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[p. 2]

Adams 6,15,18
Anderson 4
Baker 6,9
Barnett,Lisa 19
Barry, Lyman 20
Beard 6
Benham 10,11,14,15
Bennett 7
Bigelow 8
Bolt 18
Brettle, Eleanor
Bradley 5
Brown 8
Carlton 18
Carpenter 14,15
Cass 11
Castle 16
Chapman 6
Cheney 8
Chilcott 10
Clark 6,8
Cleveland 6
Cobb 18
Coffin 6,7
Cradduck 4
Crane 13
Cyphers 11
Davenport 8
Donelson 17
Dorr 9
Drier 10,11,12,14
Emery 4
Evans 8
Fay 8
Fisk 18
Fox 4
Gaines 17
Gardner 6
Garner 4
Gerry 8
Gibb 4
Gilkison 15
Glazier 8
Goodrich 4
Grant 7
Gregoire 12,13
Hardy 8
Harris 9
Henry,June 5
Higgins 8,9
Houseman 6
Hull 20
Hutchings 9
Jarvis 20
Jones 18
Keeney 20
Kemp 10
Kennedy 17
Keyes 8
Lacy 6
Lawrence 8
Legg 8
Lindsey 19
Lovell 10,15
Lynn 3
Manning 10,14,15
Mansfield 10,15
Matthews 6
McDade 6
McIver, Helen
McNally, Ardis
Merryman 17
Miller 4,13
Minehart 6
Minerd 12
Molsberry, Frances
Monro 4
Moore 9
Moore, Jean
Napper 6
Nichols 18
Nixon 11,12,
Older 18
Paine 18
Pendleton 17
Pennington 9
Plumb 20
Price 8,12

Randall 8
Rawson 8
Reece 13
Reed 18
Rider 18
Rieger 11
Roberts 12
Sargent 7
Schoonover 14
Schriver 3
Sharer 6
Skidmore 20
Slaughter 17
Smalley 14
Smith 4,6
Snyder 4
Stein, Hazel
Stowe 3
Strother 17
Suydam 20
Tittle 12,13
Vanderbilt 14
Walcott 8
Wall,E 4
Ward 8
Warren 8
Wenger 11
Wheeler 20
Whitcomb 9
White 8

___?___ 17
Aaron 8,9
Abby (Garner) 4
Abel 17
Abigail (Rawson) 8
Abner 8
Abraham 20
Adelia 18
Alice Adele (Snyder)
Amos 8,9
Anne (Plumb) 20
Aria Lu 14
Asa 3,8,17,20
Asa Jerome 4
Asa Jerome Jr. 4
Audrey Marie 10,11
Azabah (Keyes) 8
Barbara 11
Barbara Jean 12
Beatrice Lauretta 4
Bertha (Drier) 10
Bertha E. (Drier)
Bertha Rosalie
 (Drier) 11,12
Bertie Bernice 10,11
Betty (Wood) 20
Caroline (Kemp) 10
Catherine Davenport
Charles 4,5,8,9
Charles Caleb 4
Charles Lester 4
Charles M. 5
Chester Lorin 10
Claire Signa
 (Anderson) 4
Cornelius 17
Daisy (?) 14
David 10
David Miles 10,14
Deborah Chaffin
 (Mansfield) 15
Deborah (Mansfield)
Delia 5
Drusilla 8,9
E. H. 14
Ebenezer 3
Edith 9
Eli 6
Elijah 8,9
Elinor (  ?  ) 16
Eliza/Elizabeth 3,17
Eliza Evans 8
Elizabeth 3,17
Elizabeth (Glazier) 8
Ella Emmaline (Tittle)
Ella (Schoonover) 14

Ella (Tittle) (Gregoire) 12
Ellen 10
Ellen M. (Moore) 9
Elmer 5
Emma Maud 10,14
Eseck 5
Esther (Jarvis) 20
Esther (Wolcott) 8
Eunice (Gibb) (Smith) 4
Eunice (Keeney) 20
Eveline 8
Francis Alva 10,14
Foster Jerome 4
Frances Lorene (Smalley) 14
Francis 17
Frank 10
Frank William 4
Franklin 5
George 14
Gertrude (Vanderbilt) 14
Gladys 10
Hannaniah 8
Hannah 9
Hannah (Hull) 20
Hannah (Bigelow) 8
Hannah (Cobb) 18
Happy (Higgins) 8,9
Harriet (Suydam) 20
Harry Payne 14
Harvey 10
Harvey M. 6,10,11,12,13,14,15
Henry 9
Hepsibah (Adams) 6
Hepsibeth (Fay) 8
Homer Lorenzo 4
Ira 18
Irene Maud 10,11
Isaac 14
Israel 8
Jacob 8
James 9,20
James R. 17
Jane (Whitney) 9
Jas. 14
Jennie May 4
Jeremiah 17
Jesse 8,17
John 6,7,8,16,17,20
John Hay 6
John M. 4
Jonas 8
Jonathan 17,18
Joshua 17,20
Julia A. (Dorr) 9
Julia Ann (?) 3,20
Julia Ann (Bradley) 5
Julia Frances 4
Julia Mabel 10,14
Kenneth 18
Lavinia (Glazier) (Ward) 8
Lee E. 17
Lemuel Coates 4
Levi 8,9,20
Levi Charles 8,9
Levi F. 9
Levi H. 9
Levi Harris 9
Levi Lincoln 9
Levi P. 8
Lorenzo D. 4
Lorin 14
Lorin S. 14
Lorin Samuel 10,11,12
Lorin Samuel Jr. 10,11,12,13
Louise Nellie 4
Lovet P. 6
Lucille 10
Lydia 16,18
Lydia Marie (Emery) 4
Lydia (Jones) 18
Lydia (Randall) (Price) 8
Mabel 5,17
Margaret (Coffin) 6
Martha Ann 3
Martha C. (Baker) 6
Martha (?) (Wilson) 3,20
Mary 4,14,19
Mary (?) 8,17
Mary A. (Cradduck) 4

Mary E. (Benham) 14
Mary (Cheney) 18
Mary (Hutchings) 9
Mary Eliza 4
Mary Eliza (Pennington) 9
Mary Emmaline (Benham) 10,11,14,15
Maud Manning 10
Maude Manning 14
Maude Myrtle (Manning) 20
Maybelle (Worsley) 10
Mercy (Baker) 9
Mercy (Willard) 8
Micah 18
Mindwell (Hardy 8
Moses 9
Myra 18
Nancy (Carlton) 18
Nathaniel 8,9,17
Nellie Patience (Monro) 4
Otis 9
Payne 6
Pearl Bell 14
Peter 15
Phebe (Arren) 8
Prudence (Brown) 8
Rebecca 8
Rebecca (Clark) 8
Rebecca Lynn 12,13
Relief (?) 8
Reuben 9
Richard 8
Roger 11,
Roger Lorin 3,12
Rosemary 10,14
Ruth Abby 4
Ruth (Legg) (White) 8
Sadie 10
Samuel 6,10,14,15,20
Samuel B. 10,14
Samuel Barnes 6,10,14,15
Samuel Lorin 10,14
Sarah 8
Sarah (?) 8
Sarah Cecilia 10,14
Sarah Jane 3
Sarah (Lawrence) 8
Sarah (Wheeler) 20
Sewell 8
Sibil 8
Sophia (Harris) 9
Stephen 15,20
Stephen Morey 3,4,20
Stephen S. 20
Susan (?) 9
Susan S. (Whitcomb) 9
Susannah 17
Susannah (Gerry) 8
Tamara Lorine 12,13
Theo Dora (Nixon) 11,12,13
Theodore 14
Timothy 8
Walter 10
Waren Asa 4
William 8,9
William Collins 6,14
William Pearse 18
William S. 14
William Samuel 10,14
William Sedate 10,14,15
Willie 10
Wm. 14
(End of Whitney)
Widner 4,19
Wilke 13,
Willard 8
Wilson 3,20
Winthrop 7
Wood 20
Woodford, Penelope 6
Worsley 10
Yarger, Donald 19

Names are written in
the index in every way
they appear in the
issue, so that anyone
may find their "person"
by initials, maiden
names, etc. . . .Lisa.
REQUEST: That your name and
address be put on the front
of your charts, so that the
other readers will know
who to contact. . . Thanks! Lisa
I have quite a bit of
research findings that
I found on Whitney, and
will put a lot of it in
the October issue.  It
is from various states.
I feel it will be lots
of help to many of my
subscribers! . . . Lisa
I have had subscirbers
mention that they'd
like to visit/meet me,
and I would welcome a
visit, but I need to
wait until after we're
moved to another area,
as our neighbor put a
300-400 hog lot right
directly across the
road from our house,
and I don't think any
explanation is needed
any further, as to why
we are uprooting our
life here, and why it
would be "more comfort-
able" to visit me in
a different eviron-
ment! When we first
moved here in Dec of
1990, (to our acreage)
we had plans of having
outdoor chicken-fries
and camp-outs, and all
the other nice things
about living in the
country, but the above
reasoning has wiped
those plans out! We
raise chickens, and I
hope to be able later
on, to make those
plans again.  The state
said they would "okay"
us for a "one day"
restaurant license to
have our cook-outs.  If
plans do look good
later, I'll sure invite
you all! . . . Lisa
Iowas, 50138

[p. 3]

                       Q U E R I E S

Helen (WHITNEY) Mciver has sent in the following information on her WHITNEY
ancestry. Helen says:  "I definitely want help on the EBENEZER WHITNEY who
was the father of ASA WHITNEY.  I have had responses, but no one seems to
have any information on the ASA WHITNEY, (b 1804).  I was hoping to link it
to EBENEZER WHITNEY, but from a recent letter, it was indicated he was from
CT, not Maine or Mass. as suggested.  He might have been a Quaker as he men-
tions 'meeting' and 'friends'.  Thanks very much for your help".
    Helen McIver, P.O. Box 492, Rochester, MN 55902.
I sent Helen a list of 33 ASA WHITNEY births, but I didn't have any listed
for 1804.  Following is Helen's information: (Lisa)

    Asa Whitney born Aug 14, 1804; died April 24 1863
    first wife: Julia Ann (died June 7, 1849)
    remarried Martha Wilson (widow of Charles A Wilson d. 1853)
    buried 3 Sept 1882 (age 78).  He moved to S. Armenia and married her in 1853.
    had a sister Aunt Eliza - probably Elizabeth Whitney (older)

        son: Stephen Morey Whitney (3rd child) b 17 Sept 1829 - d. 19 Dec 1905
        travelled from Pleasant Valley, Duchess Co NY to Cornwall CT
        daughter: Martha Ann 5 May 1825 - I Sept 1898 (married Sela Schriver, in Amenia NY,
        settled Harwinton CT)
        Daughter: (6th child) Sarah Jane 27 Feb 1834 - went to work in Poughkeepsie for
        German Tailer.  Worked with cousin Elizabeth and lived with Aunt Sall (?)
        married Thane Wilson.
        daughters: Eliza 11 Oct 1827 - 26 July 1847
        Mary R. (b. 2 Dee 1845)
        Elizabeth K. (b. 7 Sept 1848)
        sons: Ebenezer, Charles - day labourers, farmers moved around in area (NY)
        b. 10 June 1831; b.30 Aug 1842
        Ashel (15 Feb 1933- 5 March 1933)
        John E.-31 Oct 183 8-no ref as adult
        George H (b. 13 Sept 1840 - 2 Sept 1842)
        Charles (b. 30 Aug 1842) married Ludwina Stowe
        William Whitney (b. I Sept 1836) - Mt Vernon NY
        son(?) Ira Whitney - NY Stock exchange - son = William Whitney
        daughter Ida Whitney (married Vincent Lynn, daughter Hazel)

        Asa and Elizabeth (brother sister) lived in Washington NY 1849
        1820,1830 Dutchess Co Census lists Asa as head of household in Pleasant Valley
        1850 census lists him as head of household in Armenia NE (45 years; Eliza = 50)
        Lists her place of birth as CT!, Asa was born in NY (1800- 1804? family moved from CT
        to NY...maybe. Where in CT?!)
        May be then that their father was Ebenezer Whitney
        an 1810 census shows him living in town of Clinton (pleasant valley was part of Clinton
        until Jan 1821). There were 4 children listed : I female 10-16 (Elizabeth?); I male (<10;
        Asa?) and 2 females (<10).
        Also Asa named his second son Ebenezer. .....
        but no information on dates of birth/death or wife for Ebenezer. ....and not in following
                            (3)                 (continued next page)

[p. 4]

                        (continued from previous page)
        Stephen Morey Whitney Sept 17, 1829-Dec 17 1905
        married 8 May 1854 Abbey Garner (12 April 1833 - 18 Aug 1908)
        he was a master carpenter, she was a dressmaker and bonnetmaker
        2 children:
        Charles Stephen (25 August 1865-Jan 1938)- watchmaker
        Julia Frances (11 Nov 1857 - 1905)
        Charles married 7 June 1888 Nellie Patience Monro (21 April 1868 - 29 June 1938)
        Had 6 children:
        Asa Jerome Whitney (14 Jan 1889-9 July 1947) my grandfather buried West Cornwall Ct
        Charles Caleb (b 31 July 1890) buried Kent Ct
        Frank William (b 22 July 1893) " "
        Ruth Abby (b. 14 March 1897 " "
        Jennie May (b. 11 March 1903 d. 25 Oct 1965) buried S Norwalk
        Louise Nellie (b. 22 Dec 1907)
        Asa Jerome Whitney married 10 Sept 1912 Eunice Gibb Smith (b. 4 May 1892 - d 7 April
        had 4 children:
        Charles Lester Whitney 6 Jan 1915
        Foster Jerome (26 Nov 1916-21 December 1996) buried Washington Ct
        Beatrice Lauretta 8 Oct 1923
        Waren Asa (b 12 Nov 1926) my father married Claire Signa Anderson 7 June 1952
        (first child Asa Jerome Jr b 2 June 1913, died 2 June 1913)

The Whitney information that I have: From a family bible and some letters. Also did some
searching on Census records in NY. ..(via internet!)


On charts purchased for our files, are the following:
     a) LORENZO D. WHITNEY, b 16 August 1828; married to Mary A. CRADDUCK; had son HOMER
        LORENZO WHITNEY, b 15 April 1866 MICH; d I July 1948 St. Paul, MN; married to
        Alice Adele SNYDER; Homer and Alice were parents of LEMUEL COATES WHITNEY, born
        13 May 1895, Jackson, MICH.  (chart compiled by Elizabeth W. Wall; 6400 Barrie Rd.
        # 804, Edina, MN 55435; Chart is dated 22 March 1979.
     b) CHARLES WHITNEY; married to Lydia Marie EMERY; were parents of MARY ELIZA WHITNEY
        who was married to Edgar FOX.  Chart compiler is Ardis McNally, 308 10th Ave No.;
        Hopkins, MN 55343; chart is dated 15 Feb 1979.


Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers  1791-1808:
     a) JOHN M. WHITNEY; listed as one of the signers of a treaty between the United
        States and the Cherokee Nation; 31 Dee 1791 Knoxville, TN Gazette.
     b) Says: There will be a meeting to consult with Russel GOODRICH, the attorney for
        MILLER and WHITNEY, patentees of the cotton gin to discuss whether to petition
        the state of Tennessee to purchase the patent rights.


I am a WHITNEY descendant. By October's issue I "hope" to have something found
on my lines.  Many of my subscribers are no doubt related to me! All I can say
now is that my great-grandparents were Samuel WIDNER [long "i"], and wife, MARY WHITNEY.
                              (4)              .....Lisa

[p. 5]

Dear Lisa ,..1 am trying to trace my husband's WHITNEY line with very little 
to go on. His maternal grandfather was CHARLES M. WHITNEY. His birthplace is
listed in two different places: New York City and New York State.

To add to the confusion, his date of birth is given on his death certificate 
as 9 Nov 1871 which would have made him 10 months short of 14 when his first 
child was born.According to the 1910 census (Benton County, Rogers Twp, Arkansas) 
he was 48 at the time the census taken, ...a difference of  9 years! He married 
Julia Ann BRADLEY, daughter of Nathaniel and Anna D. BRADLEY. Julia and her 
parents all list their place of birth as Minnesota. The Bradley's were listed 
in the 1910 census with the Whitney's. Nathaniel gave his age as 71 and Anna D., 
as 68, which would have made them very early residents in the history of that state.

Charles and Julia had four children:
     a) Mabel; b 1 Jan 1885 Kansas.
     b) Elmer M.; b 13 April 1888 Kansas.
     c) Charles; b Houston, Texas.
     d) Delia (Delia) b Texas, presumably Houston.

The birthplace of Mabel and Elmer is listed simply as Kansas on documents I have 
obtained. Both Charles M. and Julia Ann give their profession as tailor. Place of 
business listed in Arkansas listed as tailor shop.

I am assuming, given Julia's place of birth that Charles migrated from New York 
either by himself or with his parents, and that he and Julia met "out West".
I would appreciate any information of advice that you or your readers can give me. 
Thank you very much for this service.

June C. Henry, 914-79th Avenue S.E., Everett, Washington 98205.

FROM LISA: Math is my worst subject, so if I'm wrong,-I welcome corrections
from my subscribers! June is right, in seeing a discrepancy in the birth of
her "Charles*. The 1910 census, listing him as 48, would make him born in
1862.  His death certificate lists him as born in 1871, and 1862 from 1871
is nine years.
                 1910     1871
                 - 48    -1862
                -----    -----
                 1862        9

Census takers and other "clerks" often did not write too clearly in some of
the records, and someone along the line could have made a mistake in writing
a date that they copied from someone else's notes. However, in the next few
issues, I hope to also include research findings from New York state, and I
will print anything I find, especially on this family.
I have approximately 200 "Charles" listed in my records, I've checked most
of them, but not all, and haven't come onto any born in these years, that
married a Julia BRADLEY.  (I don't have a computer, and have to keep all my
records by hand, and in files, so it takes longer to check them out) ...Lisa


Whitneyville, Iowa, no longer there, was a settlement in Cass Co., Iowa that was 
settled by ESECK AND FRANKLIN WHITNEY. Eseck was born in Pineville, Oswego co. NY,1815; 
died in  1876. Franklin was born in Mexico, Oswego Co., NY in 1832. There is a WHITNEY
Manor (health care center) in Cass Co. (Atlantic, Iowa) but they did not answer my letter
of inquiry about the history of it's name. ...Lisa

[p. 6]

                      Q U E R I E S

I would like to inquire about Dr. JOHN WHITNEY, as to his parents, grand-
parents, and soon. Is he of the same family as ELI WHITNEY of cotton gin
fame?  Dr. WHITNEY was married twice, as was his wife Margaret COFFIN. Dr.
JOHN WHITNEY was b 1716. First marriage was to Hepsibah ADAMS, and had chil-
dren.   Margaret COFFIN was b 9 Sept 1721, parents were Major Josia and
Elizabeth COFFIN. First marriage was to Shuabel GARDNER, and had children.
What I really want is the genealogy of Dr. JOHN WHITNEY, parents, and so
forth.  Yours Truly,  Elleanor Brettle, General Delivery, Worsley, Alberta,
T0H 3W0 Canada.
NOTE: So far, I have not come upon this particular John Whitney, (I have
a lot of "John Whitney's") I'm still checking the newest records I have.
Elleanor's family chart on her John Whitney is printed on page 7 ...Lisa


My great-great-grandfather LOVET P. WHIINEY was born ca 1808 somewhere in South Carolina.
He died in the 1880's in Iron County, MO. I have written to the Historical
Society of that county, but they were not able to help me with a death date
for Lovet. If anyone has this information, or if you are able to find it, I
would love to have it. I believe his wife Marion also died in Iron County
in the early 1880's. Lovet married Martha C. BAKER  in Iron County, Missouri
16 July 1886, so Marion probably died just before that.
My WHITNEY line in Indiana ties into the following families through marriage:
NAPPER (this may be in KY) - SHARER - SMITH.  Perhaps someone searching these
families has come across some WHITNEY's. Thanks again for your newsletter on
this family. Keep up the good work! ...Penelope Woodford, 11525 Stillbrook Rd.,
Richmond, Virginia 23236.

NOTE: I have not found LOVET WHITNEY yet, but Missouri is on my list to be
researched for the October issue. Thank you for the nice words! ..Lisa

I am searching for the birthplace of my grandfather SAMUEL BARNES WHITNEY,
and any information on his father, believed to be SAMUEL WHITNEY.
Harvey M. Whitney, 6713 Swenson Way, Sacramento, California 95831
NOTE: Along with Missouri records for Penelope Woodford, I will also check
New Hampshire records for this particular Samuel, as the chart on him shows
him to be born in New Hampshire. I have quite a few "Samuel", and have not
come upon this one yet, and I should have the rest of them checked by the
next issue. The charts and information on this SAMUEL WHITNEY are printer
on pages 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and a chart at the top of page 15.... ..Lisa

WILLIAM COLLINS WHITNEY; b 5 July 1841, Conway, Mass; died 2 Feb 1904, New York, NY. He was
a politician/financier. Graduated Yale 1863; entered Harvard Law School and admitted to the
New York bar. Promoted the election of Grover CLEVELAND as governor of New York in 1882, and
as president in 1884. Was a large land holder in the East, and developed one of the nation's finest
racing stables.

JOHN HAY WHITNEY; called "Jock"; b 17 August 1904, Ellsworth, Maine. His grandfathers were
player, and breeder of race horses. Had film-producing firm in 1930's. Pioneer Pictures, and
was first to exploit the Technicolor process. Served as board chairman of Selznick-interna-
tional, and financed many Broadway plays:.  In Army-Air Force 1942-1945, rank of Colonel, was
captured by Nazis but escaped. Awarded Legion of Merit. Founded the John Hay Whitney Founda-
tion 1946; ambassador to Brittain 1957-1961. Many of his financial interests (especially pub-
blishing) were handled through the Whitney Communication Corporation. He died 8 Feb 1982
in Manhasset, New York.

[p. 7]

PEDIGREE CHART        Page 7 Issue 5   Whitney News and Genealogy  July 1997

                              4. _______________________
                                 Father of #2

 2. Rev. William Bennett
    Father of #1
 b. Manchester, Eng.
 m. 13 October 1826
 Pl. Barrington, N.S.         5. ______________________
 d. 06 November 1857             Mother of #2
 Pl. Halifax, N.S.

1.   John Sargent Bennett
b. 1828
Pl. Poplar Grove, Hants Co. Nova Scotia
D. 08 July 192?                                 15. Col. Epes Sargent 
Pl. Poplar Grove, Hants, N.S.
     Mary Mathilda Grant      6. John Sargent
     Wife of #1                  Father of #3
 3. Sophia Sargent                              16. Katherine Winthrop
    Mother of #1
    b. 1785
    Pl. Barrington N.S.                         14. Dr. John Whitney
    d. 21 Dec 1839                                  Father of #7
    Pl. Poplar Grove, N.S.                          b. 1716
                              7. Margaret Whitney

                                                15. Margaret Coffin

 Given by:
Elleanor M. Brettle
General Delivery
Worsley, Alberta
T0H 3W0 Canada

[p. 8]

            L E V I    W H I T N E Y

1) LEVI WHITNEY: b 5 Dec 1739; married 19 Dec 1764 to Rebecca CLARK: married
   (2nd) in Townsend, MA to Mrs. Lydia (RANDALL) PRICE.  This Levi was a lieu-
   tenant in the Rev. War, and a manufacturer of agricultural tools.  His chil-
   dren were all born in Townsend, MA (AMOS, ASA, SARAH, AARON, SIBIL, SEWELL,
   REBECCA).  He d 8 Jan 1809.
2) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 9 August 1772; son of TIMOTHY WHITNEY, and Catherine DAVEN-
3) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 21 Oct 1763; d June 1788 at Weedsport, NY by falling from
   a tree. He was the son of JESSE WHITNEY. (JESSE WHITNEY married Mary
   CHENEY 22 Sept 1757; and married Mrs. Ruth (LEGG) WHITE 19 April 1779; and
   married Abigail RAWSON 5 July 1794).
4) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 1 January 1777; married Phebe WARREN; He was the son of
   ABNER WHITNEY: (ABNER WHITNEY married Elizabeth GLAZIER May 1770, and
   married Lavina (GLAZIER) WARD 22 April 1779).
5) LEVI P. WHITNEY;  b 19 August 1807, the 10th listed child (of twelve) of
6) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 11 Nov 1780 (had son Charles in California); Levi was the
   son of JACOB WHITNEY and Esther WALCOTT.
7) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 23 August 1793,-(Son of JONAS WHITNEY,-.refers to a widow
   in his papers, named Relief (__?__) WHITNEY;) This Levi married Mary__?__;
   He kept the Commercial Coffe House in Boston, MA.
8) LEVI WHITNEY: b _?____;  son of ISRAEL WHITNEY and Susannah GERRY. This
   Levi died at North Hero, VT; unmarried.
9) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 23 June 1751;  son of JONAS WHITNEY; married 12 Sept 1772
   to Sarah LAWRENCE; married (2nd) to Hepsibeth FAY on 25 Dee 1783. At the
   time of his marriage, he resided in Concord, MA.
10) LEVI WHITNEY;  son of LEVI WHITNEY listed in No. 9, above; b 28 Sept 1784;
   married and resided in Plymouth, VT.
11) LEVI WHITNEY;  son of JOHN WHITNEY and Hannah BIGELOW;  Levi was born on
   18 Dec 1791: died unmarried at Dummerston, VT in April 1861.
12) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 16 April 1781; married Sarah _?_; Son of RICHARD WHITNEY
   and Mercy WILLARD.
13) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 26 March 1797; d I May 1797 (infant); Son of ELIJAH WHIT-
   NEY  and Mindwell HARDY; The father (Elijah) died in his 57th year.
14) LEVI CHARLES WHITNEY; b 6 January 1832; married Eliza EVANS; He was the
   son of WILLIAM WHITNEY and Prudence BROWN.
15) LEVI WHITNEY;  b 15 May 1778; married Happy HIGGINS; Son of NATHANIEL-
   WHITNEY; mother not listed; The father (Nathaniel) resided at Gorham and
   Standish, Maine.
16) LEVI WHITNEY;  Son of RICHARD WHITNEY; mother not listed); b 26 April 1781
   in Harvard, MA; married Sarah _?__; - 2 April 1807; Levi died 1 Oct 1865.
                                                     (continued next page)

[p. 9]

                                        LEVI WHITNEY  (continued)

17) LEVI WHITNEY; son of LEVI WHITNEY listed in No. 16; This Levi was born
   25 April 1818; married Susan __?__.
18) LEVI HARRIS WHITNEY; b 25 Nov 1821; son of AMOS WHITNEY and Sophia
   HARRIS; This Levi married Susan S. WHITCOMB: resided Athol, MA.
19) LEVI WHITNEY; Son of AARON WHITNEY; mother not listed; b 7 July 1798 in
   Amherst, NH; married in Watertown, MA to JANE WHITNEY, (daughter of MOSES
   WHITNEY), 24 August 1824; Jane was b Watertown, 13 June 1805; she died
   14 June 1843; this Levi died 28 June 1863; resided Calais, Maine.
20) LEVI WHITNEY; Son of LEVI WHITNEY, listed in No.  19 above; b 29 October
   1827; died 3 January 1833.
21) LEVI F. WHITNEY; Son of JAMES WHITNEY and Julia A. DORR; Levi was born
   7 June 1850; died Calais, Maine.
22) LEVI CHARLES WHITNEY; Son of WILLIAM WHITNEY; mother not listed; Was born
   Norwich, VT  6 January 1832; Married Mary Eliza PENNINGTON; With brothers
   of his, HENRY WHITNEY  and CHARLES WHITNEY, migrated to New Orleans, LA;
   Pilot on Mississippi when war broke out;  Joined Confederate Navy; Died
   10 December 1867; Resided at New Orleans, LA.
22) LEVI WHITNEY; Son of REUBEN WHITNEY, and Mercy BAKER; Levi b 27 Nov 1800;
   married Mary HOTCHINGS, and also married HANNAH WHITNEY.
23) LEVI WHITNEY; Son of Nathaniel; b Gorham, Maine, 15 May 1778; Married at
   Cape Cod, Sept 1801 to Happy HIGGINS; He died in 1855; Resided Standish,
24) LEVI WHITNEY; Son of LEVI WHITNEY listed in No. 23 above. No information
   is listed on this (younger). Levi.
25) LEVI H. WHITNEY; Son of OTIS WHITNEY; Levi was b 14 April 1827; d 30 July
26) LEVI WHITNEY: Son of ELIJAH WHITNEY; The only information it has is that
   he resided at West Upton; (Upton is in MA).
27) LEVI WHITNEY: Son of LEVI WHITNEY; b Harvard, MA 25 April 1818; married
   Susan___a__. His will is dated 6 March 1852; Probated Worcester, I March
   1853; sister Drusilla;  he died 28 Feb 1853; resided Harvard, MA.
28) LEVI WHITNEY; Son of REUBEN WHITNEY; b Litchfield, Maine on 27 Nov 1800;
   Married (1st) Litchfield, Maine, to HANNAH WHITNEY; married (2nd) in 1835
   at Bowdoinham, Maine, to Mary HUTCHINGS; He was a cooper by trade; Died
   20 Feb 1881; Resided Richmond, Maine.
29) LEVI LINCOLN WHITNEY; Son of the LEVI WHITNEY listed in no. 28 above;
   This Levi was b 12 Feb 1843; married Ellen M. MOORE; Levi died May 1890;
   Resided Richmond, Maine; He had a daughter named EDITH WHITNEY.


    That is all the listings so far, that I have on Levi Whitney. New names
    and new information is continuously coming in to me, through mailings,
    and through my own research, so I will probably have more listings on Levi
    in the future. . .Lisa


If you have any other name you'd like me to list, please let me know! I have
thousands of Whitney's in my files ...Lisa

[p. 10]

Birth : May 27 1841                          New Hampshire
Marr. : June 5, 1866   Cedar Falls, Blackhawk, Iowa
Death : Dec 13, 1913   Madera, Madera, California
Burial:                Madera          Calif.
Places of Residence: Glen Elder, Cawker City, Ks, Denver, Colo, Madera, Calif, Mason City, Iowa
Occupation: Had Rock Quarry near Glen Elder, KS.  Church Affiliation:          Military: Civil War
                                                                               Honorable Discharge Jan 1,1866 Ohio.
Other Wives if any
His Father: Samuel WHITNEY        Mother's Maiden Name: Deborah Mansfield
                                                         1st husband - Lovell

Wife's Full Maiden Name   Mary Emeline BENHAM
Birth : May 31, 1842                       Ohio
Death : August 18, 1915  Denver,           Colo
Burial:                  Riverside Cemetery, Denver
Places of Residence: Mason City, Iowa; Glen Elder, Ks., Cawker City, Ks.; Denver, Colo.
Occupation: Housewife                             Church Affiliation:          Military:
Other Husbands if any
Her Father: William BENHAM           Mother's Maiden Name: Sarah ?

Children's Name in Full:
(Arrange in order of birth)       MO   DA  YR    Place            County       State    Children
1. William Sedate Whitney   Birth May  18, 1867, near Mason City, Cerro Gerdo, Iowa     William Samuel
                            Marr. Dec. 22, 1898                                         Rosemary
   Spouse                   Death May      1952, Denver                        Colo
   Maud Manning             Burial               Denver                        Colo

2. Lorin Samuel Whitney     Birth Jan. 13, 1869, Mason City,      Cerro Gerdo, Iowa     Irene Maud
     or Samuel Lorin        Marr. Apr. 22, 1894, Denver                        Colo     Bertie Bernice
   Spouse                   Death Dec. 18, 1924, Topeka,          Shawnee,     Kans.    Audrey Marie
   Bertha Dreier            Burial               Isley Cem. Fairview,          Kans.    Lorin Samuel, Jr.

3. Sarah Cecilia Whitney    Birth Sep. 22, 1871, Nora Springs,    Floyd,       Iowa.    John Jr - David
    "Sadie"                 Marr.                                                       Willie - Walter
   Spouse                   Death Sep., 1943,    Madera (?)                    Calif    Frank - Gladys
   John Chilcott            Burial      

4. Francis Alva Whitney     Birth Aug. 15, 1874  Cawker City,     Mitchell,    Kans     Ellen  } Both
    "Frank"                 Marr. Jun. 11, 1907                                         Lucille} Adopted
   Spouse                   Death ?              ?
   Maybelle Worsley         Burial ?             ?

5. David Miles Whitney      Birth Feb.  6, 1877  Cawker City,     Mitchell,    Kans     Myrtle (Caddie's daughter
                            Marr. Aug. 18, 1908                                         by former marriage
   Spouse                   Death ?              ?                                      Harvey
   Caroline "Caddie" Kemb   Burial ?             ?                                      Chester Lorin

6. Emma Maud Whitney        Birth Sep. 20, 1879  Cawker City,     Mitchell,    Kans
                            Death Aug.  5, 1893

7. Julia Mabel Whitney      Birth July  7, 1884  Cawker City,     Mitchell,    Kans
                            Death Dec.  8, 1885

Research done in LDS Library, Salt Lake City by Joyce Owen, Roger Whitney, Pat Clarke (Roger's cousin) and
  Mark Lambertson (a friend.)

Information from Rosemary Carpenter; Mrs. Merrill Carpenter; Audrey Riegar; Arthur Hart

Family Group Sheet sent in by Harvey Whitney
                              6713 Swenson Way
                              Sacramento, CA, 95831


[p. 11]

                         Husband's Full Name: LORIN SAMUEL WHITNEY*
       MO   DA  YR   Place            County       State           Other Information
Birth  Jan. 13, 1869 near Mason City, Cerro Gordo, Iowa
Marr.  Apr. 22, 1894 Denver,                       Colo
Death  Dec. 18, 1924 Topeka,          Shawnee,     Kans
Burial               Isely Cemetery, Fairview, Brown, Kans
Places of Residence: Mason City, Iowa; Glen Elder, Ks.; Denver, Colo.; Fairview, Kans.
Occupation: Lawyer - Farmer       Church Affiliation: Baptist     Military:
His Father: Samuel B. Whitney           Mother's Maiden Name: Mary Emeline Benham    

                         Wife's Full Maiden Name: BERTHA ROSALIE DREIER
Birth  Oct.  8, 1872 Herzogenbuchsee,  Bern,       Switz.          Came to USA in 1882
Death  Mar. 18, 1932 Fairview,         Brown,      Kans.
Burial               Isely Cemetery, Fairview, Brown, Kans.
Places of Residence: Switzerland, Baker, Ks.; Cawker City, Ks.; Denver, Colo.; Fairview, Kans.
Occ: Housewife                    Church Affiliation: United Church   Military:
                                                      of Christ (Reformed)
Her Father: Jacob Dreier                Mother's Maiden Name: Anna Maria Wenger

Children's Name in Full:        MO   DA  YR    Place         County      State  Children:
1. Irene Maude Whitney    Birth Feb. 12, 1895  Denver,                   Colo.  Emerson 2-7-1917
                          Marr. May  10, 1916  Fairview,     Brown,      Kans.  Marjorie 4-16-1919
   Spouse                 Death Jan. 14, 1977  Hiawatha,     Brown,      Kans.  Joyce 9-2-1927
   Paul Cyphers           Burial               Powhattan Cemetery, Powhattan, Kans.

2. Bertie Bernice Whitney Birth Dec. 28, 1898  Denver,                   Colo.  Audrey - 2-12-1922
                          Marr. Apr. 19, 1919  Wakeeny,      Trego,      Kans.  Roberta - 2-14-1924
   Spouse                 Death Nov. 17, 1980  LaJunta,      Otero,      Calif. Emery - 2-27-1929
   Daniel Cass            Burial               Hasty,        Bent,       Colo.

3. Audrey Marie Whitney   Birth Jul.  7, 1904  Denver,                   Colo.  Lorraine 8-2-1929
                          Marr. May  21, 1927  Fairview,     Brown,      Kans.  Janice 8-24-1933
   Spouse                 Death Feb. 24, 1994  Fairview,     Brown,      Kans.  Lois 1-12-1938
   Frederick Rieger       Burial                                                Nancy 9-12-1939

4. Lorin Samuel Whitney   Birth May   7, 1907  Denver,                   Colo.  Roger 7-10-1932
                          Marr. May  30, 1931                                   Barbara 10-14-1936
   Spouse                 Death Dec. 18, 1938  Richmond,               Virginia 
Theo Dora Nixon           Burial               Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Winfield, Kans.

*Samuel Lorin as name is written in Family Bible.
 Information from: Laurene Pittman; Personal knowledge of Audrey Rieger and her
     sisters, Irene Cyphers, Bernice Cass, and Lorin's wife, Theo Dora Whitney.

Supplied by Harvey Whitney; 6713 Swenson Way; Sacramento, CA., 95831

[p. 12]

                         Husband's Full Name   LORIN SAMUEL WHITNEY Jr.
        MO   DA  YR    Place            County       State           Other Information
Birth : May   7, 1908  Denver,                       Colo.
Marr. : May  30, 1931  Belleville,                   Kans.
Death : Dec. 18, 1938  Richmond,                     Va.
Burial:                Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Winfield, Kans.
Places of Residence: Denver, Colo.; Fairview, Ks.; Hays, Ks.; Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Va.
Occupation: Laundry-Dry Cleaning  Church Affiliation: Baptist  Military: 
Other Wives if any
His Father: Lorin Samuel WHITNEY Sr.    Mother's Maiden Name: Bertha Rosalie Dreier

                         Wife's Full Maiden Name   Theo Dora Nixon
        MO    DA  YR   Place            County       State           Other Information
Birth : April 28, 1909   Winfield       Cowley       Kans.
Death : Dec.      1992                               Texas
Places of Residence: Winfield, Ks.; Hays, Ks.; Washington, D.C.; Richmond, Va.; McAllen, Tex.
Occupation: Housewife              Church Affiliation: Baptist  Military:
Other Husbands if any
Her Father: Samuel Floyd Nixon       Mother's Maiden Name: Maude Agness Price

Children's Name in Full:
(Arrange in order of birth)       MO   DA  YR    Place            County       State    Children
1. Roger Lorin Whitney      Birth July 10, 1932  Hays,            Ellis,       Kans.    Linda Yvonne Gregoire - 9-21-1953
                            Marr. Aug. 19, 1961  Winter Haven,    Imperial,    Calif.   (Ella's daughter by
   Spouse                   Death Dec.     1992                                Texas     former marriage)
   Ella Tittle Gregoire     Burial                                             Calif    Rebecca Lynn Whitney - 5-16-1962
                                                                                        Tamara Lorine Whitney - 8-25-1964

2. Barbara Jean Whitney     Birth Oct. 14, 1936  Washington,                   D.C.     Samuel Frank Minerd - 5-4-1958
                            Marr. Jan. 18, 1957
   Spouse                   Death Aug. 31, 1960  Wichita,                      Kans.
   Melvin Minerd            Burial               Andover,                      Kans.

   Spouse                   Marr. Sep.  5, 1964  Pharr,                        Tex.     Daniel Lorin Roberts - 4-23-1965
   Jessie Ray Roberts                                                                   Rose Marie Roberts - 6-17-1970

Information from: Harvey Whitney, 6713 Swenson Way, Sacramento, CA., 95831

[p. 13]

                         Husband's Full Name   Roger Lorin Whitney
        MO   DA  YR    Place            County       State           Other Information
Birth : Jul. 10, 1932  Hays,            Ellis,       Kans.
Marr. : Aug. 19, 1961  Winter Haven,    Imperial,    Calif.          Divorce: 1989
Death : Dec. 22, 1992
Places of Residence: 1478 Bathurst Pl., El Cajon, Ca. 92020, 878 Jackson St., El Cajon
Occupation: Auditor      Church Affiliation: Baptist      Military: U.S. Army
Other Wives if any:
His Father: Lorin Samuel Whitney Jr.   Mother's Maiden Name: Theo Dora Nixon

                         Wife's Full Maiden Name: Ella Emmaline Tittle
Birth : Nov. 10, 1935  Chattanooga,     Hamilton,    Tenn.
Death :
Places of Residence: 1478 Bathurst Pl., El Cajon, Calif. 92020
Occupation: Poet         Church Affiliation: Baptist      Military:
Other Husbands if any: Thomas William Gregoire (divorced in 1960)
Her Father: Wm. Walter Tittle          Mother's Maiden Name: Blanche Josie Crane

Children's Name in Full:
(Arrange in order of birth)       MO   DA  YR    Place            County       State    Children
1. Linda Yvonne Gregoire   Birth: Sep. 21, 1952  San Diego,       San Diego,   Calif.   John Thomas
                           Marr.: Nov. 12, 1971; Divorced 3-1975                        Michelle Lorine
   Spouse                  Death:
   Arthur Reece            Burial:

2. Rebecca Lynn Whitney    Birth: May  16, 1962  National City,   San Diego,   Ca.      Ryan Michael David 6/29/85
                           Marr:  Sep.  5, 1981  Lamesa,          San Diego,   Ca. 
   Spouse                  Death:
   Stephen Wilke           Burial:

3. Tamara Lorine Whitney   Birth: Aug. 25, 1964  Lamesa,          San Diego,   Ca.      No children 
                           Marr.: Jan. 21, 1984  Lamesa,          San Diego,   Ca.
   William Paul Miller III


[p. 14]

Samuel Barnes Whitney born May 27th 1841
Mary Emeline Benham born May 31st 1842
Samuel B. Whitney was married to Mary E. Benham on the 5th
day of June 1866
Willlam Sedate Whitney born May 18th 1867
Samuel Loren Whitney born January 13th 1869
Sarah Cecelia (?) Whitney born September 22nd 1871
Francis Alva Whitney born August 15th 1874
David Miles Whitney born February 6th 1877
Emma Maud Whitney  was  born September 20th 1879
Julia Mabel Whitney born July 7th 1884
Lorin S. Whitney was married to Bertha E. Dreier on the 22nd
day of April 1894   -   William S. Whitney married Maude
Manning December 22, 1898          
Julia Mabel Whitney died December 8th 1885
Emma Maud Whitney August 5th 1893
December 13 1913 Grandad (Samuel)
1915 Grandma (Mary)
December 13        Lorin
Children of William Sedate Whitney:
Baby Daughter born and died September 21, 1901
William Samuel (?) Whitney born Auguat 30, 1903 Denver
died Summer 1953, San Francisco
Rosemary Whitney  born July 3, 1905 Elkton, Colorndo
died June 23, 1984 Parker, Colorado
(William Sedate married again after Maude passed on, to
a Daisy (  ?  ) In the 1930's.
Rosemary Whitney married Merrill Clifford Carpenter, July
2, 1924 Denver Colorado             
Merrill born January 18, 1904 Knoxvllle Iowa
died May 7, 1979 Albany Georgia
Elizabeth Ann Carpenter born September 5, 1925 Denver
Beatrice Ruth Carpenter born March l5, 1928   Denver. Colorado
Phyllis Elaine Carpenter born September 18, 1934 Denver
Merrill Whitney Carpenter born December 29, 1936 Denver, Colorado
Sylvia Jean Carpenter born May 12, 1941  Denver Colorado
Above Information supplied by:
Harvey Whitney
6713 Swenson Way
Sacramento, CA
RESEARCH FINDINGS, from the History of
Jasper County, Iowa 1878:
1.)  E. H. WHITNEY; farmer; section
34; P.O. Clyde; Clear Creek Tp.
2.)  E. H. WHITNEY: farmer; section
3;P.O. Greencastle; Poweshiek
3.)  ISAAC WHITNEY; carpenter; lynn-
ville; Lynn Grove Twp.
4.)  Survey, 27 Oct 1848, lists a
9 ; range 1 7 .
of Warren County, Iowa:
1) (birth) ARIA LU WHITNEY;  male;
12 Oct 1889, New Virginia, IA;
Mother: Ella SCHOONOVER, born
VA., age 26... Father: GEORGE
WHITNEY; blacksmith, was born
in Canada; age 40.
29 August 1893; Union Twp; her
Mother: Frances Lorene SMALLEY,
born Iowa, age 21;.... Father:
WM. WHITNEY; farmer; born Iowa,
age 22.
RESEARCH   FINDINGS;    from   History
of Story County, Iowa:
1) JAS. WHITNEY;  listed in death
list; no date/age given; Neva-
da, Iowa cemeteries; cemetery
located West I NW 1 NW 1
sect 7; Twp. 83, range 22.
born 19 April 1877, New York, NY;
and died there 18 April 1942; Was
daughter of Cornelius VANDERBILT.
In 1896 she married HARRY PAYNE
WHITNEY; was sculptor; she was
financer of Whitney Museum of
American Art, in New York City.
I have several thousand Whitney's
in my records! Tell me what names
you would like printed. ..Lisa

[p. 15]

Harvey Whitney                                                                                     from
6713 Swenson Way                                                                                   Eli
Sacramento, CA                                                          Samuel(?) Whitney          Whitney
       95831                                                            -------------------------  MA
                                                                       |B Maine?
                                                                       |M 1830?
                                              Samuel Barnes Whitney    |D NH
                                             |B 5/27/1841 NH           |
                                             |M 6/5/1866 IA            |Deborah Chaffin Mansfield  previously
                                             |D 12/13/13 Madera CA      -------------------------  married
                                             |                          B 1806 ME                  Lovell
                    William Sedate Whitney   |                          D 1887 SD
                   |B 5/18/1867 Mason City IA|                          William Benham
                   |M 12/22/1989 CO          |                          -------------------------
                   |D Spring 1952 CO         |                         |B
                   |                         |Mary Emeline Benham      |M
                   |                          -------------------------|D IA
                   |                          B 5/31/1842 OH           |
                   |                          D 1915 CO                |
                   |                                                   |Sarah
                   |                                                    -------------------------
                   |                                                    B
Rosemary Carpenter |                                                    D
                   |                                                                   Manning
                   |                                                    -------------------------
                   |                                                   |B
                   |                                                   |M       (Ohio)
                   |                          William Henry H. Manning |D
                   |                          -------------------------|
                   |                         |B OH                     |
                   |                         |M OH                     |
                   |                         |D 1910 CO                 -------------------------
                   |Maude Myrtle Manning     |
                    -------------------------|                                         Gilkison
                    B 2/6/73 IN              |                          -------------------------
                    D 3/6/33 Denver CO       |                         |B
                                             |                         |M
                                             |Rose Gilkison            |D
                                              B MI                     |
                                              D 1926 CO                |

NOTE: Please do not feel despair if your query is printed and I have not listed an
answer or help, or put any information for you. If I have any helpful answers,
I will print them for you. In the meantime, other subscribers and readers will
see your query, and may also be able to give helpful answers. If you don't tell
me that you've found your answer, then I'll continue to watch for information,
and/or research what I can, for you, to help fill empty spaces in your ances-
try. Before printing new newsletters, I always check the past issues, to see
if anything I have found, or received in the mail, would help any query. Let
me remind all my readers, that it is very helpful to me if you let me know
what "given" names are your priorities (such as Frances Molsberry's STEPHEN
WHITNEY request, which is started on page 20 of this issue)...I have more than
3000 Whitney individuals in my files, and more names added regularly, so one
of them just might be the specific person you seek...Requests are welcomed!
Also, would you please let me know any "problems", or findings, or anything
else that changed in your research, or ancestries. This is helpful to all my
other readers, too, in keeping their records correct. Thanks!..Lisa

Dear Lisa,...I'm enclosing some articles I found in the Oklahoma Historical Library in Okla-
homa City.  The books I found, us MS for Massachusetts. I have not had time to study the pages
but believe they give a little different view from Pierce's book. I found President John ADAMS
page showed a Rev. PETER WHITNEY preached his interment. You are doing a great job! Keep up
the good work - I appreciate all your hard work! The letters VMI means "Virginia Military In-
stitute". James Edwin BLANKENSHIP taught there. His second wife was MARGARET WHITNEY, (Maggie)
I hope I've given you something you can use, and help fill your files! If you want me to con-
tinue sending general info on Whitney's, let me know, and I'll be happy to. Have a nice day!
Jean Moore, 1723 W. Virginia, Chickasha, OK 73018-5328.
NOTE FROM LISA: Jean's info that she went is quite extensive and very generous! There are a
lot of Whitney listings in it! I am getting it organized into my records (by hand, no computer
yet), and will be able to start passing it on to you in Oct's issue! Thanks to Jean!..Lisa

[p. 16]

                       U P D A T E S

1) JEAN MOORE; Asked about a picture of the ship that JOHN/ELINOR WHITNEY
traveled to America on. Below is a copy of a letter I received about ships.
The list of "institutions" mentioned in the letter, number 22 in count! If
anyone wants a xerox copy of them, send me 20¢ (copies cost me 20¢) and
send a SASE, and I'll make a copy for you. The ones circles and mentioned
in the letter are: (Postage stamps are okay, in lieu of coins).

                 Mystic Seaport Museum
                 G.W. Blunt White Library
                 P.O. Box 6000
                 Mystic, CT 06355
                 National Archives and Records Admin.
                 Constitution Ave. & 7th St. NW
                 Washington, D.C.  20408

    The                                                            100 Museum Drive
    Mariners'                                     Newport News, Virginia 23606-3759
    Museum                                                           (804) 596-2222
                                                                 FAX (804) 591-7310

                                             April 11, 1997
    List Barnett
    Knoxville, IA 50138


    Dear Lisa Barnett,

        Thank you for your recent inquiry to The Mariners' Museum Research Library
    and Archives.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to locate the information you
    seek.  Although we have some books dating back to 1500, unfortunately our ship records
    are most strong from 1850 on; sparse from 1720-1850; and practically nonexistent before
    1700.  I have checked for paintings, drawings, plans, even logbooks, all to no avail.

        I have enclosed a list of institutions which might be able to help you with your
    request.  Among them, the Mystic Seaport Museum and the National Archives and
    Records Administration might be your best sources of information.

        I wish you the best of luck with your search.


                                              Lyn Gardner
                                              Assistant to the Librarian


On charts we purchased for our files are the following:
1) LYDIA WHITNEY, married Philander CASTLE; Philander d: VT; parents of
da CASTLE; Compiler of chart is Hazel Stein, P.O. Box 56; Bushnell, FLA,
33512; chart is dated 11 January 1985.

[p. 17]

               R E S E A R C H    F I N D I N G S
1) From 18th century Virginia Newspapers:

       a) FRANCIS WHITNEY; ded'd; Admx Elizabeth WHITNEY, of Norfolk, VA;
          30 October 1797.
       b) JEREMIAH WHITNEY; ded'd; all his est. to be sold by his Admx.,
          Susannah WHITNEY; 13 July 1782.
       c) JOHN WHITNEY, aka MERRYMAN; was executed 21 Jan 1774 at Fredsbrg;
          he was part, with Michael KENNEDY, of a gang of thieves that was
          active there and in Falmouth. 3 Feb 1774.

2) Minnesota Soc. Sons of American Revolution:

       a) Cpl. CORNELIUS WHITNEY; National Number 83983; State number 1638.
       b) JESSE WHITNEY; Nat. No. 50944; State No. 1174.
       c) JOHN WHITNEY; Nat. No. 33518; State No. 845.
       d) JOHN WHITNEY; Nat. No. 33521; State No. 848.
       e) JOHN WHITNEY; Nat. No. 35677; State No. 854.
       f) JOHN WHITNEY; Nat. No. 35686; State No. 863.
       g) JOHN WHITNEY; Nat. No. 3347; State No. 147.
       h) JONATHAN WHITNEY; Nat. No. 111176; State No. 1756.
       i) JOSHUA WHITNEY; Nat. No. 58233; State No. 1263.

3) In the SLAUGHTER family records it has:

       "Robert SLAUGHTER married Margaret PENDLETON in 1783. They had seven
        children, among them was Ann Pendleton SLAUGHTER, who married John
        Dabney STROTHER. Ann and John were that parents of Dr. RobertSTRO-
        THER who was married to Miss WHITNEY, daughter of Mrs. General
        Edward Pendleton GAINES by her first marriage".

4) Revolutionary Warrants; Tennessee:

       a) Heirs of JAMES R. WHITNEY; Private in the N.C. Cont. Line; 640
          acres; the warrant was transferred by heir JOHN WHITNEY to Stock-
          ley DONELSON; Warrant No. 3960.

5) Tabor Cemetery (Fremont County, Iowa Cemeteries):

       a) LEE E. WHITNEY; 1879-1957.
          MABEL; 1882-1984.

6) Railroad Land Grants: (Iowa):

       a) "...people had shown an interest in the scheme of ASA WHITNEY in
          the early attempts to secure a Federal land grant for a railroad
          to extend from Dubuque, IA to Keokuk, IA..." (Time eras listed
          are around 1837 to 1851).

7) From Maine Probate Abstracts: (Printed as listed):

       "ABEL WHITNEY of Gorhamtown. LA (10.110). F20297. LA gr Falmouth,
       1 Oct 1759, to NATHANIEL WHITNEY, yeoman, and MARY WHITNEY, wid,
       both of Gorhamtown, of the est of ABEL WHITNEY, late of Gorhamtown,
       decd int. with t&p inv exh at or bef 1 Jan next, & a p&t acct at or
       bef 1 Oct 1760"

[p. 18]

616 Piping Rock Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20905
June 18, 1997
Lisa Barnett
Whitney News & Genealogy
Dear Lisa,
Your publication of the list of Lydia Whitneys sent me bakc to the vital records to check
on a Lydia in my ancestry. I believe that the Lydia numbers 2 and 4 on your list are the same
person. The following facts are from the vital records of Watertown and Sherborn, MA:
Lydia Whitney, the eldest child of Jonathan and Lydia (Jones) Whitney was born in
Watertown, MA on July 3, 1657. On April 15, 1684, in Sherborn, MA, she married Moses
Adams, the son of Lt. Henry and Elizabeth (Paine) Adams. Moses was born October 6, 1654,
place unascertained as yet. Lydia (Whitney) Adams died in Sherborn, MA on May 27, 1719.
I do not know the date and place of the death of Moses Adams, but will check further in
Holliston, since they resided there. The date of his birth is from F.C. Pierce, and I have not yet
found his place of birth, but I continue to look.
Thank you for your past efforts to find information on Myra Whitney Reed. I have found
additional information about her, and am hot on her trail. I hope to complete the investigation in
California this summer. Perhaps you may be able to locate some information that has so far eluded
me. I am searching for information about William Perse Whintey and his wife, Nancy Carlton
Whitney. William was born in Gorham, Maine on May 3, 1783, the son of Micah and Hannah
(Cobb) Whitney. He married Nancy I. Carlton in Berlin, Maine on Nov. 10, 1823. It is said that
they moved west, and that Nancy may have died in Marysville, Kansas. He may have died
somewhere in Illinois, possibly on Dec. 30, 1865. Could you supply any more information on the
dates and places of their deaths?
Thank you for an interesting newsletter, and for any effors you make on my behalf.
Sincerely yours,
Kenneth Whitney
NOTE FROM LISA: Kenneth is right! The two listings
are of the same LYDIA WHITNEY. However, in looking
over my past lists of names, I see that I failed to
mention something! I'm sorry! I should have let my
readers know that the individual listings I print,
are sometimes from different sources, and reasoning
for printing more than one listing on the same per-
son is because there could be errors in some of the
items. I am aware of some of my listings either as
being the same person, or of the same family. There
is a need (I feel) to continue printing all items I
have on any certain name, in order to give readers
every "spelling", every "date", and everything I can
find, so that the reader will know of the "errors",
and will be on the watch for their ancestors under
erroneous names and/or erroneous dates. I should
have explained this, (different charts, or in diff-
erent books, or research findings I've done)-I am
appreciative that Kenneth noted this "sameness" and
I hope his letter will help "Lydia" researchers to
put their "families" together. Thank you to Kenneth
for bringing this to my attention, and I will try to
explain "my methods and reasonings" a little better
in future issues....Lisa


letter at the left, is on
a chart I have, and also in
a book I have on Whitney.
It says on the chart, that
Lydia was b 3 Jul 1657, in
Watertown, Middlesex County,
Mass. It says she died on
27 May 1724 in Sherborn,MA.
Father is Jonathan, b 1634,
in Isleworth, England; died
1702 in Sherborn, MA. Mother
is Lydia JONES, b 1632, Sher-
born, MA., died 3 Feb 1702
in Sherborn, MA. Chart also
lists brothers/sisters and
their data (Besides Lydia,
there's Jonathan, Anna, Anna,
John, Josiah, Elinor, James,
Isaac, Isaac, Joseph, Joseph,
Abigail, Benjamin, Benjamin).
(Double names are the same
persons with different data).
My book listing says LYDIA
WHITNEY, b 3 July 1657; was
married 15 April 1681 to
Moses ADAMS of Sherborn, he
was b 6 October 1654; he was
tythingham(?) 1696, select-
man 1701, had land in Doug-
lass 1715, and died 27 May
1724. Children were: Benoni,
b 3 Nov 1682; Lydia, b. 2 Feb
1684, married John FISK;
Eliza, 18 Sept 1686, died
17 July 1689; Hannah b 8 Feb
1688, married Nathaniel FISK;
Moses b 26 Nov 1691, died
bef 1730; Elizabeth, b 25 Oct
1689, married David RIDER;
James, b 7 July 1693; Isaac,
b 4 March 1695; Abigail, born
7 Sept 1697, married Nathan-
iel PERRY.
LYDIA WHITNEY, b 14 Mar 1803
in Romulus, New York. married
5 Feb 1845 to George NICHOLS
in Coldwater, Mich. Married
2nd in Adams, Mich. to John
Smith OLDER. John was born in
Romulus 15 Sept 1810. John's
first wife was Lydia's sister
LYDIA WHITNEY, b 7 Sept 1839,
at Kent, New York. Died young,
Parents were IRA WHITNEY and

[p. 19]

            W H I T N E Y   N E W S

              [photograph]                                  [photograph]

  Your publisher- Lisa Ellen Barnett,R.N.     Lisa's (legal) husband-Donald Dean Yarger
  Photo taken June 1997, (Knoxville, Iowa).   Photo taken May 21, 1996, at birthday party
                                              at Veteran's Hospital.

Like the plumber who never gets areound to fixing his own sink, I'm a Whitney descendant who
hasn't gotten around to researching just "who" I descend from! Many of my readers (maybe all)
are no doubt distant kin! I've go so many Whitney listings, that I haven't gotten around
to seeing if my own are in them, but I am working on it, and hopefully, by October's issue, I
will have my lineage checked enough to let you all know my line. I found my Whitney ancestry
when I got my grandparents marriage record from Marengo, (Iowa Co) Iowa. It not only listed
their marriage, but it also listed all their parents names too! My maiden name is WIDNER,
it is pronounced "Wide-ner". My grandfather (whose marriage record I got), was Henry Widner.
He married Mary Matilda Lindsey on 4 June 1884, at Millersburg, Iowa. His parents were listed
as Samuel Widner and MARY WHITNEY. They must have lived at Millersburg for some time, because
my father was born there, so that's where I'm checking now.  Millersburg is not too far from
where I now live, about 50 miles or so. So, if anyone has records down as far as this Samuel
Widner married to this Mary Whitney, then it is probably my line, and close kin to me!
Growing up under the "welfare system" of Iowa, kept me from knowing much about my family,
but one by one, I am finding out about my ancestry and "family"...Lisa
    If you have a marriage, birth, death, or other event you'd like to share,
    please send to me the story and I'll print it,.it'll help keep current fami-
    lies "up-to-date", in other Whitney researcher's records!. Please don't
    send your only photo, or original photos! Mail does get lost in transit!
    News on you/family is welcomed!...Lisa
I will always have my Whitney information and records. If you want information on any first name of a Whitney, then
send $5 and SASE and I'll type up everything I have for you on that name. This may be more beneficial to some of
you, than a subscription would be. This offer is in reference to receiving help outside of the newsletter...Lisa

[p. 20]

Dear Lisa...Thank you for printing the LEVI WHITNEY's.  When you get space,
I'd liek to see the STEPHEN WHITNEY's..Best wishes, Frances Molsberry, 7921
Waterfalls Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89128-6712.
For Frances, and other researchers who need information on STEPHEN WHITNEY,
here is what I have at this time:

1) STEPHEN MOREY WHITNEY, b 17 Sept 1829; d 19 Dec 1905; son of ASA WHITNEY,
   Asa's first wife was Julia Ann ( ? ), second wife was Martha ( ? ) WILSON,
   (widow).Julia Ann apparently was Stephen's mother as Asa didn't marry his
   2nd wife, Martha, until 1853.More information on this line can be gotten
   form: Helen Whitney McIver, 1424 Windsor Chase Dr. SW; Rochester, MN 55902.

2) STEPHEN WHITNEY. b 15 Oct 1785; d 17 Oct 1785 (2 days old); son of JOSHUA
   WHITNEY, and his wife Betty (Betsey) WOOD. (The chart compiler of this
   Stephen told me in 1993 that he was 92 years old. If you are unable to get
   contact with him now, then please let me know and I'll print his informa-
   tion that he generously shared for my files. This family was listed as a
   New Hampshire family, and I have the information, with other siblings, and
   dates, etc). The chart compiler is: Major Lyman F. Barry, 9297 Shaw Town
   Line Road, Nunda, New York, 14517. USA.

3) STEPHEN WHITNEY (2 June 1970) and STEPHEN S. WHITNEY, (23 Oct 1827) are on
   the family descendant chart printed in January 1997 of the Whitney news-
   letter, pages 7,8. The list was compiled by James Whitney, 2410 Prairie Rd,
   Madison, Wisconsin, 53711.

4) STEPHEN WHITNEY, married to Harriet SUYDAM. She was born 1 Sept 1782; the
   daughter of Hendrick SUYDAM and his 3rd/w Phebe SKIDMORE. (Colonial Fami-
   lies of the U.S.)

5) STEPHEN WHITNEY: b 10 Feb 1732/3, at Norwalk, CT. settled in Derby, CT.
   Married Sarah WHEELER, she ws born 27Dec 1737, at Derby, CT, she died on
   31 March 1764, buried Derby, CT. Stephen married 2nd to Eunice KEENEY on
   5 Nov 1764; (no death date),- Stephen married 3rd to Hannah HULL, she died
   ca 1793/94 at Derby, CT. Stephen was engaged in West India trade, and on
   his last trip home, was on a borrowed horse, too ill to walk. His family
   helped him off the horse to his bed, and he died that same night at half-
   past one o'clock, in June 1811.

6) In the family records of ABRAHAM WHITNEY and Anne (PLUMB) WHITNEY, it has
   an item on their son SAMUEL WHITNEY (b 28 Sept 1752 at Norwalk, CT), and
   in the item it tells about a letter written by JAMES WHITNEY of Albany, NY,
   in 1873. The letter, in part, says: "...My grandfather was too old, and my
   father John, too young to take an active part in the Revolutionary War, so
   I come to Uncle SAMUEL WHITNEY, and his brother STEPHEN WHITNEY...." (tells
   about the burning of Norwalk, corssing the Sound in a boat, bringing over
   dry goods and running a profitable business. This was found out, and a
   guard was set at Cow Pasture Shore and he was taken prisoner. The guard had
   gone with him to his brother's store, and he asked permission to go change
   his shirt, went upstairs and leaped out a window, escaping into the night.
   (This was Samuel). He found a boat, and escaped across the shore to Long

7) STEPHEN WHITNEY; b 20 Jan 1754 (other reports say 1756), at Norwalk, Conn.,
   married Esther JARVIS (she was b 4 Sept 1759 at Norwalk, CT); He settled in
   Kent, CT, where he died 25 Sept 1830, in his 74th year, according to his
   gravestone in the Flanders burying-ground, but really in his 77th year.

8) STEPHEN WHITNEY, twin, b at Derby, CT., 11 August 1765; died young; was a
I will print some more Stephen Whitney's in October's issue...Lisa

Copyright © 2003, 2006, The Whitney Research Group

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