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Frank Melvin8 Whitney (James Riley7, Samuel Starfield6, Thomas5, James4, Henry3, John2, Henry1), son of James Riley7, was born 15 Jun 1862, Magnolia, WI, and died before 1939

He married firstly, 7 Apr 1888, New Ulm, MN, Julia S. Sommer. She was born Aug 1866, New Ulm, MN.

He married secondly, 9 Feb 1893, Lacrosse Co., WI, Matilda Louise Poff, daughter of Joseph R. and Johanna (Schlueter) Poff. She was born Cincinnati, OH.

He married thirdly, 29 May 1902, Chicago, IL, Daisy (-----) Hoyt. She was born about 1879.

He resided Eagle Grove, IA.

Children of Frank Melvin8 and Julia S. (Sommer) Whitney, if any, unknown.

Children of Frank Melvin8 and Matilda Louise (Poff) Whitney, if any, unknown.

Children of Frank Melvin8 and Daisy (-----) (Hoyt) Whitney, if any, unknown.


171 174 Insel, William F. Head W M Jan 1870 30 mar 7 New York Germany Germany Hotel keeper, Rents house -----, Margaret Wife W F Feb 1870 30 mar 7 0ch 0liv Massachusetts Ireland Ireland Nugent, Anna Srvt W F May 1881 19 sgl Iowa Iowa Iowa Dining room girl Olsen, Carrie Srvt W F May 1879 21 sgl Denmark Denmark Denmark Dining room girl, Immig. 1880 Nuger, Annie Srvt W F Nov 1883 16 sgl Germany Germany Germany Dining room girl, Immig. 1886 Hanson, Minnie C. Srvt W F Feb 1870 30 mar 9 1ch 1liv Denmark Denmark Denmark Dish washer, Immig. 1873 Jergensen, Sarah Srvt W F Feb 1873 27 sgl Iowa Norway Norway Second cook McCarty, William Srvt W M Oct 1864 35 mar 11 Ohio Ireland Ireland Cook -----, Minnie Brdr W F Feb 1867 33 mar 10 2ch 1liv Iowa Germany Germany -----, Mamie Brdr W F Jul 1892 7 sgl Iowa Ohio Iowa At school Vaughn, Charles Srvt W M Jun 1877 22 sgl Kansas New York Missouri Hotel yard man Utley, Harry Srvt W M Mar 1858 42 mar 16 Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Day clerk hotel Bouvey, Amos Srvt W M Mar 1881 19 sgl Iowa Norway Norway Night clerk hotel Egg, Hannah Srvt W F Feb 1875 25 sgl Norway Norway Norway Chambermaid, Immig. 1893 Daily, George W. Brdr W M Jul 1869 30 sgl Wisconsin Indiana New York Train despatcher Stauffer, William Brdr W M Jan 1874 26 sgl Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Drug clerk Keith, Karl K. Brdr W M Nov 1870 29 sgl Iowa Pennsylvania New York Jeweler Whitney, F. M. Brdr W M Jun 1862 37 mar 9 Wisconsin Connecticut New York Train despatcher Rogan, R. J. Brdr W M --- ---- -- -- -- -- Train despatcher Reitz, Adam J. Brdr W M Jul 1871 28 sgl Iowa Germany Germany Crockery merchant


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