Rockingham M Elizabeth 8-3-1797   to Josiah Johnson
Springfield D Elizabeth 12-14-1825   age 74, wf of Abner, bur Summer Hill
Marlboro D Elizabeth 10-24-1800   wf Samuel, age 84 bur Center Cem
Portland B Elizabeth 7-1-1867 John D.(b.Hartland) & Amanda (b.Granville NY)  
Brattleboro M Elizabeth 4-4-1854   res Hinsdale, NH, to Elbridge C. Twitchell
Londonderry M Elizabeth 10-1-1843   res Weston, VT, to Henry C. Stowell
Portland D Elizabeth M. 2-18-1868 John & Amanda age 7 mos.
Williamstown M Elizabeth S. 10-14-1856   to Enoch B. Martin
Guilford D Elizabeth 2-15-1795   42nd year, wf Abel, bur Guilford Center
Brattleboro D Elizabeth 2-2-1787   age 77
Portland B Elizabeth 7-1-1867 J. B.(b.Portland) & A.C. (b.Granville NY)  
Rockingham B Ella 11-4-1857    
Granville B Ellen 6-1860 D.H.  
Tunbridge B Ellen 12-14-1837 Aaron & Betsy  
Whitingham M Ellen 6-25-1865 Welcomb & Ruth age 17, res. Readsboro, to Augustus Barker
Tunbridge M Ellen 3-13-1865   age 27, to E. F. Howe
Montpelier M Ellen C. 7-28-1870 Madison & Eliza Staples age 23, res. Barre, b.Williamstown, to Edson E. Colby
Rochester M Ellen E. 3-29-1866   age 17, res. Warren, to James E. Cass
Plymouth B Ellen Lucinda 8-2-1840 Ira & Lucinda  
Stamford D Ellen M. 11-26-1859 Ira & Mary A. 10-9-2, bur. Village Cem
Bethel D Ellen S. 4-3-1834 Zekard & Sophia 8-3-0, bur E.Bethel
Royalton B Ellen S. 2-8-1828 Zabard & Sophia  
Hyde Park B Ellery 3-11-1868 Andrew Hall & Julia Whitney (illegitimate??) - not clear
Springfield B Elliot 3-9-1808 Isaac  
Elmore M Elliot 6-7-1834   to Mary Ann Tucker
Ludlow B Elmer D. 6-9-1864 Lysander (b.Fitchburg MA) & Lydia Burnap (b.Ludlow)  
Tunbridge B Elmer F. 7-10-1865 Carlos (b.Tunbridge) & Helen (b.Tunbridge)  
Grafton B Elmira 5-9-1807 Samuel  
Poultney D Elon Galutia 12-27-1839 d. Solomon & Nancy 11-5-0 bur E.Poultney
Ludlow B Elvin 7-14-1856 Lysander  
Ludlow B Elvin E. 9-21-1858 Lysander (b.Fitchburg MA) & Lydia Ann (b.Ludlow)  
Williamstown B Elvera 5-9-1813 Abel & Phebe  
Ludlow M Elvira 2-23-1848   res. Hyde Park, to John W. Wallace
Middlebury M Elvira M. 10-28-1839   res. Middlebury, to David Sperry
Woodstock M Elvira L. 1-1-1845   res. Bridgewater, to Simeon Speak
Franklin D Elvira T. 8-10-1854   age 34, 2nd wf Edward C., bur Marsh Fam. Cem
Williamstown B Elwin M. 3-24-1862 John (b.Tunbridge) & Eunice (b.Williamstown) twin
Putney B Emason 8-4-1808 d. Eliphalet & Sarah  
Readsboro B Emily 8-6-1797 John & Joanna  
Whitingham D Emeline G. 2-2-1866 William Goodnew & Sibbel age 50, b.1-17-1816, wf Lyman, bur Whitingham
Shrewsbury D Emeline J. 5-24-1844   22-5, wf Granville, bur Woodward Private Cem
Halifax B Emery 10-18-1868 Wm. M.(b.Halifax) & Melissa (b.Whitingham)  
Whitingham M Emery 2-4-1847   to Diantha L. Brocon
Danville B Emily 3-28-1816 Solomon & Margery  

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