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[p. 1]

                     Whitney News and Genealogy
                              Issue #1
                             July 1996
                           Lisa Barnett
         House of Genealogy, P.O. Box 106, Knoxville, Iowa, 50138

[p. 2]

*NOTES from Lisa

One way to work out resolvement of a problem is to lay out the contents/ingredients of
that problem, which helps to tell you what you have to work with; what you need to have
yet; and what you should do next! That is what this first issue is ccmposed of; mainly
the information that I have, to work with at this time; responses to this issue will let me
know what I need to have yet; and responses will help us all to know what we should do next
in our researches. So, each issue will "grow" with more helpful information than a previous
issue gave.

Explanations on some things are needed in this issue, to help you all know what it's format
will be. This Whitney newsletter is not just one that prints your query in a long line of
queries and then forgets about it. We will print our subscribers queries as often as needed!
Plus, I myself will do research to help in any way possible to find answers for my subscri-
bers!  I do this for free, for subscribers, through the pages of this newsletter.  Personal
research rates outside of the newsletter are $15/hour, which includes all time, gas to the
various cemeteries, etc that I'm researching, xerox copies, mailing fees, etc. So, let me
know what you need specifically; the phrase "need information" is certainly a good phrase
to use in queries, but if you are specific in what you need, I'll know exactly what to help
you look "for, (such as Great-Uncle Joe's marriage record); and I will print my findings, if
any, in the newsletter for the benefit of all subscribers.

Some letters/queries came to me very recently, and I haven't had time to research them out,
it's 96 miles (round trip) to the state archives in Des Moines, Iowa, and I'll go there to
look for information for you, and will hopefully be able to answer some query problems with
October's issue.

We are a registered, with Iowa tax permit, business in mail order genealogy.  It is my "hobby
job" that I enjoy many hours in doing. In private life, I am a nurse. I'm older, 62 now, and
have been an LPN (LVH in Calif/Tx); since 1986. I recently graduated out of a part-time pro-
gram towards an Associate Degree in Nursing (Registered Nurse). At this time (June 1996) I'm
a-waiting to go to state board for my R. N. License.  I am legally married, I say "legally*
because I've been questioned about it, for reason that I have a different name than my hus-
band. I kept my Barnett name, it's too difficult to change at this age in life.  My husband's
name is Donald Yarger.  He's 66, disabled.  I'm explaining this because I want to let you know
that HOUSE OF GENEALOGY is not some big corporation with no time to work personally with you
on your research needs. That's what "makes" my newsletters! Helping my readers!.

I also want you folks to know that future issues will not be filled with idle chatter from
me! It will be filled with every scrap of information I can get into it. Yes, there's need
to explain things at times, but it will be minimal, after this issue.

TAXES; Some Iowa counties have "Local Option Taxes* in addition to sales taxes.  I'm required
by law to charge sales-tax and local option taxes for those counties. I have a list of the
counties and how much the tax is, if you need this information.  This is for Iowa subscribers.
Surrounding states now work with Iowa, in collecting appropriately owed taxes for business
done interstate, and I have been informed that I need to contact those states to see if I'm
supposed to collect taxes on those subscribers too.  I'll absorb any tax cost on anyone from
those states until I find out for sure.  Those states are: lllinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebras-
ka, South Dakota, and Minnesota.
Printing and mailing fees are quite costly, and commanded the $20 fee for
the subscriptions. However, even though I'm not "super-typer" and will be
making occasional typing errors, I feel the information given to you is as
valuable to you if I type it, as if a professional company printed it for
me, for that reason, I'm typing it myself, and then just have the copy
place make copies for me, which will be "savings".
...And for that reason, I was able to lower the price to $15 a year instead
of the $20 which was stated in the ad. Some of you have not responded yet as
to whether you would like the $5 refund, or the 2 extra issues. Please let
me know. Thanks!...
 And thanks (!) to all of you who sent letters of gratitude for passing the savings on to you!
                                       (2)                                ...Lisa

[p. 3]

Allome, Susan 5
Alverson/Alberson, Sarah 12
Anderson, Elisabeth 17
Babb, R. 17
Babb, Elizabeth Anderson 17
Babb, Mary E.
Berry, Katherine Whitney 17
Berry, Thompson 17
Blair, Mary 11
Blair, Robert 12
Blizzard, Sarah A (  ) 14
Blizzard, Eva Mae 14
Blizzard, William A. 14
Bound, Polly Whitney 17
Bounds, Patsy Whitney 17
Bounds, Starling 17
Brackett, Daniel 4
Burk, Jinsey 17
Cady, Ellen Percy 6, 11
Cady, Jason, 2, 11
Cady, Samuel 11
Cady, Stephen 12
Carpenter, Carrie B. 8
Castle, Henry 5
Castle, Lucinda A. 14
Castle, Lydia Whitney 4, 14
Castle, Philander, 4, 5, 14
Castle, Ralph 5
Chryotie, Alice J. 8
Clark, Mary Ellen Whitney 13
Clark, S. W. 13
Clement, Judah/Judith 18
Cleveland, Margaret Gary Whitney 7
Cleveland. Moses 7
Coffin, Eleanor 11
Coffin, Simon 12
Cork, Adrian 18
Crosby, V. T. 13
Crosby, Emilie Whitney 13
Curtis, Cli,eena Boberts 5
Curtis, Comfort 5
Curtis, Levi
Curtis, Priscilla Whitney
Darnall, John 5
Darnall, Susan Allome 5
Darwin, Anna 19
Darwin, Mattie 19
Davis, Addie 8
Dickerson, Abigail 5
Dickerson, Thomas 5
Dixon, John 14
Dixon, Mary Ann 14
Dixon, Matilda Lawrence 14
Dorsey, Amanda Gideon 14
Dorsey, Andrew Jackson 14
Dorsey, Eva Mae Blizzard 14
Dorsey, Joseph Edward 14
Dorsey, Raymond Wayne 14
Dorsey, Ruth Gladys Ethridge 14
Dudley, Ida M. 8
Duncan, Edward L. 17
Duncan E. D. 17
Duncan, Louisa K. 17
Duncan, L. P. Whitney 17
Dustin/Duston, John 12
Dustin/Duston, Lydia 11
Eddy, Sarah Woodward 18
Ernest, Saran 14
Ethridge, Hattie Lucinda 14
Ethridge, John Thomas 14
Ethridge, Mary Ann Dixon 14
Ethridge, Ruth Gladys 14
Ethridge, William 14
Everton, Eliza 5
Fairbanks, Experience 5
Faunce, Patricia Morton 18
Finch, Daniel 5
Finney, Patsy 17
Forman, Charlotte 4, 13
Fowle, John 6
Fowle, Love Gibbons Prout 6
Frink, Mercy Travis/Travers Whitney 18
Frink, Thomas 18
Fuller, Nancy 4, 13
Galbreath, Anna 19
Gaston, Betsy Whitney 17
Gaston, Robt. 17
Gearhart, Sarah Louise 10
Gibbons, Love 6
Gideon, Amanda 14
Gideon, Henry 14
Gideon, Sarah Ernest 14
Giger, Adia 8
Givens, Edith Ellen 10
Glen, Mary 13
Greenough, Elizabeth Upshall 6
Hager, Abigail 10
Hall, Mary Rutherford 6
Hapgood, Mary 18
Harris, Elizabeth 18
Haven, Sarah 18
Hazeltine/Haseltine, Ruth 12
Heminway, Abigail 5
Hoschar, Margaret Alice 10
Huse, Eleanor 12
Isam, Mary Ann Perry 19
Jeffries, Elizabeth 9
Jeffries, Ruth Johnson 9
Jeffries, William 9
Johnson, Ruth 9
Jones, Joy Billie 10
Jones, Phyllis Marie 10
Kibby, Abi Morse 16
Kibby, Edward 16
Kuykendall, Aminda Whitney 9
Kuykendall, Walter 9
Lawrerence, Watilda 14
Lee, Abigail 12
Limes, Harmon 19
Limes, Joseph 19
Limes, Mary McKee 19
Lounsberry, Hannah Whitney 17
Lounsberry, Joseph 17
Lounsberry, Mary Whitney 17
Lowe, Benry 5
Lowe, Susan Allome Darnall 5
Malcolm, Emily 8
Marsh, Hannah 11
McKee, Mary 19
Merritt, Elizabeth 12
Morecock, Adrian Cork 18
Morse, Abi 16
Morse, Abigail 16
Morse, Belle Virginia 16
Morse, Eunice 16
Morse, Isaac 16
Morse, Jane 16
Morse, Jane Whitney 15
Morse, Jonathan 15, 16
Morse, Paul 16
Morse, Sarah Sheffield 16
Morton, Patience 18
Orr, Mary 12
Parry, James 19
Parry, Mary (   ) 19
Parry, Sally Ann (   ) 19
Parry, Thomas 19
Partridge, Eunice Morse 16
Partridge, Joseph 16
Parris, Francis 19
Perry, Mary Ann 19
Phelps, Elizabeth Jeffries 9
Phelps, Benjamin N. 9
Philbrick, Elizabeth 12
Poor, Jane 15, 16
Poor/Poore Mary 18
Poston, Elizabeth Thompson 14
Poston, Hattie Lucinda 14
Poston, Lucinda A. Castle 14
Poston, Richard 14
Prout, Charlotte 6, 11
Prout, Deborah Symmes 6
Prout, Ebenezer 6
Prout, Elizabeth Upshall Greenough 6
Prout, Grace Sherman 6
Prout, John 6
Prout, Love Gibbons 6
Prout, Margaret (   ) 6
Prout, Mary Rutherford Hall 6
Prout, Timothy 6
Prout, William 6
Prouty, Adam 11
Prouty, Damaris Torrey 6
Prouty, Isaac 6, 11, 12
Prouty, Richard 6
Ramsdell, Grace 11
Ramsdell, Thomas 12
Rankin, Isabella 12
Reibel, Adam C. 8
Reibel, Mary Ellen Whitney 8
Reice/Reece, Margaret 7
Reuther, Woodrow Paul Sr. 10
Roberts, Climena 5
Rutherford, Mary 6
Sheffield, Sarah 16
Sherman, Grace 6
Smith, Elizabeth 18
Smith, Loretta F. 17
Symmes, Deborah 6
Tabler, Mary Jane (Mollie) 9
Thompson, Elizabeth 14
Thompson, Madeline Ruth 10
Todd, Mary 8
Travis/Travers, Mercy 18
Torrey, Damaris 6
Unk, Rowena 10
Upshall, Elizabeth 6
Vaughn, Margaret 7
Watson, John 11
Watson, Mary (Mollie) 11 .
Watson, Matthew 12
Wheeler, Elizabeth, 6
Whitney, A. M. 8
Whitney, C. W. 8
Whitney, J. G. 8
Whitney, J. M. 17
Whitney, L. 17
Whitney, L. P.17
Whitney, W. L. 8
Whitney, Abigail Hagar 18
Whitney, Ada Giger 8
Whitney, Addie Davis 8
Whitney, Adrian Cork Moorecock 18
Whitney, Alfred E. 8 
Whitney, Alice 7 
Whitney, Alice L. 11
Whitney, Allie 7
Whitney, Amanda (Emma) R. 9
Whitney, Andrew 8
Whitney, Ann Drusilla Alice 9
Whitney, Anna (   ) 18
Whitney, Barbara Ruth 10
Whitney, Belle Virginia Morse 9
Whitney, Benjamin 4, 6, 13, 15, 16, 18
Whitney, Betsy 17
Whitney, Byrle Elmont 10
Whitney, Byrle Elmont JR 10
Whitney, Calvin, 5
Whitney, Carrie B. Carpenter 8
Whitney, Charles, 4, 13
Whitney, Charlotte Forman 4, 13
Whitney, Charlotte Prout 6
Whitney, Daniel 20
Whitney, David 7
Whitney, Donald Edward 10
Whitney, Dorothy Rosse/Ross  18
Whitney, Edith Ellen Givens 10
Whitney, Eleanor (   ) 18
Whitney, Eleazer 18
Whitney, Eli 20
Whitney, Elijah 18
Whitney, Elinor (   ) 6
Whitney, Elinor/Ellen 15
Whitney, Elisha 20
Whitney, Eliza Everton 5
Whitney, Elizabeth Cora Ellen 9
Whitney, Elizabeth Harris 18
Whitney, Elizabeth Jeffries 9
Whitney, Elizabeth Smith 18
Whitney, Ellen Percy Cady 6
Whitney, Emilie 4, 13
Whitney, Emily Malcolm 8
Whitney. Eunice 20
Whitney, Eustace 7
Whitney, Eva 8
Whitney, Experience Fairbanks 5
Whitney, Frank Monroe 9
Whitney, Franklin 4, 13
Whitney, George A. 17
Whitney, George Elbert 10
Whitney, Hannah 17
Whitney, Hannah (   ( 7
Whitney, Harriett (Hattie) 4, 13
Whitney, Haynes 5
Whitney, Helen Edith 10
Whitney, Henry 18
Whitney, Howard Fletcher 17
Whitney, Horace 19
Whitney, Ida Isabel 4, 13
Whitney, Ida M. Dudly 8
Whitney, Isaiah 18
Whitney, Jabez, 5, 20
Whitney, James 7
Whitney, Jane 15, 16
Whitney, Jane (   ) 18
Whitney, Jane Poor 15, 16
Whitney, Jinsey Burk 17
Whitney, John 6, 11, 15, 17, 18, 20
Whitney, John Alfred 9
Whitney, Jonas 4, 13
Whitney, Jonathan 5
Whitney, Judah/Judith Clement 18
Whitney, Katherine 17
Whitney, Leroy J. 8
Whitney, Loretta F. Smith 17
Whitney, Louis 8
Whitney, Louis Alexander 9
Whitney, Lydia 4, 5, 14
Whitney, Margaret Aminda 19
Whitney, Margaret Gray 7
Whitney, Margaret Reice/Reece 7
Whitney, Margaret Vaughn 7
Whitney, Margaret Wye 7
Whitney, Mary 4, 13, 17
Whitney, Mary Ellen 4. 8, 13
Whitney, Mary ( ) 7, 17
Whitney, Mary E. Babb 17
Whitney, Mary Glen 13
Whitney, Mary Hapgood  18
Whitney, Mary Poor/Poore 18
Whitney, Mary Jane (Millie) Tabler 9, 10
Whitney, Mary Todd 8
Whitney, Mercy Travis/Travers 10
Whitney, Milton, 20
Whitney, Nancy Fuller 4, 13
Whitney, Nathan 20
Whitney, Nathan JR 20
Whitney, Patience Morton Faunce 18
Whitney, Patsy 17
Whitney, Patsy Finney 17
Whitney, Priscilla 5
Whitney, Polly 17
Whitney, Polly Williams 5
Whitney, Ransome 19
Whitney, Richard Russell SR 10
Whitney, Robert 7
Whitney, Roger Zurcher 10
Whitney, Ruth Reynolds 18
Whitney, Saran Haven 18
Whitney, Sarah Ketcham 18
Whitney, Sarah Woodward Eddy 18
Whitney, Stanley, Clifford 10
Whitney. Stephen 6
Whitney, Stephen M. 11
Whitney, Tarball 17
Whitney, Theodore 8
Whitney, Thomas 4, 17, 18
Whitney, Thomas Earl JR 10
Whitney, Thomas Earl SR 10
Whitney, Thomas Laughlin Brooks 4, 9
Whitney, Walter 19
Whitney, Warren 8
Whitney, Watkin 7
Whitney, William 7
Whitney, William A. 8
Whitney. William Henry 4, 13
Whitney, William Jonas 4, 13
Whitney, Will iam T. 9
Whitten, Thomas 18
Williams, Polly 5
Winter, Elizabeth 11
Winter, Samuel 12
Woodward, Sarah 18
Wye, Margaret 7
Zurcher, Bess 10

Names/information in
this publication are
given as reference
sources (only) to aid
in further research.
Names with letters
only, are listed first,
such as "R. BABB" in
front of "Elizabeth" .
I apologize for mailing
delay. My typewriter
was in for repairs too
long..Issues will be
miled on/about 1st of
month due.
You now have __ issues
left, after this one.

[p. 4]

                           Q U E R I E S

1) JONAS WHITNEY, the son of Benjamin and Nancy (FULLER) WHITNEY, was born
at Marlborough, New Hampshire 4 July 1805. He taught sucessfully at Seneca
Fall, Aurora, and Buffalo, all in New York; Shawneetown, Illinois near St.
Louis, MO., Liberty, Mo. near St. Louis; removed to Columbus, Ohio in 1846
owing to ill health; returned to St. Louis in September of that year and
has several employments until 1854, when teaching recommenced as principal
of one of it's public schools and so continues. He married Charlotte FORMAN
of Ithaca, N.Y. in December 1835.

Nine children were born of this union as follows: Emilie (1837) Charles
(1837), Mary Ellen (?), Ida Isabel (1853), Harriett (Hattie) 1857; Mary (?),
William Jonas (1867), William Henry (?), Franklin (?).

Would like to correspond with any descendants of this family.

Gerald H. Forman, 1508 West View Drive, Berkeley, CA., 94705-1657
GERALD: If this issue does not bring any correspondents of descent from
this family, please let me know and I'll help search for living family mem-
bers for you...Lisa

2) Who were the parents of THOMAS LAUGHLIN BROOKS WHITNEY? Supposedly born
4 Jan 1834 in Madison County, Ohio.

T. E. Whitney, 5646 Spring St. Omaha, Nebraska, 68106
T. E., As of this date I have the following "Thomas", none are what you've
asked for, but may be of help further down the line;

These are all THOMAS WHITNEY:
a. b: 1627/1629, England                         
b. b: England (is father to "a" above)          
c. b: ca 1517                                           
d. b: 1381, Herford, England  
e. b: 28 July 1594, Herford, England    
f. b: 24 Aug 1656 Watertown, MA.
g. b: 1563 Lambert Marsh, Surrey, England
h. b: 25 July 1587 London, Eng.
i. b. 27 Dec 1640
And in the meantime, I have sent for some genealogical records on Madison
County, Ohio, to see if I can find something for you on your Thomas's par-
ents. (census records). Before 1850 they only listed heads of household,
but I'll know who was there then, ..I'll also check on histories of that
county, they sometimes list biographies of people living there.. .Lisa

3) I'm seeking information on my great-great-grandmother. LYDIA WHITNEY was
born 1806 in Maine, married Philander CASTLE 10 May 1827 in Meigs County,
Ohio. died in 1874 near Camp Point, Adams County, Illinois. Buried Hebron
Cemetery, Adams County, Ill. Also seeking information on Philander CASTLE
born 1799 in Vermont, according to census, died 1886, near Camp Point, in
Adams county, Ill. Buried Hebron Cemetery, Adams County, Illinois.

R. W. Dorsey, 5925 W. 78th St., Prairie Village, Kansas, 66208

R. W.; At this time I have just two "Lydia Whitney", which aren't the ones
you need. They are:
a. b: 1632, Sherborn, Middlesex, Mass.
b. b: 1785 in Maine, married Daniel BRACKETT.

                              (4)                (continued)

[p. 5]

                           (continued from previous page)
I will see if I can locate some records from Ohio for you too. Ohio had less counties in
the early 1800's, however, I have a list of their parent counties, and will see what I can
find.  On CASTLE, I don't see a "Philander" listed in my records, but here are seme excerpts
of information in my files: (these may give new avenues to research):

1) Henry CASTLE, (b: 1613 - d: 1698) Came from England to Fairfield, CT. 1635; then went to
   Woodbury, CT. Was married around 1666 to Abigail DICKERSON, daughter of Thomas DICKERSON;
   married Mary _____: (she married 2nd, Daniel FINCH).

2) Susan LOWE, Cecil County, Maryland; 4 Sept 1688; had 150 acres; tract named "Castle Green"
   ...escheated estate of Ralph CASTLE, who went to England in 1671; having granted his land
   to Susan ALLOME; the rent to be paid by her father Nicholas ALLOME. Susan ALLOME was
   married to John DARNALL, of Calvert Co., Maryland; on his death, married Henry LOWE.
Need parents of JABEZ WHITNEY who married 20 Oct 1771 Medway,
Mass., to Experience FAIRBANKS. Daughter PRISCILLA WHITNEY
born 4 Feb 1774, Wrentham; married 1793 Peru, Mass., to Com-
fort CURTIS. Their son Levi CURTIS married New York 1826 to
Climena ROBERTS. Settled Wyoming County, New York.

JoAnn Schiefelbein, 8924 West 10th St., Wichita, Kansas 67212
JoAnn; I do have a number of Whitney listings that I have not "processed"
yet, (I don't have a computer, so have to do all indexing and records by
hand) and in a quick glance through them, see one JABEZ WHITNEY, he's on a
tax list for 1816 in Meigs County, Ohio. I have a list of New England marria-
ges prior to 1700, which I will list later in this newsletter, some of the
listings may connect to your Jabez. Although Present day Medway, MA., is in
Norfolk County, in 1771 it was then Suffolk County, and didn't become Nor-
folk County until 1793. Perhaps "old time" Suffolk County records may help
you in this.  Let me know what you find and if you need me to help you check
older records. I'll be glad to send for old time census records if needed,
as I do have my own microfiche/microfilm reader, and I'll purchase the cen-
sus records and check them out, and print any findings for all readers...Lisa
5) My problem is CALVIN WHITNEY who appeared in the Thomaston, (Rockport) Maine
area with his brother Haynes, supposedly from Woodstock, VT about 1800.  He
married Eliza EVERTON. In the Whitney Genealogy by Pierce, he (Calvin) was
misplaced in JONATHAN WHITNEY's family in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, and
although I have been able to prove that another Calvin (married to Polly WILLIAMS)
was the sort of Jonathan, but not where "my" Calvin belongs.  I'm beginning to
think he was beamed down from another planet!

Marion (Whitney) Martin,  2110 Tiger Links Drive, Henderson, Nevada, 89012
Marion; The CALVIN WHITNEY I have listed in my records is apparently the one
you have mentioned.  I don't have the book by Pierce (yet), but did order
it, and I'll need to check it as a baseline, for helping you sort this out.
The Calvin I have was born 25 May 1788, in Fitzwilliam, N.H., and was mar-
ried to Polly WILLIAMS.  This Calvin's parents are listed as JONATHAN WHITNEY
and Abigail HEMMINWAY.  I've been unable to locate the person who wrote the
information on the chart, and can't print her chart without her consent and
knowing about it. May I ask readers to check their correspondents and see if
anyone has an address for Susan Wright; The address I have is Menio Park, CA,
but my latest mailing to her was returned to me.  Please let me know, so I
can get her consent to use her Whitney information.  In the meantime, I will
check on Maine, early 1800's for information for you..Lisa
I've been asked about why I wanted to do a Whitney newsletter.  The reason is because I,
Lisa Ellen Barnett, am a Whitney descendant! I'm just starting on that line in my ancestry,

[p. 6]

and have some microfilms of my ancestors area (Illinois), but haven't gotten them read
yet, as my machine's roll-film attachment just recently arrived.  I'll have any results
in the next issue. If anyone needs census records checked, let me know!...Lisa
6) This comes from subscriber Kenneth L. Whitney, who kindly sent in this
query almost a year ago: 21 Aug 1995:
"For the past year I have been researching the genealogy of my family, who
are descendants of JOHN and ELINOR WHITNEY of Watertown, MA.  I am descended
through John and Elinor's son BENJAMIN WHITNEY"

Kenneth L. Whitney, 616 Piping Rock Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland 20905
Kenneth; In the next pages, I have put some charts on your BENJAMIN WHITNEY,
these charts were sent to me from the Richardson-Sloane Genealogical library
at 1019 Mound St., Suite 301, Davenport, Iowa 52803, with their consent to
use them in the Whitney newsletter. Let me know what else you need, as I've
got quite a few more that branch out from the people who are listed on the
charts that are printed in this issue...Lisa
7) Who were the parents of JOHN WHITNEY, b: 1780-1790 who married Charlotte
PROUT(E)/PROUTY about 1820? She was born 1791 in Winchendon, Worcester Co.,
MA., the daughter of Isaac PROUTY. They had a son, STEPHEN M. WHITNEY who
was born in Boston, Suffolk County, MA.  He married Ellen Percy CADY, and
he died in 1864 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., New York.

Frances Molsberry, 7921 Waterfalls Ave, Las Vegas,NV 89128
Frances; Please let me know if Ellen's name of "Percy" is a surname.  If so,
I'll capitalize it the next time so Whitney researchers who need that con-
nection will see it more easily in the newsletters, (thanks!). As mentioned
in my letter to you, that I have some PROUT/PROUTY information, and said I
would print it for you, to perhaps help you make some connections:

    a) Rondi Torrey,  15482 Homer Rd., Concord, Mich.  49237 is a PROUT re-
       searcher.  She sent her names to me 10 June 1994, for purpose of
       reaching other researchers.

    b) John PROUT had 150 acres of land in Dorchester Co. Maryland in May
       1683. (Settlers of Maryland 1679 - 1700)

    c) Ebenezer PROUT (1656 - 1735) & 1st wf. Elizabeth WHEELER (-11 Oct
       1683); 28 May 1678 (marriage), Concord/Watertown.

    d) PROUT, Ebenezer; 2nd wf. Grace SHERMAN (1659-  ) b: 1690 Watertown,

    e) John PROUT (1648 - 1719)  7 Mary (RUTHERFORD)HALL (-1723; w-Daniel;
       23 Aug 1681; New Haven.

    f) Timothy PROUT (1620 - 1702) & 1st wf, Margaret______; (1685) b: 1645

    g) Timothy PROUT (1645 -  ) & Deborah SYMMES (1642-1715); 13 Dec. 1664;

    h) Timothy PROUT (1620 - 1702) & 2nd wife Elizabeth (UPSHALL) GREENOUGH,
       (1627 - 1694; w-William; aft. 29 Oct 1688, Boston.

    i) William PROUT (1653-   ) & Love GIBBONS: m/2 John FOWLE aft. 1675;
       b; 1673, Charlestown/Boston

    j) Richard PROUTY (  -1708) & Damaris TORREY, (1657 1714); b: 1677 ca:
       Dec. 1676 Scituate.

These are listed in New England Marriages Prior to 1700. There are a few

[p. 7]

other misc. listings, but these are the main ones that I mentioned in
my letter. The preface pages say that the listings contain (when known)
besides the marriage dates, the maiden name of the wife; the marriage
date or birth of a first child; and birth/death years of both partners.
These names, dates, and places, may help you make connections to Whitney.
Let me know what you need next...Lisa

NOTE: Frances' ancestry listings are printed in the following pages, and
shows her connection to Whitney through her great-grandmother ALICE WHIT-
************************************************************************** 8) Any information on family or ancestors of MARGARET GRAY WHITNEY, born 27 Feb 1817 Rutland, VT., married Moses CLEVELAND 9 Nov. Ravenna, Ohio. Died 1 Jan 1879. Father, WILLIAM WHITNEY; mother Hannah __?__ Jacqualyn Coniglio, 27 Park Acre Rd., Pittsford, New York 14534 ************************************************************************** Jacqualyn: Here is a list of the "Margaret's" I have at this time. I don't have yours in this list, but these may come in handy later on: a) b: 31 July 1651 England b) b: 1570 England c) Margaret (VAUGHN)WHITNEY, b: ca: 1550; wife of EUSTACE WHITNEY. d) Margaret (REICE/REECE)WHITNEY, b: ca: 1499; wife of WATKIN WHITNEY. e) Margaret (WYE)WHITNEY, b: ca: 1495 England; wife of ROBERT WHITNEY. May I ask clarification on where Margaret's "Gray" name comes from? I can see she is a "born Whitney" by her father's name, could it be her mother's maiden name?? I have more "broadened out" information on the listed "Margaret's" if you should need it. If there's anything else I can be of some help to you, please let me know...Lisa ***************************************************************************************** ...They say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach"; I don't agree! I think the way to a man's heart is through sincere love, caring, trust, faith, and belief in him! ***************************************************************************************** I have a large amount of infarmation that I am working on each day, indexing, and so on, and so there may be more Margaret's; Calvin's; Jabez's; etc, that I haven't reached yet. I will crossmatch any query that cones from now to October's issue, to see if it has what you need, and will watch for answers through the mail, plus will send for, or research any records possible, to help you find answers. The information on the rest of this page and other pages is what I've checked from Iowa. Some of the families may connect to your ancestor. It isn't sorted out yet or indexed as I've been collecting as much as possible for this issue, so you'll have other records to compare with besides queries. I hope some of you will be helped by it!..Lisa ***************************************************************************************** Lucas County, Iowa Cemeteries: a) ALLIE WHITNEY; 11 July 1886; age 17 yrs, 9 mo., 8days. b) JAMES WHITNEY; 25 July 1821-3 May 1903 c) Mary __?__ WHITNEY; (wife of JAMES WHITNEY) 3 Feb 1823-24 Sept 1892 These listings are in Calvary Cemetery, also known as Catholic Cemetery, 1/4 mile E. of intersection of Highway 14 and Ilion Ave., in Chariton, Iowa; south side of gravel road. d) DAVID WHITNEY, 4 Feb 1892; age 43 yrs, 6 mo., 18 days. Chariton Cemetery; South edge of Chariton, Iowa, just W. of Highway 14 and S. of the Highway 34 bypass. Entrance is from Highway 14 (7)

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   (Iowa records; continued)

a) LEROY J. WHITNEY; father; 15 March 1850-1 Dee 1931

b) Alice J CHRYOTIE, wife of Leroy; mother; 14 Oct 1905

These listings are from Riverside Cemetery, Spencer, Iowa.

In researching Fayette County, Iowa records, I found a biography on ALFRED E.
WHITNEY. (B.F. Bowen & CO., 1910; Oelwein area Hist. Soc): which in brief, says
he was born in the town of Scotland, province of Ontario, Canada, 13 Septem-
ber 1856; son of WILLIAM A. WHITNEY and Emily (MALCOLM)WHITNEY; with WILLIAM
A. WHITNEY being the son of LOUIS WHITNEY. William's family moved to Fayette
Co. when he was 5 years old. When grown, he was a guard at the Ft. Madison,
Iowa, prison; later was appointed deputy warden at the state prison at Anamo-
sa, Iowa. He married Carrie B. CARPENTER in August 1897. He was a Republican.
These marriages are in my records, but I'm unsure of the source. If known, I
will give due credit:

   a) ANDREW (?) WHITNEY and Mary TODD, 31 Dee 1859; Hardin Co., Iowa

   b) J. G. WHITNEY and Addie DAVIS, 15 April 1866; Hardin Co., Iowa
Second story of Jasper County, Iowa courthouse has stored papers including
a tax list for 1849; it says, besides other names:
   "Non-residents were taxed as follows:
History of Kossuth Co., Iowa (S. J. Clarke Pub Co., 1913; By Benjamin Reed):

   a) Lists a WHITNEY & MCCOY drugstore that opened in 1870.

   b) Says "Drs. MCCOY and WHITNEY came in 1870. The junior partner did not
      remain long".

   c) Says "The WHITTEMORE Creamery Co. has, for it's officers.........and
      A. M. WHITNEY, buttermaker and manager"

   d) Says "The schools are successfully conducted by the following teaching
      force....and EVA WHITNEY, first primary.  She has held her position with
      universal satisfaction for the past 14 years" (There's no date for Eva,
      but the information was published in 1913, and says the school was first
      erected in 1882, present one erected 1911, 2 years previous to the pub-
      lished information).

   e) Says "Station agents at the present time are...... and W. L. WHITNEY at
      the Milwaukee Depot, the appointment being made in 1912.
Research of Lucas County, Iowa (next to my county) shows these marriages;
I'll probably come upon more, but here's what I've found so far:

   a) WARREN WHITNEY, 45, and Adia GIGER, 34, 22 Feb 1876

   b) C. W. WHITNEY and Ida M. DUDLEY, 12 Aug 1882. He was 22, she was 20.

   c) MARY ELLEN WHITNEY, and Adam C. REIBEL, 23, 11 Sept 1883 (I didn't find
      an age for Mary).
"Faith isn't faith until it's all you have left to hang onto" (Author unknown)

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Descendants of FRANK MONROE WHITNEY 1 Jan 1995 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- +------------------------------------------+ | +------------------------------------------+ |FRANK MONROE WHITNEY | | |BESS ZURCHER | |b 25 Sep 1865-OH. | | |b 31 Aug 1894-GRETNA,SARPY,NE. | |d 4 Jun 1906-CUSTER CO. NE. | | |m 20 Nov 1911-CO.BLUFFS,POTTOWATOMIE,IA. | +------------------------------------------+ | |d 14 Jun 1952-NE. | +------------------------------------------+ | +------------------------------------------+ |MARY JANE (MOLLIE) TABLER | | | +------------------------------------------+ |b 17 Jul 1863-Lagro?,Wabash?,IN. | | |--|STANLEY CLIFFORD WHITNEY | |m 19 Jun 1888-Omaha,NE. Douglas Co. | | | |b 29 Apr 1912-SARPY Co.NE. | |d 25 Mar 1961-Omaha,NE. | | | |d 19 Apr 1975-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ |--|Thomas Earl WHITNEY, SR. | | | |SARAH LOUISE GEARHART | | |b 22 Jan 1889-Omaha, Douglas, NE. | | | |m 4 Mar 1964-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | | |d 13 Mar 1969-Los Angeles, L.A. Co., CA | | | +------------------------------------------+ | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | +------------------------------------------+ | |--|RICHARD RUSSELL WHITNEY SR. | | |Edith Ellen GIVENS | | | |b 24 Jan 1914-SARPY CO.NE. | | |b 8 Apr 1897-LEON,DECATUR,IA. | | | |d 15 Oct 1971-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | | |m 18 Apr 1917-York, York, NE | | | +------------------------------------------+ | |d 15 Mar 1925-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | | | +------------------------------------------+ | +------------------------------------------+ | | |JOY BILLIE JONES | | | +------------------------------------------+ | | |b 29 Jul 1918-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | | |--|Helen Edith WHITNEY | | | |m 14 Mar 1936-NEBRASKA CITY,OTOE,NE. | | | |b 6 Jan 1918-Omaha, Douglas, NE | | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | |--|ROGER ZURCHER WHITNEY | | | |WOODROW PAUL SR. REUTHER | | | |b 24 Dec 1915-SARPY CO.NE. | | | |b 13 Sep 1918-CRAWFORD,DANES,NE. | | | |d 26 Dec 1972-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | | | |m 11 Nov 1937-GLENWOOD,MILLS,IA. | | | +------------------------------------------+ | | |d 5 Aug 1982-LOS ANGELES,LOS ANGELES,CA. | | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | | |MARGARET ALICE HOSCHAR | | | +------------------------------------------+ | | |b 15 Sep 1913-LA PLATTE,SARPY,NE. | | |--|Thomas Earl WHITNEY,JR. | | | |m 26 Oct 1941-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | | | |b 9 Mar 1921-Omaha, Nebraska | | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | +--|BYRLE ELMONT WHITNEY JR. | | | |Madeline Ruth THOMPSON | | |b 10 Oct 1923-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | | | |b 8 Mar 1911-Blair, Nebraska | | +------------------------------------------+ | | |m 5 Aug 1942-Chicago, Illinois | | +------------------------------------------+ | | +------------------------------------------+ | |PHYLLIS MARIE JONES | | | +------------------------------------------+ | |b 5 Mar 1925-BELLEVIEW,SARPY,NE. | | +--|Donald Edward WHITNEY | | +------------------------------------------+ | |b 2 Jun 1922-Omaha, Douglas, NE | | +------------------------------------------+ | |d 11 Jul 1923-Omaha, Douglas, NE | +--|GEORGE ELBERT WHITNEY | | +------------------------------------------+ |b 1899-NE. | | +------------------------------------------+ |d 1977-PHOENIX,MARICOPA,AR. | |--|BYRLE ELMONT WHITNEY SR. | +------------------------------------------+ | |b 15 Jan 1891-OMAHA,DOUGLAS,NE. | +------------------------------------------+ | |d 7 Mar 1923-SARPY CO. NE. | |ROWENA UNK | | +------------------------------------------+ |m 1922-ST.LOUIS,ST.LOUIS,MO. | +------------------------------------------+ T. E. WHITNEY | +------------------------------------------+ 5646 Spring St. +--|BARBARA RUTH WHITNEY | Omaha, Nebr. 68106 |b 1924-ST.LOUIS,ST.LOUIS,MO. | +------------------------------------------+

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I: 1. WHITNEY, Alice L., b. 1835 Royalston, Worcester Co., Mass.; d. 1886 Randolph, Fremont Co., Iowa II: 2. WHITNEY, Stephen M., b. 1823 (or 1833?) Boston, Suffolk Co., Mass.; d. 1864 Syracuse, Onondaga Co., N.Y. 3. CADY, Ellen Percy, b. 1831 Mansfield, Chittenden Co., VT; d. 1912 Randolph, Fremont Co., Iowa III: 4. WHITNEY, John, b. 1780-1790 d. 5. PROUTY, Charlotte, b. 1791 Winchendon, Worcester Co., Mass.; d. 6. CADY, Jason, b. 1782 Shelburne, Mass. d. 1866 Wyoming, Jones Co., Iowa 7. COFFIN, Eleanor, b. d. IV: 8. WHITNEY, 9. 10. PROUTY, Isaac-4. b. 175? Hanover, Mass. d. 1793/1794 Winchendon, Worcester Co., Mass. 11. WATSON, Mary/Molly, b. 1759 Leicester, Worcester Co., Mass. d. 12. CADY, Jason-3, b. 1750 Killingly, Conn. d. 1825 Waterbury, Washington Co., VT 13. MARSH, Hannah, b. 1751, d. 1842 Essex, Chittenden Co., VT. 14. COFFIN, Moses, b. 1771, d. Montpelier, VT 15. DUSTIN/DUSTON, Lydia, b. d. V: 16. WHITNEY, 17. 18. 19. 20. PROUTY, Adam-3, b. 1721 Scituate, Mass., d. 1793 Spencer, Mass. 21. RAMSDELL, Grace, b. 1725 Hanover, Mass. d. 22. WATSON, John, b. 1716 Londonderry Co., Ireland, d. Palmer, Mass. 23. BLAIR, Mary, b. 1725 Worcester, Mass., d. 1795 24. CADY, Samuel, b. 1724 Killingly, Windham Co., Conn., d. 1799 Shutesbury, Mass. 25. WINTER, Elizabeth, b. 1728 Killingly, Conn., d. 1831 Prescott, Mass. 26. MARSH, 27. Frances (McMahill) Molsberry 7921 Waterfalls Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 (11)

[p. 12]

28. COFFIN, Simeon, b. 1731 Newbury, Mass., d. 1786 29. HUSE, Eleanor, b. d. 1813 30. DUSTIN/DUSTON, John-4, b. 1724 Haverhill, Essex Co., Mass., d. 1797 or 1798 Haverhill, Essex .Co., Mass. 31. HAZELTINE/HASELTINE, Ruth, b. 1735 Haverhill, Essex Co., Mass., d. 1819 " " VI. 32. WHITNEY, 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. PROUTY, Isaac-2, b. 1689 Scituate, Mass., d. 41. MERRITT, Elizabeth, b. 1691 Scituate, Mass., d. 42. RAMSDELL, Thomas, b. 16 Plymouth, Mass., d. 1727 Hanover, Mass. 43. ALVERSON/ALBERSON, Sarah, b. d. 1773 Hanover, Mass. 44. WATSON, Matthew, b. Londonderry Co., Ireland "of Coleraine", d. 1720 Leicester, Mass. 45. ORR, Mary, b. 1677 Londonderry Co., Ireland, d. 46. BLAIR, Robert, b. 168? Londonderry Co., Ireland, d. 1774 Worcester, Mass. 47. RANKIN, Isabella, b. 168? Londonderry Co., Ireland, d. 1765 Worcester, Mass. 48. CADY, Stephen, b. 1701 Klilingly, Windham Co., CT, d. 1785 " " 49. LEE, Abigail, b. 1703-4, d. 1782 Killingly, Windham Co., CT 50. WINTER, Samuel, b. "of Killingly, Ct", d. 51. PHILBRICK, Elizabeth, b. 1690, d. 52. MARSH, 53. Frances (McMahill) Molsberry 7921 Waterfalls Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89128 (12)

[p. 13]

WHITNEY, JONAS WHITNEY GENEALOGY Birth 4 JUL 1805 MARLBORO, CHESHIRE, NEW HAMPSHIRE GRADUATED FROM MAJ. L. F. BARRY Chr'nd DARTMOUTH COLL. 9297 SHAW TOWN Mar. DEC 1835 ITHACA, TOMPKINS, NEW YORK 1833 LINE RD Death 21 MAR 1869 HEMATITE, JEFFERSON, MISSOURI Burial " " " ROBERT E. PARKIN Places of Residence NEW YORK, MISSOURI, ILLINOIS 6619 CLAYTON RD Occupation Church Affiliation Military Rec. SUITE 54 Other wives, if any ST. LOUIS, MO 63117 His Father CAPT. BENJAMIN WHITNEY Mother's Maiden Name NANCY FULLER (FARMAN) CERALEE BELL Wife's Full Maiden Name FORMAN, CHARLOTTE 8001 ROSILINE DR Birth 12 DEC 1818 ITHACA, NEW YORK ST. LOUIS, MO 63105 Chr'nd BETHANIA CEMETERY Death 16 OCT 1900 ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 81 YRS EDE--- Burial 17 OCT 1900 " " " 10 MOS, 4 DAYS Compiler MR. GERALD H. FORMAN Places of Residence Address 1508 West View Dirve Occupation if other than Housewife Church Affiliation City, State Berkeley, Calif. 94705 Other husbands, if any Date Her Father Mother's Maiden Name Birth 1837 SHAWNEE TOWN, GALLATIN, ILLINOIS RESIDED ST. LOUIS 1 WHITNEY, EMILIE CHARLOTTE Mar. AFTER 1860 Death CROSBY, J. T. Burial Birth 2 Mar. Death Burial Birth JUL 1837 MISSOURI CANDY MAKER 3 WHITNEY, CHARLES Mar. 11-13-1860 Death GLEN, MARY Burial Birth 4 WHITNEY, MARY ELLEN Mar. Death CLARK, S. W. Burial Birth NOV 1853 ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI 5 WHITNEY, IDA ISABEL Mar. Death Burial Birth APR 1857 ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI STENOGRAPHER 6 WHITNEY, HATTIE (HARRIETT) Mar. Death Burial Birth 7 WHITNEY, MARY Mar. Death Burial Birth 1867 8 WHITNEY, WILLIAM JONAS Mar. Death 3 APR 1877 ST. LOUIS, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI BETHANIA CEMETERY Burial Birth 9 WHITNEY, WILLIAM HENRY Mar. Death Burial Birth 10 WHITNEY, FRANKLIN Mar. Death Burial (13)

[p. 14]

32 Andrew Jackson DORSEY .----------------------------- .-----------------------------| |B 01 Dec 1827 Loudoun co., Va| 16 Joseph Edward DORSEY |M 24 Jan 1850 Frederick co. '----------------------------- .-----------------------------|D 09 Nov 1837 Kahoka, clark c |B 01 Jan 1866 Kahoka, clark c| 66 Henry GIDEON |M 04 Mar 1891 Kahoka clark co|33 Amanda GIDEON .----------------------------- |D 24 Oct 1951 Gorin scotland '-----------------------------| | B 30 Jul 1831 Loudoun co., Va|67 Sarah ERNEST 8 Raymond Clarence DORSEY | M 24 Jan 1850 Frederick co. '----------------------------- .-----------------------------| D 12 Feb 1872 Kahoka, clark c |B 03 Dec 1891 Farm, near Fair| 68 BLIZZARD |M 08 Jul 1914 Memphis, scoptl| 34 William A. BLIZZARD .----------------------------- |D 14 Sep 1971 Eldorda Springs| .-----------------------------| | | |B 1831 Ia. |69 | |17 Eva Mae BLIZZARD |M 1856 '----------------------------- | '-----------------------------|D 1876 Fairmont, clark co., M | B 31 Oct 1868 Fairmont, clark| | M 04 Mar 1891 Kahoka clark co|35 Sarah A. .----------------------------- | D 22 Apr 1897 Fairmont, clark'-----------------------------| | B 1836 Ia. | |4 Raymond Wayne DORSEY M 1856 '----------------------------- |----------------------------- D 1886 Fairmont, clark co., M |B 17 Sep 1915 Farm, north of |M 12 Jul 1947 Long Beach, los 36 William ETHRIDGE .----------------------------- |Living .-----------------------------| | |B 1809/10 Tn. | | 18 John Thomas ETHRIDGE |M 23 Jun 1853 Cadiz, trigg co'----------------------------- | .-----------------------------|D 16 Feb 1861 Basin Spring, g | |B 13 Oct 1861 Basin Springs, | 74 John DIXON | |M 11 Jun 1888 Spring Lake, pi|37 Mary Ann DIXON .----------------------------- | |D 07 Feb 1936 Quincy, adam co'-----------------------------| | | B 14 Aug 1835 trigg co., Ky. |75 Matilda LAWRENCE |9 Ruth Gladys ETHRIDGE | M 23 Jun 1853 Cadiz, trigg co'----------------------------- '-----------------------------| D 09 Jun 1920 La Belle, lewis B 20 Jan 1889 Menomonie, dunn| 76 Richard POSTON # 1 M 08 Jul 1914 Memphis, scoptl| 38 Richard POSTON Rev. .----------------------------- D 22 Jul 1975 Kansas City, ja| .-----------------------------| | |B 15 Oct 1826 Hampshire co., |77 Elizabeth THOMPSON |19 Hattie Lucinda POSTON |M 03 Nov 1850 Camp Point, ada'----------------------------- '-----------------------------|D 11 Mar 1889 Elmwood, pierce B 09 Jun 1871 Diamond Bluff, | 78 Philander CASTLE M 11 Jun 1888 Spring Lake, pi|39 Lucinda A. CASTLE .----------------------------- D 07 Jul 1936 Quincy, adam co'-----------------------------| B 15 Jul 1832 Miegs co., Oh. |79 Lydia WHITNEY M 03 Nov 1850 Camp Point, ada'----------------------------- D 28 Jan 1912 Superior, dougl Raymond Dorsey 5925 W. 78th St. Prairie Village, Kansas 66208-4614 (14)

[p. 15]

============================================================================================================== HUSBAND Benjamin WHITNEY-12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BORN: 6 Jun 1643 PLACE: Watertown,Middlesex,Mass. CHR.: PLACE: DIED: 26 Mar 1723 PLACE: Of Watertown,Mdlsx,MA BUR.: PLACE: MARR: PLACE: FATHER: John WHITNEY-14 PARENTS' MRIN: 6 MOTHER: Elinor Or Ellen-15 ============================================================================================================== WIFE Jane POOR-13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BORN: Abt 1647 PLACE: CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: FATHER: MOTHER: ============================================================================================================== CHILDREN ============================================================================================================== 1. NAME: Jane WHITNEY-2 ---- BORN: 29 Sep 1669 PLACE: Of Watertown,Middlesex,MA F CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: Jonathan MORSE-1 MRIN: 1 MARR: 4 Jun 1693 PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. NAME: ---- BORN: PLACE: CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: MARR: PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. NAME: ---- BORN: PLACE: CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: MARR: PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. NAME: ---- BORN: PLACE: CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: MARR: PLACE: ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== HUSBAND Benjamin WHITNEY-12 Yr of Birth 1643 WIFE Jane POOR-13 Yr of Birth 1647 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HUSBAND - Benjamin WHITNEY-12 WIFE - Jane POOR-13 CHILD 1 - Jane WHITNEY-2 SOURCE - ANCESTRAL FILE MICROFILM: 1512604 - SUBMISSION AF89-000461. ============================================================================================================== (15)

[p. 16]

============================================================================================================== HUSBAND Jonathan MORSE-1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BORN: 11 Jul 1667 PLACE: Of Sherborn,Middx,MA CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: MARR: 4 Jan 1693 PLACE: FATHER: MOTHER: ============================================================================================================== WIFE Jane WHITNEY-2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BORN: 29 Sep 1669 PLACE: Of Watertown,Middlesex,MA CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: FATHER: Benjamin WHITNEY-12 PARENTS' MRIN: 5 MOTHER: Jane POOR-13 ============================================================================================================== CHILDREN ============================================================================================================== 1. NAME: Abigail MORSE-3 ---- BORN: 23 Apr 1695 PLACE: Of Sherborn,Middlesex,MA F CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: MARR: PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. NAME: Isaac MORSE-4 ---- BORN: 27 Mar 1698 PLACE: Of Sherborn,Middlesex,MA CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: MARR: PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. NAME: Paul MORSE-6 ---- BORN: 14 Feb 1700 PLACE: Of Sherborn,Middlesex,MA CHR.: PLACE: DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: Sarah SHEFFIELD-7 MRIN: 2 MARR: 25 Nov 1725 PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. NAME: Jane MORSE-5 ---- BORN: 5 Jan 1703 PLACE: CHR.: PLACE: Of Sherborn,Middlesex,MA DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: MARR: PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. NAME: Eunice MORSE-9 ---- BORN: 10 Aug 1706 PLACE: CHR.: PLACE: Of Sherborn,Middlesex,MA DIED: 3 Nov 1785 PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: Joseph PARTRIDGE-8 MRIN: 3 MARR: 21 Dec 1732 PLACE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. NAME: Abi MORSE-11 ---- BORN: 17 Jan 1710/1711 PLACE: CHR.: PLACE: Of Sherborn,Middlesex,MA DIED: PLACE: BUR.: PLACE: SPOUSE: Edward KIBBY-10 MRIN: 4 MARR: 3 Jul 1729 PLACE: ============================================================================================================== ============================================================================================================== HUSBAND Jonathan MORSE-1 Yr of Birth 1643 WIFE Jane WHITNEY-2 Yr of Birth 1647 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HUSBAND - Jonathan MORSE-1 WIFE - Jane WHITNEY-2 SOURCE - ANCESTRAL FILE MICROFILM: 1512604 - SUBMISSION AF89-000461. CHILD 1 - Abigail MORSE-3 CHILD 2 - Isaac MORSE-4 CHILD 3 - Paul MORSE-6 CHILD 4 - Jane MORSE-5 CHILD 5 - Eunice MORSE-9 CHILD 6 - Abi MORSE-11 ============================================================================================================== (16)

[p. 17]

MISCELLANEOUS WHITNEY INFORMATION In researching books and records at the library and courthouse, I found these listings and records on WHITNEY: ..Lisa 1) In Kentucky Marriage Records: a) Betsy WHITNEY, married Robt. GASTON, 31 Jan 1812; she was daugh- ter of ELIJAH WHITNEY. (Christian Co., KY) b) GEORGE A. WHITNEY, married Loretta F. SMITH; 16 June 1858; (in Montgomery County, KY}. His residence listed as Missouri) c) JOHN WHITNEY, 46, married Patsy FINNEY; 19 July 1810 (Barren County, KY) d) KATHERiNE WHITNEY, 46, married Thompson BERRY, (no age given) 24 October 1816; (Barren County, KY) e) L. WHITNEY, Married Jinsey BURK; 3 April 1815; (Barren Co., KY) f) PATSY WHITNEY, married Starling BOUNDS; 12 April 1813; (Chris- tian County, KY) g) POLLY WHITNEY, married Francis BOUND; 1 August 1817; (Christian County, KY) h) THOMAS WHITNEY, married Mary_______; __August 1789; (Bourbon Coun- ty, KY) 2) In the Index of Ancestors and Rolls of Members of the Society of Colonial Wars: a) HOWARD FLETCHER WHITNEY, (says he served actively in all liberty loan campaigns; mentions New York City) 3) In history records of Jasper County, Iowa: a) Mentions a Mrs. L. P. DUNCAN, whose maiden name was WHITNEY; Lived Greencastle, (I don't see this town listed on present-day Iowa map); She was born in Hancock County, Ohio in 1831; moved to Adams Co., Ohio 1832; then to Jasper County, Iowa 1856. Had 120 acres of land worth $50/acre. Married to E. D. DUNCAN 1852; He was 2nd Lt., Co. B; 13th I.V.I. (?) in 1861; killed in the Battle of Shiloh 6 April 1862; buried on battlefield; two chil- dren, Louisa K., and Edward L. DUNCAN. 4) Heads of Families of 1790 PA. census: a) TARBAL WHITNEY; free white males 16 and upward (1); free white males below 16 years (2); free white females, including heads of families (2); other free persons (0); slaves (0). 5) In Biographical Directory/History of Warren County, Iowa: a) Under R. BABB, it says: "He married Miss Elizabeth ANDERSON on 2 Feb 1832; she was b: Greene Co., Ohio; they have three child- ren living (lists 2 children) and Mary E. BABB, wife of J. H. WHITNEY. ****************************************************************************** Coming in the October 1996 issue: 1) Biographical information on Joseph LOUNSBERRY; born 1776; who was married twice: (1) MARY WHITNEY; and (2) HANNAH WHITNEY. (17)

[p. 18]

Miscellaneous Information on WHITNEY Some (not all) of the records I sent for are beginning to arrive, and at this last minute, here is what I see so far: a) "Pioneers on Maine Rivers": Doesn't list any Whitney's in index. b) "Settler's of Maryland"; (1679 - 1700): Doesn't list any Whitney's in indexing. c) "New England Marriages Prior to'1700" (Gen Pub Co) (Torrey); lists the following marriages: 1) Thomas WHITNEY/WHITTEN; (-1674 ) and 1/wf Adrian (CORK) MOORECOCK; w-Henry; Egerton.Co., Kent; 1 Oct 1625; Plymouth. 2) Thomas WHITNEY/WHITTON: (-1674) & 3/wf(?) Patience (MORTON) FAUNCE; (-1691); b: 1 March 1669; Plymouth. 3) BENJAMIN WHITNEY, (1643 - 1723) & 1/wf Jane _______;(-14 Novem- ber 1690, b: 1669; Watertown/Sherborn. 4) BENJAMIN WHITNEY, (1643 - 1723) & 2/wf Mary POOR/POORE; 13 April 1696; 11 April 1695?; Marlboro. 5) BENJAMIN WHITNEY, (1660 - 1736) & 1/wf Abigail HAGER, 31 March 1687; Watertown. 6) BENJAMIN WHITNEY, (-1718) & Mercy TRAVIS/TRAVERS ( 1668-) m/2 Thomas FRINK, 24 Oct 1700; Sherborn 7) ELEAZER WHITNEY, (1672-) & Anna ________; m/2_________; Stow/Pomfret, Connecticut. 8) ELEAZER WHITNEY, (-1735) & Dorothy ROSSE/ROSS (-1731) 11 Aug- gust 1687; Watertown/Sudbury. 9) HENRY WHITNEY, (1620?-1673) & 1/wf _______; b: 1644; Southold, LI/Huntington, LI Jamaica, LI/Norfolk, CT./etc. 10) HENRY WHITNEY, (-1673) & 2/wf Sarah KETCHAM; w-Edward; b: 1660; Southold, LI/etc. 11) ISAIAH WHITNEY, (1671 - 1712); & Sarah (WOODWARD) EDDY (1675- 1715); w-John; b: 1698/1695?; Cambridge 12) JOHN WHITNEY, (1592? - 1673) & Elinor________(-1659; a:54;) in England, b: 1619; Watertown. 13) JOHN WHITNEY, (1621 - 1692); & Ruth REYNOLDS; b: 1643; Water- town. 14) JOHN WHITNEY, (-1673); & Judah/Judith CLEMENT; (-1673+); w-Robert; 29 Sept 1659; Watertown. 15) JOHN WHITNEY, (1643 - 1727); & Elizabeth HARRIS; (1644-) ca: 1669; Roxbury. 16) JOHN WHITNEY, (1644? - 1720, Norwalk); & Elizabeth SMITH; (-1741+); 17 March 1674/5; Norwalk, CT; Fairfield, CT.. 17) JOHN WHITNEY, (1662-); Sherborn; & 1/wf Mary HAGOOD; (1661-:); Sherborn; 10 April 1688; Watertown/Sherborn. 18) JOHN WHITNEY, & 2/wf Sarah HAVEN?; (1655-1718 ); b: 1695; Sherborn. (apparently is the same John as is in No. 17 above). There are 19 more listings. I will put them in October's issue for you. The names include Jonathan; Joseph; Joshua; Moses; Nathaniel; Richard; Samuel; Thomas; William. There are a number of different Whitney's with the same first name....Lisa (18)

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ADVERTISEMENTS AND OTHER-SURNAME QUERIES Rates for non-subscribers and queries on other-surnames are 10¢ word. 1) COLONEL, MARY E., 1590 St. Rt 232, Moscow, Ohio 45153 Need info DARWIN and PARRY families. DARWIN, (MATTIE),dau. ANNA, and cousin, ANNA GALBREATH, school teacher, lived 621 N. Third St., Burlington, Iowa 30 August 1901. These families DARWIN/PARRY, left Maysville, Mason Co., KY 1843/1844 for Burlington, Iowa, where they settled. *********************************************************************** Mary; My Mason County, KY records show the following on PARRY. As of this date, I haven't came upon any Darwin in my KY records:...Lisa a) Francis PERRIE, b: 13 Sept 1772; d: 6 Sept 1812 b) Thomas PARRY, d: 1834(?) c) Mary PARRY, wife of James PARRY, d: 15 June 1841 (The information is not complete on her age, as the "yrs" are missing, and it only has "8 months"). ' d) The next listing confuses me: It says Sally Ann PARRY, wife of James PARRY; d: 15 June 1841; aged 28 yrs., 8 mos., 15 days. (same death date). e) Mary Ann PERRY married to Russell ISAM, 24 August 1820 ************************************************************************ 2) Seeking further information on Mary (MCKEE) LIMES, (wife of Harmon LIMES); b: 28 July 1797; d: 12 May 1864. She is buried in the Indiana Twp. Cemetery, Marion Co., Iowa. She came from North Lewisburg, Cham- paign Co., Ohio in the 1860's with her son Joseph, and his family, to Knoxville, Iowa. LlNDA ELLIS, 1587 Edgefield Rd., Lyndhurst, Ohio, 44124 ************************************************************************ Linda; As mentioned in my 'letter to you, my listing says Mary died on the 12th of May 1861; let me know if you do not have results from the research now being done for you,..if not, I will go to the courthouse and check out the death record and go to the cemetery and check out the stone, since I am located in Marion County, Iowa. I will put findings in "THE MELTING POT OF ANCESTORS" newsletter in January 1997 if you need me to check this for you....Lisa ************************************************************************ From Lisa: The above ads are paid ads, in hopes of reaching possibly some WHITNEY researchers who rnight also have the above names in their ancestry. WHITNEY subscribers are invited to send me their lists of other names that they are also researching and I will print them; I have quite a few people who sent lists of surnames tome and want to reach other researchers.. If my subscribers will let me know specifically what they need (marriage record, or date?? Death record or date?? etc) I'll help search for it! ************************************************************************* ...In October 1996, there'll be a list of the 10 known children of WALTER WHITNEY; and also the 7 known children of HORACE WHITNEY; and also the 8 known children of RANSOME WHITNEY. I don't have any statistics on their births; deaths, yet, but will be working on finding it for Oct's issue. Areas mentioned are Ohio, Pennsylvania,...Lisa ************************************************************************* "THE MELTING POT OF ANCESTORS" Is another newsletter; based on the same helping format; Starts January 1997. Sub's $15 is quarterly. QUERIES ARE FREE TO EVERYONE (sub's and non-sub's). ANY surname, and ANY location is welcomed....Lisa (19)

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ELI WHITNEY; I'm anxious to know if I'm closely related/or related at all to this line. This inventor of the cotton gin was born 8 Dec 1765 in West- borough, MASS. He died 8 January 1825 at New Haven CT. Having only an elementary schooling didn't reduce the fact that he was known to have an inquiring mind, and exceptional manual dexterity. He decided, at age 19, to go to college and graduated from Yale in 1792. Work as a tutor took him South, to Savannah, GA, where a widow inspired him to turn his inventive talents to the creation of a machine that would clean the seeds from cotton, which was being done by hand, a wearisome and fatiguing job! In April 1793 his gin was demonstrated. In New Haven, Ct., he obtained a patent on this invention, 14 March 1794. There was pirating of his invention, resulting in expensive lawsuits, until in 1807 a successful suit gave him a "modest" return....Eli Whitney was overburdened with debts. In 1798 he got a con- tract to make 10,000 muskets for the U.S. government, and was to have them ready in 1800. He failed to make his time schedule, and the last of the 10,000 muskets wasn't delivered until 1809. He did his work in his shop at "Whitneyville, near New Haven, CT."...The information I have on Eli doesn't say anything about a wife, family, etc, so this will be another research for me to work on....Lisa ************************************************************************* .....If you send in a query on a surname other than Whitney, (which is in the Whitney ancestry) would you please explain the connection to Whitney! This will let all readers know just how "Susie Jones" or "whoever" fits in- to the Whitney family, and it will be of help to everyone. Thanks!...Lisa ************************************************************************* The title of this newsletter is WHITNEY NEWS AND GENEALOGY", which extends the offer and request, to all readers, to send in their current family news Has there been a recent wedding in your family? Death? Divorce? Birth?, or is there some bit of happy (or sad) news you'd like to share with others? We are all the Whitney family! And to keep our records up-to-date on our "family". I'm asking for news items!...Lisa *************************************************************************** EARLY OHIO TAX RECORDS 1) DANIEL WHITNEY, (Huron Co., Poll book 1824) 2) ELISHA WHITNEY, ( Athens Co., Tax List 1810) 3) ELISHA WHITNEY, (Gallia Co., tax record 1814) 4) EUNICE WHITNEY, (Hardin Co., tax list 1821) 5) EUNICE WHITNEY, (Hocking Co., tax list 1825) 6) JABEZ WHITNEY, (Meigs Co., tax list 1816) 7) JOHN WHITNEY, (Defiance Co., voter list 1845) 8) MILTON WHITNEY, (LorainCo., tax list 1824) 9) NATHAN WHITNEY, (Huron Co., tax list 1825) 10) NATHAN WHITNEY, JR, (Huron Co., tax list 1825) **************************************************************************** If anyone needs further information on "any" Whitney listed in this issue, please let me know who, and what you need and I'll help you in the search. All findings will be printed for the benefit of all subscribers. If I have left a name out, or made errors, let me know. (I don't have computer help!) (20) ...Lisa

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