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     Listing of "New England Marriages Prior to 1700"
      (Continuation of listings from p. 18 of July '96 issue)

19) Jonathan Whitney, (1634-1702/3) and Lydia Jones; 30 of Oct 1656 at

20) Jonathan Whitney (1658-1735) and Sarah Hapgood (?); (1672-); b:1693
    Sherborn/Watertown (The two dates on Sarah are not clear to me, but it
    is how the listing is printed).

21) Joseph Whitney/Widney, AND Mary Buckmaster; 20 Nov 1664 Charlestown.

22) Joseph Whitney, (1652-1702), and Martha Beech/Beach;(ca 1650-)
    24 Jan 1674, 1674/5(?); Watertown.

23) Joshua Whitney, (1635-1719) and 1/wf Lydia _____, b: 1666 Groton.

24) Joshua Whitney, (1635-1719) and 2/wf Mary _____; (-17 Mar 1672);
    aft 10 Oct 1668, b: 1671/2; Watertown

25) Joshua Whitney, (1666-) and 1/wf Mary _____; Plainfield, Conn.

26) Josiah Whitney, (-1718) and 1(?)/wf - 2(?)/wf Abigail _____, (-1718+)
    b: 1698, b: 1696, Wrentham.

27) Nathaniel Whitney, (1646-1733), and Sarah Hagar (1661-1746); 12 March
    1673; 1673/4(?); Watertown/Weston.
                                                           (continued page 24)

[p. 3]

Allen 6
Anthony 16
Arbs 16
Bachman 18
Baker 21,22
Beach 2
Beach 2
Bemis 24
Bohanmah 15,16
Bradbury 8
Bradley 8
Brantley 18
Brown 18
Buckmaster 2
Cady 11
Castle 20
Chapman 22
Clark 21
Clement 15
Cleveland 11,22,20
Coffin 11
Coffin 6,7
Coldam 24
Colonel, Mary 24
Coniglio, Jacqualyn 11,12
Curit 10
Curtis 9
Darwin 24
Dorsey, R.W. 10
Drennes 19
Drury 8
Edwards 13,14
Enos 16
Everton 6,20
Fairbanks 9,20
Ferguson 21
Forman 7,20
Forman, Gerald H. 7
Fuller 7
Galbreath 24
Gardner 18
Gildersleeve 18
Godfrey 10
Hagar 2
Hanchett 6
Hapgood 2
Hollingshead 19
Houseman 21
Hudgens 21
Hudgins 20
Hugens 20,21,22
Huggins 20
Jeffries 20
Johnson, Ann M. 15,16
Jones 2
Kedall 20
Kedell 20
Kettle 20
Kincaid 19
Knight 24
Lacy 21
Lawrence 24
Leebans 16
Leebens 16
Leska, Marion 6,7
Limes 24
Lounsberry 13
Luther 18
Mary, Queen of England 15
Matthews 21
McKee 24
Miller 19
Molsberry,Frances 11
Moore, Jean 20
Muse, Jean 6
Parry 24
Perham 24
Pike 23
Poor 8,20
Prout(y) 11,20
Reed 8,9
Roberts 9
Robinson 24
Sawtelle 24
Schiefelbein, JoAnn 9
Sharer 21
Smyth 18
Suder 18
Tarbell 24
Taylor 22
Vance 22
Whetney 24
Whetny 20,24
Whiteney 9
Whitney, Abraham 11
Whitney, Adolphus F. 22
Whitney, Alonzo 13
Whitney, Ann 13
Whitney, Archibald 18,19,23
Whitney, Asa 14,17
Whitney, Benjamin 7,8,10
Whitney, Calvin 6,7
Whitney, Charles 7
Whitney, Charles Wesley 13
Whitney, David 13
Whitney, Dorcas Drury 8
Whitney, Ebenezer 8
Whitney, Edwin Forrest 22
Whitney, Eli 13,19
Whitney, Ellen 13
Whitney, Elisha 13
Whitney, Eliza 10
Whitney, Eliza J. 20,21
Whitney, Elizabeth 13
Whitney, Elvira 18
Whitney, Emeline 13
Whitney, Emilie 7
Whitney, Emily 13
Whitney, Eugenia Mary Ann 23
Whitney, Francis 14,18
Whitney, Franklin 7
Whitney, Frederick H. 18
Whitney, Hannah 13
Whitney, Hans William 15,16
Whitney, Harriet 13
Whitney, Harriett (Hattie) 7
Whitney, Harry Ervin 16
Whitney, Harry P. 14
Whitney, Haynes 6
Whitney, Hezekiah 20,21
Whitney, Horace 13
Whitney, Ida Isabel 7
Whitney, Irving G. 23
Whitney, Isabel 10
Whitney, Jabez 9
Whitney, Jacob 10
Whitney, James (Jim) 23
Whitney, John 10,15,18,20,
Whitney, John B. 11
Whitney, John Drury 8
Whitney, John J. 13
Whitney, Jonas 7
Whitney, Jonathan 2,6
Whitney, Joseph 2
Whitney, Joshua 2,9
Whitney, Josiah 2
Whitney, Kenneth L. 8,9
Whitney, Lebbus 19
Whitney, Lebeus 19
Whitney, Levi 11
Whitney, Levi Warren 15,16
Whitney, Lorenzo 13
Whitney, Lovet P. 20,21,22,23
Whitney, Lucinda 13
Whitney, Lydia 10
Whitney, Lydia Emeline 21
Whitney, Ldia Emeline 20
Whitney, Malinda 21
Whitney, Margaret Gray 11,12
Whitney, "Margt" 18
Whitney, Martha Percilla 20,21
Whitney, Mary 7,13,20,21
Whitney, Mary Ellen 7
Whitney, Mary Malinda 20
Whitney, Mercy 10
Whitney, Micah 8,9
Whitney, M.G.(Montgomery?) 23
Whitney, Myra 9
Whitney, Myra Anna 8
Whitney, Nancy 13
Whitney, Nathan 10
Whitney, Nathaniel 2
Whitney, Nelly 13
Whitney, Octavious L. 18
Whitney, Penelope Jo 22
Whitney, Peter 13
Whitney, Placida Emma 23
Whitney, Priscilla 9
Whitney, Ransom 13
Whitney, Reuben 18
Whitney, Richard 24
Whitney, Robert 15
Whitney, Samantha 13
Whitney, Samuel 10,18,23,24
Whitney, Sara Ann 20
Whitney, Sarah 13
Whitney, Sarah Ann 21
Whitney, Stephen M. 11
Whitney, T.A. 18
Whitney, T.E. 4
Whitney, Thomas 15,24
Whitney, Thomas Laughlin Brooks 4,5
Whitney, Timothy 11
Whitney, Walter 13
Whitney, William 11,12,13,23,24
Whitney, William B. 15,16
Whitney, William C. 14
Whitney, William Henry 7
Whitney, William Jones 7
Whitney, William N. 22
Whitney, William Norman 20,21
Whitny 24
Whittny 24
Whyteneye 17
Widney 2
Wilbur 18
Williams 6
Witenie 17
Woodford, Penelope 20,

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[p. 4]

                         U P D A T E S

1) T. E. Whitney, 5646 Spring St., Omaha, NE 68106:
   On THOMAS LAUGHLIN BROOKS WHITNEY's birth, supposedly in Madison, Co., Ohio; and his
   birthdate, supposedly 4 Jan 1834;...below is a certified copy of his death certificate
   which shows him to be born in England; and that he was 60 yrs, 2 mo., 3 days old when he
   died on 3 April 1894. My math is not the best, but 60 years agrees with the year of 1834
   for his birth; "2 months put his birth at 31 Jan 1834, as the "2 months-3 days" would
   take in the 31st of Jan to the 31st of March, plus the 3 days of April. If I'm not see-
   ing this correctly, then clarification is welcomed on it!
   ***NOTE: No one is obligated to pay for research or copies I get on my own. However, if
            the person (or anyone) wants the copy, they can have them for the fee that the
            courthouses and other places charge me. If you would like this certified copy
            of Thomas's death Mr. Whitney, you may obtain it for the $9 they charged me, and
            also enclose SASE. Otherwise I will keep it for my files...Lisa

[Photocopy of death certificate. Information: Thomas L. Whitney died of old age on April 3,
 1894, at 701 Pacific St., Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska.  He was a married white male, aged
 60 years, 2 months, 3 days, born in England, laborer.  He was buried at Laurel Hill cemetery.]


[p. 5]

                         U P D A T E S (continued)

I am printing the following letter, also sent to me about Thomas Laughlin Brooks Whitney,
as it has valuable information about obtaining records from Ohio, and may benefit other
readers too. (This is reuced from original size):

      13 North Oak Street, London, Ohio 43140
    PH: (614) 852-3065                            FAX: (614) 852-5418
    William C. Locke, D.O.                        James E. Herman, D.V.M.
    Medical Director                              Health Commissioner
    July 24, 1996
    Lisa Barnett
    Knoxville, Iowa 50138
    RE: Birth & Death Records
    Dear Ms. Barnett:
    I have researched our records and was not able to find either a birth or death certificate
    for Thomas Laughlin Brooks Whitney.  Also, I checked with the Madison County
    Probate Court and they only have records from 1867 thru 1908.  Our birth and/or death
    records include the years 1908 to the present.
    You may want to check with the Archives-Library Division, Ohio Historical Society,
    1982 Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211-2497, phone number (614) 297-2510, or the
    Ohio Department of Health, Vital Statistics, (614) 466-2531, where all original State of
    Ohio birth and death records are maintained.
    In addition, for any records that you may request from our office in the future, we
    charge ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) per copy and SEVEN DOLLARS ($7.00) per certified copy.
    To obtain a birth certificate you will need to provide the following information: the
    person's given name at birth, date of birth, mother's maiden name, father's name, a
    self-addressed stamped legal size envelope, and a check or money order made payable to
    the Madison County-London City Health District.
    To obtain a death certificate you will need to provide the following information: name
    of deceased, date of death, place of death, a self-addressed stamped legal size envelope,
    and a check or money order payable to the Madison County-London City Health
    If you have any further questions, or if I can be of further assistance to you, please feel
    free to contact me at (614) 852-3065.
    Very truly yours,
    Cheryl Seaburn
    Clerk/Registrar of Madison County Ohio

I sent for Madison County, Ohio census records on 23 May 1996, from Census Microfilm
Expeditors. As of this date, those records have not come to me. I have notified Everton
Publishers of not receiving my order from this advertiser, and Everton's said they would
follow-up on a letter to their advertiser. Of course I now know that Thomas Laughlin
Brooks Whitney would not be on that census, since his death certificate said he was born
in England, but I will still check the film when it does arrive, to see what it says.

[p. 6]

                         U P D A T E S (continued)

2) Marion Whitney Leska, 265 Albatross St., Ft. Myers Beach, FLA 33931:
   In Marion's query in the January issue, there was an apparent mix-up on 2 different
   Calvin Whitney's. I had ordered the Whitney book by Pierce, and when it arrived, it was
   checked, but I failed to comprehend the "exact" mix-up. A letter to Marion, asking her
   help to clarify the "Calvin's" and where they belonged, etc, brought the following bakc
   to me. (In the Pierce book, page 213, it lists a Calvin with a brother Haynes, and it
   lists him as born at Woodstock, VT, 25 May 1788; On page 110, it lists the same Calvin
   as being the son of Jonathan, and also lists a brother Haynes). Here is Marion's letter
   explaining the "mix-up".....Lisa

                                                                        265 Albatross Street
                                                                        Fort Myers Beach, Florida
                                                                        September 17, 1996
     Dear Lisa,
          Well, on the subject of Calvin and his brother Haynes, both of whom exist from the time
     they appeared in Thomaston, Maine, Pierce made an unjustified leap of faith to connect them to
     Jonathan's family. There is indeed a Calvin in Jonathan's family, but he married a Polly
     Williams (who was a second cousin to Ethan Allen because her mother was an Allen) and later
     moved to Wisconsin (probably bounty land) after spending some time in Wilson, NY and
     Royalton, NY. A large and enduring line (with many researchers) has been the result. Several
     years ago in the genealogy room of Arlington Heights Public Library in Illinois I came across an
     old book of abstracts of Vermont Court Records. (Vermont Reports Annotated Edition
     1789-1828; pp104-105; Volume 2 Aikens) which gives the account of a lawsuit of one Henry
     Hanchett vs Calvin Whitney, Windsor, Feb. 1827) which gives the following account: "A father
     having a farm, and being old and infirm, contracted by parol with his son, to live with and be
     supported by him; whereupon the son moved to the farm and carried it on, and supported the
     father several years, till the father, being dissatisfied, went away and conveyed the farm to a
     stranger. In ejectment by the grantee, Held, that the son was a tenant from year to year, and was
     entitled to notice to quit. (edited out some legalese)
     This was an action of ejectment for a farm of land in Hartland. The plaintiff's writ was dated on
     the 5th day of April, 1826, and served on the firth of that month (edited out etc.)
     On the trial side of this cause, the plaintiff introduced evidence tending to prove that Jonathan
     Whitney, under whom the plaintiff claimed, had been in possession of the premises etc., etc."
     This Calvin was living and taking care of his (ungrateful, but then I wasn't there....) aging father
     Jonathan Whitney and was married to Polly Williams at the same time that MY Calvin was
     declaring intentions (and re-declaring intentions), and finally marrying Eliza Everton ca 1821.
     Also there is NO Haynes in the fammily of Jonathan except in the version produced by Pierce.
     This proof--court records tend to be incontravertible--made a number of my correspondents very
     happy but left me with a unlinked ancestor. I suppose I really must go back to the early Vermont
     town records and perhaps I might find a Calvin AND a Haynes in the same family, but I don't
     have the time at the present to get to a Family History Center and proceed. For what it's worth,
     Pierce is accurate about my family FROM the time of Calvin and Haynes came to Maine, so far as
     I can tell.
          From some old copies of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register I have
     gleaned a few more errors in Pierce. It is a fantastic tool to search for Whitney heritage, but you
     have to be aware that everything really needs proving from other sources. There is a group on
     America Online connecting through e-mail researching the Whitney lines in general. Contact
     may be made through Jean Muse, whose e-mail address is
                                                   Happy Huning!
                                                   Marion Whitney Leska


[p. 7]

                         U P D A T E S (continued)

   Some of the other census films I ordered just arrived fairly recently, and I haven't
   gotten them all checked out yet.  I do have Woodstock, VT (Windsor County), wher the
   Calvin that Marion mentions, is supposedly from, the year I have is 1800, but so far,
   I have not come upon Whitney information on it. (I still have some left to check).
   I had sent for the Knox County, Maine census to hopefully locate some more information
   in relation to the Calvin who appeared in the Rockport, Maine area,..but when the film
   came, it was York County, and not Knox Co! (I'll still check it though). I will search
   out these films and put any findings on Whitney in the January issue...Lisa
3) Dear Lisa,
   Just a brief note to compliment you on your premier edition of WHITNEY NEWS AND GENEAL-
   OGY,..It is very well put together and obviously lots of hard work went into it's com-
   pletion....You mentioned you'd be happy to run my query again, in a future edition. It
   would be son nice to contact at least one descendant of by gr. gr. grandparents (Jonas
   Whitney and Charlotte Forman Whitney). They had such a large family that there must be
   one person out there somewhere that knows of their existence. Keep up the great work.
   Sincerely, Jerry Forman, 1508 Westview Drive, Berkeley, CA 94705-1657.
   JERRY; Thanks for the great encouragement through your compliments! I can't promise to
          find someone to contact you, but I will sure try. I'll let you know what happens
          in finding someone, in the January issue....Lisa

                           J E R R Y ' S   Q U E R Y

   Jonas Whitney, the son of Benjamin and Nancy (Fuller) Whitney, was born at Marlborough,
   N.H. 4 July 1805. He taught successfully at Seneca Fall, Aurora, and Buffalo, all in
   N.Y.; Shawneetown, Ill., near St. Louis, MO;, Liberty, MO, near St. Louis; removed to
   Columbus, Ohio in 1846 owing to ill health; returned to St. Louis in Sept. of that year
   and had several employments until 1854, when teaching recommenced as principal of one
   of it's public schools and so continues. He married Charlotte Forman of Ithaca, N.Y. in
   Dec. 1835.
   Nine children were born of this union as follows: Emilie (1837); Charles (1837); Mary
   Ellen (?); Ida Isabel (1853); Harriet (Hattie) (1857); Mary (?); William Jonas (1867);
   William Henry (?); Franklin (?).  Would like to correspond with any descendants of this
   family. Gerald H. Forman, 1508 West View Drive, Berkeley, CA., 94705-1657.
   If any other subscribers would like their queries re-printed, just let
   me know at any time, and for any issue during their subscription time..Lisa
   "Obstacles are the things we see when we look away from the goals we are
    trying to reach"....

[p. 8]

                         U P D A T E S (continued)

4) From subscriber, Kenneth L. Whitney, 616 Piping Rock Dr., Silver Spring,
   MD 20905 comes this letter:

     Dear Lisa,
          Thank you for forwarding to me information in the July edition of The Whitney
     News and Genealogy on Benjamin Whitney of Watertown, MA. I am personally
     interested in your information on his first wife, Jane. I have researched Benjamin
     extensively, and this is the first reference I have seen that has any information on Jane. The
     Indians burned the York, Maine town records in an attack in 1695, and it has been
     assumed that if she was a York resident, or they were married there, these records were
     lost. Until now, no source I have seen has been able to identify her maiden name.
          The vital records of Sherborn, MA show that Jane died there November 14, 1690.
     Benjamin subsequently married Mary Poor in Marlborough, MA on April 11, 1696. I can
     find no record of the birth of a Mary Poor who married Benjamin Whitney, so I suspect
     that she was a widow when she married him. I will persue this line of thought in the
          I find it very coincidental that Benjamin married two women whose last name was
     Poor, although it is not out of the realm of possibility. I would be very interested in finding
     out the source reference for Poor being Jane's maiden name.
          Perhaps you can help me solve a mystery with which I am having trouble. Myra
     Ann Whitney was born Sept. 29, 1850 in Phillips, Maine. She was the daughter of
     Ebenezer Whitney and Dorcas Drury Whitney. She is the sister of my great-grandfather,
     John Drury Whitney. In a genealogy compiled by George Burbank Sedgeley in 1943
     entitled Micah Whitney, Revolutionary Soldier ....., it is said she married in 1882 Frank A.
     Reed, who became the first State Fish Commissioner of Oregon. After the death of her
     husband in 1923, she resided in Rivera, California, but at the age of 92, removed to San
     Francisco, CA tolive with her foster daughter, Myra (Bradbury) Bradley. I have had the
     San Francisco death records searched, with no result found. Perhaps someone will know
     the fate of Myra Whitney Reed.
                                          Sincerely yours,
                                          Kenneth L. Whitney
                                          616 Piping Rock Drive
                                          Silver Spring, MD 20905


   KENNETH: I appreciated the informative information on Jane's "maiden
            name" problem, also in knowing that the 1695 records of York,
            Maine, were burned by Indians; also for sharing what the vital
            records of Sherborn, MA show.
   As for the "source" of Jane's maiden name being Poor, it says at the
   very bottom of the charts (from the library in Davenport, IA; p6, #6,
   July '96 issue of newsletter), the following information. There may be
   more information there, even than what I have, but here's the "source"
   for readers to persue:

        MICROFILM 1512604/submission AF89-00461
        SALT LAKE CITY, UT  84150

   I am not knowing whether the charts they sent me from Davenport were
   these same submissions, or whether they are someone else's submissions.
                                               (continued next page)

[p. 9]

                         U P D A T E S (continued)

   (TO: Kenneth L. Whitney; (continued)
   On your questions about Myra Whitney Reed, other readers may have answers,
   but I too, will see if I can locate any records or information on her. I'll
   let you know in January's issue, of what I find out.
    Sould you be able to let me know where I might get the book on Micah Whit-
   ney, by Mr. Sedgeley that you mentioned? Thank you for any help, as this
   book would be helpful to all of us, I'm sure!....Lisa
5) JoAnn Schiefelbein, 8924 West 10th St., Wichita, KS 67212; needing help on who
   the parents of Jabez Whitney were; her query is here, as follows:
        WHITNEY     Need parents of Jabez Whitney who married 20 Oct 1771 Medway, Mass. to
        FAIRBANKS   Experience Fairbanks. Daughter Priscilla Whitney born 4 Feb 1774 at
        CURTIS      Wrentham; married 1793 Peru, Mass., to Comfort Curtis. Their son Levi
        ROBERTS     Curtis married New York, 1826, to Climena Roberts. Settled Wyoming Co.,
                    New York.
   JOANN: I did send for, and receive, the census microfilm of Medway, MA for 1790, but
          the films are of such poor quality that I couldn't make out a lot of the blurred
          writings. I did find a Joshua Whitney, (with 1 white male 16/or above; 2 white
          males below 16; and 4 white females, no other free people, no slaves). Then a bit
          further on, I saw what looked like a Nathan Whiteney, but the filming was not
          much readable, so that could be incorrect, then there was another name that had
          the "appearance" of beng Whitney, but again unreadable. I will continue to
          check out this record, and let you and others know what is found, I'll need to
          see a different record of it. Then I can continue on downward in the census's ti
          eventually find your Jabez. I realized old-time census's only list the "heads of
          household", but the cities, areas, number of people in the family, and other data
          can help to eliminate some fo the records that couldn't be Jabez.
          ...Also, please note the next writings below...Lisa
   FROM LISA: I have recently joined the Iowa Genealogical Society, located in Des Moines, IA.,
   and they have so many records that they have their own library! I was there for the first
   time about a week ago, and was amazed at the records they have for members! I found a number
   of family charts with Whitney lines, but I need to contact the compilers about using their
   information before I print any of them,...also, there were hundreds (maybe even thousands)
   of books of records on their shelves for members to check out,...they close up at 4:00 on
   Monday, the day I was there, so I couldn't get much information, but what I did get is in
   this issue, on another page (p 18). Since there is a query in this issue indicating some
   problems with South Carolina Whitneys, I concentrated my research time on mostly that state.
                                                             (continued next page)

[p. 10]

                         U P D A T E S (continued)

      in order to help that subscriber get started on he own lines......Also, I have sent
      for 2 more Whitney books! One "book" is in 3 volumes, and very extensive;(by S.W.Phoenix)
      and the other one is by 'Melville", and is about the ancestors of John Whitney who came
      from England; ...More records ordered but not here yet are:
      a) Pioneer History of Meigs Co, Ohio.
      b) Medway, Mass. Biographical Sketches of Prominent Persons.
      c) Whitney information listed in the "History of the Town of Milford, MA".
      d) Whitney information from the "History of Goffstown, N.H. 1733-1920".
      e) Whitney information from the "History of New Ipswich, N.H."

   The "histories" are definite printed Whitney information, advertised separate from having
   to buy the whole book. So hopefully, I'll have a "mountain" of information for January's
   issue, in regards to queries for that issue!
SPECIAL NOTE FROM LISA: Please know that my money only goes "so far" in buying records and in
paying for different things,...I'm not working on any employment jobs now, and we are living on
my husband's pension; (he's retired, handicapped). I am not seeking work in my field at this
time because we are considering moving to Eastern Iowa, and I am planning on seeking work there.
(I'm a nurse)...I will keep you informed, in regards to letters, mail, subscriptions, etc. We
thought we had gotten a permanent home where we are, but it isn't working out due to various
actions of neighbors, so we are needing to make these changes. After I get back on a job, I'll
be able to "support" the newsletter better, in getting information for you all..Lisa
6) On Lydia Whitney, the great-great-grandmother of subscriber R. W. Dorsey, 5925 W. 78th St.,
   Prairie Village, KS., 66208:......The records I located so far, (and are mostly centered on
   S. C.) start on page 18 of this issue. There were no Lydia Whitney's found so far...However,
   I did see the following listing in the Whitney book, by Pierce, p119:
                     Samuel Whitney (Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John); b: 1774; married
                     Lydia Curit; resided in Maine; (no town listed); children were:

                     Eliza b:_____
                     Jacob b:14 Oct 1804
                     John b:_____
                     Isabel b:_____
                     Mercy b:_____
                  ***Lydia b:_____
                     Samuel b:_____

   This listing isn't saying this is the Lydia Whitney you need, but the time era was right,
   and they did live in Maine.....The listing above it lists the father Nathan Whitney, with
   his wife Sarah Godfrey and their children, and their listing says Lisbon and Gardiner, Maine
   ..I mention this as he is descended from the same ines of "Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John,"
   and is possibly a brother fo the above Samuel (implying that this whole family was in the
   state of Maine, letting the above Samuel and the Nathan, live close). There are 96 listings
   for Benjamin Whitney in my book, and I haven't got them all checked out yet, but if the
   above Samuel was a BROTHER TO Nathan, then Samuel may have lived in Lisbon or Gardiner, ME.
   I'll have them all sorted out by January's issue as to who is who....Lisa
   If your subscriptions run out, and I have promised you I'd check something for you, then I
   will let you know what I find through a letter. (And the information will also be shared
   for others in the newsletter)..Lisa

[p. 11]

                         U P D A T E S (continued)

7) Query of subscriber Frances Molsberry, 7921 Waterfalls Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89128:
        "Who were the parents of John Whitney b: 1780-1790, who married Charlotte
        Prouty about 1810. She was b: 1791 in Winchendon, Worcester Co., MA., the
        daughter of Isaac Prouty. They had a son, Stephen M. Whitney b: in Boston,
        Suffolk Co., MA. He married Ellen Percy Cady, and he died in 1864 in the
        town of Syracuse, Onondaga Co., N.Y."
   Frances has kindly sent in the following information also:
        "Dear Lisa...Thank you for printing the Prouty marriages in the newsletter.
        You asked about the name of Percy (Ellen Percy Cady). So far as I know, it
        is a middle name, as I'm quite sure of her parentage. But I too, have tried
        to identify where the Percy came from---without success so far. Her mother
        was Eleanor Coffin who married Jason Cady in 1823, in Waterbury, VT. None
        of her grandmothers had a Percy surname, so I don't know where that came
        from. Yet it isn't a usual girl's name, so must have some significance.
        There is some indication that a Levi and Mary A. Whitney could be the parents
        of my John B. Whitney, b: 1780 - 1790. Levi would have been born about 1760-
        1770, I'm supposing. Abraham (in the Whitney book) had a son Levi, b: 1767,
        as did a Timothy (in the Whitney book). But there's so little information on
        the Levi sons.
        I hope someone has some answers and will write. Thank you for your helpful-
   FRANCES: You are quite welcome! I also appreciate that you shared the above informa-
        tion with me and other readers...With all the new information that I've
        got coming (histories and Whitney books), there hopefully should be something
        in one of them, on your family line. And I can also now research more extensive
        records for you (and everyone) through my Iowa Gen. Soc. membership; they do
        have Mass. records, and I'll check them for the parents of your John Whitney..
        One of the books I sent for does advertise that it's the ancestry
        of a "John Whitney", and is supposed to go back to royalty and to
        his history into the thirteenth century! But,...I don't know which
        John Whitney it is...until the book arrieves.....Lisa
8) On the query for Jacqualyn Coiglio, 27 Park Acre Rd., Pittsford, New York
   14534:.....which is printed below:
        "Any information on family or ancestors of Margaret Gray Whitney, b: 27 Feb 1817
         Rutland, VT; married Moses Cleveland 9 Nov., Ravenna, Ohio. Died 1 January 1879.
         Father William Whitney; mother Hannah _____."
   Since Vermont had vital records back to 1760, I started with getting this
   Margaret's birth record, hoping to find some additional clues to search,
   or, some information. Vermont could not find a birth record for this Mar-
   garet. (See their response on the next page):

[p. 12]

[Application for Birth or Death Record of Margaret Gray Whitney, stamped "NO RECORD FOUND"]

   JACQUALYN: Would you let me know how the birth, birthplace, marriage,
              marriage place, death date, parents, etc. information was
              found? There may be a "clue" in that source, for me to check
              out. I started with the birth record, hoping to find a name
              for Hannah,...Please advise, as to what I can specifically
              help you look for. (I'll also check the VT. records in the
              IA Gen. Soc....Lisa

[p. 13]

                              Miscellaneous Information

Here is the biographical information on Joseph Lounsberry; b: 1776, who
was married to (1) Mary Whitney, and (2) Hannah Whitney, that I mentioned
in July '96 issue, p17:

     Joseph Lounsberry, b: New York, 8 March 1776; son of Nathaniel L.
     Lounsbery. He was married twice:
          1) Married 17 May 1801 to Mary Whitney; their children were:

               a) Laura Latin
               b) Lury Judd
               c) Lucy Bunnel
               d) Joshua W. H.
               e) Rufus R.
               f) Eliza Maxwell

          2) Married 2 February 1815 to Hannah Whitney; their children
             are not listed.

This biography goes on to center on the son of Mary Whitney and Nathaniel
Lousberry, (Joshua W. H. Lounsberry). If any subscribers connect to this
Mary Whitney, please let me know and I'll give further information on this
"Joshua", up to 1875 when he died at Marshalltown, Iowa. The biography also
lists Nathaniel's parents, and his grandfather, who came from Wales....Lisa
Page 19, July '96 Whitney issue, lists Walter Whitney; Ransom Whitney;
and Horace Whitney. Here are their listed children:

1) Walter Whitney: Married to Loucena/Louisiana Edwards; she was b: ca 1804
   in Luzerne Co., PA. Known children were:

   a) William Whitney
   b) Ann Whitney
   c) Charles Wesley Whitney
   d) Emeline Whitney
   e) Lucinda Whitney
   f) John J. Whitney
   g) Lorenzo Whitney
   h) Alonzo Whitney
   i) Emily Whitney
   j) Luraney Whitney

2) Ransom Whitney: Married to Mary/Polly Edwards in 1818; she was born
   10 June 1799 in New York; she died in 1881 in Delaware Co., Ohio. Their
   known children were:

   a) Mary Whitney
   b) Ransom Whitney
   c) Elisha Whitney
   d) Nancy Whitney
   e) Eli Whitney
   f) Sarah Whitney
   g) David Whitney
   h) Peter Whitney

3) Horace Whitney; Married to Nancy Edwards; she died 1838; Their known
   children were:

   a) Ellen Whitney            d) Harriet Whitney    f) Elizabeth Whitney
   b) Samantha Whitney         e) Nelly Whitney      g) Nancy Whitney
   c) Hannah Whitney

[p. 14]

       Miscellaneous Information (continued)

   On the 3 Edwards ladies, Nancy, Mary, Loucena; they are sisters, and
were the daughters of Eli Edwards, who was b: ca 1760 in Connecticut, and
his wife Hannah. There were more sisters and brothers, including Hannah
Edwards who married Francis Whitney. (No children listed))...If any readers
connect ot this line, please let me know, as there's a bit more information
on "Edwards" that you'd want to have....Lisa


William C. Whitney was a wealthy financier of the alte 1900's (in the 1800's).
He was a Democrat, and at one time, was secretary of the navy. He scrapped
out-of-date ships, built shipyards, built gun foundries, and armor plate
plants. He also extablished the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island.
William C. Whitney was born in Mass. in 1841 and graduated from Yale Univer-
sity in 1863; studied law, and was admitted to the bar 1865. After he was
no longer secretary of the navy, he returned to private life and started a
horse-breeding farm near Lexington, DY, and operated a successful racing
stable. William C. Whitney died in 1904. (No other statistics listed).

Harry Whitney ws a son of the above William Whitney, and was a financier
and sportsman. He was born 1872; graduated from Yale in 1894. In 1902, he
joined up with a partner in search for metal deposits in Western U.S., and
in Mexico, and located millions of dollars in ore. Harry Whitney organized
a polo team that won the International Cup from England, successfully de-
fending it twice. He expanded the Whitney racing interests and his stable
was the leading money-winner in 1924, earning about $500,000. Harry P.
Whitney died in New York City in 1930.

                       ASA WHITNEY

This Asa Whitney was b: 1 Dec 1791 in Townsend, MA. As a boy, he worked in
his father's blacksmith shop, then became a machinist in shops in New Hamp-
shire and New York, beginning his own manufacture of axles in Brownsville,
New York. In 1830 he was master machinist of the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad
shops. Three years later he became superintendant of the road. From 1839 to
1842 he was New York State canal commissioner. In 1842, he settled in Phila-
delphia after forming a partnership with another man for building of locomo-
tives. In May 1847, he obtained a patent for a cast-iron car wheel with a
corrugated center web. In April 1848 he obtained a patent for an improved
process of cooling cast-iron wheels. He developed his firm into the largest
carriage wheel works in the country, and left money to the University of PA.,
to establish a chair of dynamic engineering. He died 4 June 1874 at Phila-
delphia, PA

[p. 15]

Dear Lisa,
Enclosed is a photcopy of my ancestor chart beginning with Hans William Whitney who
is my mother's father. We know very little about him and the Whitney family in general.
Hans left his first marriage and family when my mother was too young to remember him.
I haven't verified that Levi Warren Whitney and Martha Bohanmah are William B. Whitney's
Does the name Whitney have any meaning to it, or is it just a name? Also is there one
specific country this surname has originated from, or is it fairly common (like Johnson)?
In your July issue you stated you had Illinois census records. Which years do your re-
cords cover? I have a great aunt who lived in Zion, Lake Co. (Illinois). My best guess
is that she lived there anytime after 10 March 1938 until she died 30 Sept 1995. Please
let me know if your records cover those years and if there is a fee for looking up the
My grandfather Hans William Whitney, supposedly was a prisoner of war-but as a civilian.
He was hired by the Morriosn-Knutson Construction Co., in San Francisco, CA for the
Wake Island project. He was captured by the Japanese while on Wake Island. Please adivse
me on how to follow-up and verify this lead. The year was 1941 when he was hired and
captured. Supposedly freed/resuced 29 aug 1945 by the hospital ship "Benevolence".
Also, my grandfather supposedly invented a tapered mandrel, and supposedly received
royalties on his invention. His brother supposedly sold it in his company, coalled Whit-
ney Manufacturing. Please advise on how to follow up and verify.
Thank you for your help, it is appreciated. Sincerely, Ann M. Johnson, Rt 1, Box 20,
Hines, MN. 56647
ANN:...Your (revised) chart is printed on the next page. As for the name Whitney being
a name or having meaning, and coming from any specific country, I have sent for, and
received, a "chart" on information about the name Whitney, and it's origin, etc. The
"chart" is on page 17. I had to reduce it to get it on the page. Actual measurement is
approximately 17"x22"; the cost is $39.49 and can be obtained from "Know Your Name,
3844 Ferglen Way, Martinez, GA. 30907"...
...The family of Whitney originated in England, and the January issue of this newsletter
will have information on Whitney, back into the 1200's (thirteenth century), and will
have information on royal connections. The John Whitney mentioned on the chart is the
John Whitney who came to Watertown, MA in 1635. He was the son of Thomas Whitney, and the
grandson of Sir Robert Whitney, knighted by queen Mary 1553. This John married first to
Elinor; then to Judah Clement. I have extended charts on this line if anyone needs infor-
The Illinois records I have at the present date are mainly centered around Mason County,
..census records for 1860, 1870, 1890, 1900. If your Aunt is a Whitney, I will research
records at no cost to you, through the pages of this newsletter. If she is not a Whitney,
personal research is done at $15/hr, which includes postage, mailing, copies, any phone
calls I need to make, and things like that. I she is a Whitney, I will purchase, or do
research on the Lake Co. Illinois records at my own expense, as I can use them in news-
letters for other people. Let me know if she was a Whitney, and if so, what you already
have, and what you specifically need. What is found will be printed in January's issue.
On the information about your grandfather and Wake Island, there is an address in St.
Louis, MO., where records are kept of servicemen, but I haven't heard that they keep any
information there of prisoners of war. This address was obtained through the Red Cross.
I sould suggest you might inquire of them if they have an address also, on records for
prisoners. (The address in St. Louis, MO. is: National Personnel Records Center; Military
Personnel Records; 9700 Page Blvd; St. Louis, MO. 6132-5100     (continued next page)

[p. 16]

As for information on patents, and inventions, you may need to contact the patent office
in Washington, D.C. (U.S. Patent Office), for information on the tapered mandrel. If he
was receiving royalties, he apparently did have a patent on his invention.  You might
also want to see if that specific "Whitney Manufacturing" Co. is still doing business,
(even under a new name), for they would still have the records...Other readers may also
have some ideas for you too. Let me know,..if this doesn't work, we'll find other ways to
help locate this information for you....Lisa
                                 ANN'S CHART ON HANS WILLIAM WHITNEY

                                       Ancestor Chart
Name of Compiler: Ann Johnson                                             Whitney, Levi Warren
Address: Route 1 Box 20                                                   -------------------------
City, State: Hines, MN 56647                                             |B 1808
Date: July 17, 1996                                                      |M
                                                Whitney, William B.      |D 1888
                                               |B                        |
                                               |M                        |Bohanmah ?, Martha
                                               |D                         -------------------------
                                               |                          B
                      Whitney, Harry Ervin     |                          D
                     |B July 26, 1886          |
                     |  Melrose, Minnesota     |                          -------------------------
                     |M                        |                         |B
                     |                         |Enos, Mary               |M
                     |D May 28, 1961            -------------------------|D   
                     |  Bemidji, Minnesota      B                        |
                     |                          D                        |
                     |                                                   |
                     |                                                    -------------------------
                     |                                                    B
Whitney, Hans William|                                                    D
B March 31, 1911     |
  Fulda, Minnesota   |                                                    -------------------------
M                    |                                                   |B
                     |                                                   |M
D July 19, 1973      |                          Leebans, Hans            |D
  San Francisco, CA  |                          -------------------------|
                     |                         |B                        |
                     |                         |  Germany                |
                     |                  (wf#1) |M                         -------------------------
                     |Leeben (Leebans), Anna   |                          B
                      -------------------------|D                         D
                      B August 15, 1878        |                         
                        Elkhorn, Nebraska      |                         
                      D March 10, 1938         |                          -------------------------
                        Bemidji, Minnesota     |                         |B
                                               |                         |M
                                               |Arbs, Katrina            |D
                                                B                        |
                                                  Germany                |
Jurkovski, Alma Augusta                         D                         -------------------------
B March 20, 1910, Cass Lake, MN                                          B
D April 20, 1983, Pennington, MN                                         D


[p. 17]


Actual chart is size 17"X12", costs $39.49 and can be ordered from the
following address:
                "Know Your Name"
                3844 Ferglen Way
                Martinez, GA 30907


This interesting surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational name from a place near Hay
in Herefordshire thus called. Recorded as "Witenie" in the Domesday Book of 1086, and as "Whyteneye"
in the 1283 Charter Rools of that county, the place was so named from the Olde English pre 7th Century
"hwitan", from "hwit", white, with "ey", island, piece of land surrounded by streams.

I apologize! I said on page 15 that this "chart" was on this page,
             however, the small print at the bottom of the chart says
             it is copyrighted, so I can't print it without consent!
             The above sample is to show you that there is such a chart,
             how it's written, and I've listed the address for obtaining
             I do have other information on the origin of Whitney, and
             will include information on origins from other sources from
             time to time,.as the history of the Whitney's in England and
             Ireland (and other places possibly too), is quite "open" infor-
             mation (books and records).

NOTE: Before sending andy money to obtain this chart, you may want to write
the company first, as I just left my typewriter, went to the phone to call
the number listed on the chart (706) 854-8113) and the operator said that
the number had been disconnected.....(?).

Different ancestral charts that are printed in the newsletter will unfold
the history of the Whitney's-on-the-Wye (River) in England, Whitney castle,
and that "hwit" means "white", and "ey" means "water", etc.

                        ASA WHITNEY
This is a different Asa Whitney, than what is on page 14. This Asa was an
American merchant and railroad promoter. He was b: 14 March 1797 in North
Groton, CT. He d: 17 Sept 1872 in Washington, D.C. He began his business
about 1817 as a buyer for a New York dry-goods merchant, traveling abroad
extensively. He formed his own firm in 1836, failing in the panic of 1837.
He worked to get Congress to authorize the building of a transcontinental
railroad, and before his death, one railroad to the Pacific was built.

[p. 18]

   Research by Lisa; from Iowa Gen. Soc. Library, Des Moines, Iowa

I am listing here, the records I searched, even if they didn't have any Whitney in them,
for then you'll all know what not to search, or pay to have searched. These listings don't
mean that there aren't Whitney's in these areas. It only means that they were not listed in
these specific publications....

1) South Carolina Marriages 1800 - 1820;...nothing found.

2) South Carolina Marriages 1688 - 1799;..John Gardner and "Margt" Whitney, 30 March 1794,
   Trin. Meth. Ch. (No town listed, I'll check it again, it could be listed at front of
   the book).

3) South Carolina Census 1790;...
     a) John Whitney, 1 free white male 16 and upward; 4 free white males under 16 years;
        4 free white females; no other free persons; 4 slaves. (Pendleton County)
     b) Samuel Whitney, 1 free white male 16 and upward; 1 free white male below 16;
        2 free white females; no other free persons; no slaves. (Orangeburgh District)
     c) Francis Whitney, 1 free white male 16 and upward; 2 free white male2 below 16;
        1 free white female; no other free persons; no slaves. (Orangeburgh District)
     d) Francis Whitney, 2 free white males 16 and upward; 2 free white male below 16;
        5 free white females; no other free persons; no slaves. (Orangeburgh District)

4) Marrages and Death Notices from the Charleston (S.C.) Observer 1827-1845:
     a) Listed in 10 Nov 1832 issue: Married on Wednesday evening last, by
        the Rev. Mr. Gildersleeve, Mr. Peter J. Suder, to Miss Elvira, the
        daughter of Mr. Archibald Whitney, all of Charleston.
     b) Listed in the 2 July 1836 issue: Married on Sunday evening last,
        at the Lutheran Church of German Protestant, by the Rev. John Bach-
        man, Mr. Octavious L. Whitney to Miss Elizabeth Ann Luther, daughter
        of W. W. Wilbur, all of Charleston. (I don't understand her name as
        "Luther", with her father's name of "Wilbur",..she's listed as "Miss")
     c) Listed in the 13 April 1839 issue: Married on Wednesday evening,
        the 3rd, by the Rev. Dr. Brantley, Mr. T. A. Whitney, to Miss Eliza-
        beth Ann, eldest daughter of the late Robert C. Brown, Esq., all of
     d) Listed in the 28 Dec 1839 issue: Lost overboard from the barque
        Valhalla, from Boston for this port, Reuben Whitney, seaman, from
        Thomaston, Maine. (Barque=from "bark", meaning a small boat;(Websters).
     e) Listed in the 9 Jan 1841 issue: Married on Wednesday evening, the
        30th, by the Rev. Thomas Smyth, Mr. Frederick H. Whitney of Boston,
        MA., to Miss Sarah C., eldest daughter of the late Capt. J. C.
        Anthony of Charleston.

5) Indexes to (some) of the Wills of S. C.: (nothing found.

6) S. C. Naturalizations 1783 - 1850:..Nothing found.

7) Index to the S.C. Land Grants 1784 - 1800: These were the same size in
   the book as they are here. An explanation is: Column 1 lists the name;
   Column 2 gives the page number; Column 3 gives the Volume number; Col-
   umn 4 gives the class number; Column 5 gives the year the land grant
   was issued and is preceded by "LG" which means "Land Grant":

                     WHITNEY, FRANCIS     030  VOLUME 35 CLASS 02  LG1793
                     WHITNEY, FRANCIS     208  VOLUME 30 CLASS 02  LG1792
                     WHITNEY, SAMUEL      028  VOLUME 35 CLASS 02  LG1793
                     WHITNEY, SAMUEL      027  VOLUME 35 CLASS 02  LG1793
                     WHITNEY, SAMUEL      091  VOLUME 35 CLASS 02  LG1793


[p. 19]

(Records researched by Lisa, continued)

8) Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution:
        a) Whitney, Lebbus, served 48 days as a horseman during 1779.

9) Revolutionary Claims in South Carolina:
        a) Lists a "Lebeus Whitney".

10) Marriage Notices in Charleston Courier 1803 - 1808:
    Says: "Married on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Dr. Hollingshead,
    Mr. Archibald Whitney to Miss Mary Drennes, only daughter of Mr. George
    Drennes, deceased, both of Charleston."

11) King's Mountain and it's Heroes:..nothing found.

12) King's Mountain:..nothing found.

13) Abstracts of Wills of the State of South Carolina 1670-1740:(nothing)

14) Newberry County, South Carolina: (Nothing found, but index has notation
    that the records and indexes are incomplete).

15) History of Fairfield County, South Carolina:
    This listing centers around the rights to the patent on the cotton gin,
    which is known to be the invention of Eli Whitney. The story says: That
    tradition of the origin of the cotton gin is wholly on the side of Capt.
    James Kincaid, and documented evidence is said to be wholly on the side
    of Eli Whitney...That Capt. Kincaid, with an assistant, had devised a
    machine for getting cockleburrs out of sheep's wool, and that in the
    absence of Capt. Kincaid, Whitney examined this machine, made drawings,
    and hence, followed the cotton gin, and that this tradition was accepted
    as true by the people of that district. There is an assertion by one
    person that in granting the patent, legislature favored Whitney rather
    than Kincaid, because Capt. Kincaid has "done so much to cause the removal
    of the seat of government from Charleston to Columbia".

16) Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six and Abbeville District; Wills and Bonds:
    ..nothing found.

17) Marriage Notices in South Carolina Gazette 1732-1802:..nothing found.

18) A South Carolina Chronology 1497 - 1970:
    Says: 19 Dec 1801; The state appropriated $50,000 to pay Phineas Miller
    and Eli Whitney for the right of South Carolina planters to use their
    machine, called a "saw gin, for cleaning the staple of cotton from the
    seed". After some difficulties, the inventors collected.

19) South Carolinians in the Revolution:...nothing found in this listing.

20) Edgefield Co., South Carolina Marraiges 1769 - 1880:..nothing found.

21) There were 5 volumes of marriages, from various parts of South Carolina,
    ranging from years 1749 to 1885. There were no Whitney listings in them.

22) Supplement to South Carolina Marriages 1688 - 1830:..nothing found.
The Iowa Gen. Soc. where I did the above research, also had two other books
of records from South Carolina, but they didn't have indexes, and a person
would have to read every page to see if there were any Whitney's listed. The
books are extensive and would take a while to check. They are Hartsville,
Our Community; and A History of Marion County, South Carolina...

In the future, if I can purchase these books, I can check then out at home.
The above is not all the records the Society has on South Carolina, it's all
books of records they had. There are still films, and other records....Lisa

[p. 20]

Dear Lisa,

I descend from John and Elinor Whitney who came to America in 1635 with
their children. Can anyone tell us what was Elinor's maiden name? Where
was she born and exact date? Anxious to hear from you! Sincerely, Jean
Moore, 1723 W. Virginia Ave., Chickasa, OK 73018
I sent Jean a letter explaining that Elinor's maiden name was yet unknown
known to me, that she was born around 1599 in England, and in 1635, John
was 46 years old, and elinor was 36 years old. They had set sail from the
country of England in April 1635 aboard the "Elizabeth and Ann", landing
in MA in June 1635 with 7 children. Elinor died 11 May 1659, Watertown, MA.
If anyone has any other information, please let Jean know, or let me know
so I can pass it on to all readers...Thanks! Lisa
Dear Lisa,
My Whitney's moved from South Carolina to Kentucky to Indiana. As far as
I can discover, they were not from New England. My great-great-grandfather
Lovet P. Whitney was born ca: 1808 in South Carolina. I have a "feeling"
that my Whitney's sailed straight from England or Wales to Charleston, S.C.
I am enclosing a chart and family sheets, and would like to place the
following query:...(the charts are on following pages).

     "Looking for the county in South Carolina which was the birthplace
     of Lovet P. Whitney, b: ca 1808, as well as his parents and siblings.
     His mother, Sarah Whitney signed Lovet's permission to marry Marion
     Hugens (Huggins)(Hudgins) d/o William and Elizabeth, on 19 July 1828
     in Butler County, KY. She also signed for Lovet's brother Simon to
     marry. Lovet died after 1880 in MO. His children were: Lydia Emeline,
     John, Hezekiah, William Norman, Sara Ann, Eliza J., Mary Malinda, Mary,
     and Martha Percilla.

Please give my name and address to other Whitney researchers. Sincerely,
Penelope Woodford, 11525 Stillbrook Road, Richmond, VA. 23236
PENELOPE: I did research some S.C. records, but didn't come onto a Lovet.
If any readers have any information, please contact Penelope or let me
know. In the meantime, I will continue to search records, and if I do see
Lovet mentioned, I will let you know. Please keep me updated on any "finds",
or anything else. (I'll keep searching S.C. records)...Lisa
This marriage should say WHITNEY, but says WHETNY instead: From the "New
England Marriages Prior to 1700", it says:
          Thomas Whetny, (-1719, a:90) and Mary Kedell/Kettle/Kedall;
          11 Jan 1654/5; Watertown.
A bit of additional help for some of you! Three months ago, I sent an ad to
Genealogical Helper, advertising the Whitney Newsletter. In the ad, the names
of the spouses of the people you are researching, were listed. Hopefully it
will help bring some new correspondents names/addresses for you! I could only
list the spouses names that I knew at the time. Names listed were Castle;
Cleveland; Everton; ------- Fairbanks; Forman; Jeffries; Poor; and Prout(y).
I hope this will be of some help in finding kin for you. The ad should be out
at this time...Lisa

[p. 21]

                              FAMILY GROUP SHEET
July 9, 1996

Husband: Lovet P. Whitney

Born:    1808           Place: South Carolina
Married: July 19, 1828  Place: Butler County, Kentucky
Died:    UNKNOWN        Place: Iron County, Missouri
Mother:  Sarah
Other Wives: Martha C. Baker

Wife:    Marion Hugens

Born:    1814           Place: Tennessee or South Carolina
Died:    UNKNOWN        Place: Iron County, Missouri
Father:  William Hudgens
Mother:  Elizabeth
Other Husbands:

1. Name:    Mary Whitney                               Spouse: Duran Houseman
   Born:    April 9, 1831      Place:
F  Married:                    Place:
   Died:    December 21, 1903  Place:

2. Name:    John Whitney                               Spouse: Catharine Jane Sharer
   Born:    1833               Place:
M  Married: April 16, 1851     Place: Butler County, Kentucky
   Died:                       Place:

3. Name:    Eliza J. Whitney                           Spouse: 
   Born:    1835               Place: Kentucky
F  Married:                    Place:
   Died:                       Place:

4. Name:    Hezekiah Whitney                           Spouse: 
   Born:    1837               Place: Kentucky
M  Married:                    Place:
   Died:                       Place:

5. Name:    Sarah Ann Whitney                          Spouse: George W. Lacy
   Born:    1840               Place: Kentucky
F  Married: September 19, 1857 Place: Ohio County, Kentucky
   Died:                       Place:

6. Name:    Martha Percilla Whitney                    Spouse: Alpha Matthews
   Born:    May 1845           Place: Kentucky
F  Married: August 24, 1860    Place: Warrick County, Indiana
   Died:    June 9, 1925       Place: Warrick County, Indiana

7. Name:    Lydia Emaline Whitney                      Spouse: 
   Born:    1847               Place: Kentucky
F  Married:                    Place:
   Died:                       Place:

8. Name:    Malinda Whitney                            Spouse: Thomas Clark
   Born:    1851               Place: Kentucky
F  Married:                    Place:
   Died:                       Place:

9. Name:    William Norman Whitney                     1st Spouse: Matilda C. Ferguson
   Born:    March 8, 1855      Place: Kentucky
M  Married: March 23, 1875     Place: Pike County, Indiana
   Died:    July 11, 1905      Place: Petersburg, Indiana

Prepared by:
Penelope W. Woodford
11525 Stillbrook Road
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                              FAMILY GROUP SHEET
July 9, 1996

Husband: Lovet P. Whitney

Born:    1808           Place: South Carolina
Married: July 19, 1828  Place: Butler County, Kentucky
Died:    UNKNOWN        Place: Iron County, Missouri
Mother:  Sarah
Other Wives: Marion Hugens

Wife:    Martha C. Baker

Born:    about 1835     Place:
Died:                   Place:
Other Husbands:

1. Name:    Logan M. Baker                             Spouse:
   Born:    1859                 Place:
M  Married:                      Place:
   Died:                         Place:

Prepared by:
Penelope W. Woodford
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Direct Descendants of Lovet P. Whitney

              -----------------    --------------------
             |Lovet P.Whitney  |  |Marion Hugens       |
             |born: 1808       |  |born: 1814          |
             |in South Carolina|==|in Tennessee or SC  |
             |died: UNKNOWN    |  |died: UNKNOWN       |
             |in Iron Co., MO  |  |in Iron Co., MO     |
             |                 |  |m Jul 19, 1828 in KY|
              -----------------    --------------------
              -------------------    --------------------
Children     |William N. Whitney |  |Martha Jane Chapman |
             |born: March 8, 1855|  |born: February 1858 |
             |in Frankfort, KY   |==|in Pike Co., Indiana|
             |died: July 11, 1905|  |died:Oct 24, 1930   |
             |in Petersburg, IN  |  |in Daviess Co.,IN   |
             |                   |  |m Mar 20,1887 in IN |
              -------------------    --------------------
                  --------------------    ---------------------
Grandchildren    |Adolphus F. Whitney |  |Emma Helen Taylor    |
                 |born: Oct 25, 1889  |  |born: August 30, 1891|
                 |in Pike Co., Indiana|==|in Marengo, Indiana  |
                 |died: Nov 2, 1968   |  |died: Jan 20, 1975   |
                 |in Logansport,IN    |  |in Logansport, IN    |
                 |                    |  |m Aug 16, 1913 in IN |
                  --------------------    ---------------------
                        ---------------------    ---------------------
Great-Grandchildren    |Edwin Forrest Whitney|  |Alice Henrietta Vance|
                       |born: July 6, 1914   |  |born: Feb 2, 1915    |
                       |in Oakland City, IN  |==|in Ligonier, Indiana |
                       |died: April 20, 1986 |  |                     |
                       |in Portsmouth, VA    |  |                     |
                       |                     |  |m Aug 29, 1937 in IN |
                        ---------------------    ---------------------
2nd Great-Grandchildren                         |Penelope Jo Whitney|
                                                |born: Nov 26, 1946 |
                                                |in Columbia, SC    |
                                                |                   |
                                                |                   |
                                                |                   |

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These are paid ads. The rate is 10¢ per word. Name/address are not counted
as words. Abbreviations, initials, are all counted as words.

1) Colonel, Mary E., 1590 St. Rt. 232, Moscow, Oh. 45153;
   Need info DARWIN and PARRY families. Darwin, (Mattie), dau. Anna, and
   cousin Anna GALBREATH, school teacher lived 621 N. Third St., Burling-
   ton, IA 30 Aug 1901.
   These families DARWIN/PARRY left Maysville, Mason Co., KY., 1843-1844
   for Burlington, IA., where they settled.
2) Seeking further information on Mary (MCKEE) LIMES, wife of Harmon LIMES;
   b: 28 July 1797; d: 12 May 1864. She is buried in the Indiana Township
   Cemetery, Marion Co., IA. She came from North Lewisburg, Champaign Co.,
   Ohio, in the 1860's with her son Joseph and his family, to Knoxville, IA.
   Linda Ellis, 1587 Edgefield Rd., Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124
     LINDA: The date listed for the death of Mary (McKee) Limes, isn't
            recorded in the courthouse in Knoxville, Ia, anywhere.
            We could not see the date on the sont,..when we found her
            stone in the Indiana Cemetery, I just put my camera away and
            didn't photograph it,..because it was such a sad sight! I'm
            not even related to this Mary, but I felt emotion over what
     her final resting place looked like! First, the stone was broken. It
     had the top part just "propped" against the bottom part real tight,
     and it was stuck into the ground so solid that I couldn't even budge
     it an inch or so, to peek in at the other part so I could read the
     date! Second, the stone parts were blackened, probably by time and the
     weather elements. They are in dire need of cleaning/repairing or of
     complete replacement. I don't know how anyone got a reading before,
     when the date-part is covered in front by the piece of broken stone
     that's lodged against it!..On the other hand, I will photograph (one)
     photo for the Melting Pot newsletter for you, as it's important that
     descendants know what is happening to their loved ones gravestones!
     There is no charge to photograph one photo for you, so I am returning
     your check to you. (If you want extended photos on a private research
     basis, the fee is $15/hr, which includes 2 photos per $15/hr. research.
     Subscribers photos to any of my newsletters are free, (one usually
     lets the subscriber see what they want to see). I'm sorry to have to
     relate the "sadness" of your relatives stone, and that you were not
     aware of the site's condition. (I can check with the State records)..Lisa
..New England Marriages, (continued)

28) Richard Whitney, (1661 - 1723) and Elizabeth (Sawtelle(?), 1668 1723, a:56; b: 1694

29) Samuel Whitney, (1648 - 1730) and Mary Bemis, (1644-); 16 Feb 1683/4; Watertown.

30) Thomas Whitney, (1656 - ) and Elizabeth Lawrence, (1659-); 29 Jan 1678/9(?); Watertown/

31) William Whitney, (1678-) and 1/wf Lydia Perham, (1673 - 1716); (?)Mar 1700(?);


32) Joshua Whitny, (1635 - 1719) and 3/wf Abigail Tarbell; (?)Sept 1672; Watertown/Groton

33) Moses Whetney, (1655-) Stow, and Sarah Knight (-1755); Cambridge, 30 Sept 1686; Stow.

34) Nathaniel Whittny, (and Mercy/Mary (?) Robinson; 7 Nov 1695; Watertown/Weston.

35) Richard Whetny, (?-1624) and Martha Coldam; 19 Mar 1649/50; 19 (1 mo) 1650/1(?);

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          A case of being happy and sad at the same time! (By Lisa)

      I'm real happy over some new information that came in! There's a descen-
   dant chart going back to John and Elinor Whitney, loaded with names and
   dates; there's 11 pedigree charts, 3 have Whitney on them and the others
   extend out from them; there's 6 to 8 family group records; some with lots
   of additional "family notes" on the Whitney's mentioned; There's extensive
   information on and Irving G. Whitney, b: 4 Mar 1836, Franklin Co., VT, and
   there's also a xeroxed picture of Irving Whitney!

   But I am sad, because there isn't room in this issue to put it! In being
   fair to all subscribers, I print their information, and new listings, by
   postmake date,..and with all the information I'm getting, and with infor-
   mation I myself, research for my readers, the newsletters fill up fast! I
   need tolet everyone know that the January issue is three-fourths full at
   this time, and there's an ad coming out in Sept/Oct Gen. Helper about this
   newsletter, so there will be more information than will fit into the
   next issue! In the meantime, to get you started with corresponding with the
   compiler of the above charts and information, here is his name and address,
   and his information is first in line for printing in January's issue:
                        JAMES WHITNEY (Jim)
                        2410 Prairie Rd.
                        Madison, Wisconsin 53711
NOTICE! Since so much information is coming in now, please let me know for each issue if you
would like your own query re-printed (which you are welcome to do in any and all issues during
your subscription period. Even if you have already mentioned for me to print it "anytime there
is room", I am now needing to change that, in order to make room for the rest of the things. If
you need or want your query reprinted, please do let me know, for this is what this newsletter
is for, mainly you and your needs! But if you have found the information you need, or don't need
your query printed for specific issues, then please let me know. Please don't misunderstand! I'll
gladly print your queries unlimited number of times during your subscription, all I ask is for
you to let me know, from now on, for each issue...Thanks,..Lisa
   Dear Lisa,

   I really liked your first issue and still have hope about Calvin. When life
   gets a little less chaotic here, I'll print some of the Whitney stuff I have
   for your. Some of it ought to help someone. Here's a sample:
        "We were in a churchyard in Charleston, S.C. and I found some Whitneys!
        Here they are: From the Presbyterian Church Cemetery on Meeting Road:
             1) Archibald Whitney, d: 19 June 1847
             2) Eugenia Mary Ann Whitney, b: 6 Aprl 1804 - d: 13 May 1862
             3) Placida Emma Whitney, b: 25 Oct 1834-d: 23 Feb 1911
             4) M. G. Whitney (might be Montgomery, was hard to decipher)
                d: 17 June 1909
             5) William Whitney, d: 26 Jan 1781, age 50
             6) Samuel Whitney, son of William, d: 8 Jan 1771

        I sent this to a gentleman in PA., but never heard anything back. He
        had a query wanting information on Eugenia Whitney, b: Nov 1853, and
        was married to George Winfield Pike (b: 3 April 1846 Alabama). Eugenia
        was born in South Carolina, and this gentleman was looking for their
        ancestry and said he had their children"
   Marion Whitney Leska, 265 Albatross St., Ft. Myers Beach, FLA. 33931
MARION: I appreciated this information! Thank you! If you happen to see a Lovet Whitney
   in your S.C. records, would you please let me know, also let Penelope Woodford know?
   Thanks!....(I too, wrote to the PA. man, but had no response)...Lisa

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