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Capt. Hezekiah5 Whitney (Jonathan4, Richard3, Richard2, John1), son of Jonathan4 and Alice (Willard) Whitney,[1] was born 14 Apr 1735, Harvard, MA,[2] and died 23 Jul 1805, Harvard, MA.[3]

He married, 5 May 1774, Harvard, MA, Lucy Pollard,[4], daughter of Walter and Dorothy (Danforth) Pollard.[5] She was born 2 Mar 1748/9, Bedford, MA,[6] and died 23 May 1838, Harvard, MA, aged 84 or 87 years.[7] A Lucy Whitney, age 68, died in Harvard 6 Jan 1820, which would have put her birth about 1751. That birth year would work well with a 1774 marriage, but there is no direct confirmation that that death is of this person.

Rank of Capt. comes from the entry for the birth of his second son Jonathan in the Harvard VR, which says "(Capt. C.R.1)."

Pierce says the following:[8]

Capt. Hezekiah WHITNEY was born in Harvard, where he always resided and followed agricultural pursuits all his life. He early in life showed a decided taste for military affairs, and before his majority was a leading member of one of the local companies. In 1757 he was a member of Capt. TAYLOR's company of foot in Col. WILDER's regiment that marched on the late alarm to the relief of Fort William Henry as far as Springfield, Aug. 13 to 26. In 1774 he was sergeant of the "youngest company" in Harvard. At the Lexington alarm, Apr. 19, 1775, he was sergeant in Capt. BURT's company in Col. WHITCOMB's regiment. After the battle of Lexington, in 1776, he was captain of the Harvard company in Col. Josiah WHITNEY's regiment. He held various town offices, was highly esteemed, member of the church and in seating the meeting house, in 1775, was given the third seat below.
"Hezekiah WHITNEY's inventory, late of Harvard. Appraised at Harvard Nov. 4, 1805. Hezekiah WHITNEY's advertisement for sale of his real estate, late of Harvard, will be sold at public auction on Monday, Sept. 15, 1806. Hezekiah WHITNEY's widow's dower. A committee appointed to set off one-third part of estate of Hezekiah WHITNEY, late of Harvard, to Lucy the widow, Sept. 15, 1806."

Children of Capt. Hezekiah5 Whitney and Lucy Pollard, all born Harvard, MA:

i. Jonathan6 Whitney, b. 4 Mar 1775;[9] d. 15 May 1776, Harvard, MA.[10]
ii. Lucy Whitney, b. 30 Jun 1777;[11] m. 27 Nov 1806, Harvard, MA, Jonathan Wood "of Gardner."[12]
iii. Alice Whitney, b. 29 Jul 1780;[13] m. 25 Jan 1803, Harvard, MA, Jonathan Adams.[14]
iv. Jonathan Whitney, b. 20 May 1782;[15] m. Mehitable Davis.
v. Levi Whitney, b. 30 Aug 1786;[16] m. Sarah Davis.




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