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----- Whitney, parentage unknown.

Nothing is known of this man, other than the names of his children as listed in their nephew Thomas Whitney's will. With the names in this family being so similar, could this family be related to the family of Thomas and Mary (-----)(Duppa) Whitney of Boughrood? That Thomas left land in Llanbedr to several of his sons.

Children (order uncertain, possibly incomplete):

i. ----- Whitney, of Llanbeder. He married ----- Vaughan, daughter of Thomas Vaughan.
Children (possibly incomplete):
a. Thomas Whitney, Clerk Rector of Acton Burnell, in Shropshire, made his will, 18 Feb 1652/3; which was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, at London, 20 Jul 1656. Speaks of his estate in Radnor. Mentions his grandfather, Mr. Thomas Vaughan; uncles Richard, George, and John Whitney; aunt Blanche Bradshaw, aunt Eleanor; cousin James Whitney, and his eldest son Robert, of Llandbeder; Elizabeth, his next kinswoman, wife of David Williams. Mr. Rowland Prichard, of Shropshire, Executor. He apparently married Elizabeth -----. He left a capital messuage located in the parishes of Bryngwin, Llanbedr, and Clyro, Radnorshire to his "next kinswoman" Elizabeth Williams, wife of David Williams of Llanstephan, Radnorshire.
Children (possibly incomplete):
1. Thomas Whitney, bp. 31 Aug 1623, Acton Burnell, Shropshire, England, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Whitney, and died ca. 1654. His will was written 23 Nov 1652 and proved 2 Mar 1653/4. He left several bequeaths to servants and a maid, with the remainder going to his father, who served as administrator.
ii. Richard Whitney, d. aft. 1653.
iii. George Whitney, d. aft. 1653.
iv. John Whitney, d. aft. 1653.
v. Eleanor Whitney, d. aft. 1653.
vi. (perhaps) Blanche Whitney, d. aft. 1653, m. ----- Bradshawe.


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