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p. 39, #69: The actual list of his children is as follows:

i. Hannah4 WHITNEY, born 12 Oct 1710, Medfield, MA, married firstly, 16 Mar 1737/8, Uxbridge, MA, Moses TENNEY, and had seven children recorded in Mendon, MA. She married secondly, 3 Nov 1772, Mendon, MA, Isaac CHASE of Sutton, MA, by whom she had no children. There is also a record of intentions of marriage between Hannah WHITNEY and Abraham DANIELS of Mendon in Uxbridge on 30 August 1735, which may pertain to this Hannah4 WHITNEY. Apparently this marriage did not occur, as Abraham DANIELS and wife Abigail had children born in Uxbridge from 1742 to 1753, and Dr. Abraham DANIELS died there 16 December 1752. The Hannah WHITNEY in question, however, could have been another person.
ii. Joshua4 WHITNEY, born about 27 Nov 1712; Medfield, MA, married, before 27 Feb 1738/9, Phebe -----, and had six children recorded in Uxbridge, MA (including #229, #230, #231, #232, and #233), as well as one in Medway, MA. He died before 1 Dec 1750, and she married 16 Jul 1751, Medway, MA, Caleb PARTRIDGE. Her third husband was Joseph ANKERS.
iii. #225 Ezekiel4 WHITNEY, born 29 Aug 1716, Mendon, MA, died May 1753, Sutton, MA, married 31 Mar 1743, Uxbridge, MA, Jenet PATTERSON. They had five daughters recorded in Sutton and Uxbridge, MA.
iv. #234 Bethia4 WHITNEY, born 29 Sep 1720, Mendon, MA, apparently died soon.
v. #235 Bethia4 WHITNEY (again), born 24 Feb 1726/7, Mendon, MA, died 22 Jul 1822, Medway, MA, aged 95 years. She married 1 Oct 1750, Wrentham, MA, Thomas JONES, and had seven children recorded in Medway, MA.
vi. Gershom4 WHITNEY, born probably in Uxbridge, MA, say 1729, died before 27 Jul 1791, Weathersfield, VT. He married firstly 21 Mar 1751, Mendon, MA, Sarah WOOD, and had seven children, of which one was recorded at Woodstock, CT, and four at Palmer, MA. He married secondly 19 Nov 1771, Ware, MA, Bathsheba (THAYER?) JACKSON, and had two more children, of which one was recorded at Brookfield, MA.
vii. #228 Mary4 WHITNEY, born Uxbridge, MA, 27 Oct 1732, living 18 Dec 1772. She married 16 Jan 1754, Woodstock, CT, George ABBOTT, and had five children recorded at Palmer, MA.

For details of this family and descendants, see Ward, Robert Leigh, "The Footloose Joshua Whitney (1687-1771), and Some of His Descendants," The American Genealogist, vol. 74 (1999), pages 197-208. I have seen no evidence supporting the existence of children #226 and #227.

p. 39, #236: Love4 WHITNEY was born 21 Nov 1727, according to Hopkinton vital records.

p. 39, #237: Jason4 WHITNEY's second wife was widow Lois (FISHER) PRATT.

p. 39, #238: Mary4 WHITNEY married Joseph CODY, Jr., 3 Nov 1748, according to Hopkinton vital records. They had ten children recorded in Hopkinton. This makes Pierce's proposed parentage untenable on chronological grounds. Joseph CODY was undoubtedly son of Joseph and Mary (MARTIN) CODY, born 2 May 1726, Ipswich, MA. The Joseph CODY born in 1736 probably was the one who married Mary PARMENTER, 17 Dec 1757, Upton, MA. It was the latter Joseph CODY whose career and children are described by Pierce.

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