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Vol. 3, No. 3 NEW YORK MENTIONED IN SARATOGA COUNTY NEW YORK***WHITNEYS Cornelius Whitney 93 of Saratoga New York Academy JW Whitney Saratoga Springs New York Frank Whitney Pvt 1861 Edinburgh Hartwell W. Whitney died after injuries of war of 1863 Edinburgh Herman Whitney of Stillwater, a carpenter, lived 1764-1800 Henry C Whitney, 1860 bought a shop in Edinburgh Ellen E Whitney, taught in Saratoga Springs, New York Samuel Whitney, Balston taxes 1779 William M. Whitney, 1878, Stillwater Academy Zenas Whitney, 1848, collector of taxes in Edinburgh ST LAWRENCE AND FRANKLIN COUNTIES Charter members of the Sons of Temperance, 1848; CM Whitney, EE Whitney. One of the early settlers of Pottsdam in 1803 was Francis Whitney. Madrid, John S Whitney, 1836, Society of the Baptist Church. Lawrence, Luther Whitney, 1838-9, Supervisor of Town. W. Potsdam, P. Whitney, secretary of town 1851. Peter Whitney, supervisor in Dickinson, 1846-1852. Rufus Whitney, Brandon, 1828, Commissioner of Highway. WHITNEYS FROM WATERTOWN Thomas2 married Mary Kedd, from John.1 Thomas3 of Watertown, born 24 Aug 1656, married 29 Jan 1679, Elizabeth, who died 8 Feb 1742 (dau George Lawrence). Thomas died 12 April, 1742. Benjamin4 (3rd son) of Marlborough and Boston, born 7 Oct 1687, married 7 Feb 1710 Sarah Barrett[1] (dau John), who died 15 Feb 1730. They had 5 sons and 4 daus. In 1730 Benjamin married Abigail Bridge[2] (dau Matthew), who died 1 Aug 1767. He died 24 Oct 1737, leaving: Benjamin born 9 May 1732 died March 1751 George born 27 March 1733 died 26 Dec 1751 Samuel born 5 Sept 1734 Abigail born 13 May 1731, married Samuel Austen, and died May 1792-3 Anna born 27 Oct 1736 married William Bows 22 Dec 1761 Samuel[5] of Boston Concord and Castine Maine Born 5 Sept, 1734 married 20 Oct 1757 Abigail Cutler (dau David), who died 2 July 1813. He died 29 May, 1808, leaving issue: Joseph[6] of Boston born 27 May 1771, married 24 Sept 1793, Sally[1] (dau Elijah Collins), who died 22 Sept, 1799. He married 18 Oct 1803, Catherine[2] (dau Henry Smith). He died 24 June, 1812, leaving a son by his first wife. Joseph[7] of Boston, born 11 June, 1796, married 23 July 1822, Elizabeth (dau John Pratt). He died 11 Sept, 1869 leaving issue: Henry Austin[8]. Caroline Elizabeth, born 25 Oct 1825, married 28 Nov 1867, Higson Ayers Johnson. She died 24 April, 1908. Sarah Josephine, born 18 Jan. 1837, died 24 March, 1842. Henry Austen, born 6 Oct 1826, attended Harvard College, married Fanny Lawrence (dau William), who died 28 Jan 1883. He died 21 Jan, 1889, leaving Henry Lawrence born 27 Oct 1853, DY Joseph Cutler Ellerton Pratt, born 21 August, 1858, married 5 June, 1901, Ellen Cushman Sargeant, and they had issue. Hugh born 7 Sept 1870, married Eleanor Shattuck 2 Oct 1897. He died 1907. GARDNER, MASSACHUSETTS BIRTHS***WHITNEY Abigail Maria d of Joseph2 and Nancy 20 Jan 1825 Alanthina d William and Anne 3 April 1796 Amasa, twins William and Anne 19 June 1805 Anna d Luke and Cyntha 1 April 1819 Anne d William and Anne 23 Oct 1797 Asaph Blakely s Joseph and Nancy 21 August 1817 Asia Partridge s Luke bpt 1 June 1827 Austin s Seth and Sally 27 Feb 1819 Austin s Austin and Maria H 29 June 1849 Betsy d William and Sibella Clark 16 April 1815 Caleb Washburn s Jonathan and Mehitable 29 Nov 1824 Caroline Mason d Henry and Mary A 24 Oct 1834 Charles s Amasa and Dolly 21 Sept 1830 Chloe d Seth and Chloe 4 Oct 1828 Cynthia d Zuke and Cyntha 26 June 1813 Dearkis d Joshua and Vashti 14 Jan 1788 Dolly d Joshua and Vashti 28 March 1790 Dorcas d Joshua and Vashti 27 Sept 1793 Deulcina d Henry and Mary A 10 Jan 1827 Ebenezer s Joshua and Vashti 1 Aug 1800 Elisa d Luke and Cynthia bpt 12 Aug 1827 Eliza Ann d Henry and Mary k 1 March 1825 Eveline d Henry and Mary Ann 2 Oct 1844 Fidelia d Joseph2 and Nancy 11 Oct 1815 Florance Adelaide d Henry and Mary A 15 June 1840 Frederic s Joseph2 and Nancy 29 Sept 1836 Harriet Newell d Joseph2 and Nancy 15 April 1829 Harvey s Joseph2 and Nancy 29 Sept 1836 Hollis s Joseph2 and Nancy 11 Aug 1801 Isaac Henry s Henry and Mary A 27 Nov 1828 James s Amasa and Dolly 4 Oct 1835 Jerome s Luke and Cvntha 6 May 1821 Jerome Luke s Luke and _________ 12 March 1846 Joel s Joshua and Vashti 13 April 1798 John s Joshua and Vashti 21 April 1796 John Tyler s Henry and Mary A 14 May 1838 Jonathan Addison s Jonathan and Mehitable 10 Feb 1822 Jonathan Davis s Jonathan and Mehitable 8 Feb 1826 Joseph s Joshhua and Vashti 24 March 1792 Joseph s William and Anne 28 Feb 1794 Joseph Lincoln s Joseph2 and Nancy 17 Dec 1826 Joshua s Joshua and Vashti 9 Fab 1786 Joshua Avery s Joseph2 and Nancy 28 Feb 1814 Joshua 2 s Joshua and Vashti 24 Mar1795 Julia Ann d Joshua A and Mehitable 31 Aug 1842 Laura J d Joshua A and Mehitable 22 May 1844 Laura M d Orange 17 Dec 1819 Levi Warren s Levi and Rebeccah 17 June 1810 Lucy d William and Anna bpt 20 Oct 1805 Lucy (w Amasa) 4 Nov 1814 Lucy d Seth and Sally 22 June 1821 Lucy Pollard d Jonathan and Mehitable 27 Jan 1821 Luke s Luke and Cyntha 14 Feb 1810 Lusy twin d William and Anne 19 June 1805 Madelia Elvira d Joshua and Mehitable 12 June 1846 Mercus s Ivers and Lucy 13 Sept 1846 Marietta d Joseph2 and Nancy 27 July 1821 Mary d Joshua and Vashti 20 Dec 1807 Mary d Luke and Cyntha bpt 12 Aug 1827 Mary d Seth and Chloe 13 Jan 1838 Mary Eliza d Luke and Mary D 11 Sept 1844 Mary Jane d Joseph2 andNancy 27 Sept 1819 Mary Paulena d Henry and Mary A 25 Aug 1830 Mary Sawyer d Joseph2 and Nancy 20 Feb 1831 Nancy Jane d Joseph2 and Nancy 12 Aug 1823 Oliver s Joshua and Vashti 28 April 1784 Orason s Luke and Cyntha 12 Jan 1806 Roena Hill d Joseph P and Roena 25 July 1823 Ruth Meriam d Levi and Rebeccah 3 Sept 1801 Sally d Seth and Chloe 30 Jan 1833 Sarah Park d Henry and Mary A 12 June 1832 Seth s William and Anne 8 Dec 1792 Seth s Seth and Sally 25 May 1817 Seth s Seth and Chloe 30 Jan 1833 Silas s Joshua and Vashti bpt 24 Oct 1802 Silas s Joshua and Vashti 11 Nov 1804 Stephine d William and Anne bpt 20 Oct 1805 Thuceba d Luke and Cyntha 19 March 1808 Thuceba d Luke and Cyntha 6 May 1815 Webster Wood s Seth and Sally 29 Nov 1824 William s William and Anne 17 Sept 1791 William s Luke and Cyntha 30 Aug 1817 William Lincoln s Seth and Chloe 5 Feb 1827 MARRIAGES***WHITNEY Abby M (d Joseph2 and Nancy age 21) Shorley Collister 11 Nov 1845 Althina and Richard Baker 23 April 1816 Amasa and Dolly Soollay 16 April 1828 or 1829 Amasa (s William and Anna age 40 widr and farmer) Lucy Coolidge 25 Dec 1845 Ann P and Luther Reed of Springfield 10 Dec 1833 Chloe (d Seth and Chloe age 18) Charles A Perley 20 April 1846-7 Dolly and Asa Holden of Westminster 1 June 1815 Dorcas and Edmond Nichols of Westminster 1 Dec 1808 Dulceanna A (d Henry and Mary Ann age 19) John Q Clark 7 May 1846 Easter (Ester in int) Jonas Brick 25 Dec 1813 George and Sophia Greenwood 5 March 1823 Capt Henry and Mary Ann S Bassett of Templeton int 27 March 1824 Horrice of Fitchburg and Mary Sawin 8 April 1828-1829 Ivers of Winchendens Joseph and Nancy age 25 yeoman) I c John and Rachel Holbrook Osgood 6 July 1817 Jonathan of Sterling and Lucy Wheeler int 24 Aug 1793 Jonathan and Mehitable Davis of Harvard int 9 Oct 1816 Joseph and Lovena Dunn of Westminster Joseph2 and Nancy Sawen of Westminster int 3 June 1813 Joseph3 and Anna Putnam 6 May 1818 Joseph P and Roena Bickford 28 Jan 1823 Louisa of winchendon and Rev Giles Lyman of Jaffrey NH 14 Dec 1835 Lucy and Oliver Esty of Westminster 12 Oct 1824 Lucy (d Seth and Sally age 22) and Ivers Whitney of Winchendon 23 May 1844 Luke and Cyntha Partridge 30 June 1806 Marietter (d Joseph and Nancy age 24) William H Learned 5 Aug 1845 Nancy J and Caleb Young 26 Oct 1843 Polly of Winchendon and Benjamin Heywood int 7 Oct 1799 Rowena H and William P Allen 25 July 1843 Sally of Winchendon and Semyrna Bancroft int 23 Nov 1801 Sally and Luther Alden of Templeton 15 June 1819 Seth and Sally Woof 23 April 1816 Seth and Chloe Lincoln 28 Dec 1825 Mrs Vashti and Asa Roper of Sterling int 23 April 1823 William Jr of Winchendon and Anna Heywood int 18 Sept 1790 William Jr and Sible Clark Greenwood 10 May 1814 DEATHS***WHITNEY Anna d Luke and Cyntha 10 Aug 1838 age 19 Anna wid William Whitney 21 Jan 1846 age 75. Born in Sterling Celia (Cyntha?) d Luke and Cyntha 5 Dec 1813 Dolly d Joshua and Vashti 9 May 1791 Dolly w Amasa 25 Oct 1843 age 34 James S s Amasa and Dolly 16 Feb 1844 age 8 Jerome s Luke and Cyntha 6 Aug 1838 age 17 Joel s Joshua and Vashti 15 March 1801 age 2 Jonas so Amasa and Dollu 16 Feb 1844 age 8 Jonathan Addison s Jonathan and Mehitable 6 Oct 1822 Joseph (farmer) 5 April 1846 age 83 Joseph P husband Roena 19 Jan 1824 age 26 Joshua s Joshua and Vashti 16 Feb 1792 Joshua2 s Joshua and Vashti 2 May 1795 Joshua soldier of the Revolution 2 July 1812 age 58 Luke husband Cyntha 1 Sept 1838 age 55 Mary d Seth and Chloe 13 Aug 1838 age 7m Mary d Luke and Cyntha 1 Oct 1838 age 15 Mary D w Luke 22 March 1846 age 33 Mary Jane d Joseph2 and Nancy 2 Nov 1820 Sally w Seth 6 Jan 1825 age 29 Samuel s Joseph 4 April 1826 age 26 or 20 Sarah wid Joseph 4 May 1846 age 73 Seth s Seth and Sally 29 Aug 1822 age 5 Seth s Seth and Chloe 1 Oct 1845 age 12 Thuseba d Luke and Cyntha 19 Dec 1813 age 5 Vashti wid Joshua 29 Oct 1832 age 71 William farmer and married s William and _______ 18 Jan 1846 age 81 Born Weston PHILLIPSTON MASSACHUSETTS***WHITNEY BIRTHS George Hoyt s Jacob and Sally 16 April 1847 Melinda d Moses and Nabby 17 Nov 1793 MARRIAGES Anna of Gardner and Charles Bruce int 28 Jan 1838 Edward and Rhoda Whittemore of Royalston int 12 Oct 1812 Moses of Templeton and Tabitha Keyes 15 July 1798 Sarah and Moses Wheeler both of Petersham 6 Feb 1792 DEATHS George Hoyt s Jacob and Sally 7 Feb 1848 age 9m Jabez 20 April 1849 age 81 PRINCETON MASSACHUSETTS BIRTHS Abigail-Perkins d John and Mary 28 June 1823 Abigail-Perkins d John and Mary 25 Nov 1827 Anna-Miles d Andrew and Lucy 21 Feb 1801 Caroline d Andrew and Lucy 5 July 1805 Caroline d William and Mary Ann 12 April 1848 Charles s Andrew and Lucy 4 April 1797 Charles-Andrews s Andrew and Lucy 20 Aug 1810 Charles-Andrews s John and Eliza Ann F 14. Nov 1834 Clara Elvira d Reuben P and Clarasa C 26 Sept 1836 David s Silas and Jane 31 Aug 1760 Elisha Dana s Andrew and Lucy 29 June 1805 Eliza Ann French d John and Eliza Ann F 26 Feb 1836 Eliza Ann French d John and Eliza Ann F 1 July 1840 George Franklin s Reuben P and Clarasa C 1 Sept 18 Jason Woodward s Reuben P and Clarasa C 2 Sept 1821 Westminster John s Andrew and Lucy 31 Dec 1792 John s William and Mary Ann 7 Oct 1843 John Newton s John and Mary 21 Sept 1824 John Newton s John and Eliza Ann F 20 Jan 1838 Levi Lincoln s John and Eliza Ann F 20 Jan 1838 Louisa Howe d Reuben P and Clarasa C 4 March 1828 Westminster Love d Silas and Jane 18 Dec 1758 Lucia Maria d Reuben P and Clarasa C 4 July 1844 Lucretia d William and Maryon 29 April 1834 Lucy d Andrew and Lucy 8 Feb 1790 Lucy d Andrew and Lucy 11 Jan 1795 Lydia d John and Eliza Ann F 19 March 1843 Marion Eugene d John and Mary 26 Oct 1829 Mary Everett d RP and CC 23 Dec 1831 (Reuben and Clarasa) Mary Newton d John and Mary 28 Sept 1831 Orville Porter s RP and CC 28 Oct 1833 (Reuben and Clarasa) Reuben Mills s Andrew and Lucy 23 May 1788 Sally d Andrew and Lucy 4 June 1803 Silas s Silas and Jane 12 June 1762 William s Andrew and Lucy 10 Feb 1799 William Lane s William and I/Iaryon 10 Sept 1832 William Newton s John and Mary 15 Dec 1825 _______ s William and Mary Ann 6 March 1846 MARRIAGES Andrew and Lucy Miles of Westminster int 1 Oct 1787 Ann M and Capt Nathan Whitney of Westminster 8 Jan 1822 Calvin of Westminster and Huldah Brown 14 Aug 1837 Caroline and Dr Alphonso Brooks 18 March 1830 David of Westminster and Elizabeth Barns int 30 Sept 1791 Esther and William Thomas both of Sterling 10 Sept 1781 Capt John and Mary Netwon (Newton)? of Royalston int 23 Aug 1822 Col John and Eliza Ann F Watson 4 Oct 1832 John E of Westminster and Cleora Allen int 15 June 1844 Jonas of Westminster and Betty Raymond int 20 Aug 1785 Lucy and Merrill Davis of Holden 4 Sept 1819 Martha A and Samuel Hobbs 17 May 1835 Mary of Westminster and Stilman Everett int 30 Dec 1826 Mary N (d Capt John and Mary age 18) Samuel C Nash.22 Nov 1849 Capt Nathan of Westminster and Ann M Whitney 8 Jan 1822 Reuben P of Westminster and Clarissa C Woodard 8 March 1827 DEATHS Abigail Perkins d John and Mary 10 Dec 1826 age Abigail Perkins d John and Mary 12 Dec 1830 age 3 mc Andrews 26 Oct 1818 age 64 Charles s Andrew and Lucy 18 Aug 1808 Eliza Ann French d Col John and Eliza Ann F 18 Feb 1839 age 2 John so Andrew and Lucy born Princeton 15 May 1846 age 53 John N s John and Mary 29 Sept 1824 Lucia Maria d Reuben P and Clarissa born Princeton 31 July 1844 21 days Lucy d Andrew and Lucy 30 Aug 1791 Lucy wid Andrew 26 June 1842 age 76 Lydia d Col John and Eliza Ann F 21 Feb 1844 age 11 mo Marion E d John and Mary born Princeton 19 Dec 1845 age 16 Mary w Col John 6 Oct 1831 age 31 _______ wid 18 July 1835 age 65 _______ child of Reuben P 13 Dec 1841 Elizabeth born 23 March, 1869 married 30 Oct, 1884 James Jackson Minor. Constance born 11 May, 1865, married Frantz Edward Zerrahn 1 Sept. 1890 Joseph Cutter of Boston, born 7 Dec 1856, Harvard graduate, married 9 Nov 1882, Georgiana Hayward (dau George), who died 18 Dec 1933, he died at Milton, Mass. leaving issue (18 July, 1911). George Hayward. From Prominent Families of America with British Ancestry, from the British Book Centre Inc. of London, 1971. LIST OF PENSIONERS ON THE ROLLS IN 1883 Maine Samuel Whitney #133,368 of Auburn $8. Columbus A Whitney of Poland, #140,664 $12. Charlotte Whitney of Weston (Mother) $8. Alfred Whitney of Gorham, #13,773 $4. Lucy Whitney, widow #19,944 (War of 1812) $8, Francis C. Whitney #79,494, Franklin C. $8. Dorcas D. Whitney, widow (War of 1812), Franklin Co. $8. George C. Whitney of Sidney Center, #207,921, $8. Hepsabah Whitney, #68,890, Mother, of Kennebec $8. Ebenezer Whitney, #184,261, Kennebec (Nat l Soldiers Home) $8. Hezekiah H. Whitney, #98,301, North Appleton, $8. Samuel S. Whitney, #186,727, of Dixfield, $6. David J. Whitney, #195,674, minor of Lowell, $10, Warren W. Whitney, #21,229, of North Newburg, $10. FROM THE HISTORY OF SAGINAW COUNTY, MICHIGAN Samuel H. Whitney of Chesaming, was born in Chester, Vermont, 15 April 1831, the son of John and Sarah Whitney of Mass., who served in the War of 1812. In 1854, after moving around Ohio, Texas, he settled in Brady Twp and married 24 Jan. 1854, Maria Patterson, the dau. of John and Eliza Patterson of Cayuga, New York. Their children were: John M. who married Sarah Schroder. James F. ho married Luna Parker. Adeline E. who married George Gates. Mary and Alice. Mr. Whitney was a schoolmate of Pres. James A. Garfield. Government and Legal Records of Michigan Andrew G. Whitney, Bank of Michigan stockholder, 1818, on April 3, 1820 married Ann Eliza Tallman, dau. of John, once Mayor of Hudson, NY. Her sister was Mrs. John Whiting. Andrew died 5 Oct. 1826, age 59. HILLSDALE COUNTY, MICHIGAN Jonathan Whitney, of Allen Twp.-father wasAmi Whitney, born in Mass. 18 Jan. 1781. Came to the area with his parents, Jonathan and Esther (Parkhurst) Whitney, from Seneca, NY where Jonathan died two years later, Grandma Whitney married ______Parker, and lived and died Jefferson, NY. Ami was the youngest of nine children, and married Anna Amsden who was born in Mass. 7 Dec. 1784. He died 14 Dec. 1867. Their children were: Theodore died 30 Nov. 1850 William G of Geaugia Co Ohio Ami of Seneca, NY Jonathan Elizabeth E, wife of John Lewis, Hopewell, NY Esther G. married Franklin Hooper, Ca. Anna wife of James Wilson Geneva, NY Jonathan Whitney, born Seneca, NY 3 Nov. 1816, migrated to Michigan 29 Oct. 1839, married in Niagara Co. NY Anna J. Garrett, 5 Oct. 1839. She was the dau. of William and Margaret Garrett, who migrated to the United States in 1828. She was born on Isle of Man, 10 Nov. 1823, and died 9 July, 1879. Their children were: William G. married Mrs. Bessie Kay Anna E. married John M. Watkins Jonathan C. married Fanny Ellis Mr. Whitney married 5 Oct. 1880, in Seneca, NY, Ruth Hooper2 born there 25 Dec. 1821, dau. Robert and Clara (Culver) Hooper. Washington Whitney, born NY state, Alabama Twp., Genesee Co., 25 Jan. 1827, father Isaac was the son of Ami Whitney of Conn., whose father was Jonathan. Isaac, father of Washington, at age 26 married Jane Moore of Phelps Twp. Ontario Co., dau of Washington and Susannah (Rice) Moore of NY state. They lived in Genesee Co. Of nine children born, seven survived. In 1866 they moved to Litchfield Twp. where he died. Jane Whitney lived with her son Albert. Washington Whitney married Julia A. Tuttle 18 June, 1858, eldest dau. of Aaron and Jemima Tuttle of Orange Co. NY. They had Metta who married Robert Moore, Jr. Frank Whitney, Carrie, George B. Whitney. Ida Mae who married Frank Hewitt, Frank Whitney. William G Whitney, descended from Jonathon, born 13 Dec. 1840, married 23 April, 1874 Mrs. Bessie Kay, dau Charles and Elizabeth Marshall. They had Anna L. Whitney, M. Whitney, H. Whitney, Jenie May Whitney, Mary Whitney, Frederick Whitney, WJ Whitney. Albert Whitney, descended from Isaac A. Whitney married Jane (Moore) Whitney of Ontario Co. NY. Isaac married Laura A.Waite of Lima, NY. Their children were; Jennie L., Emma 0., Emmett A., Mabel E. KENT COUNTY, MICHIGAN Mindrus H. Whitney, born Seneca, NY 21 Jan., 1824, a~-id in 1837 his parents Eathiel and Betsey Whitney removed to Kent Co. Mindrus married 12 Nov. 184_. Harriet A. Watson, dau of Isaac of Hartford, Conn. Children were: Marietta. who married Benton Lewis. Henry who married Jennie D. Yarmond. Clara D. wife of James Cavanaugh. NOTES ON CONNECTICUT FAMILIES Martha Gates born 30 April, 1759, died 18 Sept. 1847; married circa 1781 Ebenezer Whitney of Worcester, who died 17 June 1836. David Gates, born June 1753, died in Hinesburg, Vt., 19 June 1793. He married in Ridgefield, Conn., 22 Dec. 1774 Jerusha Whitney, who died in St. Albans, Vt., 29 or 31 July 1840. She married 2nd in Hinesburg, 1802, Lawrence Delong. They removed to Hinesburg in 1786 (David and Jerisha), and with her new husband Jerusha moved to Paris, NY. After his death she removed again to Hinesburg, Vt. Lucy Whitney of Stow, Mass. married as the 2nd wife, James Whitcomb of Harvard, Mass. in that town 18 Nov. 1768. He died in Roxborough, Mass., 17 Oct. 1790, and she married on 28 June, 1796, Capt. Nathaniel Sawyer of Lancaster, Mass. John Gates married in Stow, Mass. where he was born, in 1736 Mary Whitney, born 24 Nov. 1715. His will was dated 3 May, 1790 James Gates born 15 Aug. 1752, died in Essex, Vt., 1 Sept. 1822; he married about 1780 Polly Whitney, born in Canaan, Conn., according to her records in pension papers, died in Essex 2 Sept. 1845, aged 85 years. She resided in Salisbury, Conn., 1781; and 1782, in Hinesburg, Vt. and later in Essex. Her husband was for some time a prisoner of war during the American Revolution. William Whitney married Margaret Gates, as his 3rd wife, in August, 1756. His other wives were recorded in Weston, Mass. Rebecca Parmalee of Guilford, Conn., married Benjamin Whitney of Wallingford. She was born 1695. Betty Whitney of Ridgefield, Conn., married Daniel Smith (1719- 1799), in Jan. 25, 1741 2. At Norwalk, Conn., 4 July, 1734, Elijah Whitney married Rebecca Seymour, born Nov. 1775. He was born 16 April, 1710. He was the son of Richard, (John, Henry), and Hannah (Darling). Elizabeth Whitney of Brooklyn, Conn., married there 30 May, 1790 John Parish. She died 1802, and he married Sarah Church. Elizabeth Whitney, dau of Timothy and Abigail (Smith), married in Norwalk, Conn., 29 Nov. 1819, Evert Quintard. Esther Whitney[1] married in Norwalk, Conn., 29 Nov. 1798, Lewis Lockwood. Hannah Whitney married Asahel Pomeroy, died 18 Sept 1812, probably at Greenfield Hills, Conn. Elijah Whitney,[2] born 16 April, 1710, son of Richard and Hannah (Darling), married Rebecca Seymour, born between 1710 and 1715, on 6 July, 1734 in Norwalk, Con. They had Hannah on 22 April, 1735; Elijah on 13 Oct. 1736; Samuel. Elijah Whitney, son of the above Elijah and Rebecca (Seymour), married Elizabeth Perry. James S. Whitney of Pittsfield, Mass. married Esther Neff 15 Feb. 1830. She was baptised 6 Oct. 1805. Silas Whitney of Geneseo, NY, married Hulda Tilden 6 August, 1836. She was the widow of Henry Pease of Sandisfield, Mass. Susan Whitney married Greenleaf Street 28 Dec. 1794, New Haven, Conn. Elizabeth Whitney married Rev. Thomas Clark of Chelmsford, Mass. When? Henry Whitney, on 14 June, 1710 married Elizabeth Olmstead, born in Fairfield, Conn. They had one child, Elizabeth Whitney, born 24 August, 1711. An old book found in a second-hand shop, titled "Official Record of the Proceedings, Twenty-Seventh Convention, Supreme Lodge Knights of Pythias," held in Denver, Colorado, August, 1912, lists C. S. Whitney of Montana as a member in 1906-08. He was a "Supreme Representative." From the same source, the second-hand shop we found "The Missouri Alumni in Journalism." for 1938, which lists Edward William Whitney of the New York Daily News, 1936-7; Montgomery Ward and Co., 1937; Burry Biscuit Co., 1937; Schnefel Bros. Corp., 1938 - Address - 292 Melrose Place, South Orange, NJ. Robert Clark Whitney, BJ 1933. Address - 609 Philtower, Tulsa, Okla. One of the most interesting finds of our trip to the second-hand shop was an old copy of Sunset Magazine which we found was published, originally, as a monthly periodical of the Passenger Department, Southern Pacific Railroad, 4 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. It was one dollar a year in 1903-041 At ten cents a copy, it was a bargain! The copy of Sunset for this particular year included a wonderful story by J. Parker Whitney, on "Oranges of Sierra Foothills." The oranges are not really the interesting subject of the article, but the fact that there was an enormous ranch run by this family near Loomis, California. One picture of the Whitneys shows them on the golf links, at the Whitney place near Rocklin, California. The estate was called "The Oaks," and was in Placer County. There was an artifical reservoir with two million gallons capacity for the irrigation of the oranges. It was a small "Hearst-type" operation, with a "country home" rather than a castle! PHELPS, NEW YORK CEMETARIES Whitney--Eliza Bannister 1842-1912-wife Oscar J. Whitney Henry H. Whitney 9 May, 1814-14 March, 1887, husband of Sarah A. Hill Oscar J. Whitney 1839-1923 Sarah A. Hill 9 May 1816-18 June 1849 East Kill Valley (Catskills) East Jewett, NY Henry S. Dustin b 8 March, 1825 d 25 Feb 1901? 1910? Margaret A. Whitney wife b 9 Jan. 1835 d 28 Dec. 1898. QUERIES Aaron Carlson Whitney, b 13 Nov 1853 in Guilford, Maine, son of Stilman and Annie S (Merrill) Whitney, married Harriet E. Graves, b 16 Oct 1860, Dover Me. Aaron had a bro Daniel Franklin Whitney, b 6 Sept 1862, Guilford, Me. Aaron s son Herbert Ilewellyn Whitney b 9 Jan, 1879, Springfield, Me. married 24 Nov 1904, Sarah Jemima Ames in Dover, Me. Sarah was the dau of Eliza Watson Oakes and Thomas Franklin Ames. The families lived in Guilford, Dexter, Dover, Foxcroft, Parkman and St. Albans, Lincoln Co. Me. Loy Haney, 752 Glemar, Watsonville, Ca 95076. Need Proof that Sarah Bassett was the dau of John and Sarah (Cushman) the latter descending from Elder Thomas Cushman and Mary Allerton. Mary arrived on the Mayflower 1620. Benjamin Whitney b Oct 1755, not in Rev War but his two brothers were. Names, Please?? Benjamin had married Sarah Bassett. Sarah Bassett Whitney married second time to John Farnsworth after 1801, after leaving Washington Co NY. Her birthplace?? Alice V. (Whitney) Peterson 150 East Main Street, Westfield, NY 14787. Need parents of Benjamin Whitney, b 17 Sept 1776, d 19 Jan 1873, Mass. Possibly married Mehitable Whitcomb 23 Oct 1797. Shirley Whitney Pedigo, 22300 S W 147th Av Goulds, Fla, 33170 Henry Whitney, 1620- Father of John Whitney, married Elizabeth Smith, 1674-5. Need Mother s name. Doris Moser, 476 S E 1st, East Wenatchee, Wa. 98801. Who were parents of Harry Garrison Whitney? Where was he born? Mabel and Dorothy Whitney, daus of Harry and Dorothy (Snedeker), moved from Cedar Rapids to Ca. circa 1910-1915. Has anyone found them? Harry Garrison Whitney may have lived in NY, Ohio before Iowa. He went to the "gold rush." Listed in 1900 census of Linn Co. Iowa. Mary Schachner, 202 E Berkshire, Mt Pleasant, Ill 60065. (The "gold rush" was long before the time given here for it in Ca! --Editor.) Joshua Whitney, born Killingly, Conn 1 Dec 1724, died 1814, married ? His father, Cornelius Whitney of Groton, Mass. was born about 1680 Mass. He died 1720, Killingly, Conn. He married Sarah ? It is not Saran Sheppard as Pierce suggested. Sarah Sheppard was married to another at this time. Has anyone a lead on this question? Mary Ellen Galbraith, 484 Vapuero Lane, Santa Barbara, Ca 93111. John B. Whitney and Charlotte ? had Stephen N. Whitney, born Boston, Mass. 1823-33. Need Charlotte s maiden name and ancestry for both of them. Frances Molsberry, 940 San Eduardo Av. Henderson, NV, 89015. Seeking Mr. ? Whitney who died before 1845, NY, leaving widow Deborah Whitney, children Samuel, Elias and Mariaha. Mrs. Art Gemme 1094 King Street, San Gabriel Ca. 91776. George Whitney Kennedy, born 6 March, 1876, Washington, DC. married Laura Jane Blame, born 24 March, 1867, died 12 Jan. 1930. He died 27 July, 1958. Father was George A. Kennedy born 13 August, 1849, Baltimore, Md. married Sarah A Whitney, born Baltimore, Md. 12 Nov. 1855. died 18 Dec. 1926. Remarried after death of George Kennedy. Would like to know other members of this family. Write Editor please. John Clifton Whitney, horn 31 Jan. 1875, Ohio. Father John Linus Whitney, born 14 Dec. 1850, NY, and father John Linus Whitney also born in NY. Married Amanda Whitlock of Conn. Killed before son was born by stage coach robber, about 1850. Mary Grumbling, P.O. Box 221, ForbestoWri, Ca 95941. _____Whitney, born in Pa married Adelaide, born 1805, Va. Had a son Jason W. Whitney, census says he was born Ala 1829. One other census says 2 children born in Tn. and the rest in Ala. They arrived Tx. in 1838, and the last child possibly born TX. In 1870 census he was in Red River Co, TX. The 1850 census shows Adelaide & 3 children living in Lamar Co, TX. Write Editor please. Seeking ancestors and descendants of Barnabus Cook Whitney, born about 27 May, 1824, Clinton Co, NY and died 2 Sept, 1892, Nenard Co, Ill. Seeking information on Elisha F. Whitney, died 8 June, 1837, aged 79, in Plattsburgh, Clinton Co, NY. His wife Bethiah died 22 April, 1832. Harold Bauer, 1201 s. First, Snringfield, Ill, 62704. Seeking information concerning family connections of David Whitney of Scotland, Mo. His dau was Caroline Whitney who married Oscar John Schneider. Mrs. Irene Snyder, 9215 E. Compton Blvd, Bellflower, Ca 90706. Jonas Whitney, born Marlboro, NH 4 July, 1805, son of Benjamin arid Nancy 'Fuller), moved -to Ithaca, NY where he married Charlotte Forman born Dec. 1815 in Ithaca. Jonas died Hematite, Mo 21 March, 1869, and Charlotte died 16 Oct 1900, St Louis, No. Children were; Emilie, Charles, Mary Ellen, Ida Isabel, Hattie, Mary, William Henry, Franklin. Need information on these families. Gerald Forman, 1508 West View Dr, Berkeley, Ca 94705. Phineas Whitney, born 16 Jan 1761, Westminster, Mass. married Elizabeth Rand in 1788. Lived in Westminster for several years, and moved to Pittsfield, Vt. where he died. Children were; John, Thomas, Lydia, Betsey, and Nancy. Granted a Rev, pension 3 March, 1831. Grant Whitney, 119 West Logan St. Clarinda, Iowa 51632 Glasford Whitney, born Mass? NY? Pa? Where? Settled Licking Co. Ohio. Had son Milton S. Whitney. Married Black. Please write if you have any information. Ben Whitney, 2666 Lee, Simi Valley, Ca. 93065.

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