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Whitney Families of Maine

by Rev. Charles N. Sinnett

Sinnett, Rev. Charles N., Whitney Families of Maine, Compiled by Rev. Chas. N. Sinnett, Fertile, Minnesota: Abizer Whitney of Lisbon, Maine, and Descendants. Joseph Whitney of Gorham & Lubec, Maine, and Descendants. John Whitney of New Meadows, Brunswick, Maine, and Descendants, Indexed by Thelma Eye Brooks, P.O. Box 136, Waterville, Maine 04901, Reprinted by Kopy Eyes Co., Waterville, Maine, 1986.

Thelma Brooks wrote, "Rev. Charles N. Sinnett did many, many family genealogies from the southern Maine area. His work is not considered accurate or very reliable."


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(1st Generation) John Whitney, according to Rev. Dr.E.S. Stackpole, lived at York, Maine, for some years; and his children are recorded in that town; removed to New Meadows, Brunswick, Me., in 1739. Of John Whitney.

  M Lettis Ford, the daughter of John

The children as recorded at York, Me.

  (2nd generation) Mary Whitney b.
  Mch 12, 1705--6.
  M Oct 16, 1723 Thomas Edwards.
  (2nd) Samuel Whitney b May 5, 1707;
  d at New Meadows, Brunswick, Me.,
  where he settled in 1739.  Dr.
  Wheeler in his History of Brunswick,
  Topsham & Harpswell, Me., errone-
  ously calls him a brother (son) of
  John Whitney. "His house stood
  opposite the Cornelius Thompson house
  at New Meadows, Me.,.a short distance
  from Harding's Station.  He was Deacon
  of the 1st Congregational Church,
  Brunswick, Me.,"
  M at Kittery, Me., 1730 Lydia Spooner.
    (3d generation) Samuel Whitney, Jr.,
    b Sept. 15, 1732.
    (3d) Jonathan Whitney b Dec. 21,1734.
    (3d) Lydia Whitney b Feb. 20, 1735.
    (3d) Susannah Whitney b July 25, 1738.
    (3d) Lettis Whitney b June 27, 1742.

  (2nd generation) Elizabeth Whitney b
  May 7, 1709.
  (2nd) Hepzibah Whitney b Apr 17, 1710.
     M Nov 16, 1733 Thomas Fernald, Jr.
  (2nd) Mercy Whitney D
  (2nd generation) Mehitable Whitney.
     Marriage Publishment dated 1737 to
     Isaac Wincol.
  (2nd) Dr. John Whitney b May 14, 1719.
     M (1st) Margaret Coffin: daughter of
     Josiah Coffin of Nantucket, Mass.
     M (2nd) Hepzibah Adams daughter of
     Hezekiah Adams of York, Me.
  (2nd) Benjamin Whitney b May 22, 1725.
     M Mercy Hinkley


(1st generation) Joseph Whitney b. Gor- ham, Me., Oct. 18, 1784; d at Lubec, Me., Oct. 28, 1841. He was a man of superior character, and a surveyor of great skill and exactness, and Gorham, and Lubec, Me. His ances- try was not given by the descendants. Children born at Lubec, Me.

  M Jan 15, 1819 Nancy Hunter born at

Topsham, Me., Sept., 1790; d May 23, 1860; a woman of sterling qualities; the daughter of Capt William Hunter and Mary Patten of two prominent fami- lies of Topsham and Bowdoinham, Me.

  The children were born at Lubec, Me.


(2nd generation) Robert Patten Whitney b Oct 15 1820; d Topsham, Me., Nov. 20, 1897. At the age of 19 years he re- moved to Topsham, Me., and the remainder of his life was spent in that town, where he was a successful trader and a highly respected citizen.

  M (1st) 1846 Ruth Sprague.
  M.(2nd) Margaret Haley b Topsham, Me.,
  1835; d July 2, 1903.
  Children of the 1st marriage:
    (3d generation) Frank Patten Whitney;
    d Aug., 1882.
    M Kittie Bradley.
    (4th) Grace Whitney; deceased.
    (4th) Sadie Hamilton Whitney; deceased.
    (3d) William Sprague Whitney; died
    at Brooklyn, N.Y.; had been an
    esteemed citizen of Boston, Mass.
    "Had 2 wives." No. children.
    (3d) Frederick Montselow Whitney
    b 1850; d May, 1877; unmarried.
    (3d) George Whitney  d Apr. 1889.
      M Lottie Merrill. No children.
    (3d) Carrie Whitney; resided Hart-
    ford, Ct; lived for some time at
    Somerville, Mass.
      M  Edwin Farrar
    (4th) Whitney Lloyd Farrar.
    (3d) Charles Sumner Whitney died at
    Gardiner, Me., aged 54 years.
    Obituary: "He had a paralytic shock
    three years ago, and since than had
    suffered much, but had been very

    cheerful and patient.  He had a host of
    friends all over Maine, for he had a wonder-
    ful faculty of making friends and keeping
    them; when be gave his friendship he was
    always most loyal to those he loved.  And
    probably no man in Maine had more loyal
    friends.  A kind, tender--hearted man, he
    will be sadly missed by all with whom he
    ever had dealings.  He was always ready to
    help the poor and needy.  He possessed a
    keen mind, and proved himself a very
    capable man in whatever position he was
    placed.  He was never directly connected
    with any fraternal or secret society.  He
    came to Gardiner, Me., about 20 years be-
    fore his death, and ever after made his
    home there.  He was a travelling salesman
    in Maine for a Boston firm.  For a time he
    lived in Bath, Me., where he was well known.
    Since his residence in Gardiner, Me., it
    has been his habit on Monday morning to
    make his first trip to Lewiston, Me., where
    he always made a call on old--time friends.
    He was one of the best of story tellers,
    and one of the wittiest conversationalists,
    and his sayings were often passed on from
    one to another, until it was a very common
    thing to hear the phrase, 'This is as
    Charles Whitney tells it.' " " The Will of
    the late Charles S. Whitney was filed in
    the office of the Judge of Probate in
    Lincoln County, Maine  and shows that his
    estate was valued at $50,000, all personal
    property.  The widow, Mrs. Nellie L. Whit-
    ney, is sole executrix.  Under the terms
    of this will the daughter, Ruth S, Whitney,
    of Bath, Me., receives $20,000; the
    brother Edward L. Whitney, of Topsham, Me.,
    receives $2,000; the brother Willis S.
    Whitney, of St. Mark's Ave, N.Y.,  re-
    ceives, $200.---the sister, Mrs. Carrie W.

    Farrar, Somerville, Mass., receives $200.
    The remaining $27,000, goes to the widow.
    M Mary Torrey Lombard.
    (4th generation)  Ruth S. Whitney; re-
    sides eat Bath, Me.  Now at Wallaston, Mass.
    (3d generation) Edward Lincoln Whitney;
    resides at Topsham, Me. A very popular
    conductor on the Maine Central railroad;
    a helpful citizen.
    M Irene Crocker, a fine helper on social
      (4th) Margaret Mary Whitney, Graduated
      from Brunswick , Me., high school;
    (3d) Israel Washburn Whitney; deceased
    The 2nd child of Joseph Whitney. & Ruth
     (2nd generation) Capt. Franklin Patten
      Whitney b Jan 17, 1822; d June 10, 1853;
      a successful sea Captain. M Julia Foote.
      (3d) Peter Bradstreet Whitney. resides
      at Ashland, Oregon.
      (3d) An Julia Whitney; deceased.
    (2nd generation) Jeremiah Fowler Whitney
    b Topsham, Me. Nov. 20, 1824; died at the
    age of 82 years and 6 months.  At the
    time of his death he was one of the old-
    est residents of Topsham, Me.  He had al-
    ways been prominent in the Town affairs
    of Topsham, Me., and for some time he was
    Tax Collector.  He had been an indus-
    troius and capable farmer.  Had lived in

    the Me. towns, Lubec, Pittsfield & Tops-
    ham, Me.
    M Au 26, 1849 Charity Rogers Hunger
    b Bowdoinham, Me., Oct 24, 1825; d
    June 2, 1890.  Daughter of Robert
    Patten Hunter & Charity Rogers.
    (3d generation)Joseph Whitney b
    Topsham, Me., Oct 18, 1850; farmer at
    Topsham, Me. M Nov. 24, 1876, Emilly
    Abigail Thompson, b Topsham, Me., Nov.24
    1850; daughter of David Thompson &
    Abigail Dill.
    (4th) Ella Charity Whitney b Nov. 21,
    1877; graduated from Brunswick, Me.,
    high school, 1895; from Maine Wesleyan
    College, 1889; a teacher at N. Bath,Me.
    (4th generation)  Horace Jere Whitney
    b Topsham, Me., July 31, 1879; grad-
    uated from Topsham, Me,, high school.
    A very popular young man; Master of
    Sagadahoc Pomona Grange; farmer; he
    and his wife have a wide circle of
    M 1910 Elizabeth M. Waltman of West-
    brook, Me; daughter of Mr. & Mrs.
    Robert Waltman; graduated from West-
    brook, Me., high school, 1907; taught
    for three years in the schools of Tops-
    ham, Me.
    (4th) George David Whitney b Nov 15,
    1881; d June 14, 1899.
    (4th) Mary Abbie Whitney b Sept 23,
    1887; Graduated from Farmington, Me.,
    Normal School.

    (3d generation) James Henry Whitney b
    Feb 12, 1856; d July 8, 1858.
    (3d) Mary Elizabeth Whitney b May 4,
    1869; d Apr 16, 1886.
    (3d) Samuel N. Whitney b Feb 12, 1861;
    d Aug 22, 1869.
    (3d) Walter Ernest Whitney b Dec. 18,
    1864; d Aug 18, 1881.
    The 4th child of Joseph Whitney & Ruth
    (2nd generation) Jane Hunter Whitney
     b Mch 16, 1828; d Aug 8, 1866; lived at
    Topsham, Me.  and New Orleans, La. M Oct 3,
    1849 Charles Woodbury Thompson b Topsham,
    Me., Jan 14, 1824; died June 5, 1880;
    bookkeeper; trader & ship owner; son of
    Charles Thompson & Ann Emery Purington.
      (3d) Annie Eugenia Thompson b.Sept. 1,
      1853; Resides Bordentown, N.J. M Aug.18,
      1880 Edwin A. Scribner b Topsham,Me.,
      1856; d at Bordentown, N.J., May 22,
      1880; graduated from Bowdoin College,
      1877; son of Chas. E.Scribner & Sarah
      Ann Hall.
      (4th) Jessie Harward Scribner b
      Boonetown, N.J., Dec 30, 1882.
      (4th) Chas. E.Scribner b July 6, 1884;
      Won the Gold Star Medal at the Paterson,
      N.J. Military School; Graduated from
      Columbia College.
      (4th) George R. Scribner b Dec 18, 1891.
    (3d) Jennie Thompson b Aug 5, 1866; buried
    with her mother, Aug. 8, 1866.


(1st Generation) Abizer Whitney b Lisbon, Mch 21, 1794; d at New Orleans, La., 1864. He was a mill wright and built dams on various rivers. "He went from place to place wherever his work called him." He was a man of integrity, an excellent workman. His ancestry was not given by the descendants.

M Betsy White b Bowdoin, Me., Oct. 21, 1794; d at Augusta, Me., 1840; a woman of truly noble qualities Of one of the sturdy Maine families.

The children:  M (2nd) Mrs. Susan Eaton
of China, Me.
Children of the 1st marriage:
{2nd generation)  David W. Whitney b
 Litchfie1d, Me., Aug 12, 1817; d Oct.,
1896.: Farmer and stone cutter.
M (1st)  1841 Philena Church of Augusta,
Me., who d Aug. 1853. Daughter of Luther
M (2nd)  Dec. 29, 1857 Olena. E. Church
b Augusta,Me., daughter of Isaacc Church
Want family data   Child of the 1st

(3d) John H. Whitney b 1842; resided
Augusta, Me., Blacksmith.
  M 1879 Emma Severance of Windsor, Me.
  Children of the 2nd marriage:
(3d) Benjamin Whitney b Augusta, Me.,
Oct. 23, 1858; Proprietor of the Whit-
ney Co., Wichita, Kansas. Graduated

   from Bowdoin College. 1880.
    M 1890 Carrie E.Mc Causland of
    Windsor, Fairfield, Me.
   (3d) Edwin M. Whitney b Nov 29, 1864;
   d Oct 7, 1899; graduated from a
   Business College.  1883.
   (3d)  Alice Mary Whitney b Augusta,
   Me., May 14, 1866; a teacher; gradua-
   ted from Farmongton, Me,, Normal
   School. 1887. Wichita, Kansas.
    M 1898 Dr. Pembroke S. Thomas of
    Wichita, Kansas.
   (4th) Whitney Thomas b Mch 8, 1903.

(2nd generation) Sarah W. Whitney b Jan 3, 1819 d Oct 3, 1891, unmarried.

(2nd) Albert Whitney b Augusta, Me., June 24, 1821; d at Monson, Mass., Dec.18, 1881. Buried at Blue Hill, Me. Resided in the Me. towns, Blue Hill, Levant, Prospect, & Gui1dord, Contractor. Graduated from the schools of Augusta, Me. M Mch., 1852 Abbie Naomi Saunders b Bucksport, Me., June 12, 1834; d at Haverford, Pa., Oct 19, 1902; educated in Blue Hill, Me., Academy; daughter of Isaac Saunders & Abigail Jackson. (3d) Flora Whitney b Blue Hill, Me., Jan., 1853; d in infancy. (3d) Frances Viola Whitney b Blue Hill, Me., Jan 24, 1854, Resides Hoboken, N.J. M Aug 5, 1876 James Edwin Dutton b Lowell, Mass., Dec 31, 1851. Data of family pages 3-4 (3d) Herbert Isaac Whitney b Blue Hill, Me., Mch 5, 1859 d at Atlanta, Ga., May 30, 1890. M Nov., 1884

Eliza Kelley of New Haven, Ct.

 (4th) Ethel Irene Whitney b Monson,
 Mass., Nov 1885. Resides Guilford,Ct.
 (4th)  George Albert Whitney b Sept.
 1887, at Monson, Mass; lives Guil-
 ford, Ct.

(3d) Abby Louisa Whitney b Blue Hill, Me;

died in infancy,

(3d) Julia Annie Whitney b Blue Hill,Me

Dec 20, 1864; unmarried.

(3d) Villa Dutton Whitney b. Blue Hill,

Me., Sept 3, 1867. M at Monson, Mass,
June 26, 1893  Stephen Brown Knowlton
of Haverford, Pa.; born in Maine.  This
family spends the summers at Deer Isle,
  (4th) Henry Earle Knowlton b Deer
  Isle., July 17, 1894.
  (4th) Donald Whitney Knowlton b
  Niantic, Ct., July 29, 1896.
  (4th) Stephen Brooks Knowlton b
  Haverford, Pa., Nov 20, 1900.

(2nd generation) Julia Whitney b Bowdoinham, Me., June 27, 1823; moved to Salem, Mass.

M Stover Gerndale of Newburyport, Mass.
   (3d) Son, married Lucy Philbrook.
   (3d) Herbert Guerndale. M Madge
   Ten Broke of Brooklyn, N.Y., who
   died 1892.

(2nd generation) Hannah Whitney b Bowdoinham, Me., Nov 10, 1825; d at Oak Park, Ills., Dec 24, 1898.

M May 1847 in Augusta, Me., Capt. Samuel
   (3d) Flora Gill b Augusta, Me., May 1,
   1848.  Resides Oak Park, Ills.

 (3d) Sarah Gill b Augusta, Me., Sept.5,
 l853. d Nov., l884. M Oct. 1871 Fr1nk P.
 Durnont of Minneapolis, Minn.
 (3d) Eleanor Gill b Augusta, Me., June 12,
 1859; resides Augugta, Me.
 (3d) Mary Cora Gill b Phippsburg  Me.,
 at Pond Island Light.  Jan. 1, l862; d
 at Oak Park, Ills., Aug. 1881.
 (3d) Alice Whitney Gill b Parker's Head,
 Me., Aug 30 l865; resides Oak Park, Ills.
 M at Oak Park, Ills., Oct., 1886 Charles
 (4th) Esther Maud Randall b 1887.
 (4th) Otis Randall b Feb. 1893.

(2d generation) Martha Whitney b Augusta, Me., Feb 29, 1826. M (1st) at New Orleans, La., Thomas Godfrey. M (2nd) Dr. Chapen Russell of Minneapolis, Minn.

Children of the 1st marriage;
  (3d) Bertha Godfrey died in infancy.
  (3d) Ida Godfrey.
  (3d)  M Mr. Brackett of Minneapolis, Minn.
Children of the 2nd marriage:
  (3d) Mattie Russell.
  (3d) Edwin Russell d in infancy.
  (3d) Gertrude Russell.

(2nd generation) Havillah Whitney, b Bowdoinbam, Me., Nov.. 15, 1827; d at Morristown, N.J., Dec 19, 1894. After 1858 resided in the N.J. towns, Newark & Morristown. M James Wood Dutton b New Sharon, Ne., July 16, 1823; d at Mont- rose, Pa., Nov 21, 1891; schools of Farmington, Me. machinist.

  (3d) James Edwin Dutton b Lowell, Mass.
  Dec 31, 1851; resides 1016 Hudson St.
  Hoboken, N.J.

  Schools of Newark, N. J. Granite
  manufacturer and contractor.
  M at Ellsworth, Me., Aug 5, 1876
  Frances Viola Whitney b Blue Hill,
  Me. Jan 24, l854.
    See page 1
    (4th) Hetty Eva Dutton b Blue Hill
    Me., Aug 2, 1877; graduated from
    Hoboken, N.J. high school & from
    Eagan Business School of Hoboken,
    N.J. 1897. Stenographer.
    (4th) Evelyn Viola Dutton b Blue
    Hill, Me., Oct 14, 1878; schoo1s of
    Hoboken, N.J.
    (4th) James Whitney Dutton b Blue
    Hill, Me., Aug 30, 1880; resides
    Hoboken, N.J.; schools of Hoboken,
    N.J.; Stearns' Institute of Tech-
    nology.  Employed by a Granite Co.
    (4th) Lawrence Brooks Dutton b
    Niantic, Ct., Aug 16, 1897.

(3d) Charles Nason Dutton b New Sharon, Me., d at 6 months,

(3d) Willis Herbert Dutton b Newark, N.J. Sept 29, l858. Resides 24 Washington St., Morristown, N.J. Machinist and electrician.

M at Blue Hill, Me., Dec 14, l878
Hattie Sylvia Wardwell b Blue Hill, Me.,
Aug 30, l859; daughter of Ezra Wardwell &
Harriet Saunders.
    (4th) Bertha Sarah Dutton b Morris-
    town, N.J., Oct 19, 1880.  M June l5,
    1900  Fred N. Pierson.
        (5th) Son b Apr., 1901.
    (4th) Havillah Frances Dutton b
    Morristown, N.J. Apr 14, 1882; d
    Feb 17, 1885.

    (4th) Wi11is Herbert Dutton, Jr.
    b Aug 6, 1884 Morristown, N.J.,
    high school.

(3d) Sarah Havillah Dutton b Newark N.J. May 11, 1860; resides Morristown, N.J. M at Morristown, N.J,; June 18, 1884 Wm. W. Quimby. b Morristown, N.J.; carpenter; son of Wm Quimby & Miss Fordyre.

   (4th) Lela L. Quimby b Apr 19, l885;
   graduated from Morristown, N.J. high

(3d) Hattie Eva Dutton b Newark, N.J.; Oct 10, 1862; resides Stapleton, Staten Island, N.Y.; Morristown, N.J., high school. M Jan 19, 1889 Harry Hills Day b Brookside, N.J., June 23, 1860; son of Henry Day & Hannah Arrowsmith; Sales- man.

   (4th) Alice Dane Day b Morristown,
   N.J., Nov. 4, 1890.
   (4th) Harvey Carter Day, b Morris-
   town, N.J,, July 8, 1893
   (4th) Walter Phoenix Day b
   Stalpleton, N.Y, Jan 30, 1903

(3d) Mary P. Dutton b Newark, N.J. Mch 22 1864. M at Madison, N.J., June 17, 1891 Fred G. Yawger b l862; son of John Yawger & Miss Shuts.

   (4th) Fred C. Yawger b Jersey City,
   N.J.; June, 1892; resides Morristown,

(2nd generation) Edwin Whitney b May 16, 1833; d 1837.

(2nd) Frances Whitney b Augusta, Me., Dec 4, 1837; resides Orange, N.J. Lowell , Mass., High school.


M Sept 3, 1860 John Dane b Lowell, Mass. Sept 22, l835; a lawyer at N.Y. City; son of John Dane and Sarah Inga11s.

  (3d) Herbert E. Dane b Newark, N.J.,
  Jan 27, 1878, Graduated from Orange,
  N.J., high school & N.Y. University
  Law School.



Adams Hepzibah 2

          Hezekiah                     2

Arrowsmith Hannah 13


Brackett Mr 11 Bradley Kittie 3


Church Isaac 8

          Luther                       8
          Olena E                      8
          Phelena                      9

Coffin Josiah 2

          Margaret                     2

Crocker Irene 5


Dane Herbert E 14

          John                        14

Day Alice Dane 13

          Harry Hills                 13
          Harvey Carter               13
          Henry                       13
          Walter Pheonix              13

Dill Abigai1 6 Dumont Frank P 11 Dutton Bertha Sarah 12

          Charles Nason               12
          Evelvn Viola                12
          Hattie Eva               12,13
          Havillah Frances            12
          James                  9,11,12
          Lawrence Brooks             12
          Mary P                      13
          Sarah Havillah              13
          Willis Herbert           12,13

Eaton Mrs Susan 9 Edwards Thomas 1


Farrar Carrie W 4,5

          Edwin                        3
          Whitney Lloyd                3

Fernald Thomas 2 Ford John 1

          Lettis                       1

Foote Julia 5 Fordyre Miss 13


Gerndale Herbert 10

          Stover                      10

Gill Alice Whitney 11

          Eleanor                     11
          Flora                       10
          Mary Cora                   11
          Samuel                      10
          Sarah                       11

Godfrey Bertha 11

          Ida                         11
          Thomas                      11

Haley Margaret 3 Hall Sarah Ann 7 Hinkley Mercy 2 Hunter Charity Rogers 6

          Nancy                        2
          Robert Patten                6
          William                      2

Ingalls Sarah 14


Jackson Abigail 9


Keller Eliza 9 Knowlton Donald Whitney 10

          Henry Earle                 10
          Stephen B                   10

Lombard Mary Torrey 5


McCausland Carrie E 9 Merrill Lottie 3


Patten Nancy Mary 2 Philbrook Lucy 10 Pierson Fred N 12 Purington Ann Emery 7


Quimby Lela L 13

          William N                   13\


Randall Charles 11

          Esther Maud                 11
          Otis                        11

Rogers Charity 6 Russell Dr Chapen 11

          Edwin                       11
          Gertrude                    11
          Mattie                      11

Saunders Abbie Naomi 9

          Harriet                     12
          Isaac                        9

Scribner Charles E 7

          Edwin A                      7
          George R                     7
          Jessie Harward               7

Severence Emma 9 Shuts Miss 13 Spooner Lydia 1 Sprague Ruth 3,5,7


Ten Broke Madge 10 Thomas Dr Pembroke S 9

          Whitney                      9

Thompson Annie Eugenia 7

          Charles                      7
          Cornelius                    1
          David                        6
          Emilly Abigail               6
          Jennie                       7

Waltman Elizabeth M 6

          Robert                       6

Wardwel1 Ezra 12

          Hattie Sylvia               12

White Betsy 9 Whitney Abbie Louise 10

          Abizer                       9
          Albert                       9
          Alice Mary                   9
          Ann Julia                    5
          BenJamin                   2,9
          Carrie                       3
          Charles                    3,4
          David W                      8
          Edward L                   4,5
          Edwin                     8,13
          Elizabeth                    2
          Ella Charity                 6
          Ethel Irene                 10

Whitney Flora 9

          Frances                9,12,13
          Franklin Patten            3,5
          Frederick Montselow          3
          George                  3,6,10
          Grace                        3
          Hannah                      10
          Havillah                    11
          Hepzibah                     2
          Herbert Isaac                9
          Horace Jere                  6
          Isreal Washburn              5
          James Henry                  7
          Jane Hunter                  7
          Jeremiah Fowler              5
          John                     1,2,8
          Jonathan                     1
          Joseph                 2,5,6,7
          Julia                       10
          Lettis                       1
          Lydia                        1
          Margaret Mary                5
          Martha                      11
          Mary                    1,6,12
          Mehitable                    2
          Mercy                        2
          Nellie L                     4
          Peter Bradstreet             5
          Robert Patten                3
          Ruth S                     4,5
          Sadie Hamilton               3
          Samuel                     1,7
          Sarah W                      9
          Susannah                     1
          Villa Dutton                10
          Walter Ernest                7
          William Sprague              3
          Willis S                     4

Wincol Isaac 2


Yawger Fred 13

          John                        13

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