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WHITNEY WHISTLER, Volume Five, Issue One, Spring Issue 1985 FAMOUS WHITNEY WOMEN Anne Whitney, sculptor, born in Watertown, Mass., 2 Sept. 1821, died 23 Jan. 1915. She was the second daughter and the youngest child of Nathaniel Ruggles Whitney, Jr. and Sarah (Stone) Whitney; both families descended from old Watertown families. Before Anne was twelve, the family moved to East Cambridge where he father was a "Justice of the Peace" from 1839 to 1859. In 1850 they returned to the area of Watertown that became Belmont. The Whitneys were considered "liberal thinkers" of the day. As a child Anne showed unusual artistic talent which her parents recognized and encouraged. She was educated by private tutors except for one year spent in Maine at Mrs Samuel Little s "Select School for Young Ladies" in Bucksport, Maine. Early on Anne had begun to write poetry, and published a book of them in 1859. In 1855 she started making partial busts after first mode1ing in sand. In 1858 she began serious work in this medium. She spent a year in New York and Philadelphia, modeling, drawing and studying anatomy at a Brooklyn hospital. She entered her first exhibit in 1860 at the National Academy of Design in New York. She thought of Italy for study, but the Civil War stopped these plans. Instead, she spent the next six years in the family here in Belmont, Mass. where she worked incessantly. Among her many works are a few that one might remember; Lady Godiva undertaking her mission to free the peasants (a lifeùsize representation), and the colossal "Africa," symbolizing a race rising from bondage. These were exhibited in Boston in 1864 and 1865. Her trip to Rome came later, and she produced some notable works. However, her best work seems to be the one of Samuel Adams that she was commissioned to render for the National Capitol in Washington. This lifeùsize figure looks down from Statuary Hall. A sculpture of Leif Ericson is now in the Smithsonian. She also did Harriet Beecher Stowe, and several other famous figures. At one time she entered a competition anonymously, where she won first place for her likeness of Charles Sumner. When the judges found a woman had won, they denied her the commission for the work. The injustice of this rankled her the rest of her life. In 1902 she completed "Sumner" and it is in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass. Anne Whitney was a thorough Bostonian. A small dynamic figure, with short white hair, she was known for her satiric wit. She lived until the age of 93. She died in Boston. She ranks as one of the distinguished sculptors of Victorian America. More than 150 of her sculptures are catalogued, and these are of over 50 subjects. Mary Watson Whitney, astronomer, was born in Waltham, Mass., 11 Sept. 1847. Samuel Buttrick Whitney and Mary Watson (Crehore) Whitney were her parents. Her father, a real estate dealer, was descended from John of Watertown. Mary was the second child in a family of five children. An interest in mathematics sent her to Vassar College in 1865, winning distinction in this subject and in physical science. She chose to major in astronomy. The death of her father in 1868, and the loss of an older brother brought her back to Waltham, and for a while she taught in Auburndale, Mass. to help her family financially. But, she spent all her spare time in the study of her two favorite subjects. In 1869 she participated in an observance of a solar eclipse in Burlington, Iowa, from which came an invitation to attend classes at Harvard College. And she later took post-graduate classes there. In 1873 her sister entered the University of Zurich, and the whole family, including Mary, want along. Thus she had the opportunity to study abroad, and in 1888 she became professor of astronomy at Vassar. She earned a reputation as a fine teacher, and a scientific investigator. Soon students trained at Vassar were in demand all over the country. During this time Mary Whitney pushed the cause of women in the field of education. She led a balanced life, and had a great sense of humor. She had an interest in poetry and American poets. She died of pneumonia in Waltham in 1921. Shortly before she died she said, "I hope when I get to Heaven I shall not find the women playing second fiddle." Adeline Dutton Train, born 15 Sept. 1824, writer of fiction and Verse. She was the daughter of Enoch Train and his first wife, Adeline Dutton of New Hampshire, who was a ship owner and Boston merchant. He was the owner of "The Flying Cloud," a famous sailing packet. After her marriage to Seth Dunbar Whitney on 7 Nov., 1843, she moved to his hometown of Milton, Mass. and raised four children: Mary Adeline, Theodore Train, Marie Caroline, and Caroline Leslie Whitney. When the children were old enough for school Adeline set out to work at her hobby, which she turned into a life s work. Although some of her prose is not popular now, it was an important look at the morals and the sentiments of the Victorian world in America. Her idea was that young women should be happy with "hearth and home," and to be satisfied with it. She was capable of telling a good story, with a simple direct language, touched with Yankee humor. Harriet Beecher Stowe praised her work; John Greenleaf Whittier was her friend and admirer. Thousands of young American women read and loved her books. She died in Milton 21 March, 1906, mourned by many readers. Same of her sketches appeared in Frederick C. Pierce s "The Descendants of John Whitney." Articles appeared about her in Ladies Home Journal of October, 1888. She wrote several antiùsuffrage pamphlets. Have you check your ancestry? Possibly you are related to these bright, intelligent women? More information on their Whitney connection is available if you write to the Editor. Sellers Letters, A periodical for those with names sounding like Sellers, Cellar, Zellars, Free Queries to our Subscribers, Three issues per year. Sims Publishing, Box 9576, Sacramento Ca 95823 Maine Genealogical Society, Membership #1265, Family Chart: 1265-1 1. Calvin F(?) Whitney, b 7 April 1816, d 10 Jan 1895, bu Rockville Cemetery, Rockport, Me. Married 24 May 1847 to Nancy Jane Clark, b 12 March 1826, d 31 Dec 1901, Rockville Cemetery. 2. Merritt Austin Whitney, b. 20 Mach 1848 at Tremayne-Roxmont Place, Rockport, d. Apr 1917 at Family Home, Rockport, Me., bu. Rockville Cemetery, Rockport. Married to Cora Hewett Harkness, b. May 1858 at Rockville St. Rockport, Me, d 1933 at Rockport, bu. Rockville Cemetery. Her father was Orlando Hewett married to Elvira Achorn b 1837, d 1862, bu Rockville Cemetery. 3. William Emery Whitney, b. 7 June 1884 at Rockport, Me., d. 29 Nov 1968 at Camden Hospital, Camden, Me., bu. Rockville Cemetary, married on 17 June 1907 to Christie Caldwerwood, b. 10 March 1884 at Hope, Me., d. 31 July 1966 at Camden Hospital, bu. Rockville Cemetery at Vinalhaven, Me. Her father: Frederick Hamlin Calderwood, b 3 May 1856, d 14 ___ 1929 at Vinalhaven, Me; mother: Lucy Jane Mills, b 6 April 1859, d. 7 Jan 1929 at Vinalhaven, Me., bu. John Carver Cemetery, Vinalhaven; married 13 April 1883 at North Haven, Me. Frederick's parents: Willard Calderwood, b 30 July 1816, d 14 March 1861. Married 9 March 1843 to Roxana Crockett, b 11 Oct 1813, d 14 June 1895, bu Calderwood's Neck Cemetery. Lucy's parents: Stephen Mills, b 7 June 1831, d 6 Aug 1910, bu Mills Cemetery, Zion, Vinalhaven, Me. Married in Vinalhaven, Me. on 19 Jan 1854 to Rebecca Jane Philbrook, b 19 May 1835, d 19 Jan 1905 at Vinalhaven, Me, bu. Mills Cemetery, Zion, Me. 4. Austin Calderwood Whitney, b. 4 May 1908 at Whitinsville, Mass., married in Scranton, Pa. on 22 Feb 1936 to Helen Genevieve McTierman. WHITNEY WOMEN IN THE DAR LISTINGS Mary Whitney married Amos Fisk (1739ù1802) Pvt Mass Sarah Whitney married Joseph Fowler (1753ù1797) Pvt NY Annah Whitney married David Furbush (1721ù1787) Pvt Mass Beulah Whitney married Samuel Furbush (1750ù1829) Cpl Mass Betsy Whitney married Deodate Gaylord ( 1760ù1840) Pvt Ct Elizabeth Whitney married Rhomas Green (1753ù1836) Pvt NY Susan Whitney married Benjamin Hale (1763ù1855) Pvt Mass Sarah Whitney married Jonas Hemingway (1758ù1827) Pvt Mass Mary Whitney married Jesse Hanford (1746ù1777) Pvt Ct Jane Whitney married Daniel Hill (1752ù1834) Sgt Mass Sarah Whitney married Joel Holcomb (1744ù1839) Pvt Mass Mercy Whitney married Elijah Houghton (1739ù1819) Pvt Mass Sarah Whitney married Justice Hough (1762ù1829) Pvt Mass Elizabeth Whitney married Daniel Jackson (1763ù1841) Pvt Ct Betty Whitney married Jacob Lobdell (1756ù1834) Pvt NY Sarah Whitney married Thomas Lund (1739-1821) Pvt NH Alice Whitney married Ensign Mann (1740ù1829) PS Mass Sara Whitney married Samuel Mason (1749ù1839) Pvt Mass Elizabeth Whitney married William McCune (1729ù1807) Capt Vt Anna Whitney married Oliver Mead (1751ù1836) Pvt Mass Anne Whitney married Samuel Merriam (1723ù1804) Pvt Mass Sarah Whitney married Matthew Olmstead (1760ù1847) Pvt Ct Huldah Whitney married Elias Palmer (1756ù1838) Ens NY Tersah Whitney married Noah Palmer (1756ù1840) Cpl NY Alice Whitney married Stephen Pelton (1768ù1843) Cpl Mass Sarah (Whitney) Maynard married David Pierce (1742ù1821) Pvt NY Abigail Whitney married John Reed (1756ù1825) Pvt Ct Mary Whitney married Edward Richards (1740ù1799) Pvt Mass Mary Whitney[2] married James Rollins (1731ù1818) Pvt NH Mary Whitney married Lemuel Rounds (1756ù1836) Pvt Mass Mary Whitney married Jonathan Sawin (1735ù1822) Pvt Mass Lucy Whitney married Martin Severance Jr (1755ù1843) Pvt NH Eunice Whitney married Isaac Smith (1761ù1828) Pvt Vt Mass Mary Whitney[2] (Pierce) married William Stewart (1752ù1844) Lt Ct Susanna Whitney[2] married Edmund Stone (1743ù1829) Sgt Mass Mary Whitney[1] married Micah Stone (1735ù1806) PS Md Pamelia Whitney married Ebenezer Stowell (1758ù1837) Cpl Vt Abigail Whitney married Benjamin Thompson (1751ù18451PVt NH Anne Whitney married Gamaliel Truesdale (1741ù1778) Pvt NY Sarah Whitney married Nathan Watkins (1736ù1815) Capt Mass Hannah Whitney married Phineas Wetherbee (1744ù1790) Pvt Mass Katherine Whitney married Lemuel Wheeler (1757ù1832) Sgt Mass Sarah Whitney married Abraham Whitmore Sr (1710ù1784) PS Mass Mary Whitney married Samuel Whitney (1758ù1831) Pvt Mass Relief Whitney married Abel Wilder (1758ù1831) Pvt Mass Mary Whitney married John Woodbridge Jr (1732ù1782) Maj Mass Lydia Whitney married Stephen Bryant (1724ù1814) Pvt Mass The above years in parenthesis indicate the years of the soldier and his service, also state where enlisted. These are found among the holdings of the DAR in Washington. Please note the popular names for Whitney women, thus adding to the confusion when researching them! Whitneys of Iowa William H. Whitney, retired to Fairfax Village, Linn County, Iowa. He had for many years been a farmer in Troy, Wisconsin, and in Rockford, Illinois. Aiding him in his labors as a successful farmer was his uncle, Richard Montague. William Whitney was born in Delaware County, New York, 19 August 1819. With his parents he removed to Oneida County, New York, when he was eight years old. His father Isaac, also a farmer, died in Wisconsin in 1850, where they had bought land in 1839. Isaac bought a tract of land in the midst of the wilderness, and successfully cultivated the area for many years. Isaac married Laura Montague in Hadley, Mass., 16 July, 1818, where she was born. After their marriage they removed to the state of New York. Isaac died 1 May, 1850, and Laura passed away 12 November, 1863. Both deaths occurred in Wisconsin. The ancestor of Laura Montague was Richard, who settled in Hadley, Mass. in the seventeenth century. William Whitney was the first child of Isaac and Laura. On 6 May, 1846 he married Augusta H. Marsh, a native of Montague, Mass., and daughter of Enos Marsh, Jr., son of a Revolutionary soldier, Enos Marsh, Sr. Augusta Marsh was born 24 April, 1826. Her Mother was Rebecca Hawley, a native of Hadley, Mass. Her father had been a teacher. William and Augusta Whitney settled in Lafayette County, Wisconsin, where they were content until William was struck with "gold fever." His visit to the gold fields was via the Isthmus of Panama. Upon his arrival in California he proceeded at once to the mining area, where he remained for two years. His quest being very successful, he returned to his home with enough gold to buy a new home. In the Spring of 1864 he moved to Iowa, and to Linn County where he farmed until 1880, at which time he retired. There were four children born: Harriet L. Whitney, married Wilford H. DeBerard of Fairfax Village. Frank W. Whitney, married Florence L. Cleaveland, and lived in Fairfax Village. Two other children passed away at an early age. Joseph Whitney, located in Bowlder Township, Linn County, Iowa. His parents were Ephraim and Mary (Livingston ) Whitney. Ephraim was born in Maine, and Mary Livingston was a native of Kentucky. After their marriage, Ephraim and Mary settled in Warren County, Ohio, where they lived until 1844. At that time they removed to Lee County, Illinois, where Ephraim died 16 May, 1883. They had six children; Joseph, David, Caroline, Silas, Phebe A., and Rebecca. Joseph was born in Warren County, Ohio, 14 December, 1825. In the Fall of 1842 the family moved to Lee County, Illinois, where he resided until 1855. He entered a section of land in Linn County, where he settled for the rest of his life. Joseph Whitney married in Lee County, Illinois, March, 1850, Martha A. Peterson, of New York State. After the birth of her only child, she died 25 April, 1852. Her son Henry B., died in September of 1852. In Dixon Illinois Joseph Whitney married Dorothy A. Peterson, sister of his first wife. She was the daughter of Jonathan and Dorothy (Smith) Peterson, and was born in Cayuga County, New York, 16 April, 1833. Seven children were born to Joseph and Dorothy: Jonathan, Joseph W., George P., Martha L., Inez A., Carrie E., and Edwin E. Whitney. Joseph married Etta Fields and became a farmer. George married Celesta Coquillette, and was a farmer in Bowlder Martha married Adolphus Atkins, and lived in Spring Grove Twp. Inez married Wesley Wagner, and lived in Sioux City. Carrie E. married Daniel Coquillette, and lived in Bowlder Edwin E. lived on the original homestead Fremont County, Iowa L.B. Hill, born in Huron County, Ohio 11 June, 1831, married 31 March, 1856, Miss Hannah Whitney of Erie County, Ohio. Other Iowa Whitneys Arthur C. Whitney, born Cedar Falls, 21 September, 1875, son of Rev. Joseph C. and Martha (Batchler) Whitney, married Bertha C. Rathburne 1 October, 1906 in Kingsley. They had the following children; Pauline and Dora Jean. Arthur was by profession a lawyer. Joseph S. Whitney, attorney, was born in Pierson, Iowa, 29 October, 1888, the son of Rev. Joseph and Martha (Batchler) Whitney. Their children were Joseph Leonard, and Betty Ann. Frank Albert Whitney, was born in Pocahontas County, Iowa, 29 October, 1888, son of Charles R. and Louise (Blakeslee) Whitney. He married Bessie Moore 6 June 1909 in Des Moines, Iowa. They had Mary Frances, who married Glen Davis. William Glen Whitney, a dentist, was born in Eldora, Iowa 21 January, 1890. He was the son of Edson G. and Ida M. (Horner) Whitney, and married 19 June, 1918, Beatrice E. Aylesworth. They had a son David Glenn. James Grant Whitney, President of the Loan and Trust Company of Cass County, Iowa, was born there 20 January, 1864. He was the son of Franklin H. and Elinor (Graham) Whitney. He married Nellie Milner 2 February, 1889. They had Elinor Marie, who married W.E. Ash. Milton E. Whitney, of Clinton, Iowa, was an insurance agent. He was born in Vinton, Iowa 8 June, 1891. He was the son of Edgar D. and Mary Louise (Falkner) Whitney. Alice Christiansen became his wife 14 June, 1914. They had two children, De Witt and Louise Lou. John Ralph Whitney of Hancock, Iowa, was born in Mitchell County, Iowa 12 October, 1876, the son of John Wayne Whitney and Martha Abigail (Stevens) Whitney. He married Gertrude Elizabeth Howlett 27 February, 1900 in Erin Twp. They had sons Orville Newel, Charles Stevens, Wayne Wendall, and daughter Elizabeth, who married Sam Vander Ploeg. In 1879 the family moved to the town of Britt, Iowa. Charles Stevens Whitney, Superintendant of Schools in Hancock, Iowa, was born in Kanawha, Iowa 12 July, 1903, the son of John Ralph Whitney. Charles married Mildred Marie Steggall 5 August, 1937 in Nashua. They had Kay Annette. Eva Marie Whitney, was born in Franklin County, New York in 1866. She was a retired teacher in Iowa. Her parents were Cyrus Pierce Whitney and Cynthia L. Davenport. She attended St. Lawrence Academy, New York, and became a schoolteacher, moving to Iowa where she taught for many years, retiring there. William M. Whitney, was a farmer, born in Bureau, Illinois 17 November, 1865. He was the son of Joseph and Katherine (Frease) Whitney. In Downsville, 20 January, 1889 he married Jennie Flack. They had Roland, Katherine, Pearl, Elsie and Gertrude. Information requested on Asa Whitney of Maine, who married Patience Weston. Their son Rev. Samuel Whitney married Hannah Snow. Asa born about 1750, in area of Bangor, Maine. Arthur S. Johnson, 2520 Aldmingham Pd., Toledo, Ohio, 43606. Whitneys of Michigan Saginaw County, Michigan, was the new home of Asa Whitney, as he was the first farmer to buy land there in 1822, and began farming in 1826. Samuel A. Whitney, was a Patentee of U.S. Land in Brady Twp. 28 December, 1854. He was born in Chester, Rutland County, Vermont 15 April, 1831. His parents were John and Sarah Whitney, born in Mass. John served in the War of 1812. Samuel grew up in Ohio, and attended Geauga Academy. His father John died in 1867. Samuel spent one year in Texas where he taught school. In February of 1854 he removed to Brady Twp. He was in the Civil War. Maria Patterson became his bride 24 January, 1854. She was the daughter of John Patterson of Cayuga County, New York. They had: John Whitney married Sarah Schroeder James F. Whitney who married Luna Parker Adeline E. Whitney married George Gates Mary Whitney Alice Whitney Mr. Whitney was a schoolmate of James A. Garfield. Jonathan Whitney of Allen Twp., Hillsdale County, Michigan, was the son of Ami Whitney who was born in Mass. 18 January, 1781. Ami, with his parents, Jonathan and Esther (Parkhurst) Whitney removed from Mass. to Seneca, Ontario County, New York. Their farm was called Indian Castle. Jonathan died in 1792. He had served as a Captain in the Revolution, and was at the surrender of General Burgoyne. Esther Whitney died at Painted Post, New York, now Jefferson, New York. Jonathan and Esther had nine children, and Ami was the youngest. Ami married Anna Amsden born in Mass. 7 December, 1784. They had fifteen children. They were: Theodore who died in New York State 30 November, 1850 Isaac died in Michigan October, 1876 Jasper lived in Wood County, Ohio William lived in Geauga County, Ohio Ami, who lived in Seneca County, New York (Junior) Jonathan of Allen Twp., Hillsdale County, Michigan Elizabeth E. the widow of John Lewis of Hopewell, New York Esther G. married James Wilson of Geneva, New York Jonathan, was born in Seneca, New York, 3 November, 1816. He migrated to Hillsdale County, Michigan about 1839. He married, on the way, Anna J. Garrett, born in Ramsey, Isle of Man 10 November, 1823. Her parents arrived here 1828, and both of them died in Niagara County, New York in the summer of 1840. Jonathan and Anna lived in a log house in Allen Twp. in 1840, where they had 280 acres of land. She died there 9 July, 1879. They had four children: William G. married Widow Bessie Kay of Allen Twp. Anna E. married John M. Watkins, and died 2 January, 1878 Jonathan C. married Fannie Ellis, and lived in Hillsdale, Mich. Jennie S. married Archibald Wier, who was a farmer. In Seneca, New York, 5 October, 1880, Jonathan Whitney married for the second time to Ruth Hooper who was born there 25 December, 1821. Her parents were Rubert and Clara (Culver) Hooper. Washington Whitney, born in New York, Genesee County, 25 January, 1827, was the son of Isaac Whitney of Ontario County, New York, son of Ami Whitney of Connecticut. Isaac, the second child, married Jane Moore when he was 26. She was born in Phelps, Ontario County, New York, the daughter of Washington and Susanna (Rice) Moore of New York State. Isaac lived in Genesee County, New York, and had nine children. Two sons, Loren and Frank died in the Civil War. In 1866 Isaac noved to Hillsdale County, Michigan, dying there in Litchfield County, age 71 in 1876. He left a widow who lived with his son Albert. Washington Whitney married in Genesee County, New York, Julia A. Tuttle, 18 June, 1858. She was born in Genesee County 30 April, 1839, the eldest daughter of Aaron and Jemima (Burt) Tuttle of Orange County, New York. Children were: Natta who married Robert Moore, Jr. George B. Ida married Frank Hewitt Frank Carrie Isaac Whitney was in the Civil War. They lived in Cambria, Michigan. William G Whitney was the son of old Jonathan, and was born in Allen Twp., Michigan 13 December, 1840. He attended Hillsdale and Albion College. He was in the Civil war. For several years he lived in Knoxville. He married Mrs. Bessie Kay, 23 April, 1874. She was the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Marshall, and the widow of Thanas Kay. Thomas and Bessie had one daughter, Lottie. By William G. Whitney she had: Anna L. M. Whitney Jennie May Whitney Frederick G. W. Whitney Whitneys of Indiana In 1877, the Music Society of Indianapolis presented "Elijah" by Mendelssohn. Myron W. Whitney was the soloist. He was declared "the greatest living oratorio basso." In the Crooked Creek Flood in Indiana in the late 1800 s, eleven people died. The damage was well over $100,000. In this disaster the woollen mills of Whitney and Hendricks were destroyed. In the Battle of Tippecanoe, Moses Whitney, former Captain of Riflemen, supposedly served. However, later records show that he resigned from the army in July of 1811. This is taken from the Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, 1ù1031. Whitneys of Virginia From the William and Mary Records Francis Whitney married Elizabeth Woodside 10 December, 1790 Rev. Duly Whitney married Mildred R. Thorniton of Kentucky. They migrated to Sangamon County, Illinois, 1834. The estate of Robert Rogers of Goochland County, Virginia (Will made 1738 and proved 1740), divided his belongings between Jeremiah Whitney and Susannah his wife, widow of said Rogers. CUSTER CHRONICLES, Box 43, PALOS VERDES ESTS, CA 90274 RECORDS OF SOUTHBRIDGE MASS. Arthur Whitney, son died Jan 1842, Reuben P Whitney Ezra, dau of Mary An Whitney died 30 April 1819 Joseph son of Hannah Whitney died July 1849 Joseph Whitney, age 4 days, 16 July 1849 Joseph, child of RP Whitney died 16 July 1849 Male, 1 year, 6 months died 30 Sept 1830 William D Whitney died 30 Sept 1830 Mr Whitney died 6 August 1842 Son of Mr Whitney died of dysentary, 1 year, 6 months 6 August 1842 Maryan Whitney had Lucy 30 April 1819 Miss Whitney died of consumption 29 Oct 1843, age 32 Mrs. Whitney died of consumption 10 December 1847 Benben Whitney died 10 December 1847 Reuben P Whitney died December 1847 William Whitney died 16 July 1827 William Stephens Whitney born of Harriot Whitney 28 November 1825 MORE WHITNEY FAMILIES John of Watertown, QV Benjamin, 163?ù1723, to York, Maine, married Jane who died 1690. Nathaniel, born 1680, of York, Maine and Gorham, Maine, married Sarah Ford, who was from John Ford Of Kittery, Maine, married Joanna Adrews daughter of Stephen. Isaac born 1720, died 1800, removed to Saco, Maine in 1750, then Biddleford 1758, to Buxton in 1770, married in 1765 Mrs. Hannah Payne. Barnabas, born 1766 in Gorham, Maine married in 1789 Sarah Walker (1765ù1838). Constant Hopkins, born Freeman, Maine 12 April, 1801, was lost at sea. He was the first fruit merchant from Boston to Nassau, West Indies. He married 1834, Mrs Caroline R. (Fox) Nichols (1812ù1892). Constant Freeman, born 1836, died 1916, was the owner of the Norwood, Maine Express Company, and served in the Civil War. He married, in 1855, Jane Colburn. John of Watertown, QV Deacon Joshua, born 1635, died 1719, was of Watertown, Mass., and moved to Groton. He married, 1672ù3 Abigail Tarball. William, born 1678 died in 1754, of Watertown and Groton, married Margaret Merick[2] who was born 1683. Deacon John, born 1718, died 1793, was of Groton, Mass., Plainfield and Canaan, Ct. was a Patriot in the American Revolution. He married Elizabeth Adams in 1744. Elijah, born 1750, died 1821, and was of Lebanon and Canaan, Ct. He married 1772 Chloe Beckley. William, born 1784, died in 1858, and was of Norwich, Vt., married 1807 Prudence Brown (1790ù1856). Joseph Paul, born 1825 died 1893, was of Norwich, Vt., New Orleans and Chicago. He was a sea captain, and Mississippi River Pilot, served in the Civil War. He married in 1854, Troy, Vt., Gertrude Hope (1833ù1912), of Camden County S.C. Henry Whitney born about 1620 in England, died 1673 Norwalk, Ct. QV John, died 1720, married Elizabeth Smith, who died 1741, daughter of Richard. Richard, born 1687, was of Norwalk, Fairfield and Stratfield, Ct. In 1709 married Hannah Darling, born circa 1689, and died 1774, daughter of John. Samuel, born 1711, died 1796 (Capt), married 1790 Amy Northrop born 1722, died in 1788, and was from William. Sarah, born 1751 married John Barlow, who was born 1744 in Ridgefield. They moved to Ballston, New York about 1802. They married about 1769. John,[1] John,[2] Nathaniel,[3] Nathaniel[4] Samuel, baptised 1711, died 1788, went from Weston to Shrewsbury in 1743, married 1735 Elizabeth Hastings (1716ù1800). Nathaniel (Capt), born 1749, died 1829, went to Marlboro, Vt. in 1770; was in the American Revolution. He married in 1771 Mary Houghton (1751ù1844). Solomon, born 1781, died in 1856, owned a carding mill and fabric plant in Marlboro, Vt. and in Whitingham, Vt. In 1805 he married Lucy Lyman,[1] (1753ù1829) daughter of Rev. Dr. Gershom of Marlboro, Vt. Emily, born in 1806, died in 1886, and married Henry Closson in 1830 (1799ù1880). John Whitney, QV Richard, baptised in 1623ù4 in England, was of Watertown, and married in 1650 Martha Coldham. Moses, born in 1655, was of Concord and Sudbury, and in King Phillips War. He married in 1688, Sarah Knight of Stow who died in 1755. Jonas, born 1699, died 177? of Stow and Harvard, Mass. He married Margaret Stratton. Timothy, born 1729 died in 1803, was of Harvard and Petersham, Mass. In 1752 he married Alice Whitney (1733ù2803), from Jonathan,[7] Richard,[8] Richard,[9] John.[10] Peter, born 1769, died in 1826, was a tailor in Chester, Mass. married Mary Blair. Solomon Blair (Sgt), born 1785, died in 1825, was in War of 1812, taken prisoner to Albany, NY. He married 1806 to Mary Deer who died 1865 in Detroit, Mi. William Emerson, of Michigan, married 1847 Hannah Lapham Pratt, born 1824, from Elijah of Collins, NY who married Buelah (Lapham) Comstock. John Whitney, QV[1] John[2] Joseph, born 1651, died 1702, married Martha Beach (1650ù1704) from Richard. John, born 1680, died 176? married Sarah Cutting, daughter of John and Susannah (Harrington) Cutting. Zachariah, born 1711, was of Weston, Mass. married in 1775 Priscilla Balles, who died in 1832. Zunin ? born 1776, died in 1862, married 1801 Susannah Sanderson (1782ù1865), who was the daughter of Isaac. George Sanders, born 1819, died in 1863, was of Glens Falls, NY. He married in 1844 Mary Evaline Barnard. George Burton, born 1846, died in 1925. He was an Educator. In 1873 married to Lavina Syphus. John Whitney, QV[1] Benjamin[2] Jonathan, born 1680, married Susannah Fairbanks in 1700. Jonathan, born 1705, died in 1755, married Lydia Jones in 1726. Jesse, born 1730 died in 1815, was in the American Revolution, married in 1757 Mary Cheney, born in 1736, daughter of William. Lucy, born in 1765, married Joseph Chamberlain. Henry, QV John Henry,born in 1680 died in 1728, married 1710 Elizabeth Olmstead, who lived to a great age. Daniel, born about 1720, lived until 1810, was a farmer in Ridgefield, Ct. He married Thankful Burt in 1741, daughter of Benjamin. Anne, born 1748, died after 1815, and married in 1783 Capt. Thomas Burrow of the American Revolution. FAMILIES OF HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT Cyrus Whitney of Boston married Amelia Hollister of Hartford, 4 Nov. 1801. David Whitney[2] married Prudence Merrill, daughter of Abraham. She was born 22 Dec. 1690. Her first husband was Ebenezer Sedgewick. MARYLAND WHITNEYS Arthur Whitney married 25 Dec 1795 Maria Weiss, daughter of George. Somerset Co. David Whitney married 13 May 1787 Sarah Conner. Prince George Co. Gilbert Whitney married 25 Nov 1794 Ann Melony. Prince George Co. Thomas Whitney married 5 March 1795 Susannah Newel. Baltimore Co. George Whitney married 17 Feb 1799 Isabella Mulcallum. Baltimore Co. Esther Whitney married 11 Feb 1800 Matthias Hobbs. Somerset Co. Susanna Whitney married 29 Nov 1800 Robert Oliver. Baltimore Co. Sarah Whitney and Nocholas Kilman of Annapolis were married 29 April 1830. Whitney Families of New York Lydia Whitney, born 23 June, 1795, in Otsego, New York, married in Mexico, New York, 12 Sept 1822, George Washington Fanning, born in Brothertown, Paris Twp., Oneida County, New York, 23 June, 1795. (These dates may be wrong). Miscellaneous Notes on Whitneys Elizabeth Whitney of Ct. married 1735, Miles Riggs (1705-53), sailor, probably of Newark, New Jersey. Lyda Whitney (1694ù1790), married 1713ù4 Richard Haven (1693ù1770), of Lynn, Mass. and Athol, Mass. Lyda was from John and Sarah. Mary Whitney (1695ù1726ù7) married 1711 John Fiske (1687ù1756). She was the dau. of Joseph who married Martha Beach. Joseph Whitney (1739ù1819) married, as his 2nd wife, Betsy Phinney (1759ù1828) dan of C~1. Edmund and Elizabeth Phinney. Thomas Whitney married Elizabeth Boardman Green. When? Joshua Whitney (1749-1798), Sgt. in Ct. Revolutionary Forces, married Hannah Green (1748ù1793). Gen. Joshua Whitney (1773-1845) founded Binghamton, New York 1800, married in 1793 Rhoda Jewell who died in 1823. Pame Whitney married General Thomas Gillespie Walterman (War of 1812). Jonathan (1658-1735), of Watertown, married Sarah Hapgood, born 1667, data. of Shadrack Hapgood. Daniel Whitney, born 1710 of Sudbory, married 1739 Thankful Allen, born 1713, daughter of Elnathan and Mercy (Rice) Allen. Levi Whitney (1739ù1809) of Shrewsbury, Mass., Rev. Soldier, married in 1767, Rebecca Clark, daughter of Deacon Samuel of Tuwnsend, Mass. Sybil Whitney (1770ù1845), married Cyrus Smith (1768ù1828) of Leominster and New Ipswich, Mass. Cyrus Whitney of Boston married 4 Nov. 1801, Amelia Hollister of Hartford, Ct. David Whitney married, as 2nd husband, Prudence Merrill, dau. of Abraham of Hartford, Ct. Abraham Whitney (1752ù1831) married about 1792 Apphia Cocmnbs (1760ù1833), possibly of Maine. Sarah Whitney (1792ù1845) married in 1812, William Woodward (1789ù1880), Timothy Whitney, born 1678, married Margaret Bacon. Caleb Whitney, born 1711, married Hannah Cheney. Caleb Whitney, born 1740 married Elizabeth Hyde. He was in Revolution. Amariah (Amasa) Whitney, born 1767 married Sarah Trull. Daniel Saunderson Whitney (1810-1893), Unitarian Minister, married Hannah Sophia Cotton, daughter of Rev. Ward Cotton of Boston. Alice Gertrude Cotton Whitney, born 1851 married 1871, Hazen JameS Burton. Jane Whitney, born 1669, daughter of Benjamin, married Jonathan Morse of Shelborn, Mass., son of Jonathan. Deborah Whitney (1758-1838), data. of David who married Elizabeth Hyatt, married, in Norwalk, Ct., Isaac Keeler (1759-1781). Beers History of Wyoming County, New York, Published in 1880. Lists the Following Whitneys A.G. Whitney A.J. Whitney Aaron Whitney Alvah Whitney Carl Whitney Canton Whitney Charles Whitney Elizabeth Whitney George W. Whitney John Whitney Jonathan Whitney Joshua Whitney Joshua Whitney, Jr. Lebbeus Whitney Palmer Whitney R. Whitney Rufus Whitney Washington Whitney William G. Whitney Whitneys of New York State Parkhurst Whitney (mentioned elsewhere in this edition) lived in Niagara Falls, New York. He was from John of Watertown, Benjamin of Watertown and Sherborn, Mass., and Maine. Jonathan[3] was of Milford, Mass, born in Sherborn 1670, and died in Milford by his Will dated 2 February, 1753, and proved 11 February, 1755. He hcrnesteaded Chestnut Brook at Medway, Mass. He married, about 1700 Susanna Whitney. Jonathan[4] was of Milford, Mass., and was in the French-Indian Wars. He was born 17 October, 1704, and died in Milford in 1755. He married Lydia Jones 26 January, 1726. She was the daughter of Thomas Jones of Hull, Mass. Jonathan[5] of Old Castle, New York, was born in Milford, Mass. 4 August, 1737. He died in Old Castle in 1792. In 1760 he removed from Milford to Conway, Mass. He was in the Revolutionary War. In 1760 he married Esther Parkhurst, the daughter of George of Watertown, Mass. Parkhurst[6] was born in Conway, Mass. 25 September, 1784, and died in Niagara Falls, 26 April, 1862. He went from Old Castle, the family home to Niagara in 1810. He was a Captain in the War of 1812. He made the first survey of Goat Island, on the Niagara River, between the two Falls. He entertained General LaFayette. He married Celinda Cowing 10 October, 1805. She descended from John Cowing of Scituate, Mass. Solon M. Whitney[7] was a son of Parkhurst, and was born at Niagara Falls, New York 7 October, 1815. He married Frances E. Drake, daughter of Samuel H. Drake. Drake Whitney[8] was of Niagara Falls, New York, born there 23 August, 1843. Whitneys of Massachusetts Southbridge, Mass. Records Arthur P Whitney, son of Reuben P Whitney died January 1842 Ezra Whitney s daughter, Mary Ann died 30 April 1819 Joseph Whitney s daughter, Hannah died July 1849 Child of R.P. Whitney, Joseph died 16 July 1849 William D. Whitney, son of R.P. Whitney died 30 Sept. 1830 Mary An Whitney had Lucy 30 April 1819 Miss Whitney died of consumption 29 October 1843, age 32 Mrs. Whitney died of consumption 10 December 1847 Rueben P. Whitney died 10 December 1847 Mrs. Whitney died 10 December 1847, age 39 Reuben P. Whitney died 10 December 1847 William Whitney died 16 July 1827 William Stephen Whitney was born of Harriet Whitney 28 November 1825 SMITH PAPERS: A wonderful research tool for those who have Smith ancestry. Sims Publishing, P.O. Box 9576, Sacramento Ca 95823 Whitneys of the Wyoming Valley John R. Whitney, son of General Whitney of Binghamton, New York, who was also Auditor General of the State of New York at one time, was born in Binghamton. He married Catherine Schoonover, and upon her death he married Sallie Spencer. The children of John and Catherine: Hannah, married John Farmer. John, Jr. married Eunice Jane Farmer. Joshua married Mehitable Head. Hiram married Charlotte Appleby. The children by John and Sallie: Elisha Spencer, born 1836 married Sarah Ann Erskine. Warren Wilson, born 1839. Warner Spencer, born 1839. Frank Rodman, born 184?. Altogether, John R. Whitney had 24 children, and since there were so many, it is hard to trace them. Most of them grew up in Lorain County, Ohio. Hiram Whitney, above, because of the early death of his nother was raised by relatives in Tioga County, Pa. He married there, Charlotte Appleby, who died 25 Jan., 1839 in Lorain County, Ohio. Their children were: John, born 1831 in Pa., died in 1833. Henry, born 2 May, 1833, in Pa. Hiram, Jr., born 1 Sept., 1835, married Hannah Shay,[1] Effie Shay.[2] He was born in Lorain, County, Ohio, and raised in Pa. supposedly by relatives of his mother. Elmina, born 1837, died 1838 in Lorain County, Ohio. Elisha Spencer Whitney, another son of John R. and Sallie, was born 1836 in Lorain County, Ohio, and married 1 Jan., 1859 in Huron County, Ohio, Sarah Ann Erskine, who was born in 1831 in West Union, Steuben County, New York. They had six daughters, one of whom was Mary Ann who married Vincent Presnitz Whitney. Some Whitney Family Data Benjamin Whitney, 4th generation, son of Daniel,[3] and Dorothy Taintor. Benjamin married Deliverance _________. Their children (only 4 listed in Bond s Watertown) were as follows, and we may prove more children: Henry, born 8 Jan., 1745-6. Sarah, born 1 Sept., 1749, known as Sally, married William Kelley.[1] Benjamin, Jr., born 2 Feb., 1751ù2. Deliverance, born 20 Nov., 1757. Esther, married Washington Burnham 21 April, 1799. He drowned, and she remarried, and moved away. She had at least one child. Polly, who married James Sargeant. Upon his death she remarried to William Bemis.[2] The Vermont Historical Gazetter, volume 5, part 2, page 162, says "Benjamin Whitney was in the town of Dummerston before 1781. His daughter Esther married Washington Burnham 21 April, 1799 (their daughter Polly is mentioned). Washington Burnham drowned and his widow married a second time and removed from the town. She had two sisters Sally and Polly... The 1800 Vt. census also lists him with 2 white males and 5 females, including head of family. In the Vt. Land Petitioners 1778ù1811 Mrs. Shepherd Griffith, a genealogist of New York State, and a descendant of Joshua and Judith Clement, says "I find both Benjamin, Sr., and Benjamin, Jr. I find many Whitneys. One petition names Benjamin Jr., Joseph, Joshua Whitney. Benjamin signed another petition at Groton, Mass., 1 Feb., 1781. He and Seth Briggs signed another at Dummerston, Vt., 29 May, 1781." (See pp. 74 and 77, vol 5, pt 2, of the Vernont Historical Gazetteer: "He bought 1 Nov., 1781 lot no. 10 of Daniel Taylor Esq. ..5 Oct, 1786, 100 acres of John Penhallow Esq. of Portsrrouth, New Hampshire)." Note, also the War records of Benjamin in the Vermont war Records. Henry Whitney, born 3 Dec., 1738, another son of Daniel and Dorothy Taintor, or Tainter, died in 1781, noted in Bond s Watertown, married Hannah Toombes, or Tomes, of Newton, Mass. Note vital records of Newton. Their children: Benjamin, born 10 March, 1769-70. Lydia, died 28 Dec., 1776, age 3. Anna, died 27 Dec., 1776, age 3. Hannah, died 24 Dec., 1776, age 17 months. Henry, born 19 Jan., 1779 in Concord, Mass. He married, in Dummerston, Vt., Fanny Miller, daughter of Major William and Hannah (Worden) Miller. Bond s Watertown does not recognize Henry as the child of Henry and Dorothy. However, he is described in the Vermont Historical Gazetteer, vol 5., part 2, p. 134 as "nephew of Benjamin," born 12 April, 1723 (note previous page for this). Henry died 9 August, 1853, in Aurora, New York. A Family Bible For This Family William Whitney, born 14 Jan., 1804 Lucy Caswell Whitney, 27 June, 1836 Washington Whitney, 27 June, 2836 Harriett Maria Whitney, 5 March, 1834 Infant daughter 12 August, 1836 Willington Whitney, 19 Sept 1840 William Whitney and Lucy Caswell Briggs, 1 Oct., 1829 Harriett Maria Whitney and George Miller Pinney of Rockdale, Pa 1 Feb., 1853 Washington Whitney and Sarah E. Britton, 23 Dec., 1852 Infant daughter died 12 August, 1836 Willington Whitney died 9 Feb., 1842 Harriett Maria Whitney Pinney died 25 Sept., 1865 Sarah E Britton Whitney died 24 April, 1884 Lucy Caswell Whitney died 25 May, 1885 Washington Whitney ? THE BIBLE OF LUCY CASWELL BRIGGS WHITNEY, WIFE OF WILLIAM WHITNEY William Whitney, born 14 Jan., 1804, Dummerston, Vt. died 28 August, 1870 in Pockford, Iowa, buried in Charles City, Iowa. He married Lucy Caswell Briggs of Strongsville, Ohio, near Cleveland, 1 Oct., 1829. She was born in Vt, 28 July, 1810, and died 25 May, 1885. She married 2nd a Baptist minister in Rockford, Illinois. Children of Lucy and William: Washington born 27 June, 1831. Harriett Maria, born 5 March, 1834, died 25 Sept., 1865. Married 1 Feb., 1853 George Pinney of Rockdale, Pa. An infant daughter born 12 August, 1836, died same day. Willington, born 19 Sept., 1840 died 1842. QUERIES Linus Whitney, found in the Genesee County, New York census for 1840, with one child, a boy under 10. He disappears from the census, and is not found in the 1850 for that state or any other. His son, John Linus was killed by stagecoach robbers while he was on his way to the gold rush in California. Possibly the family is related to 3 Whitney brothers who came to Virginia in the 18th century. If you have any information please contact me. Mrs. Mary (Whitney) Grumbling, P.O. Box 221, Forbestown, Ca., 95941. Looking for information on the family and father of Newell Whitney, who was born in Conneaut, Ohio in 1821, and married Eliza Ann Fenton. The family moved to Mitchell, Iowa where Newell had a son John Wayne Whitney. He married Martha Abigail Stevens. Please contact Mr. Merle W. Baker, R.R.l, Box 219, Lincoln, Il., 62656. William H. Whitney, married Hannah McNaughton 13 Feb., 1816. Have much information on Hannah s ancestors and their descendants. Need information on William H. Whitney s ancestors. D. Gifford Wilcox, 340 Greenbriar Dr., Tallmadge, Ohio, 44278. Who was Sophia Ruggles, who married Harris Stratton in 1810, probably Northfield, Mass. Harris born 29 Nov., 1791 Northfield, and died 23 Sept., 1875 in Northfield Farms, Mass. Sarah Starr Stratton, daughter of Sophia and Harris, born 24 Dec., 1812, married Franklin Lord, born 1 March, 1808, Athol, Mass. Franklin was the son of Thomas Lord and Desire Ward, and grandson of Deacon Nehemiah Ward and Sarah Whitney, who married in Roxbury, Mass., 4 Oct., 1773, moved to Athol, Mass. Contact with information, John Alley Bobbins, Jr., 49 South Front St., Richmond, Maine, 04357. Looking for information on the parents of William H. Whitney, born 22 Feb., 1795. Hannah Whitney married David Wilcox. D. Gifford Wilcox, 340 Greenbriar Dr., Tallmadge, Ohio, 44278. Would like to find the parents of Lucinda Whitney who was born 25 May, 1789, possibly in Orange County, Vt. She married 17 Feb., 1812, Tunbridge, Orange County, Vt. She and her husband moved from Vermont to New York State, and on to Michigan about 1832. Her birth date was arrived at from old family letters stating she was so many years, months, days old at her death. Carleton L. Fuhrman, 13455 25 Mile Road, Utica, Mi., 48087. (She married Richard Carleton, of Tolland Twp Tolland County, Ct., 1812, Editor). Looking for the family of Gertrude Colorado Whitney, born 5 May, 1857 in Denver, Colorado, whose father probably was Squire or Silas Edward Whitney, born about 1836 in New York State. Bob Alexander, 1625 Van Home Lane, Redondo Beach, Ca., 90278. Benjamin Whitney, born Oct., 1755, Ct., married Sarah Bassett, born 1775 in Mass., died 1861, buried West Nina, New York Cemetery, widow of John Farnsworth. Need her parentage. Benjamin Whitney had 2 brothers, names please; both were in the Revolution. Alice V. Whitney Peterson, P.O. Box 610, North East, Pa., 16428. If you did not send a revised or new query, it did not get in this issue. Would you be kind enough to do just that? And would be happy to print mere queries for you. That is the reason for the publication. For Mary Snedeker; looking through Dutch records we found Hendrik Garret-son (Henry or Harry Garrison), and Ulster County, New York has many of that family. I suggest that your Harry Garrison Whitney is from that area. We did find that Whitneys had married into those families around Albany and Kingston, New York. Editor. Late Queries Looking for information on Harry Garrison Whitney, or Hiram Garrison Whitney, born in New York State. He married Doris Snedeker. His daughters were Mayme and Dorothy who disappeared in California about 1900-1915. Harry Garrison Whitney went West for gold and never returned. Mary L. Schachner, 202 E. Berkshire Lane, Mount Pleasant, Il., 60056. My grandfather, Alexander Whitney, was born in Canada, then cane to the United States, settling in St. Lawrence Co., New York, where he raised a family. My father, Harlow was one of the children. He was born in New York State in 1900. There were many children; Stanley, Boy, Harry, Eva, Mary Alice, Hazel, Harlow, John, Florence, Nellie, and Grace. Alexander married Alice Mary Daraway, born 1866 in Prescott, Ontario, Canada. Would like to hear about this family. Celia J. Gariano, 14714 Dove Road, Grass Valley, Ca., 95945. Need to know parents of Stillman F. Whitney, born 1822, Guilford, Maine, died there 1884. He married Anna S. Merrill, born 1833, died 1905. Write Norma Haney, 752 Glemar, Watsonville, Ca., 95076. Anyone having information on the burial place of my ancestor, Joshua Whitney, and wife Susannah Hindes Whitney, please contact me. One story relates that they went to Canada, another says they are buried Bridgeport, Vt. Write Mrs. Phyllis Egge, 1022 Boulevard, Sturgis, South Dakota, 57785. Glasford Whitney, born in Mass., New York, Pa., wherever. Settled in Licking County, Ohio. Had son Milton Whitney, married a lady named Black. Searched for many years. Benjamin Whitney, 2666 Lee St., Simi Valley, Ca., 93065. Henry Whitney, 1620 to ____? Father of John Whitney who married Elizabeth Smith 1674-5. Need nother s maiden name. Mrs. Doris Moser, 476 SS.E. 1st East Wenatchee, Wa., 98801. Need parents of Benjamin Whitney, born 17 Sept., 1776, died 19 Jan., 1873, in Mass., Possibly married Mehitable Whitcombe, 23 Oct., 1797. Mrs. Shirley Whitney Pedigo, 22300 S.W. 147 Av., Goulds, Florida, 33107. Jonas Whitney, born in Marlboro, N.H., 4 July, 1805, son of Benjamin and Nancy Fuller Whitney moved to Ithaca, New York, where he married Charlotte Forman, torn Dec., 1815 in Ithaca, New York. Jonas died in Hematite, Mo. Their children were; Emily, Charles, Mary Ellen, Ida Isabel, Hattie, Mary, William Henry and Franklin. Need information on any of these, or all. Gerald H. Forman, 1508 West View Dr., Berkeley, Ca., 94705. Jerusha Whitney was born in 1804. She married Anson Hopkins, son of Samuel Hopkins. Probably they lived in Camillus or Amboy, Onondaga County, New York. Their daughter, Helen Hopkins married James Monroe Gere. Would like information about Jerusha s parents. Mrs. Margaret Cass, 920 Andorra Road, Lafayette Hill, Pa., 19444. Phineas Whitney, born 16 Jan., 1761, Westminster, Mass., married Elizabeth Rand in 1788. They lived in Westminster several years, meved to Pittsford, Vt., where he died. Children; Thomas, John, Lydia, Betsey, Nancy. Granted a Rev. pension in March, 1831. Grant Whitney, 119 West Logan Street, Clarmnda, Iowa, 51632. Need information on Charles Alfred Whitney, died about 1914. Where? When? He was born Lorain Co., Ohio, married Lillian Rhodes (Emma Lucy). Mrs. Ann Glendening, 515 W. Herrick, Wellington, Ohio, 44090.

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