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Betty5 Whitney (Henry4, Henry3, John2, Henry1), son of Henry5 and Elizabeth (Lobdell) Whitney, was born 30 Apr 1756, Ridgefield, CT,[1] and died 11 May 1832, West Lane, Ridgefield, CT, aged 77 years 11 days. She was buried in Titicus Cemetery.

She married, 6 Oct 1784, Ridgefield, CT, Jeremiah Mead,[2] son of Jeremiah and Joanna (Scribner) Mead, as his third wife. He was born 2 Nov 1754, Ridgefield, CT, and died 24 Nov 1840, West Land, Ridgefield, CT. He was buried in Titicus Cemetery. He had married firstly, ----- St. John, who died after either two or six months. He had married secondly, 17 Feb 1779, Ridgefield, CT, Rachel Smith, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Northrup) Smith, his third wife's second cousin. She was born 23 Oct 1752, Ridgefield, CT, and died 21 Jan 1782, Ridgefield, CT.

Phoenix says the following:

"... a shoemaker .... They settled in West Lane, Ridgefield." "He served as a private in the Revolutionary War."

Jeremiah and ----- (St. John) Mead had no children.

Children of Jeremiah and Rachel (Smith) Mead.

i. Rachel Mead, b. 16 Mar 1780, Ridgefield, CT; m. Seth Deforest.
ii. Patty Mead, b. 13 Aug 1781, Ridgefield, CT; m. Ezekiel Studwell.

Children of Jeremiah and Betty5 (Whitney) Mead:

iii. Lewis Mead, b. 9 Jun 1785, Ridgefield, CT; m. Mary Seymour
iv. Hepcy Mead, b. 23 Jan 1787, Ridgefield, CT; m. Philip Northrop.
v. Jeremiah Mead, b. say 1789, Ridgefield, CT; m. Anna Smith.
vi. Matthew Mead, b. 29 Mar 1791, Ridgefield, CT; d. 10 Apr 1791, Ridgefield, CT.
vii. Seth Mead, b. 1 Feb 1792, Ridgefield, CT; m. Sarah Clothier.
viii. Samuel Mead, b. 17 Apr 1795, Ridgefield, CT; d. Ridgfield, CT; a shoemaker; unmarried.
ix. Betty Mead, b. 22 Feb 1797, Ridgefield, CT; m. David Keeler.
x. Harvey Mead, b. 11 Apr 1799, Ridgefield, CT; m. Rebecca Spencer.
xi. Whitney Mead, b. 31 Jul 1801, Ridgefield, CT; d. 13 Aug 1801, Ridgefield, CT; buried in Titicus Cemetery, Ridgefield, CT.


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2.^  "Bettey [Whitney], m. Jeremiah MEAD, 6 Oct 1784," according to Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records, Ridgefield 1:155.

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