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Matthew Lang Whitney (John Seth), son of John Seth and Elinor Ann (Hunter) Whitney, born 1825, Missisquoi County, QC, died 25 Feb 1900, Milverton, ON.

He married Helen Barr. She was born 1839, Scotland, died 23 Jun 1929, Stratford, ON.

Children of Matthew Lang and Helen (Barr) Whitney:

i. Elizabeth E. Whitney, b. 1861, Mornington Township, ON.
ii. Sarah Whitney, b. 1864, Mornington Township, ON.
iii. Isabella Whitney, b. 1866, Mornington Township, ON.
iv. T. Matthew L. Whitney, b. 1868, Mornington Township, ON.
v. Mary E. Whitney, b. 1870, Mornington Township, ON.
vi. Adeline Whitney, b. 1873, Mornington Township, ON.
vii. Thomas John Whitney, b. 1875, Mornington Township, ON; m. Hannah Elizabeth Dobson.
viii. Clara A. M. Whitney, b. 1878, Mornington Township, ON.
ix. Martha Emily Whitney, b. 1880, Mornington Township, ON.


Mathew WHITNEY M Male Irish 56 Q <Quebec> Farmer C. Methodist Ellen WHITNEY M Female Scottish 42 Scotland C. Methodist Elisabeth WHITNEY Female Irish 20 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Sarah WHITNEY Female Irish 17 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Isabella WHITNEY Female Irish 15 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Matthew WHITNEY Male Irish 13 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Mary WHITNEY Female Irish 11 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Adeline WHITNEY Female Irish 8 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Thomas WHITNEY Male Irish 6 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Clarah WHITNEY Female Irish 3 O <Ontario> C. Methodist Emily WHITNEY Female Irish 1 O <Ontario> C. Methodist


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