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Macon's Locations

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Macon Whitney, parentage unknown, was born about 1767 probably in Virginia. [1] He died, after 1800, in Barnwell or Orangeburg South Carolina. [2]

He married Rachael DeBusk, 5 July 1787, in Washington County, Virginia. [3]

The first and only record found for Macon Whitney, in Washington County Virginia, is that of his marriage to Rachael DeBusk, in 1787. It is speculated that Macon Whitney left Virginia soon after his marriage. He, his wife (Rachael DeBusk), and possibly 2 baby girls could possibly be 'hidden', within the family of Francis Whitney, on the 1790 Census of Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Note: Macon Whitney is often confused with Malcolm Whitney of Washington County, Virginia and Barnwell, South Carolina. The name, Makion Whitney, found on census and land records in the same time period in Barnwell and Orangeburg, South Carolina, appears to be an alternative spelling for Macon Whitney. Both spellings are used on one document, for the sale of land to Josias Keadle being "three hundred acres more of less being the lower part of a tract containing seven hundred and ninety acres granted to the said Macon Whitney the third day of December 1804." The document is signed, with seal, by Makion Whitney. [4]

On 1 February 1797, Machun Whitney and William Courtney witnessed a deed for John Thomas Fairchild of Orangeburg District to John Frederick of Edgefield District. [5]

On 12 July 1802, Makion Whitney purchases 778 acres, on Upper Three Runs, in Barnwell District. [6]

On 26 November 1804, Makeon Whitney purchases 790 acrea on Hunter's Branch, in Orangeburg District. Adjacent land owners are noted as James Garner Sr., John Smith Sr., W.Warner, John Sally,Francis Whitney, Samuel Whitney. [7]

On 27 November 1811, Makion Whitney purchased 554 acres on Hunter's Branch and South Edisto River, Orangeburg District. [8]

On 15 November 1816 Makion Whitney purchased 475 acres in Barnwell District. [9]

Macon Whitney is also found as an adjacent land owner on several other land records in Barnwell and Orangeburg until about 1816; however, he is not found on the 1810 Census of Orangeburg or Barnwell South Carolina. His wife, Rachael Whitney, and children are not found on the 1810 Census either. It is possible that they remained in the area, since several of the daughters have been tenatively indentified and they appear to have grown up and married, in the same area.

Possible children of Macon Whitney, based upon a census reconstruction, order uncertain:

i. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1784-1790.
ii. (son) Whitney, b. 1790-1800.
iii. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1790-1800.
iv. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1790-1800.
v. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1790-1800.
vi. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1790-1800.
vii. (daughter) Whitney, b. 1790-1800.

Several probable daughters, of Macon Whitney and Rachael DeBusk, have been identified, but to date cannot be definitively proved:

 ?. Elizabeth Whitney
 ?. Nancy Whitney


  • 1800, Barnwell Co., SC: Makeon Whitney, 1 male 26-45, 1 male under 10, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 10-16, 5 females under 10.


There is a possible familial relationship between Francis Whitney and Elijah Whitney of Washington County, Virginia. Both men are listed on early tax lists for Washington County, VA.

Although there is no evidence to support it, the following may have been children or otherwise related to Francis due to their proximity in Washington Co., VA:

Elijah Whitney of Washington Co., VA, Christian Co., KY, & Trigg Co., KY

Macon Whitney of Washington Co., VA & Barnwell Co., SC

Malcom Whitney of Washington Co., VA, GA, & Barnwell Co., SC

If Francis was the same person as the Francis Whitney who shows up in Orangeburg South Co., SC in 1785, then the following might have been sons or otherwise close relatives as well:

Francis Whitney of Orangeburg South Carolina.

Samuel Whitney of Orangeburg South Carolina.


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