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American Historical Society, Inc., Whitney, Wyne and Allied Families, Genealogical and Biographical. Prepared for Mrs. Mary C. Whitney (New York, NY: American Historical Society, Inc., 1928), pp. 17-29.



















JOHN WHITNEY, son of Thomas and Mary (Bray) Whitney, was born in England in 1583, and died June 1, 1673. He received for the times a good education in the Westminster School, now known as St. Peter's College, and on February 22, 1597, at the age of fourteen was appointed by his father to William Pring, of the Old Bailey, London, a freeman of the Merchant Tailors' Company. At the age of twenty-one, March 13, 1604, John Whitney became a full-fledged member of the Merchant Tailors' Company. He made his home in Isleworth-on-the-Thames, eight miles from Westminster, and there three of his children were born. There also his father apprenticed to him his younger brother, Robert, who served seven years. Soon after termination of the apprenticeship of his brother Robert, John Whitney left Isleworth, and doubtless returned to London and lived in Bow Lane, near Bow Church, where his son Thomas was born. In September, 1631, he placed his eldest son, John, in the Merchant Tailor's School, where, according to the registers, he remained as long as the family was in England. Early in April, 1635, John Whitney registered with his wife Eleanor, and sons John, Richard, Nathaniel, Thomas, and Jonathan, as passengers on the ship "Elizabeth and Ann," landing a few weeks later in New England. He settled in Watertown in June, and bought a sixteen-acre homestall of John Strickland on what is now Belmont and East Common streets. He was admitted a freeman, March 3, 1635-36, and was appointed constable, June 1, 1641. He was selectman from 1638 to 1655, inclusive, and town clerk in 1655; was the grantee of eight lots, and was one of the foremost citizens of Watertown for many years. He died June 1, 1673. He married (first), in England, Eleanor, surname unknown, who was born in 1599, and died in Watertown, May 11, 1659. He married (second), in Watertown, September 29, 1659, Judith Clement, who died before her husband. His will was dated April 3, 1673.


Children of first marriage:

  1. Mary, baptized in England, May 23, 1619, died young.
  2. John, born in England in 1620.
  3. Richard, horn in England in 1626.
  4. Nathaniel, born in England in 1627.
  5. Thomas, of whom further.
  6. Jonathan, born in England in 1634.
  7. Joshua, born in Watertown, July 5, 1635.
  8. Caleb, born in Watertown, July 12, 1640.
  9. Benjamin, born in Watertown, June 6, 1643.

THOMAS WHITNEY, son of John and Eleanor Whitney, was born in England in 1629, and died September 20, 1719. He lived in Watertown and in Stow, Massachusetts, and was admitted a freeman, April 19, 1690. He married, in Watertown, January 11, 1654, Mary Kedall or Kettle, whose father was doubtless the John Kettle who received, May 10, 1642, by grant six pieces of common called Pequusset "for the present necessity." Children:

  1. Thomas, born in Watertown, Massachusetts, August 24, 1656, died n Bolton, Massachusetts, April 12, 1742.
  2. John, born May 9, 1659, died May 16, 1659.
  3. John, born August 22, 1660, died August 26, 1660.
  4. Eleazer, of whom further.
  5. Elnathan (twin), born September 2, 1662.
  6. Mary, born December 22, 1663, died young.
  7. Bezaleel, born September 16, 1665.
  8. Sarah, born March 25, 1667.
  9. Mary, born August 6, 1668, died September 6, 1669.
  10. Isaiah, born September 16, 1671.
  11. Martha, born January 30, 1673.


ELEAZER WHITNEY, son of Thomas and Mary (Kettle) Whitney, was born in Watertown, Massachusetts, September 2, 1662. He was a wheelwright and lived in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and in Watertown. He married, April 11, 1687, Dorothy Ross, (See Ross II.) Children:

  1. Sarah, born May 29, 1688.
  2. Eleazer, born March 5, 1690, died young.
  3. James, born February 11, 1697, died same year.
  4. Thomas, of whom further.
  5. James, baptized January 28, 1699.
  6. Mary.
  7. Dorothy, born April 24, 1700.
  8. Eleazer, baptized April 15, 1702.
  9. Elnathan, born May 5, 1705.
  10. James, baptized June 1, 1708.
  11. Jonas, born in 1709.

THOMAS WHITNEY, son of Eleazer and Dorothy (Ross) Whitney, baptized January 28, 1699, and died in Marlboro, Massachusetts, in 1748. He was a farmer and lived in Shrewsbury and Marlboro, Massachusetts. He married, July 1, 1720, Hannah Smith. Children:

  1. Eleazer, born November 30, 1721, died in 1738.
  2. Thomas, of whom further.
  3. Hannah, born July 17, 1724.
  4. Nathan, born March 3, 1726.
  5. Joshua, born May 14, 1728.
  6. Susanna, born May 17, 1729.


THOMAS WHITNEY, son of Thomas and Hannah (Smith) Whitney, was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, September 2, 1722, and died in Westboro, Massachusetts, April 25, 1806. He was an early resident of Westboro, Massachusetts, but be returned to Shrewsbury before the Revolution and served in a company recruited from that town. Later in life he removed again to Westboro. He married, February 24, 1753, Anna Gould, who died August 10, 1812. Children:

  1. Timothy, born November 29, 1753.
  2. Sarah, born November 21, 1756.
  3. Elijah, born April 21, 1761.
  4. Anna, born May 24, 1764.
  5. John Smith, of whom further.
  6. Jonah, born August 25, 1771.

JOHN SMITH WHITNEY, son of Thomas and Anna (Gould) Whitney, was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, December 4, 1768, and died "in the west." He was of Shrewsbury and Westboro, Massachusetts, before he went to the West. He married, at Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, February 24, 1794, Susanna Knowlton, of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, who died August 23, 1847, age seventy-two. (See Knowlton VII.) Children:

  1. William K., of whom further.
  2. Artemas H., born January 14, 1797.
  3. Joseph H., born February 25, 1799.
  4. John F., born May, 1805.
  5. Washington.


WILLIAM K. WHITNEY, son of John Smith and Susanna (Knowlton) Whitney, was born in Westboro, Massachusetts, April 5, 1795. He lived in Westboro, in Dana, and in Athol, all in Massachusetts, and was a farmer. He married (first) Deborah Woodward, who was born April 9, 1787. He married (second), at Athol, Massachusetts, April 2, 1843, Mary Ann Billings.

Children of first marriage:

  1. Elbridge, born February 27, 1814, died 1818.
  2. Hannah, born August 11, 1815.
  3. William Benjamin, of whom further.
  4. Elbridge W., born May 26, 1819.
  5. Susanna K., born November 1, 1820.
  6. Barzilla J., born April 21, 1822.
  7. Deborah W., born October 30, 1823.
  8. Bartholomew W., born July 19, 1825.
  9. John F., born March 29, 1828.
  10. Mary, born March 16, 1830, died 1846.

Children of second marriage:

  1. Eliza M., born August 25, 1844.
  2. Hiram, born January 15, 1850, died 1868.

WILLIAM BENJAMIN WHITNEY, son of William K. and Deborah (Woodward) Whitney, was born in Dana, Massachusetts, May 17, 1817, and died August 27, 1891. He was of Dana, Athol, and Petersham, Massachusetts, and, like his father, a farmer. He married, July 12, 1841, Marilla L. Clement, of Dana, Massachusetts, a third cousin of Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain). Children:

  1. Josiah C., born July 14, 1843.
  2. George Franklin, of whom further.


GEORGE FRANKLIN WHITNEY, son of William Benjamin and Marilla L. (Clement) Whitney, was born in Petersham, Massachusetts, May 29, 1847, and died in Cleveland, Ohio, June 16, 1918. He was compelled to leave school at nine years of age, when he left his home and worked for other people. He studied privately, and obtained in that way a general knowledge of medicine. He continued his private study until twenty-three years of age, earning his own living during the fourteen years following his leaving home. He had no assistance whatever in financing his education, and at the age of twenty-three years, when he entered college in Irvington, Indiana, he had earned every dollar he had ever had. After finishing classical courses in Irvington, he entered Western Reserve University, in the medical department, there continuing until March 3, 1886, when he was awarded his degree of M. D., being then thirty-nine years of age. This unlearned farmer boy had accomplished a wonderfully courageous feat, having started from home at the age of nine years, making his own way, financing a classical and medical college education, and beginning medical practice at an age when physicians are supposed to be established for life.

He had been in various occupations after leaving home, and before entering the medical college he had been engaged in business in Cleveland, Ohio, under the firm name of Whitney & Raymond Organ Factory, their place of business on Windsor Avenue and 55th Street. He had been in the same business in Galion, Ohio, in 1877, in the Union Organ Company; and in Dayton, Ohio, was connected with Childs Brothers, organ manufacturers. He was an expert piano and organ tuner, specializing in organ tuning. Even after entering college, he worked for Childs Brothers in Irvington, and in this way paid his college expenses. It was a high and worthy ambition that actuated Mr. Whitney, and all through the years he never for a moment lost sight of his goal, a medical education. After settling in practice in Cleveland, he made most of the medicines he prescribed, they being mostly


tinctures and distillations from roots and herbs. He built up an enormous practice, and was known through his medicines from coast to coast, also in Europe and Japan. His medicines were well known, and his prescriptions were so valuable that they are today (1927) popular and in demand, although Dr. Whitney, who prepared them, has passed away, and the sign, Dr. George F. Whitney, has disappeared from the lawn of his former residence on East 115th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. The office is practically as he left it at his passing in 1918, and Mrs. Whitney continues to have frequent visitors at the office for some of his well known prescriptions. Dr. Whitney was a lodge member of the Free and Accepted Masons; Webb Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; Oriental Commandery, Knights Templar; and was a noble of the Mystic Shrine.

Dr. Whitney married, August 26, 1878, in Dennison, Ohio, Mary Catherine Wyne, daughter of George M. and Mary Elizabeth (Kirkham) Wyne, her father an engineer and a machinist of Dennison; her mother was of French descent. (See Wyne III.) Mrs. Whitney survives her husband, and resides in a beautiful home at No. 1661 East 115th Street, Cleveland, Ohio. She is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and interested in many other activities.

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