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Francis' Locations

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Francis Whitney (possibly Francis, possibly Joshua3, David2, Samuel1), parentage unknown, was born not far from 1745, and died after 1790.

In 1790 he was living in Orangeburg South County, SC.

Francis Whitney first appears, in South Carolina, on land records, in Edgefield County of the Ninety Six District. The deeds for his original lands, in this area, have not yet been found, but he does appear as an adjacent land owner on other land grant plats.

25 October 1785: Lang, Robert, plat for 200 acres on Tyger Branch, Ninety Six District

Names Indexed: Robert Lang and Francis Whitney

Locations: Ninety Six District, Tyger Branch, Shaw Creek.[1]

17 October 1786: Markley, Abraham, plat for 640 acres on Shaws Creek, Ninety Six District

Names Indexed: Abraham Markley, Abraham Odam, Robert Lang, Francis Whitney, Peter Hillard

Locations: Ninety Six District, Shaw Creek Buck Branch.[2]

13 February 1788: Ryan, John, Plat for 492 acres on Shaws Creek, Ninety Six District.

Names Indexed: John Ryan, Peter Hillard, Howell Fort, Robert Lang, Whitney, Thomas Saringin

Locations: Ninety Six District, South Edisto River, Shaw Creek Tygar Branch.[3]

11 Nov 1805: Mortgage, Lewis Jernigan to Daniel Mazyeh Edgefield County; Tyger Branch, Shaw Creek bounding on the southwest by Francis Whitney and all other sides vacant land.[4]

Note: The Buck and Tyger (Creek) Branches of Shaw Creek are located just south of present day Trenton, Edgefield County, South Carolina. This area, in 1785, was on the borderline of the Ninety Six and Orangeburg Districts. It has not been determined, if Francis Whitney moved on down Shaw Creek, into Orangeburg District, or if his actual residence was located on the the portion of his land, which later was separated into Orangeburg County.

1787 Francis Whitney paid 5 1/4 shillings tax on 50 acres and 13 head of stock in Edgefield County, Ninety Six District.[5]

14 July 1788 Frances Whitney was ordered to serve as a juror, in the October court, of Edgefield County, South Carolina. In the October court minutes, all jurors who showed up for court were listed, he was present and served as juror on a trial that ended on October 13, 1788.[6]

Children of Francis Whitney:

i. Samuel Whitney (c1765-a1820)
ii. Francis Whitney (c1766-a1810)
iii. Macon Whitney (c1767-a1800)
iv. (probably) Joseph Whitney (c1765-a1837)



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