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Sir Fulk Whitney, parentage unknown, was a priest at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England in 1548.

He is listed in the following record:[1]

108. St Paul's Cathedral: Chantries
Chantry of Robert Munden, John Lovell, William Milworthe (Mylforth in WD 26: William Melford, archdeacon of Colchester, d. 1336) and Richard Plesses for 3 priests (fn. 283) singing daily, obit and other charges: lands, £16 6s 8d p.a. Of which, £5 4s 8d to Sir Fulk Whitney including 18s for tenths; 13s 4d quitrent to Sir Thomas Pope, kt.; £2 13s 4d to the choristers of St Paul's; £1 6s 8d obit; £4 2s 8d to Sir Richard Blosse including £1 6s for tenths; £4 18s to Sir John Richardson including 18s for tenths; total deductions £18 18s 8d. Clear remainder Nil.
The original return in the archives of St Paul's cathedral (WD 26) explains that the three chaplains recorded in the subsequent entry (Chantry of Robert Munden ...) were priests of Powlteney's chantry. The endowments had become insufficient, so 3 other chantries were annexed to provide them with sufficient income: Whitney received Munden's endowment, Richardson that of Mylforth and Plessis, and Blosse that of Lovell, each in addition to his share of the Powlteney endowment.


1. ^  'Chantry Certificate, 1548: City of London', London and Middlesex Chantry Certificate 1548: London Record Society 16 (1980), pp. 1-60, citing PRO E 301/34.

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