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James Whitney, parentage unknown, was born say 1500 (he was old enough to be married, yet had a "young" sister), died after he wrote his will 9 Aug 1545 and before it was probated 14 Aug 1545.

He married, date and place unknown, a wife who is mentioned, but not named, in his will. No children were mentioned in his will.

In his will, he mentioned a lease lent to Sir Thomas Fulles / Fulhers of Crewe, Cheshire. He also mentioned money owed to Alice Wever of "Islyngton", probably Islington, London, England.

The location of his residence is not known, but two of the locations mentioned in his will were in the London area, so he was probably living somewhere in London. Because his young sister was living in Cheshire and he had a lease there, he probably originated somewhere in Cheshire.

The following individuals are his siblings, not his children:

i. Agnes Whitney, m. ----- Whithede, resided "Smythfelde", probably Smithfield, London, England. She was the executrix of her brother's estate.
ii. Elyne Whitney, described as Jacob's "young sister" in 1545, residing in "Barkerile" [not yet identified], Cheshire.


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