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p. 59, #179: Caleb4 WHITNEY married, 18 Oct 1743, Norwich, CT, Margaret TRACY of Preston, born 27 Oct 1718, Preston, CT, daughter of Jedediah and Margaret (RIX) TRACY.

p. 59, #547: Lebbeus5 WHITNEY married Mary Ann HAM.

p. 59, #549: Margaret5 WHITNEY married, 10 Feb 1771, Norwich, CT, David KNIGHT, Jr., of Norwich, who was also a WHITNEY descendant. They had four children recorded in Norwich.

p. 59, #552: John Merrick5 WHITNEY married Bridget SEYMOUR.

p. 59, #553: James Rex5 WHITNEY married Polly HOLLAND. "Polly" is a nickname for "Mary." Whether she was identical with Pierce's Mary ALLEN, or whether the latter was another wife, I cannot now say. There was a Mary HOLLAND, daughter of Joseph and Mary (ALLEN) HOLLAND, born about 1764, New London, CT, which leads to the guess that his wife's maiden name may have been confused by Pierce with her mother's.

p. 59, #182: Matthias4 WHITNEY married Alice ROBBINS, according to Eleanor Robbins Sprague and Andrew West Robbins, "Untangling The Evidence For Two Early Massachusetts Robbins Families George of Chelmsford (1657) and Robert of Concord (1671)," New England Historical and Genealogical Register, volume CLI (1997), pages 395-396.

p. 59, #555: There is no Windsor County in Connecticut. Asa5 WHITNEY apparently lived in Killingly until at least 1810, according to his appearance in census records.

p. 59, #556: Apparently Pierce has confused Matthias5 WHITNEY with his same-name cousin #566 on page 59. I have found no further record of this person, and the data here pertains to his cousin.

p. 59, #563: Jonathan5 WHITNEY apparently was the one who married, -- Nov 1784, Putnam, CT, Olive CADY. Their family is uncertain.

p. 59, #184: Joshua4 WHITNEY was born in Groton, MA, not Killingly, CT, according to Groton vital records. He is confused by Pierce, among others, with his two cousins, #176 on page 58 and #189 on page 59. I believe that #184 was the one who married Joanna ----- and had the following tentative list of children:

i. #568 Rufus5 WHITNEY, born say 1751, married Sarah GRAVES.
ii. #565 Joseph WHITNEY, born said 1753, married Anna AMES.
iii. #541 Benjamin WHITNEY, born said Oct 1755, married Sarah BASSETT.
iv. #566 Matthias WHITNEY, born said 19 Apr 1757, married firstly Dorcas VAUGHN, and secondly Olive DOTY.
v. #570 Joanna WHITNEY, born say 1759.
vi. #564 Cornelius WHITNEY, born said 1761, married Sarah Church CADY.
vii. #567 Isaac WHITNEY, born say 1766, married Phebe GOULD.
viii. #569 Joshua WHITNEY, born say 1769, married Phebe PARKER.

He lived in Killingly, CT, but removed to Hancock, MA, and then to Granville, NY. He died 4 Dec 1811, and is buried in Granville.

p. 59, #189: Joshua4 WHITNEY is confused by Pierce, among others, with his two cousins, #176 on page 58 and #184 on page 59. He married Amy BLODGETT, not Ann BLODGETT. She married secondly, after 1761, Isaac LAWRENCE. She married thirdly, about 1798, George PALMER. She died 24 Dec 1819, aged 96, Canaan, CT. He did not reside in Preston, CT, but in Plainfield and Norfolk, CT. He and Amy had the following children:

i. Abigail5 WHITNEY, born 10 Jan 1744, Plainfield, married 2 Jun 1768, Canterbury, CT, Asa BACON.
ii. #582 Mary WHITNEY, born 7 Jan 1746, Plainfield, married 7 May 1767, Canaan, CT, Lemuel KINGSBURY.
iii. Huldah WHITNEY, born 1748, Plainfield, died 1750, Plainfield.
iv. #540 Joshua WHITNEY, born 25 Mar 1750, Plainfield, married Sally COCHRAN.
v. #585 Josiah WHITNEY, born 11 Aug 1752, Plainfield.
vi. #588 Huldah WHITNEY, born 20 Jan 1755, Plainfield or Norfolk, married about 1777, Elias PALMER.
vii. #586 David WHITNEY, born 25 Mar 1757, Norfolk, possibly married 30 Nov 1788, Douglas, MA, Olive TIFFANY. He married thirdly, about 1817, Eliza WILSON.
viii. Elizabeth S. WHITNEY, born 18 Dec 1759, Norfolk, died 3 Feb 1760, Norfolk.
ix. #587 Amy WHITNEY, born 23 Mar 1761, Norfolk, married Nathaniel STEVENS of Canaan.

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