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Jeremiah's Locations

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Jeremiah4 Whitney (Joshua3, David2, Samuel1), son of Joshua3 and Mary (-----) Whitney, was born probably before 1714, probably in Bermuda, and died after 1746.

In 1735, Jeremiah was bequeathed the following items in his father's will: "Ittim I Giue and Be Quith to my Son Jerimih Whittny ane Negor man Caled Franke and ane Quarter part of the Ship Ketring" and "Ittim I Giue to my Son Jeramaih Whittny one Silluer Spoun". The will also states "that my plantation that Layes on pagan Creek Land Houses and and Stock may be Sold and Deuidid Eckwillie among my Wife and Childrine". Jeremiah was named as one of the two executors, along with his brother David Whitney, but David alone took the oath of executor 21 Jan 1735[/6], perhaps indicating that he was more readily available to perform the duties of executor. However, by 1746, David had apparently died as Jeremiah is listed as "Jeremiah Whitney surviving executor of Last Will and Testament of Joshua Whitney dec'd. of Co. of Goochland". The father Joshua Whitney did not live in Goochland Co., VA, so this must refer to the son, Jeremiah Whitney. If he had resided 100 miles up the James River from where his father had lived on Pagan Creek in Isle of Wight Co., VA, this may explain why he wasn't initially named his executor. However, when his brother died before completing his duties, Jeremiah apparently took over.

21 Apr. 1746 - Indenture between JEREMIAH WHITNEY Surviving Executor of Last Will and Testament of JOSHUA WHITNEY dec'd. of Co. of Goochland and JOHN WILLS of Co. of Isle of Wight... JOSHUA WHITNEY father of JEREMIAH WHITNEY did appoint all that land on Pagan Creek which he purchased of CHRISTOPHER and JOHN REYNOLDS to be sold and money divided amongst his children... for sum of L25/15 money of Va. ... sells to JOHN WILLS 150 acres in Isle of Wight... formorly granted GILES DRIVER... s/ JEREMIAH WHITNEY. Wit: BARTHW LIGHTFOOT, THOs WILLS, H. LIGHTFOOT, JOHN (J) JOLLEY.

22 Apr. 1746 - Recd of JOHN WILLS, , Gent. sum of L25/15 being consideration money mentioned... s/JEREMIAH WHITNEY. Wit: THOMAS WILLS, BARTHw LIGHTFOOT... 28 Apr. 1746- ...Rec. JAS BAKER, Clk. Ct.

Knowing that Jeremiah Whitney resided in Goochland Co., VA and had taken over as executor for his father's estate after his brother David had died, the following newspaper advertisement appears to indicate some disagreement between Ann, probably the widow of David Whitney and Jeremiah:

November 21, 1745
Virginia Gazette
WHEREAS Jeremiah Whitney, a tall young Man, of a fresh Complexion, with a whitish Camblet Coat, line'd with Red, a blue Cloak Jacket, a blue riding Coat, and a brown Wig, who lately live'd in Goochland County, feloniously stole from Mrs. Anna Whitney, of Edgcombe County, in the Province of Carolina, a Negroe Wench, call'd Manger, but has since chang'd her Name to Nan, on the 9th Instant came over Roanoak, and is credibly inform'd of his lurking about Pagan-Creek. Whoever will bring the said Whitney, or Negroe, to the Subscriber, shall have a Pistole Reward, besides what the Law allows. Anna Whitney.

Notice that Jeremiah Whitney is listed as "lurking about Pagan-Creek". This must have been as he was performing the duties of executor of his father's estate, preparing to sell the land on Pagan Creek. Note that Anna Whitney, presumably his sister-in-law, the widow of the other named Executor and his brother, David Whitney, claims that Jeremiah had stole a "Negroe Wench" and had most recently been living in Goochland Co., VA.

Note that Joshua Whitney had bequeathed the following: "Ittim I Giue to my Son David Whittny one Negar Girl Name Nancea". This was apparently the slave that Jeremiah and Anna Whitney were in disagreement over.

In 1744, Albemarle County, Virginia was created from Goochland & Louisa Counties and in 1758, Buckingham County was created from Albemarle & Appomattox Counties. Thus, the following Jeremiah of Albemarle and Buckingham Counties appear to be the same person as Jeremiah of Goochland County. Some of the references could be to another Jeremiah Whitney, potentially his son.

(in progress...)

I've found references to Jeremiah Whitney and his wife Susannah in 1746, Albemarle Co. where they were the executors of Robert Rogers, as you have listed in your email. Because of the recent county formation, I believe that the Jeremiah Whitney of Goochland, son of Joshua, was the same man as Jeremiah Whitney of Albemarle, husband of Susannah. Definitive proof is lacking, but this seems like a good match. Because of the 1746 record, it is clear that Jeremiah did NOT die before 1744.

  • 1772 - Jeremiah Whitney appointed Vestryman in Tillotson Parish, Buckingham Co.
  • 1777 - Jereh. Whitney, Sheriff in Buckingham Co.
  • 1778 - Jere. Whitney in Buckingham Co.
  • 1779 - Jere. Whitney in Buckingham Co.
  • 1786 - Jeremiah Whitney, dec'd, mentioned in land survey for George Baskerville, Buckingham Co. Land mentioned as being on E. side of Wreck Island.

Jeremiah of Buckland could have been the son of Jeremiah of Goochland/Albemarle, or they could have been the same person. Avant did mention that Joshua's son Jeremiah had a son Jeremiah. If the Rogers' information is correct in assigning the Albemarle Jeremiah daughters b. 1715 & 1725, and if these dates are correct, then he had to have been b. bef. 1698 or so. Now we have a problem, as Joshua himself was b. 1690. The dates are squeezed. We must check the dates for those daughters! If they are correct, then this Jeremiah may have been the brother of Joshua who was b. bef. 1672. If they are incorrect, then he was probably Joshua's son. I'll take this information and start working on some family pages on the website.

"Local Notices from the Virginia Gazette, Richmond, 1782 -- 13 July 1782 Susanna Whitney, administratrix advertises for sale to the highest bidder on first Monday in September all the estate of Jeremiah Whitney consisting of about 19 slaves, stock of horses, cattle, hogs and sheep and all house hold furniture." - THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Volume 26, Number 2 April-June 1982 p 126

THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Volume 37, Number 4 Oct-Dec 1993 p 307 Buckingham County Justices 1777-1793 Jeremiah Whitney, dead

THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Volume 23, Number 1 Jan-Mar, 1979 British Mercantile Claims, 1775-1803 p 184 Jeremiah Whitney. L72.13.9 1/2. Dead and no person from whom to get information futher than that his estate has been divided between his legal representatives. It is said a suit was brought in Buckingham Court to foreclose a mortgage.

THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Volume 12, Number 1, Jan-Mar 1968 "Which William Shelton?" p 30 The probate and settlement of Robert Rogers. . . " To Jeremiah Whitney & Susannah his wife the widow of said Robert Rogers. . . p 31 . . . all my right and title to that part of land whereon Jeremiah Whitney now lives according to my Father's will. recorded 19 Nov 1745. . . This Indenture made this Eighteenth day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred forty and seven between William Shelton and Elizabeth his wife and Susanna Whitney formerly the wife of Robert Rogers. Dec'd of the parish of St James Northam in the County of Goochland.

He married, first, an unknown woman.

He married, second, Susannah -----. She was born circa 1700? Evidence suggest that she could be the sister of William Parks, Williamsburg publisher. Jeremiah Whitney and wife Susannah were left a bequest in the Will of William Parks 1750. This will is in the Wm and Mary Quarterly and can be accessed through JSTOR.

She had married, first, Robert Rogers, b. 1685, England, d. 1740, Licking Creek (now in Goochland Co.), VA. Their children were David Rogers, b. 1 Mar 1728, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, VA; William Rogers; Lucy Rogers, m. William Shelton; Elizabeth Rogers d. bef. 1742; Ann Rogers b. 6 Aug 1725, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent, VA, m. William Ligon; Caroline Rogers; Susannah Rogers, 'lame and helpless', d. before 1742.

Children of Jeremiah4 Whitney and his first wife (order uncertain, probably incomplete):

i. Jeremiah5 Whitney, probably the same as Jeremiah Whitney,[1] b. say 1720, m. Susanna (-----) Christian.
ii. (probably) Josiah Whitney[2]
iii. Rebecca Whitney b. 1725, d. 1792, m. Buckingham Co., VA, John Coleman.


1.^  Avant states that this Jeremiah Whitney had a son also named Jeremiah, although this has not been verified. That he was the same as the Jeremiah who married Susanna (-----) Christian is at this point a guess.

2.^  The Jeremiah Whitney who married Susannah (-----) Christian has been proven to have had a brother Josiah Whitney of Dupelin Co., NC. If Jeremiah is correctly placed in this family, then Josiah should be here as well.

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