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From this article:

"Mr. Whitney was a descendant of General Josiah Whitney of the Revolution, who in turn was a descendant of Sir Robert Whitney of Whitney, Herefordshire, England."

The last phrase is wrong. All that is known of the ancestry of the immigrant John Whitney is that his parents are reckoned to have been Thomas Whitney (of Lambeth Marsh, gentleman) and Mary Bray (daughter of John and Margaret (Haslonde) Bray).

From Family:Whitney,_Thomas_(s1550-1637):

The purported paternal grandparents of Thomas Whitney were originally put into doubt on chronological grounds in the article by Donald Lines Jacobus, "Pre-American Ancestries: John Whitney of Watertown, Mass.," The American Genealogist, vol. 10 (1933-1934), pp. 84-88; and were conclusively ruled out in the article by Paul C. Reed, "Whitney Origins Revisited: John1 Whitney of Watertown, Massachusetts, and Henry1 Whitney of Long Island and Norwalk, Connecticut," The American Genealogist, vol. 69 (1994), pp. 9-14.

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