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Francis Whitney, (Francis, possibly Francis, possibly Joshua3, David2, Samuel1), parentage unknown, was born 1766, and died after 1810.

In 1790 he was living in Orangeburg South County, SC. Analyzing the members in the family in 1790, the most likely scenario is that the family consisted of Francis, his wife, and two young sons. If the sons had been born say 1787 and 1789, this would put the parents' marriage at say 1785, and the birth of Francis at say 1765, or earlier.

This is most probably the Francis Whitney, who signed as Francis Whitney Jr., on the petition of James Johnston asking permission to establish a toll bridge over the South Edisto River. The names indexed on this petition are:

F. Brown; James Johnston; A. Odam, Sr.;
Benjamin Odam Jr.; William Robison; A. Smith;
John Snead; R. Stark; Francis Whitney Jr.,;
Joseph Whitney. [1]

There is no date for this petition; however, a date can probably be established as prior to the death of co-signer, John Snead, 6 September 1793,[2]in Edgefield, South Carolina. His will was subsequently probated, in Edgefield County, 1795.[3] Joseph Whitney was also listed on this petition as a signer and his published death date was Sep 1785. Judging from the age one would have to be born 1765-1766 at latest if this petition was signed by a person of age. Francis or Jr Whitney's 1810 census also shows him as being under 45 years of age. His birthdate is most likely 1766. There were no other Whitney males in the area sharing the same first name other than the two Francis Whitneys.

The identity of Joseph Whitney found on this document with Francis Whitney Jr. has not been established, but it is believed he is a brother to Francis Whitney, Jr.

This is also probably the Francis Whitney who purchased land on the north side of the South Edisto River on Dean Swamp and Hunter's Branch. Macon Whitney and Samuel Whitney also purchased property on Dean Swamp and Hunter's Branch during this time.

On 8 December 1791 Francis Whitney purchased 285 Acres on Hunter's Branch, Orangeburg District.[4]

16 July 1793 Francis Whitney purchased 130 acres on Fork of Dean Swamp and South Edisto River, Orangeburg District. [5]

Possible children of Francis Whitney:

i. Isaac L. Whitney (1794-1834).
ii. Hiram C. Whitney (1805-1839).




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