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Rylands, John Paul, ed., The Visitation of Cheshire in the Year 1580 Made by Robert Glover, Somerset Herald ..., Harleian Society Publications, vol. XVIII (London: Harleian Society, 1882)

Page 8. Robert Whitney of Colle, g.

Page 27. Margaret, daughter of Sir Adam Bostock, Kt. Lord of Bostock, slain at Bloreheath in 1459 and Elizabeth, daughter and heir to Hugh Venables, Baron of Kinderton married William Whitney. (s.p.)

Page 35 - 37 Booth of Dunham.

Page 35. Alice Whitney, daughter and heir of Sir Eustace Whitney married William Massy of Dunham son of John Massy and the daughter and heir of Unknown Venables.

Page 123. Anne daughter of Robert Bird married as second husband Robert Whitney of Cole and had Robert Whitney.

Page 169. Massy. Alicia filia et haeres Eustacij de Whitney militis and had Dulcia filia et haeres uxo Roberti Booth militis a quo desendit Boothe de Dunham. (Alice, daughter and heir of Eustace de Whitney, Kt., had Dulcia, daughter and heir who married Robert Booth, Kt., from whom descend the Booth of Dunham.)

Page 198. Mary daughter of Thomas Rutter of Kingesely 1580 - married Robert Whitney.

Page 225 - 226. Sir William Trussell of Elmesthorpe in com. Lecester Lord of Warmincham married Margery daughter to Sir John Ludlow. Their daughter married Unknown Whitney de Com. Hartford. Sir William Trussell was the son of Lawrence Trussell and Maud Charnell of Elmsthorp, daughter and heir. His sister Maud married John Hastang in 28 E. 3. Lawrence Trussell was the son of Sir Warren Trussell of Cobleston who married the daughter of Sir John de Phillibert. Sir Warren Trussell was the son of Sir William Trussell Lord of Warmincham and Maud daughter and heir to Sir Warren Manwaring Lord of Warmincham in Cheshire which Maud after married to Sir Oliver ye Burdeaux. Sir William Trussell was the son of William Trussell and Rose, daughter and heir to Sir William Pantolfe, Lord of Caulston and Hales. William Trussell was the son of Richard Trussell of Mershton.

Page 264. Katherine daughter of Hamnet Hocknell of Duddon co. Chester Gent. widow of Hugh Whitney of Leighton co. Chester and had Robert, Arthur, Whitney, Henry, Thomas and Richard. Daughter Mary married Edmund Hayns of Wellington in Somerset and daughter Katherine.

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