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Young, David C. and Young, Elizabeth Keene, Vital Records from Maine Newspapers, 1785-1820 (Bowie, Maryland: Heritage Books, 1993), p. 652-654.

Transcribed by Tim Doyle, February 2, 2000.

WHITNEY child 2y d in Eastport d/o Ezra WHITNEY N4 21 Oct 1819 WHITNEY c/o Elias 4y d N1 9 June 1805 & E1 19 Sep 1805 & N4 9 Sep 1805 WHITNEY c/o John d in this town N4 15 May 1815 WHITNEY c/o Jonathan 6m 24d E1 13 Feb 1806 WHITNEY c/o Uriel of Gorham (ME) fell from a log fence was killed instantly N5 16 Aug 1794 WHITNEY Abigail 40y eldest d/o late Samuel d in Castine E1 9 June 1808 WHITNEY Abigail 43y d at Chesterville N1 27 Jul 1819 & w/o Henry d 9th inst K1 22 Jul 1819 WHITNEY Abigail 78y w/o Samuel of Castine d at Boston N1 22 Jul 1813 WHITNEY Abigail m Enoch TITCOMB Jr at Newburyport, MA P1 11 Aug 1803 WHITNEY Abraham Capt of Stow m Sarah JEWELL of Waterford N8 21 Feb 1803 WHITNEY Amos 42y N1 27 Jan 1804 WHITNEY Amos I/o T#2 R1 North of Waldo Patent ME (later Newburg ME) Jeremiah Smith adm E1 26 Feb 1807 WHITNEY A Dea ae XCIV (94) d in Stow K3 22 Apr 1818 WHITNEY Benjamin of Fitzwilliam killed blowing up rocks on Turnpike near Dedham MA? P1 21 Jul 1803 WHITNEY Charles m Ruth CHENERY in Watertown E1 3 Mar 1808 WHITNEY David Gen 62y m in Addison VT Eliza WILSON ae 16y N1 16 June 1818 & K3 17 June 1818 WHITNEY Elisaph d ae 103y 3d; posterity of 194 descendants at Pomfret CT K3 20 Aug 1817 WHITNEY Ezra Jr mer of Boston m by Rev Mr KENDALL Sarah F SLACK d/o J Esq in Weston E1 24 Dec 1807 WHITNEY Hannah 89y wid/o Amos d 14 May at New Gloucester 31 May 1815 WHITNEY Hannah m in P John SWEETSER N4 16 May 1820 & N1 23 May 1820 WHITNEY Harriet m Rufust ALLEN Jr in Brattleboro E1 7 Jan 1807 sic (1808) WHITNEY Harriot d/o Eld Samuel WHITNEY m John McLURE at Brooks ME H1 26 Feb 1820 & N1 13 Feb 1820 WHITNEY Henry m by Rev Wm MASON Lucy PERKINS in Castine E1 12 May 1808 & N1 26 May 1808 & N3 28 May 1808 WHITNEY John 3m s/o John d in this town N4 19 Nov 1816 WHITNEY John Elder d 80y at Thorndike ME D1 7 Dec 1820 WHITNEY Jonathan accidentally shot Fri 1st at Waterford Pit by Abraham CONANT N5 14 Jan 1796 WHITNEY Jonathan W ae 18y runaway app 1 cent rew see Ward NOYES of Norway N4 27 Feb 1816 WHITNEY Joseph Capt d at Pittsfield N1 1 Sep 1808 WHITNEY Joseph m Mrs Catherina WHITNEY in Boston MA G2 20 Mar 1810 WHITNEY Joseph m in Boston Catharine SMITH N1 27 Oct 1803 WHITNEY Joseph of Gorham est adm Edmund PHINNEY 30 May N4 25 May 1819 & N4 1 June 1819 WHITNEY Levi Rev of Wellfleet m Mrs Dolly THOMAS d/o late Hon Wm DREW in Kingston E1 7 May 1807 WHITNEY Lois m Francis WOLF at Boston MA P1 21 Jul 1803 WHITNEY Luther m in Thorndike Catharine JONES N1 4 May 1819 WHITNEY Lydia m in Newburyport Benjamin APPLETON N1 6 Oct 1803 WHITNEY Mary 91y 3m w/o Eliaseph who will be 97y 14 Feb # of desc 143 d at Stanford CT N4 14 Feb 1814 WHITNEY Mary m for 68y 1m & 1d to Joseph CODY who d in Hopkinton Jan 26 K3 17 Feb 1818 WHITNEY Mary m Joseph PAGENS at Falmouth N3 17 Dec 1808 & N4 5 Dec 1808 WHITNEY Mary Martha youngest d/o Ezra W 2y 2m in this town (Eastport ME) H1 9 Oct 1819 WHITNEY Nathaniel d on 1st inst at Sherburne NH? G2 24 Apr 1810 WHITNEY Patience m Capt Silas ELDEN in Gorham N4 5 Feb 1810 & N3 3 Feb 1810 & N3 3 Feb 1810 WHITNEY Patience m Stephen PAINE in Standish N4 8 Sep 1818 & N1 1 Sep 1818 WHITNEY Phinea Sullivan m Lucy DAVIS at Boston O1 4 Oct 1806 & E1 9 Oct 1806 WHITNEY Phinehas m in Norridgewock wid Mary EMERSON N1 1 Sep 1818 WHITNEY Rebecca m Robert GOULD in Augusta K3 18 Oct 1820 WHITNEY Reuben yeo l/o Jonesborough Washington Co (now Jonesport) adm Ephraim WHITNEY E1 13 Oct 1810 WHITNEY Ruby 24y d at Boston N1 6 Sep 1804 WHITNEY Sally m Edmund GAMMON at Gorham ME N3 3 Feb 1810 & N4 5 Feb 1810 WHITNEY Sally m in Castine David HOWE Esq N1 26 May 1808 & or "Sarah WHITNEY" E1 12 May 1808 & N3 28 May 1808 WHITNEY Samuel A m Ruth PERKINS both of his place by Rev William MASON last Tues G1 31 Jul 1801 WHITNEY Samuel 21y d at Falmouth N4 29 Aug 1803 WHITNEY Samuel 74y d at Castine E1 2 June 1808 WHITNEY Samuel m Margaret DARROW G2 25 Dec 1810 WHITNEY Samuel ae 30y d in Newburyport E1 28 Sep 1818 WHITNEY Samuel Kidder l/o Portland Esq est N1 6 Jan 1818 NOTE: This was Samuel Kidder7 Whiting, not Whitney [Timothy6, Timothy5, Samuel4, Oliver3, Samuel2, Samuel1]. WHITNEY Sarah m David HOWE in Castine N4 16 May 1808 WHITNEY Sarah m in Gray ME James HUMPHREY Jr N1 21 June 1805 WHITNEY Sewal m by James TUTTLE to Anna TUTTLE in Freeman N4 5 Nov 1816 WHITNEY Silas Lt d at Leominister N1 25 Oct 1804 WHITNEY Sophia 36y w/o Wm C d at Hebron N1 3 June 1813 & N4 31 May 1813 WHITNEY Thomas m Abigall STARBOARD of Topsham in Bath N4 5 Apr 1802 WHITNEY William m in Gray ME Sally FRANK N1 26 Apr 1805

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