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Archives > Archive:Probate Records > Wills and Administrations of Southampton County, Virginia, 1749-1800 Wills and Administrations of Southampton County, Virginia, 1749-1800 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006. Original data: Chapman, Blanche Adams. Wills and Administrations of Southampton County, Virginia, 1749-1800. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980.

"Smelly, Giles. Leg. - Joseph son of Joshua Joyner; Giles son of William Joyner; John son of Joseph Joyner; Robert Durdan; Moses son of William Joyner; Lewis son of William Joyner and Joshua Whitney. Ex. Joshua Whitney. D. Nov. 25, 1755. R. Dec. 11, 1755. Wit. William Haynes, John Lawrence, Elenor Joyner. Page 187." - p. 11

"Smelly, Giles. Inventory signed by Joshua Whitney. R. Aug. 12, 1756. Page 206." - p. 12

"Joyner, Joseph. Leg. - son Joseph; son John land purchased of Mary Clother (?); daughter Margaret Whitney; daughter Mary Mackey; grandson Joseph Mackey; daughter Elizabeth; daughter Ann; daughter Amey Joyner. Exs., sons Joseph and John Joyner. D. Oct. 25, 1755 [hard to read date - TBD]. R. April 8, 1762. Wit. William Haynes, Giles Joyner, Charles Lawrence. Page 450." - p. 23

Southampton County, Will Book II

"Whitney, Joshua of Nottoway Parish. Leg. - son Joshua land adjoining George Lawrence, Charles Lawrence, Elisha Ballard and Bennett Hilsman; son Elisha land bought in Isle of Wight of George Brewer and land in Southampton adjoining Giles Joyner; son Giles; wife Margery; daughter Amy Whitney. Executors to acknowledge deed in Isle of Wight to Thomas Lankford for land adjoining John Lankford and William Bulls. Ex. wife Margery and friend John Joyner. D. May 18, 1762. R. Oct. 14, 1762. Wit. Charles Lawrence, Joshua Miniard, Mary Bland, page 3." - p. 28

"Norman, William of Nottaway Parish. Whole estate to friend Joshua Whitney, my children having proven to be undutiful and disobedient. Ex., Joshua Whitney. D. Dec. 11, 1761. R. Jan. 13, 1763. Wit. Lewis Joyner, George Lawrence, Charles Lawrence. Page 18." - p. 29

"Whitney, Joshua. Estate appraised by William Joyner, Giles Joyner and Christopher Wade. R. May 12, 1763. Page 34." - p. 30

"Bulls, William. Leg. - wife Martha; son Jesse; son William; son Benjamin; son John; daughter Patty; grandson Thomas Gwin. Exs., friend Joshua Whitney and Jessee Bulls. D. Dec. 23, 1760. R. March 12, 1767. Wit. John Joyner, Hardy Pope, Joshua Miniard. Page 189." - p. 39

Southampton County, Will Book III

"Whitney, Joshua. Exs., Margery Whitney and John Joyner. Paid the levy for Seymour Sweny, who lived a year with the said Whitney; paid William Joyner, Jr. in right of his wife, her part of her father's estate for whom the said Whitney was administrator; paid Jesse Minard his part as above; paid legacies to Joshua, Elisha and Giles Whitney. Examined by Lemuel Jones and Henry Joyner. R. Oct. 8, 1772. Page 5." - p. 56

"Jones, Nathan. Leg. - brother Thomas Jones; wife Mary with reversion to cousin Mary, daughter of Blyth Wiliams; if without heirs to Ann now the wife of Joshua Whitney. Ex., friend Lemuel Jones. D. Sept. 20, 1777. R. Dec. 11, 1777. Wit., Martha Johnson, Ann Johnson, Mary and William Doyle. Lemuel Jones refused to act as Ex., Mary Jones qualified. Page 182." - p. 70

"Whitney, Giles. April 1783. Inventory. R. Nov. 13, 1783. Page 43." - p. 99

"Bradshaw, Martha. Leg. - daughter Penelipa Griffin; daughter Rody; to Joseph Bradshaw. Ex., Edward Griffin. D. Oct. 8, 1786. R. Feb. 11, 1791. Wit. Arthur Turner, Joshua Whitney, Chasey Bradshaw. Page 411." - p. 124

"Jones, Mary. Parish of Nottoway. Leg. - cousin Mary Williams. Ex., Elisha Whitney. D. June 1, 1783. R. April 10, 1794. Wit. Joshua Whitney, Jemima Hatfield, Ann Whitney. Page 623." - p. 137

"Jones, Mary. Estate appraised by Joseph Denson, Henry Jones and Toomer Joyner. Signed, Elisha Whitney. D. April 1794. R. Oct. 9, 1794. Page 645." - p. 139

"Williams, Henry. Account current. Signed, Arthur Bowen, Adm. D. 1788. Paid William Boykin, guardian of Sally and Elizabeth Williams; paid Shadrack Corbett for his wife; paid Elisha Whitney for his wife. Audited by Sam. Kello and Saml. Kello, Jr. R. Aug. 20, 1798. Page 74." - p. 160

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