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Michael Powell Siddons, M.A., F. S. A., Herodr Arbennig Cymru, Wales Herald Extraordinary, Visitations by the Heralds in Wales (London, 1996).

p. 11
Ballard's Book, Welsh Section
Robart Whyteney beyrith Asure a cros cheykey gold and Gowlys, and his helme ij bugyll hornis Sylver in a wrethe of gold and gowlys, the sayde helme mantellyd asure dowblyd Ermyne, and he hath ij sonnys and a broder.

Robert d. c.1494 (Cal. Fine Rolls 1485-1509, no. 476). His son James Whitney d. 30 June 1500, leaving a son Robert, aged 6, as his heir. He held the manor of Whitney (HER) from Edward Duke of Buckingham, of the Honor of Huntington, the manor of Pencombe (HER) of Lord Bergavenny, and that of Boughrood (RAD) of the King in socage (CIPM, Hen. 7, II, No. 261). The last-named Robert d. 11 May 1541 (IPMs, PRO, C142/63, no. 40, C142/64, no. 114). (Fellow 9)

p. 39
Visitation of South Wales and Herefordshire, 1531


[h 5; f 9]

Harbert of Troye (HF)

Sir William Harbert of Troye,1 bastard sonne to the Erle of Pembroke, had to his secounde wief2 Blaunche, doughter and one of the heyres to Symonde Mylboorne3 of Icombe4 in Gloucestershire, and they had yssue Charles and Thomas.

Charles Harbert5 of Troye maryed Elysabeth, doughter to Sir Griffeth Ryce,6 and they had yssue Johan.7

Memorandum that Blanche aforesayed was first maryed to James Whyteney8 of Harefordeshire, by whome she had yssue Robert9 and James.10

WG 2, Godwin 8(A4).

1. He was bastard of William Herbert (d. 1469), Earl of Pembroke, 65. His will was proved 13 Apr. 1524, PCC 19 Bodfelde. Receiver of Charles, Earl of Worcester, for the Lordship of Chepstow (W.R.B.Robinson, 'The Welsh Estates of Charles, Earl of Worcester in 1520' (BBCS, XXIV (1971), 401). He also had an illegitimate son Richard.
2. His first wife was Margery (mentioned in his will).
3. Simon Milbourne held Tillington and other manors in HER, and Icomb, GLO, d. 14 Aug. 1522. He had many daus. and coheiresses, of whom 10 are named in his IPM, including Blanche Herbert, widow, late wife of William Herbert, knight (PRO, C142/42, no. 100). He appears frequently as a feoffee in HER in the late fifteenth century. See also 51 n., 52, 55 n. 10, and Ballard 60.
4. Icomb, GLO.
5. Charles Herbert was knighted betw. 19 May 1549 and 22 Nov. 1550. He is said to have died 24 Jan. 1557 ('Knighted Welsh Landowners', 296). His will was proved 22 Jan. 1557/8, PCC 17 Noordes; sentence 1559, 19 Mellershe. In the will his wife's name is given as Cecill. He also had a dau. Blanche who m. Oliver Lloyd of Leighton, SAL (WG 2, Gwenwys 3 (C1)), and an illegitimate son Watkin Herbert of Skenfrith.
6. Of Newton in Dinefwr, d. 1521, son of Sir Rys ap Thomas, KG (WG 2, Einion ap Llywarch 7(A3)). See 41.
7. Joan, heiress of Troy, m. George ap James (WG 2, Rhys Goch of Ystrad Yw 10(D)), whose will was proved 3 May 1585, PCC 19 Brudenell. He mentions his wife Joan.
8. James Whitney of Whitney and Pen-cwm (WG 2, Whitney). He d. 30 June 1500 (CIPM, Hen. 7, II, No. 261). James and Blanche also had Elizabeth, who m. Thomas Morgan of Arxton, 56. See Ballard 57.
9. Aged 6 and more at father's death (as in 8). He m. Sybil dau. of Sir James Baskerville, 50. He died 11 May 1541, seized of the manors of Whitney and Pencombe in HER, of Boughrood in RAD, and Icombe in GLO (IPMs, PRO, C142/64, nos. 114, 116, and C142/63, no. 40). (Ballard 57)
10. James's will proved 4 July 1544, PCC 10 Pynnyng. In it he described himself as of Troy, Monmouth, and of HER, and left his lands to his [half-] brothers Charles and Thomas Herbert.

p. 90

p. 91
Visitation of South Wales and Herefordshire, 1531


[h 34; V 107]

Thomas a Morgan of Actona

Two shields of armsb:

1. Argent, a lion rampant Sable, crowned Or.
2. Sable, a chevron between three spear-heads Argent (Bleddyn ap Maenyrch 2).

Thomas Amorgan1 of Action maryed Elsabeth doughter to James Whytney2 of Whitney, and hadc yssue Charles,3 Thomas, William, Blanche, Annes,4 Alyce, Sybell, Jane and Elyenor.

a. H. Arkeston added in a later hand.
b. shield 2 omitted V.
c. they have V.

WG 2, Godwin 4(C).
Arms: Coat 1 is given for Morgan of Arxton in CA MS R.St.G. Old Grants, f.78, and with a mullet in dexter chief for William Morgan of Arxton in CA, Cooke's Grants B, E.D.N., 59v. Cf. coat of Morley. The Morgans of Arxton later bore Herbert with a crescent for difference.

1. Thomas Morgan of Arxton, Kingstone, HER, ap William ap Dafydd ap Gwilym. At the IPM of his grandfather Dafydd ap Gwilym ap Morgan, lord of the manors of Arxton, HER, and Llanddewi Ysgyryd, MON (d. 10 April 1524), on 18 Oct. 1524, he was declared to be the next of kin and heir, aged 30 years and more (PRO, C142/42, no. 105). For his grandfather Dafydd ap Gwilym ap Morgan see 15, n.3.
2. James W. d. 30 June 1500 (CIPM, Hen. 7, II, No. 261)(WG 2, Whitney 1). See 9.
3. Charles Morgan m. Catherine dau. of Thomas Wey of Lypiatt, GLO.
4. Ann m. by licence of 21 May 1545 Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon (GEC, VI.628-9).

Visitation of South Wales and Herefordshire, 1531


[h 34v; V 107v]

Robert Hargest of Hargest


1. Argent, a gryphon segreant Sable [langued Gules]a (Hergest).
2. Azure, a fess between three chess-rooks Or (Bodenham).
3 and 4. Blankb.

Roger Hargeste1c maryed Sybell doughter to Robert Whitney2 of Whitney, and they had yssue Elsabeth and Anne.

Elsabethd maryed to John Baskerfilde3, sonne to Jamys Baskerfilde.

This Hargest knoweth not what he shuld beare.

a. V.
b. as 2 and 1 v.
c. followed by of Hargeste V.

d. Followed by is V.

WG 2, Hergest.
Arms: The arms appear in Fenwick's Roll, copy A, f.148.

1. Of Chanston, Vowchurch, HER, aged 24 in 1507 (IPM of his father Richard, who d. 9 Dec 1507, CIPM, Hen. 7, III, p. 267, No. 440). He d. before 6 May 1545, seized of the manor of 'Cheynston'. Sybil predeceased him and his heir was his dau. Elizabeth, wife of John Baskerville (IPM, PRO C142/73, no. 90). His grandfather Hugun Hergest m. Margaret fh. Jenkin Bodenham of Monington, son of Sir John Bodenham (WG 2, Bodenham).
2. WG 2, Whitney 1.
3. d. 1577 (WG 2, Baskerville). See 50, 58, n. 11.

Copyright © 2007, Tim Doyle and the Whitney Research Group.

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