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p. 43, #271: The marriage of Patience GREGORY to Samuel SMITH occurred on 19 Mar 1772, not 1742.

p. 43, #274: Ebenezer5 WHITNEY was not the Worcester doctor. That was Ebenezer4 WHITNEY [Ebenezer3, Richard2, John1], and the text here applies to that man. This Ebenezer5 WHITNEY married, 6 Feb 1733, Sutton, MA, Lydia GOODELL, and had two children recorded there.

p. 43, #80: William4 WHITNEY died 24 Jun 1720, not 24 Jan 1720, according to Weston vital records.

p. 43, #27: The second wife of William5 WHITNEY was widow Mary (CHADWICK) PIERCE. His third wife was widow Margaret (GATES) SPRING.

p. 43, #278: Judith5 WHITNEY was living 21 Jan 1727/8, when she owned the covenant, according to Weston vital records.

p. 43, #280: Amity5 WHITNEY married, 14 Oct 1730, Sudbury, MA, Lebbeus GRAVES, and had seven children recorded, the first at Sudbury, and the rest at Killingly, CT, and an eighth not recorded.

p. 43, #281: Timothy and Martha 5 (WHITNEY) MOSSMAN had eight children recorded in Sudbury, MA. In the birth records, she is called both Martha and Mercy, for some unknown reason.

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