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Elizabeth Jane7 Whitney (Joel6, Paul5, Abel4, Nathaniel3, Benjamin2, John1), daughter of Joel6 and Mary (Weston) Whitney, was born 20 Apr 1825, Maine, and died 7 Feb 1899, Spokane Co., WA.

She married 7 Sep 1844, Calais, Maine, Frederick Boissonnault. He was born 7 Sep 1812, Province of Lower Canada, and died 26 Oct 1886, Spokane Co., WA.

Elizabeth is placed in the family of Paul and Catherine Barker Whitney by conjecture. No primary source information is yet discovered which links her to this family. However, certain secondary source information provides the circumstance in which one can conjecture that she is indeed their daughter.

An Elizabeth Whitney is found listed as a child of Paul Whitney in the work of Isaac Case Knowlton, Annals of Calais, Maine and St. Stephen, New Brunswick; including the village of Milltown, Me., and the present town of Milltown, N.B (1875).[1]

The intention of marriage of an Elizabeth Whitney to Frederick Boissonnault on 24 Aug 1844 is found in the Calais, Maine Vital Records.[2]

Census records from 1860 on find Frederick and Elizabeth Boissonnault in Talmadge Plantation, Washington Co., Maine and Spokane Co., Washington. These records enumerate four children to them. One of these children is Madison Frederick Boissonnault, a civil war soldier who died of starvation at the Confederate Prison at Andersonville, Georgia. Facts found in all of these records can lead one to the conclusion that Elizabeth Boissonault was the daughter of Paul Whitney of Calais, Maine.

Paul and Catherine Barker Whitney had a son named James Madison Whitney. He is enumerated as such in the 1850 Census of Calais, Maine. He is found in Frederick Clifton Pierce’s John Whitney Genealogy.[3]

James Madison Whitney was commonly found in records as “Madison” Whitney, and named one of his sons Madison Whitney. This son is found in the 1860 census of Calais, Maine living in the family of Thomas B. and Ruth Vose. Ruth’s maiden name is Carpenter, and she is the sister of Madison’s mother, Joanna Carpenter. She evidently took in Madison Whitney after the death of his father. Madison also appears in this family in the census of 1870, living in Robbinston, Maine. He is enumerated as Madison Vose, a 15 year old domestic servant. No further record has yet been found.

Elizabeth and Frederick Boissonnault had four children, and two of their sons were given names common to her proposed parental family: Madison and Paul. Elizabeth would then have named her two sons after her brother Madison and her father Paul. In addition, when Elizabeth applied for mother’s benefits from the pension of her son Madison, one of the witnesses was her proposed brother-in-law, Charles C. P. Pinkney, the husband of Elizabeth’s proposed sister Cordelia Whitney Pinkney.

Thus, Elizabeth Whitney Boissonnault is proposed as Elizabeth Whitney, the daughter of Paul and Catherine Barker Whitney of Calais, Maine.

Frederick and Elizabeth Boissonnault are both buried in the Medical Lake Cemetery in Medical Lake, Spokane Co., WA.

Children of Frederick and Elizabeth Jane7 (Whitney) Boissonnault:

i. Madison Frederick Boissonnault, b. ca. 1847, ME; d. 11 Sep 1864, Andersonville Prison, Andersonville, GA. See his mother's pension records.
ii. Louis K. Boissonnault, b. 14 Aug 1851, ME; d. 27 Dec 1928, Everett, Snohomish Co., WA.
iii. Mary Boissonnault, b. ca. 1855, ME.
iv. Paul M. Boissonnault, b. Apr 1856, ME; d. May 1924, WA.


1860: Talmadge, ME (Elizabeth is enumerated as "Jane")

1870: Talmadge, ME

1885: Spokane Co., Washington Territory

1887: Spokane Co., Washington Territory


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