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Frank L.10 Whitney (Jonathan Mather9, Lemuel Griffith8, Joseph7, Lemuel6, Joshua5, Nathaniel4, Nathaniel3, John2, John1), son of Jonathan Mather9 and Lephe (Allen) Whitney, was born May 4, 1873, in Charlevoix, Charlevoix County, MI, to parents Jonathan M. Whitney (born in NY) and Lephe E. Whitney (born in NY.) Frank Whitney's birth certificate states his mother's middle initial as E. and census records state Lephe's maiden name as Allen and do not list any other middle initial or name.

He married, Trujillo, Honduras, Transito Lobo. She was born Trujillo, Honduras, and died Guadalupe, Costa Rica.

Frank L. Whitney was listed in the 1880 census as 7 years old living in Manton, Wexford Co., MI with his parents, Lephe and Jonathan Mather Whitney. (Jonathan Mather: "Minister of the Gospel"; Lephe: "Keeping House") WRG shows no info found in 1900 census. However, 1890-91 Census, Minneapolis, MN, Hennepin Co., shows Lephe and Matthew Whitney residing at 2613 Nicollet Ave., with no children listed (Matthew: salesman; Lephe: dressmaker.) Because of uniqueness of wife's name, and fact is known that Frank L. Whitney's mother's name was Lephe Whitney and her husband's name was " Matthew," IMO: "Matthew" in 1889-91 Census may be the same person as "Mather" in 1880 Census, notwithstanding that the 1990-91 Census lists different occupations for the couple than listed in the 1880 Census and it is reasonable to believe occupations of persons their age could change within ten years at the turn of the century. Minneapolis, MN Directories 1889-91 list one Frank L. Whitney, clerk, at 5 E. 26th, and one Francis L. Whitney, compositor (typesetter) at 2128 Willow Ave.

Destiny of Frank L. Whitney who lived in Trujillo, Honduras c. 1905-1916, and who was the husband of Transito Lobo and father of Carolina Whitney Lobo Diaz, Evelina Whitney Lobo Mora, and Eduardo Whitney Lobo, is unknown and sought. Throughout Frank L. Whitney's marriage to Transito Lobo Whitney, he would travel to [destination(s) unknown] by ship and would be gone for lengthy periods. His work in Honduras was related to the installation of a potable water system in Trujillo. It is unknown whether he was in government service. He reputedly kept company with those in the American Embassy in Honduras. He left Honduras in 1916 or 1917 ostensibly to serve the Unites States in WWI, never to return to Honduras. His wife, Transito, and children never heard from him again and received no military notices concerning his service, death notice or other. No U.S. military records or U.S. military cemetery records worldwide have be found for him. SEE WRG Photo 177. (Research confirmed June 11, 2012 that he is NOT the Frank L. Whitney US Navy Apprentice Seaman veteran of the Spanish American War who died at the National Military Home Veteran's Administration Facility in Los Angeles, CA May 27, 1938, is buried in Los Angeles National Cemetary, and whose Death Certificate states birth date as Feb. 15, 1882 in Rockford, IL to parents Alvin and Emma Whitney.)

As of June 5,2015, information concerning the destiny of Frank L. Whitney, including date, place and cause of death, last known residence, place of burial, and any other identifying or historical facts such as work and personal history still sought.

Children of Frank L. and Transito (Lobo) Whitney:

i. Evelina Whitney, b. ca. 1905, Trujillo, Honduras, d. ca. 1992, New Orleans, LA, Evelina Whitney Mora.
ii. Eduardo Whitney, b. ca. 1906, Trujillo, Honduras, d. ca. 1918, Trujillo, Honduras.
iii. Carolina Whitney, b. May 24 1916, Trujillo, Honduras.
NOTE: APPEAL TO ANYONE WITH ANY ANY INFORMATION CONCERNING FRANK L. WHITNEY: My mother, Carolina Whitney Diaz, is now 99 years old. It is our fervent desire before she passes on, to give her the gift and peace of mind of knowing the destiny of her father who "vanished" shortly after her birth. We sincerely hope with the generosity of someone who reads this and has any helpful facts, that our forty year search will soon culminate in discovery of above-stated information. PLEASE HELP US IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION AT ALL! NO PERSONAL CONNECTION SOUGHT! YOUR PRIVACY RESPECTED AND THERE WILL BE NO DISSEMINATION OF YOUR FAMILY INFO. Send info to L.Diaz Studio, P.O. Box 1398, Jackson, MS 39215, or


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