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WHITNEY WHISTLER, Volume 2, Number 2 MARRIAGES OF WRENTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS Abigail Whitney and Preserved Hall 10 Sept. 1729. Adeliza T. Whitney and Edmond J. Felt 10 Nov.1837. Bethia Whitney and Thomas Jones of Medway 1 Oct 1750. Ellen Maria Whitney and Henry J. Wild of Minersville, Pa 11 May 1835. Frances M. Whitney and Ira Cleveland of Dedham 16 May 1837. Jonathan Whitney and Triphene Daniell 11 Jan 1726. Capt. Jonathan Whitney and Rebekah Dunten 30 June 1752 Josiah Whitney and Abigail Marten of Dorchester 3 Nov 1713, in Dorchester. Julia Ann Whitney and Benjamin Allen Tillinghast 29 Nov 1821. Mary Whitney and James Whiting, 28 Nov 1805, Molly Whitney and Luther Follett of Cumberland 4 Oct 1796, Nancy M. Whitney and Charles Hunt 18 Nov 1838, mt. Nancy W. Whitney and Joseph T. Tillinghast of E Greenwich RI 30 June 1828 Olive Whitney and John Hall, Jr 3 Jan 1799 Otis Whitney, widower of Augusta Maine, son of Nathan and Susan, age 40, and Sara Catherine Jackson, dau of Laban and Mary Anne, age 21, 13 Oct 1846. Salama Whitney of Attleborough and Joel H. Slack, 1 Oct 1828. Silas Whitney and Ann Hardy, 9 Nov 1835. Trypheney Whitney and Abel Witherel 1 Nov 1770, GREENE COUNTY NEW YORK Leeds Cemetery Matilda A. Whitney, wife of Eugene A. Lane, 1852-1919 Garrett N. Whitney March 24, 1824-June 8, 1900 Hannah M. Brant, wife, August 4, 1827-August 24, 1904 Manetta C. Whitney, wife 1851- Charles Harnm 1845-1914 Fred L Whitney, 1896- Anna B. Bunt, wife 1899- Mary C. Whitney 1865-1919, wife Charles A. Tompkins 1853- Emory G. 1860- ULSTER COUNTY, NEW YORK Laddock Whitney of Plattskill, will probated March 18, 1813, wife Polly, and estate in Conn. niece Sally Whitney, son George H. Whitney, dau Hannah Miller, lands in Vermont. ESSEX COUNTY, NEW YORK George M. Whitney, of Schoon Lake, will probated Aug 1, 1901. Son Charles C. Whitney $10. Kalsey B. Whitney $10. rest to wife Olive Whitney, or all to daughter Celia Ann Whitney and Libbie Whitney. Charles C. Whitney executor. Wills of Essex County - Whitneys Benjamin of Essex, intestate, April 19, 1827 John of Westport, testate, June 9, 1834 Lemuel of Westport, intestate, Jan 14, 1839 Samuel of Chesterfield, intestate, Nov 5, 1840 Alexander of Essex, intestate, Feb 15, 1867 Phineas of Westport, intestate, Feb 23, 1867 Phineas of Westport, intestate, June3, 1872 William of Schroon, testate, Oct 8,1872 Artemus of Wellsboro, intestate, Sept 19, 1877 Joel F. of Essex, intestate, Sept 20, 1877 Benj. F. of Essex, testate, May 17, 1879 John R. of Westport, testate, Oct 18, 1880 Saphronia of Westport, testate, Oct 18, 1880 Stewart H. of Keene, intestate, June 16, 1892 Lansford of Schroon, testate, April 24, 1902 EARLY SETTLERS OF NEW YORK Tombstones Nancy Whitney, wife of John, Oct 21, 1834 in 34th year, Mexico, Oswego Co. Mary D. Whitney, Feb 26, 1837, 70th year, dau of Lydia Marshall First Presbyterian Church, Cazenovia, Madison County, NY Marian Estelle Whitney, adult, baptized 1884 First Presbyterian Church, Penn Yan, Yates County, NY Lucy Ann Whitney, died 1834, moved to Ashtabula, Ohio, married a Mr. Parish. Baptist Church, Woodstock, NY Ruth Whitney 1801 member. Gilead Presbyterian Church, Putnam County, NY Aaron and Mary Whitney, members in 1809, from North Fairfield, Conn, with their sons Amos and Aaron. Old School Baptist Church, Warwick, Orange County, NY Aaron Whitney, born ? died 1791 Abijah Whitney, born? died May 24, 1802 Elizabeth Whitney died 1790 Martha Whitney born 1770, died 1791 Phyllis Whitney born ? died 1791 Thankful Whitney, born ? died 1765 Daniel Whitney, born 1765 died 1802 Hannah Whitney Morris F. Whitney born 1817, died ? went to Brookfield Sarah Whitney, born 1789, died 1802, moved to Michigan Thomas Whitney, born ? died 1791 WHITNEYS OF CONNECTICUT Geer s Hartford Conn. City Directory, 1862 Aaron Whitney machinist 102 Maple Avenue Amos Whitney (Pratt and Whitney), 19 Congress Street Edward P. Whitney, pistolmaker, 56 Van Block Street, also in 1858 Edward Whitney, machinist, 40 Windsor Street George Whitney, lightning rods, 166 Connecticut Avenue George Whitney, machinist, 40 Windsor Street Henry F. Whitney, butcher, 537 Main Street Madison P. Whitney, pistolmaker, 59 Huyshope Avenue Orrin Whitney, hackman, 3 Talcott Street The same directory in 1856-7 A. and Amos Whitney, machinist and pistol makers, 19 Wadsworth Avenue George Whitney, Trumbull House Henry F. Whitney, Trumbull House Stamford Conn. Soldiers Memorial By Rev. A.B. Huntington, 1869- George E. Whitney, June 2, 1862, was assistant engineer on the "Mohawk," taken prisoner in Florida, May 3, 1864, paroled out the same year-navy. Wells R. Whitney, August 12, 1862, appointed,- ordinance sgt,- army. Henry M. Whitney, August 18, left sick at Cleveland, 1863. All the above of Co. B. 28th Conn. volunteers Asa W. Whitney of Stafford, Conn. married Mary Jane Barrow, who was born June 4, 1829, on Feb. 3, 1848. He went to California to serve in the 4th Rgt. of the California volunteers, and was stationed in New Mexico. Mary Jane remained at home and raised their children. They resided in Willimantic, Conn. Their children were: William Henry Whitney, born Dec 11, 1848, and died March 10, 1849. George Waters Whitney, born Dec 11, 1850. Maria Balsy Whitney, born April 16, 1836, married Charles Clinton of Monson, Mass. on June 3, 1858. Charles Henry Whitney, born Feb 25, 1841, married Mary Jane Keigiven of Franklin, Conn on March 4, 1860, who resided then in Vineland, NJ. Minerva Barrows, who was probably related to Mary Jane, above, married Edwin Whitney, who was connected with the management of the Providence Reform School, RI. Above taken from the "History of Ancient Windsor, Conn.," Weaver, 1864. Town of Waterbury, Conn death records, Skilton records; Isaac Whitney died of fever, Jan 15, 1807, in Westbury. WHITNEYS OF THE SOUTH Barren County, Kentucky marriages John Whitney and Patsy Finney, July 19, 1810. Katherine Whitney and Thompson Berry, Oct 24, 1816. L. Whitney and Jinsey Buck, April 3, 1815. Thomas Whitney and Mary ? August, 1789. Barren County, Kentucky Deaths;. Catherine Whitney Berry, age 75, died June 1852, widow, farmer s wife, born Virginia, parents John and Ann Whitney. J. Whitney, (male), age 41, died Feb 1857, married, born Allen County. Jane Whitney, age 53, died July 2, 1852, married, farmer s wife, her father was George Bush, born Barren County. Mary Whitney, age 21, died Aug 16, 1858, married, parents were Zurr and Sarah Combs, born Barren County. Samuel Whitney, age 76, died April 6, 1858, widower, farmer, parents were Jeremiah and Mary Whitney, born Carolina. William D. Whitney, age 25, died Aug 8, 1852, single-, farmer, parents Loainm Whitneys, born Barren County. Susan Whitney Hanson, age 43, born Barren County, died in Allen County, Aug 22, 1854 of consumption, parents Jeremiah and Folly Whitney. John G. Whitney, age 50, born Allen County, died Allen County, Nov 10, 1854, of consumption, parents Jeremiah and Polly Whitney. Fayette County, Kentucky Thomas Whitney, early cabinet maker, native of Ireland, advertised a house for sale in 1795. He continued in the cabinet- making business through 1806, when his shop was on Main Street. Book 49, P 345. All of the above taken from the Kentucky State Historical Society Papers And from the same source; A Kentucky Land Survey Discovery,-Surveys on North Elkhorn, Fayette County, Deed Book 10, page 294, in the year 1834, and Deed Book 35, page 147, year 1860, list an "Ohio Corner". An unofficial and ineffective survey made for the Ohio company in 1775. This land was included later in a tract of land (1500 acres) acquired by the late George H. Whitney. From the State Archives, Page 52, among expenditures 1792-1798, was one for Thomas Whitney, 1794, as one of the veneremen. Archibald Whitney to Miss Mary Dunnes, dau of the late George Dunnes of this city (Charleston), S pt. 1807. From the South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Book 32 WHITNEY MARRIAGES OF THE BARBADOS Edward Whitney and Mary Smith, Jan 30,1703-4 St Michael Parish. Jospeh Whitney and Elza Ann Austin Dec 3, 1791 St Peter Parish. Frances Williams and Margaret Whitney, Jan 4, 1798 St Peter Parish. Thomas Whitney and Eliza Beard, May 25, 1783 St Peter Parish. WHERE DID SOME OF THOSE WHITNEYS GO? Since we have so many letters seeking Whitneys and their ancestral homes, we will attempt to give as many clues as we are able to find. Samuel Whitney, born July 17, 1687 married Ann Laboree, resided in Stratford Conn. He went there from Watertown, Mass. He was the son of Nathaniel Whitney and Ruth Reynolds. Solomon Whitney, bapt June 17, 1711, son of Nathaniel Whitney and Sarah Hagar, married Martha Fletcher and removed to Rindge, NH. Phinehas Whitney, born June 24, 1740, married Sarah Harrington. He was the son of Joshua Whitney and Mehitable Wilson of Spencer, Mass. He removed to Oswego, NY. Lemuel Whitney, born 1743, brother of the above Phinehas, married Thankful Griffith and removed to Springfield, Vt. Elisha Whitney, born Jan 8, 1747, married Esther Clark. He removed to Stockbridge, Mass. and then to Bradford Co., Pa. John Whitney, born May 4, 1751, brother of the above men, married Rachel Hiscook, after the Revolution removed to Rochester, NY. Mehitable Whitney, daughter of Joshua Whitney and Mehitable Wilson, was born July 7, 1756, married Obadiah Newton [1] and ______Williams [2] and ________ Hanks [3] of Hopkinton, Ohio. Joshua Whitney son of the above couple, was born Nov 11, 1758. He first married Esther Prouty [1] and then Electa Sawtell [2]. He lived in Vt, and then Langdon, NH, and then Pike, NY. Eliphalet Whitney, son of Samuel Whitney of Weston and Elizabeth Hastings, was bapt May 4, 1757, and married Lois Houghton of Lancaster, Mass. They settled in New Marlboro, Vt. Nathaniel Whitney, brother of the above was born May 30, 1749. He married Mary Houghton of Lancaster, and removed to New Marlboro, Vt. Samuel Whitney, brother of the above men, was born Sept 23, 1739, and married Phebe Harrington of Graf ton, Mass. They removed to New Marlboro, Vt Catherine Whitney, dau of Ezekiel Whitney and Catherine Draper of Waltham, was born March 4, 1777, married 1803 to Francis S. Hooker and removed to Rutland, Vt. Prentiss Whitney, son of Stephen Whitney and Relief Stears, who was born in Watertown, Mass on Nov 2, 1878, married 1814 to Sylvia Bicknel, and they removed to Gardner, Maine. Their daughter Sylvia Whitney married _______Townsend and removed to Buffalo, NY. William Whitney, son of Joshua Whitney and Abigail Tarball, was born at Watertown, Mass. Feb 28, 1678. He removed to Killingly, Conn. He married Lydia Perham [1] and then Margaret Mirick.[2] Lebbeus Whitney, gr-grandson of the above William was born Oct 8, 1785 in Hillsborough, NC. He lived in the south, and also in Pennsylvania, in Schuylkill, and in Pottsville. Joseph Whitney, son of Elijah who married Cloe Beckley Sept 24, 1772, was born in Lebanon, Conn Sept 10, 1750, son of John Whitney and Elizabeth Adams. Joseph Whitney was born July 21, 1776 possibly Bristol, Conn. He married Mary P. Persons who was born there 1776 and died June 5., 1824. He died 1836. They removed to Scriba, NY where they died. MASSACHUSETTS WHITNEY$ Westminster, Mass Births Aaron son of David and Elizabeth March 1, 1800 Abel son of Abner and Livinah May 14, 1793 Abby dau of Stephen P. and Abigail Oct 12, 1844 Abigail dau of Samuel and Abigail Aug 27, 1742 Abner s of Samuel and Abigail May 18, 1748 at Weston Ashsa dau of Samuel and Abigail Sept 30, 1750 Alpheus son of Samuel and Abigail Feb 25, 1759 Ann, 1801 Arruthusa dau of Jonas and Elizabeth Sept 26, 1790 Asa son of Nathan and Eunice Oct 24, 1797 Asa son of Nathan and Eunice Oct 25, 1803 Augustus son of Nathan Jr. and Ann M. April 9, 1825 Benjamin son of Jonas and Sarah April 28 1770 Betsy Wheeler w Theodore Jan 4, 1814 (haveno idea about this) Betsy dau David and Elizabeth Jan 18, 1795 Betsy 2d dau David and Elizabeth Feb 5, 1802 Bettsa dau Jonas and Elizabeth Sept 3, 1786 Bettsa dau Phinehas and Elizabeth Dec 27, 1789 Bettsa dau Jonas and Elizabeth April 1, 1788 Calvin son of David and Elizabeth Dec 1, 1813 Caroline dau Smyrna and Ruth Jan 21, 1823 Charles son Jonas and Elizabeth March 21,1797 Charles son Smyrna and Ruth Nov 10, 1824 Charles Orlando son of Charles and Sally Feb 4, 1830 Cynthia dau Joel and Abigail Oct 12, 1797 David son of Nathan and Tabitha Aug 16, 1767 David son of David and Elizabeth Oct 24, 1796 Dolley dau of Abner and Levinah Oct 26, 1791 Dolly J. wife of G.W. Nov 29, 1815 (have no idea about this ) Edward son of John and Lydia Aug 12, 1834 Elisha son of Lt Samuel and Abigail July 2, 1757 Eliza dau Capt Joseph H and Betsy Aug 19, 1829 Eliza Cushing wife of John April 18, 1815 (have no idea about this) Eliza Cusing dau John 2d and Eliza July 25, 1835 Elizabeth w David July 3, 1768 Elizabeth dau Abner and Livinah Aug 2, 1785 Elizabeth Barnard dau Joel and Abigail May 27, 1804 Ellen L dau Harrison G and Louisa L May 3, 1844 Ellen Lydia dau John E and Cleora Oct 26, 1846 Ellen Maria dau of Theodore and Betsy June 10, 1841 Emula Stephens dau Stephen and Sally Jan 20, 1812 Ephraim son of John and Lydia July 6, 1826 Eunice dau of Nathan and Eunice Dec 12, 1787 Eunice dau of Symrna and Ruth Aug 29, 1818 Flint son of Jonas W and Phebee Feb 8, 1804 Francis Austin son of Joseph and Sally, Feb 8, 1804 Francis Stearns son of John and Lydia, March 25, 1840 Franklin son of Jonas W and Phebee, Sept 15, 1806 Franklin Miller son of George W. and Dolly, Aug 23, 1842 Frederick son of Aaron and Folly Oct 17, 1823 George son of Capt Joseph H and Betsy, Oct 14, 1822 George son of Smyrna and Ruth June 5, 1831 George son of Jonas Jr and Lucindia Oct 15, 1834 George Clarkson son of John and Lydia Sept 19, 1842 George E. April 20, 1847 George Washington son of Jonas W and Phebee March 7, 1813 Hananiah son of Samuel and Abigail Dec 18, 1762 Harriet dau John and Lydia May 29, 1832 Harrison Bigelow son of Harrison G and Louisa L Feb 24, 1841 Henry son of Charles and Sally March 4, 1834 Horace son of Joel and Abigail April 26, 1802 Isaac son of David and Elizabeth March 14, 1806 Jane Adelia dau of Harrison G and Louisa Oct 15, 1846 Jason Woodward son of Reuben P and C.C. Sept 21, 1829 Joel son of Jonas and Sarah Sept 13, 1765 John son of Nathan and Tabitha Oct 13, 1769 John son of Abner and Elizabeth July 28, 1772 John son of Phinehas and Elizabeth July 25, 1793 John son of John and Elizabeth Jan 15, 1795 John Sept 12, 1806 John Allen son of John E and Cleora April 11, 1849 John E Oct 28, 1841 John Emerson son of John and Lydia Sept 14, 1822 John Milton son of Jonas W and Phebee March 30, 1819 Jonas Whitney son of Jonas and Sarah March 10, 1761 Jonas son of Jonas and Elizabeth July 20, 1807 Jonas Nelson son of Jonas W and Phebee Aug 29, 1816 Jonas Ward son of Abner and Lavinah, 2nd wife April 22, 1816 Jonathan son of Nathan and Tabitha Nay 14, 1761 Joseph son of Jonas and Sarah April 27, 1768 Joseph son of Elisha and Eunice Feb 22, 1784 Joseph son of Jonas and Elizabeth Dec 18, 1794. Joseph June 15, 1838 Joseph Glazier son of Abner and Lavinah, 2d wife June 22, 1783 Joseph Holden son of Joel and Abigail Dec 27, 1799 Justin son of Horace and Mart July 9, 1831 Leonard son of Nathan and Eunice Sept 18 1800 Leonard son of Nathan and Eunice Nov 25, 1808 Levi son of Abner and Elizabeth Jan 1, 1777 Louisa dau of Jonas W and Phebee Sept 4, 1808 Louisa Howe dau of RP and Clarissa C March 4, 1828 Lucinda dau of Smyrna and Ruth, Sept 14, 1814 Lucy dau of Capt Joseph H and Betsy Sept 14, 1827 Lucy Brown dau of Calvin and Huldah Sept 23, 1838 Lucy Holden dau of Joel and Lucy Nov 15, 1791 Lydea dau of Phinehas and Elizabeth March 30, 1788 Malcom Cowee son uf George and Aldace Dec 28, 1846 Martha dau of Lieut Samuel and Abigail Nov Zé, 1755. Martha dau of Samuel and Abigail Sept 18, 1764 Martha Downe dau of Aaron and Folly Feb 26, 1828 Mary dau of Samuel and Abigail May 29, 1744 Mary dau of David and Elizabeth Aug 19, 1808 Mary dau of Jonas Jr. and Lucindia Feb 6, 1841 Mary Alondadau of John and Lydia Oct 23, 1829 Mary Elizabeth dau of Aaron and Folly May 5, 1825 Mary Hartwell dau of George W and Dolly Dec 20, 1838 Mary Jones dau of Theodore and Betsey June 2, 1843 Mary Reed dau of Nathan and Eunice April 3, 1806 Mary )Titus) 1828 Merell son of Charles and Sally Dec 24, 1831 Molley Everett dau of Jonas and Elizabeth Oct 25, 1792 Moses son of Samuel and Thankful May 19, 1789 Myra dau of Jonas and Elizabeth July 16, 1799 Nancy dau of Phinehas and Elizabeth Sept 21, 1791 Nancy dau of Jonas and Elizabeth March 9, 1803 Nathan son of Nathan and Tabitha May 16, 1755 Nathan 2d son of Nathan and Tabitha April 9, 1759 Nathan son of Nathan and Tabitha July 1, 1765 Nathan son of Nathan and Eunice March 28, 1772 Nathan son of Smyrna and Ruth July 20, 1828 Nathan Bacon son of Calvin and Hulda Jan 2, 1846 Nelson L son of Jonas N and Nancy June 23, 1849 Norman Sever son of Elisha dn Eunice May 22, 1791 Oliverson of Abner and Elizabeth Dec 8, 1770 Orange son of John and Eliza March 16, 1849 Orpah dau of Elisha and Eunice Sept 24, 1783 Persis dau of Nathan and Eunice April 3, 1795 Phebee dau of Jonas W. and Phebee Sept 8, 1800 Pheneas son of Samuel and Thankful Jan 16, 17(1 Pleane son of Samuel and Thankful Nov 13, 1787 Relief Farnsworth son of Joel and Abigail Feb 22, 1810 Reuben son of David and Elizabeth May 8, 1798 Ruben Perkins son of David and Elizabeth July 24, 1804 Ruhamah dau of Jonas and Sarah April 11, 1763 Ruth dau of Nathan and Tabitha April 17, 1763 Ruth dau of Nathan and Eunice Nov 12, 1789 Sally dau of Stephen and Sally Feb 10,. 1807 Sally dau of David and Elizabeth June 17, 1810 Soloma dau of Samuel and Thankful Jan 10, 1792 Samuelson of Samuel and Abigail Feb 11, 1746 Samuel son of Smyrna and Ruth March 7, 1821 Sarah dau of Elisha and Eunice Nov 26, 1787 Sarah Ann dau of Capt Joseph H and Betsy June 7, 1836 Sarah Booth dau of Calvin and Huldah Jan 15, 1843 Sarah Howard dau of Charles and Sally June 23, 1836 Silas son of Samuel and Abigail Oct 20, 1752 Smerney son of Samuel and Thankful March 5, 1786 Stephen Cushing son of John 2d and Eliza July 4, 1833 Stillman son of Aaron and Folly April 11, 1833 Sumner Allen son of John and Lydia June 27, 1824 Susan wife of John M _____, 1821 Susan A. March 5, 1845 Susan Elizabeth dau of Joseph and Sally Oct 25, 1826 Susanah dau of Samuel and Abigail Feb 9, 1767 Susannah dau of Stephen and Sally Aug 20, 1809 Tabitha dau of Nathan and Tabitha June 29, 1753 Tabitha 2d dau of Nathan and Tabitha July 6, 1757 Tabitha dau of David and Elizabeth March 9, 1793 Theodore son of Joel and Abigail April 2, 1807 Thomas son of Phinehas and Elizabeth March 18, 1795 Timothy M Dec 2, 1844 Tryphene dau of Elisha and Eunice June 18, 1788 Tryfosea dau of Elisha and Eunice March 2, 1790 Walter son of Horace and Mary Nov 30, 1832 William son of Nathan Jr and Ann M July 14, 1823 William Blake son of Joseph and Sally Aug 23, 1841 William Harrison son of Charles and Sally Jan 16, 1840 _____son of John and Eliza Dec 2, 1844 _____dau of George W and Dolly March 5, 1845 _____son of Reuben and Jane June 26, 1846 Marriages Aaron and Folly Raymond Jan 3, 1823 Aaron F and Mary Ann Reed of Worcester Dec 5, 1844 * Abigail and Thomas Harris of Fitchburg Sept 27, 1822 * Abigail of Lunenburg and Betsy Whitney Dec 14, 1821 * Abner and Elizabeth Glazier May 14, 1770 Abner and Lavina Ward April 22, 1779 Abner and Lavina G. Whittemore of Fitchburg Dec 20, 1831 * Alpheus and Esther Hartwell of Fitchburg Feb 26, 1792 * Andrew and Lucy Miles Nov 27, 1787 Ann M of. Princeton and Capt Nathan Whitney Jr. Nov 26, 1821 * Belinda and Benjamin Cushing of Ashburnham May 10, 1838 * Benjamin and Nancy Fuller June 19, 1794 Benjamin H and Sarah Phelps of Lunenburg Dec 14, 18 1 * Betsy and Nathan Howard Jan 16, 1823 * Betsy and Thomas Merriam April 28, 1829 Calvin and Huldah Brown of Princeton Aug 12, 1837 * Charles and Sarah Howard May 8, 1823 Charles H and Abby A Tolman of/Fitchburg Sept 2:6, 1848 * Cynthia and Ebenezer Jones Sept 21, 1820 David and Elizabeth Barnes of Princeton Nov 25, 1791 Dolly of Gardner and Asa Holden May 22, 1815 * Dolly and Vinal Dunn Nov 27; 1806 Dorcas and Edmond Nicholds of Gardner Oct 30, 1808 * Elisha and Unice Sever Dec 27, 1781 Elizabeth and James Walker June 16, 1803 Elizabeth and Lory Barnes Dec 1, 1808 Elizabeth and Timothy Weeks of Northampton Oct 6, 1825 * Eunice and Franklin Lumbard Aug 13, 1840 George and Ruth Dunham of Winchendon June 3, 1830 * George son of Joseph H and Betsy age 23, and Aldice Adams March 31, 1846 George W and Dolly Jackson Oct 5, 1837 Hannahiah and Azaba Keyes Oct 10, 1787 Harrison G and Louisa L. Carpenter May 17, 1837 Isaac and Susan Barrett of Ashby Oct 23, 1832 * Joel and Lucy Halden Dec 29, 1790 Joel and widow Abigail Meriam Aug 16, 1796 John and Folly Jones both of Fitzwilliam Feb 7, 1781 John and Elizabeth Sterns Jan 16, 1794 John and Susannah Smith Feb 4, 1796 John and Lydia Allen of Ashburnham Oct 17, 1821 * John and Susannah Smith Feb 4, 1796 John and Eliza Cushing of Ashburnham Nay 5, 1832 * John E son of John and Lydia age 21, and Cleora Allen Sept 23, 1844 John N and Susan Winchester of Ashburnham March 10, 1843 * Jonas and Elizabeth Raymond of Princetown Dec ___ 1785 Jonas Jr and Lucinda Damon Dec 11, 1832 Jonas N and Nancy Lynde May 6, 1841 Jonas Ward and Phebe Rand May 27, 1800 Jonathan of Sterling and Lucy Wheeler of Gardner Nov 7, 1793 * Joseph and Lovina Dunn Oct 6, 1805 * Joseph 2d of Gardner and Nancy Sawin July 6, 1813 Lt Joseph and Sally Herrington Nov 20, 1823 * Joshua A of Gardner and Mehitable C Gibbs May 29, 1841 * Levi and Rebecca Warren Oct 15, 1799 Linda of Hubbardston and Joseph Raymond Sent 8, 1823 * Levina and Stephen Cushing Jr of Marlborough April 2, 1834 * Loiza and Philander C Brown Nov 30, 1826 Lucinda and Josiah Page June 18, 1835 Lucy and Joseph Brown Oct 28, 1813 Whitning ? Martha and Benjamin Sever Aug 19, 1783 * In Leominster Nary and Elijah Gibbs Nov 9, 1769 Mary and William S Everett of Princeton Feb 15, 1827 Nary P and Perley Howe Jr of Gardner Nov 28, 1833 Myra and Leonard Ninot March 28, 1822 Nancy and Aratus Raymond June 14, 1831 Nathan Jr and Eunice Puffer Dec __ 1786 * Mary R and Nathan H Cutting of Providence Feb 11, 1830 Capt Nathan Jr and Ann N Whitney of Princeton Nov 26, 1821 * Ohio of Ashburnham and Mary Bolton DEc 30 1808 * Oliver and Rebeckah Nichols April 22, 1810 * Persis and Noah Gates of Stow May 8, 1821 Phebe and Gideon Beaman Dec 26, 1833 Phinehas and Elizabeth Rand Jan 13, 1788 Polly Everett and John Perkins of Leominster Feb 8, 1816 Reuben P and Clarissa C Woodard of Princeton Jan 20, 1827 * Ruhama (Ruhamah) and Ebenezer Buss Jan __, 1787 * Ruth and Smyrna Whitney Oct 27, 1812 * Saloma and Lt Samuel Hale of Fitchburg Feb 4, 1819 Samuel and Mrs Thank. full Wilder June 1, 1784 * Samuel of Templeton and Mrs Hannah Wetherby Oct 27, 1812 * Samuel (papermaker son of Smyrna and Ruth age 27 ) and Caroline A Pulfer Nov 29, 1848 Silas and Sarah Withington Jan 27, 1774 Smyrna and Ruth Whitney Oct 27 1812 * Stephen and Abigail Stone of Gardner Nov 27, 1841 (Stephen T) * Susan E and Philip Lothrop of Shrewsbury Dec 9, 1849 * Tabitha and Capt John C Miller July 10, 1823 Theodore and Betsey Wheeler Nov 4, 1835 Thuseba of Gardner and Elisha Pierce Jr June 4, 1833 * Vashti of Gardner and Asa Roper of Sterling June 17, 1823 * * Intention to marry given Deaths Abigail wife of John, dau of Abner Holden Nov 18, 1848-81 y Achsa dau Lt Samuel and Abigail Nay 14, 1772 age 22 years Alpheus son of Lt Samuel and Abigail March 7, 1825 age 64 years Arrathusa son of Jonas and Elizabeth Aug 4, 1796 age 5y l0m l1d Asa son of Capt Leonard (Nathan)? and Eunice Sept 27, 1802 age 4y 11m Asa son of Nathan and Eunice Sept 6, 1814 (1815 age 11 GSI) Betsy dau of David and Elizabeth May 4, 1796 age ly 3m 16d Bettsa dau Jonas and Elizabeth July 7, 1787 age l0m 4d Caroline dau Smyrna and Ruth Feb 16, 1823 Eliza C July 13, 1837 age 2 (GS3) Elizabeth wife of Abner April 3, 1778 Ellen Maria dau Theodore and Betsey Nov 26, 1842 age ly Sm 16d Esther (widow Alpheus) Sept 7, 1846 age 87y 7m Eunice dau Nathan and Eunice Feb 27, 1812 age 24y 2m 15d Eunice wife of Nathan (dau Josiah and Mary Puffer) Feb 24, 1846 age 78y Flint son of Jonas W and Phebee Sept 15, 1805 age ly 7m 7d Francis Stearns son of John and Lydia Jan 16, i844 age 3y 9m 22d Franklin son of Jonas W and Phebee Jan 15, 1840 age 34 years Hannah wife of Samuel Dec 12, 1832 age 83 years John son of John and Elizabeth Feb 22, 1796 age 1y 1m 7d John June 25, 1802 in 33d year John widower of Lydia March 15, 1844 age 47 Jonas husband of Sarah Sept 8, 1778 (46th year GSI) Jonas husband of Elizabeth Jan 3, 1839 age 78 years Jonas W husband of Phebe June 8, 1826 age 46 years Jonathan son of Nathan and Tabitha June 21, 1734 age 4y 2m 7d Joseph son of Jonas and Sarah Sept 13, 1778 in 11th year Joseph Nov 26, 1838 age Sm lid Levina wife of Abner July 23, 1838, age 86 years Leonard son of Nathan and Eunice Sept 26, 1802 age 2y 8d Lucy wife of Joel Dec 1, 1791 (22years GSI) Lydia wife of John Dec 19, 1843 age 41 years Malcom C (Cowee) son of George and Aldice A Aug 12, 1849 age 2y 7m 15d Martha dau of Lt Samuel and Abigail Nov 26, 1755 age ld Martha D dau Capt Aaron and Mary Sept 3, 1847 age 19 years Nary E wife of Benjamin Oct ___ 1839 Nathan son of Nathan and Tabitha Aug 28, 1756 age 1y 3m l2d Nathan son of Nathan and Tabitha July 2, 1764 age 5y 3m Capt Nathan husband of Tabitha Aug 10, 1803 77th year Nathan Jr husband of Ann N Dec 10 1831 age 39 years 9m Nelson L son of Jonas and Nancy Oct 17, 1849 age 3m 24d Oliver son of Abner and Elizabeth June 24, 1794 age 23y 6m 16d Phebe widow of Jonas W Dec 4, 1835 age 54 (55 GS1) Ruth dau of Nathan and Tabitha July 9, 1764 age ly 3m Reuben son of David and Elizabeth July 27, 1800 age 2y 2m 19d Lt Samuel husband of Abigail Jan 1, 1782 Samuel formerly of Worcester, June 29, 1834 age 91 years Sarah dau Elisha and Eunice May 11, 1789 age ly 5m 15d Sarah widow of Jonas July 26, 1821 age 91 Susan A dau of George and Dolly Aug 20, 1846 age 1y 5m 17d Stephen husband of Sally Sept 16, 1811 age 40 Tabitha dau of Nathan and Tabitha Oct 14, 1756 age 2y 3m 15d Widow Tabitha died July 28, 1821 age 90 Tabitha dau Nathan and Tabitha June 27, 1764 age 7 nearly Tabitha widow of Nathan Dec 26, 1822 age 89y 7m William son of Nathan and Ann N April 27, 1847 age 23y 7m 13d Winchendon, Mass. Silas Whitney was there as early as 1764. He was chosen church warden and surveyor of boards and shingles. He kept a tavern there for a time. Jacob Whitney lived there during several years in a house northeast of the Crosby place, going towards Monomonauk, north of Spring Village. He lived there when his son Elias lived there and died there. Besides Elias he had a daughter Sarah born Oct. 27, 1794, who died July 26, 1797. William Whitney settled there about 1774. He was the eldest son of William Whitney and Hannah Harrington, and gr-gr-grandson of John Whitney, Jr., of Watertown. William was born in Weston April 10, 1736. He married Mary Mansfield, June 14, 1762 in Weston. Their children were: William, Phinehas, Mary, Joseph, Amasa, Sally, Luke, He died July 10, 18l7 and Mary, his wife, Dec. 17, 1815 William, son of William and Mary, born in 1765, married Ann Heywood of Gar4 ner Mass. They resided in Gardner. They both died there 1846. His grandchildren who remained in the town were Washington and Betsey Whitney Weller. Phinehas, the second son, was born April 1, 1766, and married Phebe Stearns on Jan. 17, 1793, and had the following children: Phinehas, born 1794, and died July 12, 1804. Then Phebe, wife of Phinehas, Sr., passed away April 7, 1794, age 20. Phinehas, Sr., then married Bethiah Barrett of Barre, Mass., Feb. 15, 179_ Their children were: Phebe Lucy, born June 4, 1797, married Rev. Benjamin Rice of South Deerfield. William Barrett, born Jan. 4, 1801. Nary, born March 17, 1803, married Dr. Alvah Godding. Phinehas and Nelson who died very young. Sarah Ann, born Jan. 30, 1809, married Joshua Brown, and C.W. Bigelow. Louisa, born Nay 30, 1812, married Rev. Giles H. Lyman Mary Whitney, first dau. of William and Mary, born April 10, 1773, married Benjamin Heywood, son of Seth Haywood of Gardner, Mass., in 1799. They had Levi, Benjamin F., Walter, William, Seth, Charles. Joseph, son of William and Nary, born May 20, 1775, married Hannah Perley dau. of Dudley in 1799. Their children were: Joseph, born Oct. 10, 1800, married Abigail Flint. Dudley, born July 12, 1802, married Nary S. Shore. Seba, born Feb. 21, 1805, married George Cummings. Thomas, born March, 1807. Hannah, born Aug. 6, 1809, married Joseph Adams,1 Horace Whitcomb.[2] Cynthia, born Jan. 25, 1812. Willim, born July 29, 1814, married Mary Glines. Grover S., born July 10, 1816, married Laura Robey. Betsey E., born May. 21, 1825, married Almon H. Poland. Amasa, son of William and Mary, born June 16, 1777, married Mary, dau. of Daniel Goodridge Dec., 1802. He was born March 20, 1779, and died Feb. 2, 1852. She died Jan. 11, 1855. Their children were: Webster, born Oct 6, 1803, married Eliza Parks Whitman, March 16, 1828, who died March 4, 1867. Amasa, born April 24, i8Q6, married Mary Murdock July 24, 1834. Harriet, born Jan. 27, 1811, married C.C. Pierce, Nov 13, 1833, and died Nov. 18, 1833. William Lowe, born March 24, 1815, died July 13, 1832. Baxter D., born June 28, 1817, married Sarah Jane Whitney March 1, 1846. Mary Goodridge, born Aug. 2, 1819, married William Murdock, July 8, 1841. John Milton, born Dec. 18, 1823, died Sept. 20, 1825. Sally, daughter of William and Mary, born Sept0 3, 1779, married Smyrna Bancroft of Gardner, Mass., Jan. 12, 1802. Their children: Deacon Smyrna Bancroft Amasa Bancroft who became President of the Gardner Bank. Mrs. Smith. Luke Whitney, son of William and Mary, resided in Gardner, Mass. Hananiah Whitney, Sr. married Azubah Keyes, Oct. 10, 1787. We think he was the son of Samuel and Abigail, born Dec. 18, 1762, in Winchester, Mass. They lived in Winchendon Their children: Moses, born Nov. 28, 1789. Hananiah, bo:n May 29, 1792. Alpheus, born March 8, 1794. Azubah, born August 25, 1796. Artemus, born Sept. 5, 1798. Stacey Barsina, born Feb. 4, 1801. Esther, born Jan. 13, 1803. Silas S., born June 27, 1805. Levi P., born August 19, 1807. Samuel A., born Nov 10, 1809. Abigail F., born Dec. 27, 1812. Hananiah Whitney, Jr., son of Hananiah and Azuba, married Mary Leavitt, daughter of Stowers Beals. Their children were: George Leavitt. Mary Leavitt Whitney passed away, and Hananiah married Sarah Beaman. Their children were: John N.; Mary; William; Henry N.; Sarah; Elizabeth; Abigail; Harriet; Charles. Old Silas Whitney, whom we mentioned as going to Winchendon in 1764, married Jane ____ Their children were: Love, born Dec. 8, 1758. David, born August 31, 1760. Silas, born June 12, 1762. These children, above were born in Princeton. The following children were born in Winchendon. Oliver, born Sept. 16, 1764. Bartholomew, born June 30, 1766. Jane, born June 6, 1768. Phebe, born Feb. 1, 1770. WESTMINSTER, MASS. WIIITNEYS Samuel Whitney, son of William and Martha, born May 23, 1719. He married Abigail Fletcher Oct. 20, 1741, residing in Westminster. He was a man of wealth and influence, and gave each one of his sons a farm at his death. He died Jan 1, 1782. His wife, Abigail date of death seems to be unknown, Children: Abigail, born Aug. 27, 1.742, died young. Mary, born May 29, 1744, married Elijah Gibbs[1], and Edward Scott.2 They resided in Westminster. Samuel, born Feb 11, 1746, married Thankful Wilder, resided in town. Abner, born May 18, 1748, married twice, resided in town. Aohsah, born Sept. 30, 1750, died May 14, 1772. Silas, born Oct. 20, 1752, married Sarah Withington, resided in Ashburnham, had 8 children, died Nov. 14, 1798. Martha, born Nov. 26, 1755, died young. Elisha, born July 2, 1757, married Eunice Seaver, resided in town. Alpheus, born Feb. 25, 1759, married Esther Hartwell, resided in town and in Winchester. Had several children, died 1828. Phineas, born Jan. 16, 1761, married Elizabeth Rand, resided in town. Hananiah, born Dec. 18, 1762 married Azubah Keyes, resided in town, and in Winchester, several children, died 1828, see family above. Martha, born Sept. 18, 1764, married Benjamin Seaver, resided in Westminster, had 10 children, and died Sept. 2, 1832. Susannah, born Feb. 9, 1767, died young. Samuel Whitney, oldest son of the above Samuel, was published to Thankful Wilder, June 30, 1784. He occupied a home in Westminster, on lot 65, and later built and occupied the home that later belonged to his son Smyrna Whitney. He died in 1812, age 66. Children: Smyrna, born March 6, 1786, married Ruth Whitney, resided in town. Pliny, born Nov. 13, 1787, married and moved to Wilton, New Hampshire. Moses, born May 19, 1789, moved to Lyndeboro, Vt., with Joel Wood. Solome, born Jan. 10, 1792, married Samuel Hale, resided in Fitchburg, had several children. One of her sons was Hon. Samuel W. Hale, the Ex_ Gov. of New Hampshire. Abner Whitney, brother of Samuel, and son of Samuel and Abigail Fletcher,, married Elizabeth Glazier, dau. of Jonas and Eunice Shy, on May 14, 1770, and settled near his father s homestead. His wife, Elizabeth died April 3, 1778, and he married her sister Levinah Ward, April 22, 1779. She died July 23, 1838, age 79. At the age of 63, he passed away, in 1811. Children: Oliver, born Dec. 8, 1770, died June 24, 1794, unmarried. John, born July 28, 1772, possibly married Susannah Smith, residence ? Levi, born Jan. 1, 1777, married Rebecca Warren. Jonas W., born April 22, 1780 married Phebe Rand, resided in town. Joseph G., born June 22, 1783, married Lavina Dunn, resided in town. Elizabeth, born Aug. 2, 1785, married Lorey Barnes, resided in town, had several children. Dolly, born Oct. 26, 1791, married Vinal Dunn, resided in town, had 10 children, and died April 2, 1884. Abel, born May 14, 1793, died, unmarried, April 28, 1852. Elisha Whitney, brother of Abner, and another son of Samuel and Abigail, born July 2, 1757, married Eunice Seaver, dau. of Norman and Sarah (Reed) in 1781, and lived in the area. About 1800 he moved to Winchendon. His children were: Orpah, born Sept. 24, 1783 Joseph born Feb. 22, 1785. Sarah, born Nov. 26, 1787, died May 11, 1789. Tryphena, born January 18, 1788. Tryphosa, born March 2, 1790. Norman S., born May 22, 1791. Phineas Whitney, from the same family, married Elizabeth Rand, dau of John and Tabitha, in 1788. He settled on part of his father Samuel s estate. He sold the place eventually to Jacob Sawyer, and it later passed to Joel Whitney. Phineas removed to Pittsford, Vt. where he and his wife spent their last days. Children: Lydia, born March 30, 1788. Betsey, born Dec. 27, 1789. Nancy, born Sept. 21, 1791. John, born July 28, 1793. Thomas, born March 18, 1795. Smyrna Whitney, son of Samuel and Thankful (Wilder) Whitney, married a distant cousin, Ruth Whitney, dau. of Nathan and Eunice (Puffer) Whitney. He succeeded to his father s estate, and was a prosperous farmer, and honored citizen, active in public affairs. He died May 16, 1857, age 71. Ruth Whitney died 6 months later, Nov. 25, 1857. Children: Lucinda, born Sept. 14, 1814, married Josiah Page, resided in town. They had 3 children. Lucinda died, Jan. 1893. Eunice, born Aug. 29, 1818, married Franklin Lombard, resided in town, had 7 children, and died in 1891. Samuel, born March 7, 1821, married Caroline Puffer, resided in Fitchburg, had 4 children, arid died March 31, 1868. Caroline, born Jan. 21, 1823, died Feb. 16, 1823. Charles, born Nov. 10, 1824, married Abbie A. Tolman, resided Shirley, Mass. Nathan, born July 20, 1828, married Mary S. Tolman, resided Bennington, NH George, E., born June 5, 1831, married Sarah J. Tolman, resided in Keene, NH Jonas Ward Whitney, son of Abner and Levina Whitney, married Phebe, dau of Zachariah and Jerusha (Sawyer) Rand, in May 27, 1800, and lived on the estate occupied by his father. He was a trusted townsman. He died June 8, 1826, age 46. His widow died Dec. 4, 1835, age 54. Children: Phebe, born Sept. 8, 1800, married Gideon Beaman, resided in town, died 186_ Flint, born Feb. 8, 1804, died Sept. 15, 1805 Franklin, born Sept. 15, 1806, died Jan. 15, 1840 Louisa, born Sept. 4, 1808, married Philander C. Brown, resided in town, had 8 children, and died April 8, 1888. George W., born March 7, 1813, married Dolly Jackson, resided in town, had 3 children. Jonas N., born Aug. 29, 1816, married Nancy Lynde, resided in town, 3 chn. John N., born March 30, 1819, married Susan Winchester, resided in town, had no children, died May 23, 1861. Aaron F., born July 25, 1821, married Mary Ann Read, resided Fitchburg. Lucy Ann, born Nov. 17, 1823, married Milton Wetherbee, resided above. (Fitchburg). Joseph Glazier Whitney, brother of the above, and son of Abner and Elizabeth (Glazier), married Levinah, dau. of John and Molly (Puffer) Dunn, 1805, and settled in the area. He died July 31, 1868, age 85. His widow died June 24, 1875, age 86. Children: John, born Sept 12, 1806, married Elizabeth Cushing, resided in town. Abner, born April 1, 1808, married Lavina G. Whittemore, resided in town. Levina G., born July 29, 1812, married Rev. Stephen Cushing, lived Boston Mary P., born July 19, 1812, married Perley Howe, resided Ashburnham, Belinda, born May 20, 1815, married Benjamin Cushing, resided in Ashburnham, had 11 children, died Jan. 15, 1841. Stephen, born Jan. 10, 1821, married Abigail Stone, resided Templeton, had 3 chn, and died Dec. 11, 1851. Lucy, born July 21, 1826, married Edward Chase, had 3 chn. One son was Rev. Edward Chase of Lawrence, Mass. George W. Whitney, son of Jonas W., married Dolly, dau. of Edward and Dolly (Brooks) Jackson, and settled in the area. Mr. Whitney had been adopted by Samuel Miller, and inherited that estate, including the land. Children: Mary H. born Dec. 20, 1838, married Joel R. Rice, resided in town. Franklin N., born Aug. 23, 1842, married Louisa F. Downs, lived Fitchburg. Susan A., born March 5, 1845, died Aug. 22, 1846. Jonas N. Whitney, brother of George W., married Nancy Lynde, dau. of Benjamin, May 6, 1841. He died June 4, 1884, age 67. His widow died Dec. 18, 1889, age 69. Children: Nelson L., Born June 23, 1849, died Oct 17, 1849. Christine E., born Feb. 2, 1851, died June 28, 1856. Nellie C., born Jan. 8, 1856, married Frank Barrell, lived Ashburnham. Myron L., born July 11, 1859. John Whitney, son of Joseph G. Whitney who married Lavina Dunn, married Eliza Cushing, dau. of Stephen and Eliza (Goodale) of Ashburnham, on May 9, 1832. He was a chair maker by trade, and lived in Westminster. In later years he moved to Ashburnham, where he died May 4, 1873, age 66. His wife died Sept. 1, 1882, age 67. Children: Stephen C., born July 4, 1833, married Achasah I. May who died in the service at N.0., Feb. 20, 1863. Eliza C., born July 25, 1835, died July 13, 1837. Joseph, born June 15, 1820, died Nov. 26, 1838. Wilbur F., born Dec. 9, 1839, married Emeline S. Jewell, and resided in Ashburnham, had 5 children. John E., born Oct. 28, 1841, died Nov. 21, 1856. Timothy N., born Dec. 2, 1844, died Nov. 22, 1856. George E., born April 20, 1847, died unmarried, Oct. 30, 1880. Orange, born March 16, 1849, married Laura N. Collester. Sarah. A., born Oct. 4, 1850, married George H. Clapp, resided Greenfield Arthur N., born Oct. 4, 1853, resided Grand Rapids, Michigan, unmarried. Alfred H., born June 14, 1856, married Susie W. Davis, resided Ashburnharn Nathan Whitney of Westminster Nathan Whitney was another early settler of Westminster, Mass. He was the head of another branch of the same Whitney family. The line being John of Watertown, John Jr., who had Nathaniel, and also Benjamin who married Abigail Hager, by whom he had Ensign David, a prominent resident of Waltham, and the father of the above Nathan. Nathan Whitney was born March 12, 1727. He bought a lot in town, Dec. 20, 1750. In 1752-3, he brought his young bride, Tabitha Merriam, whom he married in Sept. of the previous year . Although fearful of the Indians, it was not the savages who caused the troubles for these people, but the epidemics that swept the colonies at that time. The severe illness that swept the area in 1756 took both their children, and a similar illness in 1764 took the four born to them in the meantime. Only three of the nine they sired, all born at a later date, survived to maturity. Nathan Whitney was an enterprising, prosperous citizen, and interested in military affairs. As Corporal in his comp any, he was ordered to enlist, by George the Second, for service in the Canada Expedition, one Edward Joyner, a resident of the township. In 1771 he was made Captain. Nathan Whitney died Aug. 10, 1803, age 76. His widow, Tabitha, survived him nearly 20 years. She died Dec. 26, 1822, age 90. His will stated that his son David should provide Tabitha household privileges, "2 cows, a horse to ride with when she want to" and also each year "4 bush rye meal, 6 bush Indian (corn), 2 bush wheat made into flour, 100 lbs. pork, 100 beef, 3 barrels cyder and 10 cords wood." The children of Nathan and Tabitha were: Tabitha, born June 29, 1753, died Oct. 14, 1756, Nathan, born May 16, 1755, died August 28, 1756. Tabitha, born July 6, 1757, died Jan. 27, 1764. Nathan, born April 9, 1759, died July 2, 1764. Jonathan, born May 14, 1761, died June 21, 1764. Ruth, born April 17, 1763, died July 7, 1764. Nathan born July 1, 1765, married Eunice Puffer, lived Westminster. David, born Aug. 16, 1767, married Elizabeth Barron, lived Westminster. John, born Oct. 13, 1769, married Elizabeth Stearns, lived Westminster. Nathan Whitney, the oldest surviving son of Nathan and Tabitha, married Eunice Puffer, dau. of Josiah and Mary (Reed), Dec. 1786. In 1793 he bought the Gerrish property in the central village, and resided there until his death. He was town treasurer from 1810 to 1830. In later years he suffered a financial disaster, and maintained his good name and standing in the community. He died Feb. 14, 1851, age 85. His wife, Eunice died Feb. 24, 1846, age 78. Their children were: Eunice, born Dec. 12, 1787, died unmarried, Feb. 27, 1812. Ruth, born Nov 12, 1789, married Smyrna Whitney, resided in Westminster. Nathan born March 28, 1792, married Ann N. Whitney, resided Westminster. Percis, born April 3, 1795 probably died in infancy. Asa, born Oct. 24, 1797, died Sept. 27, 1802. Leonard, born Sept. 18, died Sept. 26, 1802. Asa, born Oct 25, 1803, died Sept. 6, 1814. Mary. F., born May 23, 1806, married N.H. Cutting, resided Westminster Leonard, born Nov. 25, died unmarried in early manhood. David Whitney, another son of Nathan and Tabitha, inherited the home of his father, and some of his habits of thrift, economy and industry. He was also a deeply religious man; at church he served as Deacon more than 60 yrs. In his early days he took part in the suppression of Shays' Rebellion. He lived to almost 100 years, dying March 25, 1867, with only 4 months left to make it to the centenarian year. His wife, Elizabeth Barron, dau of Oliver and Mary of Concord, whom he married Nov. 24, 1791, died April 28, 1853, at the age of 84. Children: Tabitha, born March 9, 1793, married John C. Miller, resided in town. He had 8 chn. She died April 11, 1888. Betsey, born Jan. 18, 1795, died May 4, 1796. David, born Oct. 24, 1796, died unmarried, March 8, 1875. Reuben, born May 5, 1798, died July 27, 1800, Aaron, born March 1, 1800, married Martha Raymond, resided in town. Betsey, born Feb. 5, 1802, married Nathan Howard, resided in town, 7 chn. Reuben, P., born July 24, 1804, married Clarissa Woodward, removed to Princeton, 7 chn, died 1892. Isaac, born March 14, 1806, married twice, and then removed to Illinois, died Aug. 4, 1846. Mary, born Aug. 19, 1808, married Win. S. Everett, removed to Princeton, 1 child, died May 28, 1838. Sally, born June 17, 1810, married Moses Booth, removed to Newark, Ill. Calvin, born Dec. 1, 1813, married Huldah Brown, resided in town. John Whitney, youngest son of Capt. Nathan and Tabitha, married Elizabeth Stearns, dau. of Josiah and Abigail (Emerson), Dec. 31, 1793, and settled on the first lot bought by his father in the town. He lived but briefly, as did so many of the Whitney men, dying June 25, 1802, age 32. His widow married James Walker, and had no issue, and then Luke Warren of Hub., by whom she had 4 children. She died Oct. 30, 1838. The children by John Whitney: John, born Jan 15, 1795, died Feb. 22, 1796. John, born Feb. 20, 1797, married Lydia Allen, resided in town. Betsey, born May 3, 1799, married Thomas Merriam, resided in town, had 3 children, and died July 1, 1888. JONAS WHITNEY OF WESTMINSTER,SON OF ENSIGN DAVID. Another son of Ensign David Whitney of Waltham, and brother of Nathan, of whom we wrote in the previous section, was born June 25, 1733. He followed his brother Nathan, and on the 20th of July, 1757, bought of Samuel Merriam of Lexington, the farm and buildings that had originally belonged to the father of Samuel, Nathaniel Merriam. The same year he married Sarah Whittemore of Lexington, by whom he had 5 children. He died Sept 8, 1778, age 45. His widow died July 26, 1821. Children: Jonas, born March 10, 1761, married Betsey Raymond, resided in town. Ruhamah, born April 11, 1763, married Ebenezer Buss, had 7 chd, died 1786. Joel, born Sept. 13, 1765, married twice, resided in town. Joseph, born April 27, 1768, died Sept. 13, 1778. Benjamin, born April 28, 1770, married Nancy Fuller, resided in Marlboro, NH. Had several children. Jonas Whitney, son of the above Jonas, married Betsey Raymond, dau. of Jonathan and Susannah (White), Dec 1, 1785. He succeeded to the estate of his father. He held a high place in public esteem, and filled many important posts of public service. He was also Justice of the Peace, and was affectionately known as "Squire Whitney." He had a long, busy, useful life; he died Jan. 3, 1839, age 77. His widow, Betsey, died Nov. 18, 1857, age 91. Children were: Betsey, born Sept. 3, 1786, died July 7, 1787. Betsey, born April 1, 1788, married Abijah Whitney, resided Lunenberg. Arethusa, born Sept. 26, 1790, died Aug. 4, 1796. Polly E., born Oct 25, 1792, married John Perkins, resided Leominster, had 7 children, died Aug. 20, 1874. Joseph, born Dec. 18, 1794, married Sally Harrington, resided in town. Charles, born March 21, 1797, married Sally Howard, resided in town. Myra, born July 16, 1199, married Leonard Minott, resided in town, and in Groton, died Sept. 1, 1872. Nancy, born March 9, 1803, married Aretas Raymond, resided in town, had 3 children, died Aug. 7, 1875. Jonas, born July 20, 1807, married Lucinda Damon, resided in town. Harrison G. born Jan. 2, 1812, married twice, resided in town. Joel Whitney, brother of Jonas, above, lived with his brother Jonas on the paternal estate, but eventually sold his shares to Jonas and purchased his own place in the area where he spent the rest of his life. His services were much in demand as an arbitrator in the settlement of personal differences, and questions of controversy. For such things one needed good sense, freedom from prejudice, and knowledge of property adjustment, plus the disposition to deal fairly and honorably with all parties concerned. He married Lucy Holden, dau of Abner, and Elizabeth (Darby), in 1790. She had one child, and died Dec. 1, 1791, age 21. He married her sister, Abigail Holden Merriam, widow of Nathan. They had several children. He died Jan. 3, 1839, age 77. His widow died Nov. 18, 1848, age 84. Children: Lucy, born Nov. 25, 1791, married Joseph Brown, resided in town, had 4 children, died Oct. 18, 1821. Cynthia, born Oct. 12, 1797, married Ebenezer Jones, resided in town, had several children, died 18? Joseph H., born Dec. 27, 1799, married Betsey Pratt, resided in town. Horace, born April 26, 1802, married Mary Sawin, resided in town. Elizabeth B., born May 27, 1804, married Timothy Weeks, resided Lowell. Theodore, born April 2, 1807, married Betsey Wheeler, resided in town. Relief F., born Feb. 22, 1810, married _____Tripp, removed to NY State. Joseph Whitney, son of Jonas and Betsey (Raymond) Whitney, married Sally Harrington, dau. of Benjamin and Sarah (Woodward), Nov. 20, 1823. A carpenter by trade, and a leading contractor and builder, he was a man of honor and integrity, thus creating a demand for his services wherever he was known. When he became frail and elderly, he removed to Leominster, where his children lived, spending his last days with his immediate family. He died April 6, 1873, age 80. His wife Sally died before him. Children: Susan E., born Oct. 25, 1826, married Philip Lothrop, resided Leominster. Francis A., born Feb 5, 1830, married twice, had 5 children. William B., born Aug, 23, 1841, married Julian P. Tilton, had 1 child. He died Sept. 30, 1891. Charles Whitney, brother of the above Joseph, married Sally Howard, dau. of Joseph and Hannah (Pollard), and lived on the ancestral home, until his father passed away, when he disposed of the property and spent a few years elsewhere in town. He removed to Monticello, Minn., where he and his wife passed away after several years. Children: C. Orlando, born Feb. 4, 1830. Merrill, born Dec. 24, 1831. Henry, born March 4, 1834. Sarah H., born June 23, 1836. William H., born Jan. 10, 1840. Jonas Whitney, another son of Jonas and Betsey (Raymond) Whitney, married Lucinda Damon, dau. of Timothy and Phebe (Miller), and settled in the town for the rest of their lives. They lived on Bacon Street. He died Dec. 15, 1884, age 77, after an exemplary life. His wife died April 10, 1868, age 58. George, born Oct, 15, 1834, married Julia Crocker, resided Leominster. Mary, born Feb. 6, 1841, married George W. Eaton, resided in town. Harrison G. Whitney, youngest son of Jonas and Betsey, married Laura I. Carpenter, dau of Alanson and Avis Carpenter of Keene, NH. She died Nov. 12, 1854, age 39. He married Eliza Ann Solander, dau. of Cheny and Mary Solander of Brimfield, Dec. 25, 1855. Harrison Whitney manufactured "Westminster Bread," that was very popular in that town. He carried on another business,-One that involved probate and insurance. He died Dec. 15, 1884, age 77; his wife died April 10, 1868 age 58. Children: Harrison B., born Feb. 14, 1841, married Francillia Spaulding, resided in Leominster. They had 4 children. Ellen L., born May 30, 1844, married John B. Day, resided Worcester, 4 chn Jane A., born Oct. 15, 1846, married Loring Burgess, and John H. Lackey. They resided in Leominster. He died 1889. Charles S., born July 24, 1861, married Flora A. Davis, resided in Fitchburg, and Westminster. Joseph Holden Whitney, was the son of Joel and Abigail (Holden) Whitney, and he married Betsey Pratt, dau. of Aaron and Betsey Pratt, April 27, 182_ He became a member of the State Legislature, and was active in military affairs. In later years he removed to be with his family in Phillipston, where he was an active citizen. He died Jan. 9, 1872, age 72. His widow, Betsey, died March 17, 1881, age 81. Children were: George, born Oct. 14, 1822, married Aldice Adams, resided Phillipston, had two children, died March 7, 1881. Lucy, born Sept. 14, 1827, married Hiram Polley, resided Phillipst0n. Eliza, born August 19, 1829, married F.A. Merriam, resided in town, 2 chn. Sarah, born June 7, 1836, married Aaron W. Merriam, resided Groton, 4 chn. Horace Whitney, brother of Joseph, above, married Mary Sawin, dau. of Sullivan and Mary (Heywood), of Westminster, April 8, 1829. He lived, at various times in Hubbard, Groton, Westminster, and Boston, where he lived past 91. His wife passed away Jan. 7, 1891, age 83. Their children: Justin, born July 9, 1831, married Betsey Taylor, Emma J. Nash, They resided in Boston, had 3 chn. Walter, born Nov. 30, 1832, married Mary L. Stoddard, resided Groton, died July 17, 1858. Mary, born Dec. 20, 1834, married John T. Emerson, resided Claremont, NH, had 2 chn. H. Webster, born April 7, 1836, married Ellen N. Blodgett, resided Cambridge, 1 chd. Elizabeth, born March 11, 1838, married Win. S. Folger, resided Boston, 2 chn. Alfred, born August 18, i840, married Cordelia Knowles, resided Claremont, NH, 4 chn. William Henry, born Oct. 29, 1852, died Sept. 23, 1843. Catherine D., born Feb. 27, 1845, married George C. Woodman, resided in Chelsea, Mass., 4 chn. Alvin, born Nov. 24, 1847, married Maria A. Rich, resided Chicago, 3 chn. Cynthia. J., born August 17, 1850, married Winthrop Nagee, resided Boston. Ellen H., born Nov. 7, 1853, married _____Putnam, resided Brooklyn, NY. Theodore Whitney, youngest brother of these last two, married Betsey Wheeler, dau of Josiah and Betsey (Puffer), Nov. 4, 1835, and settled in the area until his wife passed away March 31, 1884. He removed to Brattleboro, Vt., to live with his dau. Children: Ellen N., born June 10, 1841, died Nov. 26, 1842. Mary J., born June 2, 1843, married Julius Whitney, resided Brattleboro,Vt QUERIES Stephen Whitney married Ellen Percy Cady, and had Alice L. Whitney, born 7 Oct. 1855, died Randolph, Iowa. Need info on family. Frances Molsberry, 940 San Eduardo, Henderson, Nv 89015. Clara E. dau of David St John Whitney, born 28 Mar 1805, Fairfield, Vt.(David Clara born Sidney NY 28 Feb 1850. Need info on families. Doris L. Manzer, 1726 Old Westminster Pike, Westminster, Md. 21157. Jonas Whitney, born 180,5, Marlboro, NH, in Charlotte Forman, born Dec 1815, Tompkins, NY, in Dec 1835. Need info on families of both. Gerald H. Forman, 1508 West View Drive, Berkeley, Ca 94705. Mariaha Amelia Whitney, born May 1832, NH in James R. Chaffin 1846, Lockport, NY, all info. Marilyn Gemme, 1094 King st, San Gabriel, Ca. 91776. Mother of John Whitney, born ca 1650, in Mar 17, 1764/5 Elizabeth Smith, b ca 1655, Norwalk, Conn. Doris Moser, 476 S.E. 1st, E, Wenatchee, Wa 98801. Mary T. Whitney of NY, m James Grimes of Vt, 1815-1820. Had 2 sons, 2nd was David, b 16 Mar 1820, Cortland Ca, NY. She died there 1832. Elizabeth Wall, 844 N. Marion St., Oak Park, Ii 60302. Harry Garrison Whitney, b NY in Dora Snedeker, b Dec 1, Ohio, 1855, on Jan. 13, 1877 Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Had 8 chn. Descendants and ancestors Please. Mary Schachner, 1461 Lunt Av Elk Grove, Il 60007. Zibinia Whitney m. Nancy Herrin, parents of John Whitney, b Oct 13, 1845 NY, same person listed in THE DESCENDANTS OF JOHN WHITENY, WHO CAME FROM LONDON, ENGLAND TO WATERTOWN, MASS IN 1635? Joan B. Whitney, 150 First Av Plainwell, Michigan, 49080. Need the maiden name and ancestors of Zerviah ? who in Joshua Whitney, who was b 1706, Stow, Mass. Clarence A. Pierce, 30 S. Fillmore St., Beverly Hills, Fla 32665. Glasford Whitney, in ? Black. He possibly came from Mass. Had son Milton born Licking Co Ohio 1818. They lived near Newark, Ohio. Milton a boatman or Ohio Canal, m Margaret McKinney. Need info on families, searching long time Ben Whitney, 2666 Lee St Simi Valley, Ca 93065. Asaph Whitney in Bethiah Hopkins, d Cato NY 1830. Interested in families related to Whitney and Hopkins. Jean B. Whitney, 150 First Av., Plainwell, Michigan, 49080. Interested in info on Phineas (Phinehas) Whitney, born Jan. 16, 1761, in Westminster, Mass. Moved Pittsford, Vt. War pension 1831. Grant Whitney, 119 West Logan St., Clarinda, Iowa, 51632. (See this issue. Editor). Henry Whitney of Bermuda, in Amelia Harriott of Bermuda, 1815. Was he related to Wm Whitney of Bridgeport, Conn? Win. married Frances Nary Hill, born 1828 Bermuda. Whitney Whistler, Box 43, Palos Verdes Ests, Ca 90274. Descendants of George W. Whitney, b July 5, 1825, possibly Addison Ca, Vt. George living "out of state" in settlement of grandfather John Hinde s estate in 1860. Phyllis Bridge Egge, 1022 Boulevard, Sturgis, SD 57785.

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